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Our Pride Is Showing 


Raymond. MS 39154 






Our Pride Is Showing 


The name "Hinds Community Col- 
lege" brought many images to mind 
this year. The warm climate and re- 
laxed lifestyle of Central Mississippi 
contributed to the laid-back atmos- 
phere that many people perceived to 
be the prevailing attitude of college 

However, things were not always 
how they appeared on the surface. 
Hinds' student body was made up of 
many different people, all sharing 
similar ambitions. Many states of 
the union and all eighty-two coun- 
ties of the State of Mississippi were 
represented in Hinds' population. In 
addition, the age of students ranged 
from seventeen to sixty years old. 
There were single students, married 
students, and a large percentage 
students working full time in addi 
tion to taking classes. 

There was no such thing as a 
"typical" students or a "typical" col- 
lege experience. Each of our lives 
was touched by the variety of people 
we met and the unique experiences 
that were available. 

Although movies and books often 
depict college life as just a series of 
parties, it was not so easy to describe 
Hinds. One only had to look under 
the surface of the oak trees and blue 
skies to find the people, places and 
events that were all a part of Hinds 
Community College 1990. 

Above. The Hiney-Ho Cafe, located in 
the Student Union Building, is the pop- 
ular new place on the Raymond Cam 

Right. During the Homecoming Festivities, 
the Cafeteria held an Afternoon Delight out 
side on the mall area next to the Women 


. t 

2 / Opening 


4 / Opening 


Hinds is a comprehensive, asso- 
ciate-degree granting institution of- 
fering to a diverse and capable stu- 
dent body a wide range of 
opportunities and challenges for 
learning and growth. Hinds is a lead- 
er of the Mississippi Communi- 
ty/Junior College system. Boasting 
an enrollment of over 1 1 ,000, our 
institution offers many academic 
programs from agriculture to zool- 
ogy. Hinds grants many degrees dur- 
ing the year turning out highly qual- 
ified graduates to the community 
and state. Within the divisions are 
many components performing spe- 
cialized teaching, research, and ser- 
vice activities including the Co- 
operative Education Program. All of 
these elements give Hinds students 
an endless number of chances to ex- 
pand their knowledge and enjoy 
themselves at the same time. The 
goal of the administration, faculty, 
and staff of Hinds is to provide the 
opportunity for each student to gain 
the tools they need to fulfill their 

aspirations in life. Hopefully, each 
student becomes a more complete, 
mature, and independent individual 
in the process. Hinds' tradition of 
excellence has been established by 
the creation of an environment 
where a person can be what he 
wants to be because of his talents 
and abilities, without regard to his 
economic, social, or political back- 

; (> O^fa 



One of the most distinguishing 
characteristics of Hinds Community 
College is the astounding number of 
students who get involved in campus 
activities — whether it be academic, 
social, political, or some or all of 
these and others. 

For the academically oriented 
there are such organizations as Al- 
pha Beta Gamma, Alpha Rho Tau, 
Phi Beta Lambda, Mu Alpha Theta, 
and members of Phi Theta Kappa; 
the College's highest honor, consti- 
tute Hinds' very own "brain trust." 

Service and social organizations 
form the crux of Hinds' student or- 
ganizations. Hundreds of students 
come to Hinds every year aspiring to 
become a part of this Hinds insti- 
tution. The Hinds Connection, Circle 
K, Baptist Student Union, Reformed 
University Fellowship, PASTE, and 
other service and social organiza- 

tions give students ample opportu- 
nity to enjoy themselves. 

Everyone interested in getting in- 
volved in student politics has nu- 
merous opportunities to do so. Dor- 
mitories offer several opportunities; 
floor representation, Hall President, 
Hall Council, etc. On a campus wide 
setting there is the ASG (Associated 
Student Government) which offers 
many ways to get involved. The 
Hinds Hi-Steppers, Eagle Band, 
Choir, Lendon Players, The Hind- 
sonian, and the Eagle yearbook are 
a few organizations to get involved 

Overall, Hinds is a very active 
school. With over 100 organizations 
and honoraries on campus there is 
bound to be at least one organization 
to suit everyone who wants to be- 
come involved in Hinds Community 

6 / Opening 





Left. The Hl-Steppers have gained wide acclaim for their 
Intricate routines and colorful half-time shows. They 
are Involved In and play a big part In the Neshoba 
County Fair, the Easter Seals Telethon, and all Hinds 
football games, pep rallies, and events each year. 


Below. The Association for the Hearing Impaired 
held a training week during the, summer for new 
hearing impaired students getting involved in the 
association on the Raymond Campus. 


• I 

it EBirtfjbap P 



mu mU 





*» \ 

• # • 


Above. Phi Theta Kappa members on the Raymond Campus cel- 
ebrated the seventy-first birthday of Phi Theta Kappa with a party 
in the Reserve Lounge Extension of the Student Union Building. 
The Raymond Campus chapter Is a national scholastic society for 
junior colleges. 

1. v-VT* *" - 

% 3 i 

'■ ,t': * 


Sports at Hinds Community Col- 
lege come in a variety of different 
sizes and forms from football at Joe 
Renfroe Stadium to intramural vol- 
leyball in Denton Gym. 

Entertainment, competition, and 
fitness, all of these describe sports at 
Hinds. Students enjoy sports in a va- 
riety of different ways. Some choose 
to be members of one of Hinds' nine 
intercollegiate varsity teams, others 
participate in the intramural pro- 
gram, still others become cheer- 
leaders, trainers, managers, or sim- 
ply interested spectators. 

Whether following Coach Rick 
Clarke's Baseball Eagles to the 
JUCO World Series, playing in an 
intramural football game, or cheer- 
ing from the sidelines, sports activ- 
ities are an important part of college 
life at Hinds. 

Eagle spirit here at Hinds is very 
enthusiastic when it comes to sup- 
porting our teams. The fans go out of 
their way to cheer the Eagles on. 
Fans will travel almost anywhere for 

a road trip and to see their team play. 
Even if the season does not go as 
expected, we will always support our 
teams and school. We are the Hinds 
Eagles and proud of it! 


*-*•. A 



7&v ' " T » 

!*&* ->\ --V 

> ****** 

*, < ■ -y* 





' I 


* ^M*"-' 



Above. Intramural volleyball games are a 
popular way for students to get Involved in 
sports. Teams from dormitories, organiza- 
tions, and independent students partici- 
pate and vie for the championship titles. 

Right. The Eagles proudly lift Coach Murphy after a 
victory against Pearl River Community College. 

<^\ •»•» * v 



m 3 . ■>"«' 

x-jv ■ , - ... 

5r ■';.■>■*■■.■ 

Right. Early each morning commuters fight for parking spaces. If a 
space cannot be found, then they must hike from the far end of the 
parking lot and hopefully make it to class on time. 

Below. In between classes commuters use their cars as a quiet place 
to study or listen to the radio. 

JUJl»J fllMMH'-'Hl 


W^-.'^S Z33. 

Our Pride Is Showing 

■ : ■'>'■■<. I :■." 



Hinds Community College is in- 
deed "The College for All People." No 
matter how many impressive, mod- 
ern, "state-of-the-art" buildings and 
academic programs can be assem- 
bled on campus and throughout the 
state, it is the people that make the 
difference at our institution. 

Every year over 1 1,000 freshmen, 
and sophomores, some commuters, 
some dorm students, migrate to Ray- 
mond, Rankin, Nursing/ Allied, Sun- 
set Drive, Universities Center, Utica 
and Vicksburg to share a campus, a 
college, and an assortment of expe- 
riences that will guide them the rest 
of their lives. It is these students and 
the administration, faculty, and 
staff of Hinds that give the various 
buildings, academic programs, and 
other activities meaning and life. 
The individualism and uniqueness 
of the people of Hinds (past and pres- 
ent) are the ingredients that when 
combined, form the traditions of the 
past and the dreams of the future. 
Dr. Clyde Muse, president, made a 

statement that when applied to all of 
the people of Hinds, clearly explains 
why Hinds is such a special insti- 
tution. "I must be me — and I must 
be the very best me that is possible." 

Our Pride Is Showing 



What more could a student at any 
college ask for? A campus with eat- 
ing places, a gift shop, book store, 
post office, library, and even a con- 
venience store is a rarity to find. 
This is not true about Hinds Com- 
munity College campus where the 
conveniences are numerous. Not 
only can one eating place be found, 
but three different types. 

The eating places for students and 
faculty vary from the Moss Hall Caf- 
eteria to the Deli to a luncheon spot 
by the name of Hiney-Ho Cafe. 

After trips to the book store, stops 
by the gift shop, and eating there is 
no money left in the pocket, what is 
a student to do? Quick! Go to the post 
office! There the answer to the prob- 
lem can be found — Mini Bank. 
Thanks to Trustmark National Bank 
and their automated bank teller, the 
life of a student is saved once again. 
It is as easy as one, two, three. The 
student keys in his or her personal 

code, and out pops the crisp twenty 
dollar bill that is to last until time to 
call Mom to deposit more money in 
the checking account. 

The student may not only enjoy 
the conveniences of Hinds' campus, 
but he is given the opportunity to 
earn a little extra money. Many 
workers on campus are students 
who hold jobs in all facilities, from 
the Reading Department to the li- 
brary. More than tangible benefits 
appear on campus. Intangible ben- 
efits, such as binding friendships be- 
tween students as well as faculty 
members, are not a rarity. 

Fortunate is the only word to de- 
scribe Hinds Community College 
students and faculty. They are living 
within a campus with many accom- 
modations and are forming friend- 
ships that will hopefully last a life- 

Above. Stacy Case, Joelcc Sessions 
Raybon enjoy lunch In (he Illney-Ho Cafe 

ght. The Moss Hall Caleteria Is a popular 
place among students to enjoy a full hot 
menu and spend free time with friends. 

12 /Opening 

Our Pride Is Showing 


Never a dull moment! Life at 
Hinds may be many things, but 
never boring. Hinds has a very 
active campus. No matter what 
activities interest an individual, 
it is easy to find something to do. 
The Student Activities office pro- 
vides many opportunities for 
Hinds students to become in- 
volved in campus activities. From 
student elections to Mess Amer- 
ica to Hiney-Ho Day and the 
"Beauty Revue," there are nu- 
merous activities for students 
who wish to be involved and be- 
come a part of Hinds. Mississippi 
and the Arts Week, the Miss 
Hinds Community College Pag- 
eant, Lendon Player's Produc- 
tions, pep rallies, and Homecom- 
ing Week also provide enjoyable 
diversions. For students who en- 
joy partying, there is always 
something going on from Septem- 
ber to May. Dances, movies, and 

the local night life of Jack- 
son gives students a number 
of party options. Students' 
tastes vary from rock to 
country to wacky and wild. 
Hinds offers something for 

Above. Lacy Luckett, Jennifer King, Robbie 
James, and Jennifer Jacobs participate in the 
"Beauty Revue," the Hinds Beauty pageant. 
Over 65 girls participated in the pageant giv- 
ing them a chance to become one of the cam- 
pus beauties. 

Right. "The Creek" provided entertain- 
ment for the Halloween Dance held in 
Mayo Fieldhouse. Other dances were 
held this year to celebrate Homecoming, 
Valentines, and Christmas. 

■i in m 1 1 1" 

. 4 / Opening 

■1 + '"*' 





Left. Many Hinds students became Involved by participating in 
football pep rallies. Pep rallies are held each Wednesday at 7:00 
during football season. 

Below. Adrian Atwater and Lisa Boyanton participate in the open- 
ing number of the Miss Hinds Community College Pageant. This 
pageant selects a winner who will represent Hinds in the Miss 
Mississippi pageant. 




« I 


: ..,-, «*.-* *y- ■ N -T- ■•• ••- v 




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L-> > > 

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*< < < < < < 
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> > > 

V > > > 

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> > > 



ir-.«_ ' 





Above. The 1989 Homecoming Court arrives at the Homecoming game 
against Co-Lin. Homecoming festivities last an entire week and give Hinds 
students the opportunity to become involved in different events. 

«*•--/ S'l* 


Opening/ 15 


.\-V . V.: 

Our Pride Is Showing 


Friends at college are unique and 
everlasting. They help make college 
bearable. Without them life would be 
boring and uneventful. For some, 
the only thing that can get them 
through the endless hours of class is 
their friends. They are there when 
you need a shoulder to cry on, a fa- 
miliar face to laugh with, someone to 
go out and party with, a helping 
hand with that class giving you trou- 
ble, or just someone to talk to. Find- 
ing new friends is a wonderful part 
of college. Rich in spirit and affluent 
in warmth, Hinds strives to be an 
academic institution that combines 
the heart with the intellect. It seems 
to be doing a great job of it, as re- 
flected in the friendships made at 

j.V* '1 t * ' V 

<* ' * v • " ;• ". - /% 

Whether attending a ball game or a religious 
service, whether at a party or in a class, whether 
attending a campus-wide event or just sitting 
around campus, one can always see friends with 
smiling faces. PfftfiPvT 



Throughout the history of the Eagle yearbook at Hinds 
Community College many fine people have graced these two 
pages we call the Dedication. Such people as Dr. Clyde 
Muse, Mr. Cliff Nelson, Charles and Alice Walker, Mr. Mike 
Hataway. Dr. John Manchester, Mrs. Anne Hardy, Pro- 
fessor A. L. Denton, and many others have had this book 
dedicated to them in their honor. 

As we enter into another year, a new generation, and a 
new decade, there are changes to be made. The tradition Of 
the dedication has come to an end. This will be the last 
volume of the Eagle to include with it an honorable ded- 

As we close out this tradition the 1990 Eagle staff is 
proud to dedicate this yearbook to the Administration, 
Alumni. Faculty, Staff, and Students of the Hinds Com- 
munity College District. 

The Administration at Hinds is dedicated to the edu- 
cational process. The education and practical experience 
background of the Administrative body results in a better 
education for the student. The Administration of Hinds is 
the future cf what the college will become. Through their 
leadership we will progress into the future as a leader of 
community and junior colleges. 

Through the Development Foundation our Alumni re- 
mains active in the life of Hinds. The Alumni of Hinds are 
the past of what the college was. Through their loyalty to 
the college they have helped Hinds with their contributions 
to become what it is today. 

Teaching is the primary purpose of the college. Our ex- 
cellent Faculty is a combination of people with strong ac- 
ademic backgrounds in their expert fields. They put the 
needs of the students first, in and out of the classroom. The 
Faculty of Hinds are the inspiration. They teach us the 
knowledge that is needed to guide us into a bigger and 
brighter future. 

The Staff of Hinds are those people who serve you In the 
cafeteria, the library, the business office, and in all other 
aspects of the college. They are the support of what makes 
this college a more beautiful and friendly place to be. The 
Staff at Hinds has a willingness to help you when in need 
and they are always on hand for advice when you need it. 
Their loyalty and hard work to the college is what makes 
Hinds a better place. 

The Student Body of Hinds is composed of individuals 
who have many things in common, but are also unique. The 
majority are from Mississippi, others from other states and 
even other countries. No matter what background they 
come from, as new students come to Hinds, they become a 
part of the rich traditions of our institution and begin new 
traditions for those who follow. 

This book is dedicated to the Administration, Alumni, 
Faculty, Staff, and Students of Hinds Community College. 
In no other way can the greatness of Hinds be shown than 
through the people who work and study here. 

18 /Dedication 

Dedication / 19 

t Government • . . . 

•ated Student Gov ... 

^ssociateo .... ... 

Circled • • • " ....•••" ... . • ■ • 

^c—*—;... ■ ■;■....... 

ttl -StepP ers ' " ' .....•■•'" ...•• 

E agleBand ••""......•••••""...•• 

p^oyers • • . . • • "■'* 

*! student Union ' d ....••• 

^rsing/M^ H _ sunset D^e Cen 
jac^son Campus ^ppa ■ ■_ 

- CarnP« s Pt« Bran criHOSA 

Vicksburg w 



is sn oU)lng 



ASG — First row, from left: Renl Bumpas, Tracy Breazeale, Candy Tarver. Stacy Case, Janle Cuplt. David Longstreet, Barbara Blankenshlp. Second row. from left: Angle Prestwood, 
Shannon Slaton. Melissa Sanderford, Vickie Smith. Stephanie Fulton, Christian Oates, Mark Adcock, Kim Tudor, Delena Pullin, Tracy Yarbrough. Third row, from left: Angel Myers, 
Eric Mills, Susan Hartness, Jarrod Ravencraft, Lisa Nickens. Dawn Raybon, Nan Owens, Glna Payne, Paul Long. Fourth row. from left: Doug Craft, Dane Conrad, Clay Whlttington. 
Michael Smith, Tammy Woods, Mark Collins, Joelee Sessions, Nanette Gray. Fifth row, from left: Brandon Lingerfelt. Aline Redd, Chris Bailey, Michael Woodrlck. Matt Woods, Lee 
Tubbs, Wayne Taylor, Ron Collins, Terrance Burks. 

The Associated Student Body consists of all enrolled stu- 
dents. The Associated Student Government serves the stu- 
dent body by presenting student Input through elections. 
special activities, lntramurals, clubs and organizations, sen- 
ate, and ASG committees. Student senators are selected by 
clubs, organizations and committees. 

The ASG Executive Cabinet Is composed of the chairman of 
the committees. Chairman of these committees are appointed 
by the ASG President. The committee members are selected 
by the committee chairman, the ASG officers, and the Di- 
rector of Student Activities. 

The Public Relations Committee notifies students of ASG 
sponsored events through newspaper articles, the electronic 
sign, posters, etc. The PR committee produces and distributes 
a semester activity calendar which Is given out at regis- 
tration. They work with the College's Public Relations De- 
partment and the Printing Coordinator. The chairman of this 
committee Is Jarrod Ravencraft. 

The Disciplinary Committee represents the ASG on the 
College Disciplinary Committee. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. 
Barbara Blankenshlp, heads this committee. 

The Traffic Appeals Committee hears appeals brought by 
the students for campus traffic violations under the direction 
of the Campus Police Department and Student Affairs. The 
chairman of this committee Is David Longstreet. 

The Programming Activities Board Is made up of com- 
mittees that plan and schedule activities on campus. These 
committees and their chairmen are: Homecoming — David 
Longstreet, Entertainment — Janle Cuplt, Alcohol Aware- 
ness — Paul Long. Performing Arts and Speakers Committee 
— Headed by Renl Bumpas, Elections Committee — Ron 

22 / Organizations 

ASG OFFICERS — First row, from left: Renl Bumpas, Advisor; Janie Cupit, Vice- 
President; Barbara Blankenship, Advisor. Second row, from left: Chris Bailey, 
Secretary; and Terrance Burks, Parliamentarian. Not pictured: Jack Hite, Advisor. 

Organizations / 23 

24 / Organizations 

Jack Hite, Janle Cuplt, and 
David Longstreet prepare for 
an ASG meeting on later li- 
brary hours, better lighting 
on campus, and a food 
change In the cafeteria. 
Jack Is a sponsor. David Is 
president, and as vice- 
president, Janle Is acting 
chairman at all ASG meet- 

ASG senators conduct their meetings by using parliamentary procedure. All organizations, residence halls, and the commuters are 
represented In the student senate. 

Organizations / 25 




Left to right: Herman Caston, John Clark, Michael Gilliam, Chris Bentley, Steve Dyer, Brad Moore, Lance King, Kenneth Mullins, Eric 
Glidden, Tommy McCabe, Ray Sweeney, Chris Lewis, Reese Wise. 

ADVISOR — Bob Hodges 

26 / Organizations 

OFFICERS — Left to right: John Clark, Michael Gilliam, Brad Moore, President; 
Lance King, Steve Dyer, and Chris Lewis. 



\j 1 1\ U LCZ 

The Circle K Club Is a service 
organization sponsored by the 
North Jackson Kiwanis Club. 
The objective of the club is to 
provide for its members good 
fellowship and high scholar- 
ship; to serve the College, the 
community, and the state; to 
give primacy to the human and 
spiritual rather than to the ma- 
terial values of life; and to de- 
velop within its members a high 
degree of serviceable citizen- 
ship. Membership in the club is 
based on scholarship and cit- 
izenship, upon approval of the 
Board of Directors. 



*A, ^B ' 1 

PSf* p 

■■■■'^*-s* -' - jMB^HHBB 

I ' ' V 

if *|H 


. / J 


STAFF — Left to right: Ray Sweeney, Lisa Nickens, Marty Boyd, Stacy Case, 
Ravencraft, Meredith Price, and John Turner. 



ADVISOR — Bob Hodges 

HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT — Student Publications Policy Statement: The Hinds Community College District sponsors 
student publications on the Raymond and Utica campuses under the direction of the District Public Relations Office. 

The student newspapers and student yearbooks provide valuable student insights into the Hinds Community College District and also 
provide responsible journalism education and training for students. 

The student publications do not represent officially the administration of the Hinds Community College District: however, the District does 
provide professional staff supervision of these publications in order to provide a responsible context for the freedom of expression of its 

The executive editor of The Hlndsonian is Lisa Nickens; staff writers are Jan Cole, Stacy Case, Terri Horton, Heather Pikul, Meredith 
Price, Jarrod Ravencraft, and John Turner; chief photographer is Chris Lewis; assistant photographers are Ray Sweeney and Marty Boyd; 
and the advisor is Bob Hodges. 

28 / Organizations 


First row, Left to right: Dr. Clyde Muse, Mrs. Vashti Muse, Shelley Smith, Lisa Currie. Angle Channell, Kathy Spann. Stephanie Austin, Pam Bain, Michele 
Blankenship, June West, Vickie Cole, Suzanne Staten, Melanie Miller, Bebe Garrison, Jackie Granberry. Second row: Kim Stevens, Alison McRae. Mitzi 
Lawrence, Rhonda Russell, Lisa Boyanton, Kim Tudor. Third row: Shay Stanley, Kim Newton, Kay Cliffe, Beth Byrd, Susan Hartness. Fourth row: Steve 
Waddell, Jay Allen, Russell Shaw, Jarrod Ravencraft, Terrance Burks. 

Hinds Connection Is the official public re- 
lations and recruiting organization for Hinds 
Community College. Hinds Connection rep- 
resents Hinds Community College before the 
public by serving as tour guides and hosts or 
hostesses for any Interested persons visiting 
the campus. The members of Hinds Connec- 
tion also visit local high schools and other 
locations communicating the Hinds Commu- 
nity College message. They man exhibits and 
serve at receptions, luncheons, etc., hosted by 
Hinds Community College. 

Steps In selecting students for membership 
are as follows: 

1 . Completing a Hinds Connection Applica- 

2. Having an overall 2.5 grade point average 

3. Completing an intensive training week 

4. Earning points for assignments completed 

5. Completing a successfully written exam- 
ination detailing the policies and proce- 
dures and knowledge of the administration 
of the college 

6. Completing successfully an interview by 
the Advisory Board of Hinds Connection. 
Students meet twice a week — Mondays at 

3:30 for regular meeting and an hour on Fri- 
day mornings to handle tours during Friday 

OFFICERS — First row from left: Kathy Spann, Secretary; Pam Bain. Advisory Board Rep- 
resentative: Melanie Miller, President: Kay Cliffe, Public Relations Chairman: Lisa Boyanton, 
Social Chairman. Second row: Bebe Garrison. Sponsor; Jay Allen, Vice-President; Russell 
Shaw, Intramural Chairman; Jarrod Ravencraft, Senator; Jackie Granberry, Sponsor. 

Organizations / 29 

During the annual Hinds Connection training week, held In the 
summer. Hinds Connection trainees stayed In Main Hall. 

Hinds Connection Members Stephanie 
Austin, Pam Bain, and Kay Cliffe worked 
at the Information booth for new stu- 
dents sponsored by Hinds Connection. 

Hinds Connec- 
tion played a big 
part In the 1989 

Hinds Connection's new members were 
Initiated at a Hinds pep rally. Here new 
member Susan Hartness gets a little help 
from the Hot 95 Rocktn' Rooster. 

30 / Organizations 

Hinds Connection showed their Eagle Spirit at the Halloween 
pep rally. 

Jay, Lisa C. Stephanie, Steve, and Pam share a few laughs at the Lodge. 


First row from left- Denise Butler. Kelly Bryant. Lacy Luckett. Cindy Haskins, Tara Rose. Laurie Byrd. Cindy Hudson, Jennifer Thomas Lisa Pearson, Jeni Felker Delena 
Pilnin Karen Bennett Second row from left- Melody Ezell Shelley Rutland, Allison Buckley, Shelle Puckett, Sharon Winters, Missy McCoy, Leslie Coxwell Holly Mooney, 
S «£SSt Kta l Nowell cltto ; So/SS ThlrK from left: Rena Smith, Melissa Joesph, Toni Allen. Shanelle Mclnnis. Monna Brown Melissa 
Sanderford KitrtSa MUler krtetle Harder Kendra ^Craft April Carter; Adelle Richardson. Fourth row, from left: Susan Saulsbury. Kelly Matthews. Lynn Barton, Kim Owen. 
Sri Sn f!£ RSsESASfi D^e Westbrook, Benita Fortenberry. Fifth row from left: Stephanie Farrior, Ginger Traylor, Nancy Byrd. Tammy 
Fisackesly, Stacy Eaay. Cindy Montgomery, Tanya Thorton, Shannon Shell, Tanya Murray. Kimberly McCann. 

The Hinds Community College Hi-Steppers are the third oldest pre- 
cision dance team in the nation. They have performed at all major bowl 
games, as well as such events as the Canadian National Exhibition in 
Toronto, the Miss America Parade in Atlantic City, and at the World's 
Fair in New York City, New Orleans and Toronto. They also have 
performed at the Neshoba County Fair and the New Orleans Mardi Gras 
for over 25 years. They have performed with celebrities such as Mary 
Ann Mobley, John Glenn, Danny Thomas, Michael Dukakis, Jerry 
Clower, Michael Landon, Bob Hope, Polly Bergen, Richard Nixon, and 
Elvis Presley, over the years. 

The Hi-Steppers have gained wide acclaim for their intricate routines 
and colorful shows. They have been designated Mississippi Good Will 
Ambassadors by the State Legislature. 

A precision dance and drill team, the Hi-Steppers are known 
throughout the South for their half-time performances at College foot- 
ball games. A companion group to the Hinds Eagle Band, the Hi- 
Steppers have won acclaim at such events as the National American 
Legion Convention in St. Louis; the Junior Rose Bowl in Pasadena, 
California; the National Junior Chamber of Commerce Convention in 
Colorado Springs; and numerous parades, states conventions, and civic 
programs. The group has also performed for Congress in Washington, 


32 / Organizations 

Organizations / 33 

Through rain, sleet, or the cold of night the Hi- 
Steppers never let the Eagles down. 

34 / Organizations 

Lacy takes one last moment to rethink the evenings 
half-time show. 

first pep rally- — ■ 

Sophomore Hi-Steppers perform at the Homecoming 
pep rally, "A Flash From the Past." 

Organizations / 35 


--'-■ :i EETCin£ZMIEl 

f .ri"- 

■ % 

1989 EAGLE BAND — First row from left: T. Woods, S. Ogerly, C. Whittington. W. Lloyd, M. Hlgbee, K. Cunningham, D. May. Second row from left: D. Glascoe, A. Sisk, G. 
Golson, C. Morris, H. Cohen, M. Ratcliffe. T. Grimes, R. Ellis, A. Honeysucker, B. Baugh, S. Palmer, M. Miller, J. Haven. Third row from left: H. Funderburke, M. Davis, S. 
Drake, H. Meadows, T. Haynes, L. Roberson, C. Core, T. Smith, M. Patterson. Fourth row from left: S. Moore, T. Smith, H. Lucas, P. Whalen, C. Coale, C. Wicker, J. 
Harthcock, C. McLendon. K. Wilson, B. Moore, A. Moore. Fifth row from left: R. Abel, K. Harrell, C. Watson, C. Ware, B. Roberts, P. Cumberland. Sixth row from left: G. 
Benson, V. Roth, D. Fisher, J. Mingard, R. Taylor, J. Hillman. A. Brister, B. Overstreet. P. Baecher. Seventh row from left: L. Whitmire, J. Alford, J. Williamson, D. 
Cleveland, M. Reeves, K. Smith. 

Hinds Community College is proud to 
present the HCC Eagle Band! The fall of 
1989 saw the HCC Eagle Band of Hinds 
Community College set new standards of 
excellence, both in size and in quality of 
performance. Under the leadership of How- 
ard Cohen, Director of the Band, the Eagle 
Band was distinguished not only in size, 
but also in quality of performance. 

Such a rigorous performing schedule de- 
manded hours of preparation from the ded- 
icated members. After reporting to school 
one week before the start of classes for pre- 
school workshop, the Eagle Band could still 
be heard all over campus from five to six 
every afternoon. But one gets the feeling 
those echos from the intramural field are 
more than just the sounds of busy prep- 
arations for Saturday's show — they are 
the making of tradition. It's the tradition of 
one of the finest community colleges in the 
state — the Eagle Band of Hinds Commu- 
nity College. 

36 / Organizations 

1989 EAGLE BAND COUNCIL — First row from left: Rob Abel. Captain; David Fisher, Captain; Cedrlc 
Watson, Captain. Second row from left: Brian Overstreet, Manager; Heidi Funderburke, Secretary; 
Alan Honeysucker, Drum Major; Tammy Woods, Flag Captain; Clay Whittington, President. 

PERCUSSION — First row, Left to right: Misty Miller, Sean Palmer, Chris Morris, Bobby Baugh 
Mike Higbee, Mark Ratcliffe, William Lloyd, Robert Ellis, Tammy Grimes, Ashley Sisk. Hangin, 
from goal post: Kyle Cunningham, Clay Whittington, Captain; Shannon Ogerly. 

* 3 



c 1 • ■ 

1 ■ ' 



Director of Bands — Howard Cohen 

WOODWINDS — First row, Left to right: R. Abel, T. Smith, C. Coale, P. Whalen. Second row: L. 
Roberson, C. Core, T. Haynes, G. Golson, S. Drake, H. Lucas, M. Davis, T. Smith, H. Meadows. 

Organizations / 37 

BRASS — First row. Left to right: C. Watson, C. McLendon, J. Harthcock, C. Ware. Second row: D. Fisher, C. Wicker, B Moore 
K Harrel. K. Wilson. V. Roth. Third row: J. Williamson. J. Mlnyard, M. Reeves, B. Roberts. B. Overstreet. J. HUlman d' 
Cleveland, R. Taylor. A. Brister, P. Cumberland. K. Smith. J. Alford. 

Drum Major, Alan Honeysucker, leads the band 
during the half-time show. 

38 / Organizations 

Organizations / 39 


First row, Left to right: Mrs. Rolland Shaw. Angela Barton, Davlda Clack, Tina Chest, Teri Roy, Kristy Lyall, Robyn Baker, Vivian McKell, Lisa Boyanton, Pam Boatman. Second row: Kim 
Youngblood, Vlkie Donnelly, Christy Hills, Mlchele Champion, Lorl Valentine, Rhonda Russell, Ann Hogue, Denise Halbach, Kim Tudor, Tracy Haynes, Janie Cupit, Susan Drake, Misty 
Miller, Delena Pullin. Third row: Mr. Terry Fletcher, Sam Taylor, Pete Fox, Ricky Keys, Terrance Burks. Tracy Woods, Micky Reeves, Larry Bufkin, John Clark, Mark Ratcliff. Fourth 
row: Charles McLendon, Dale Townsend, Craig Gray, Steve McQueen, Steven Barnette, Jerry Williams, William Lloyd, Anthony Prestige, Brent Hays. Fifth row: Todd Carter, Derrick 
Brown, Kris Koenig, John Alford, Richard HalL Mike Gober, Brad Hartzog, Joy Mitchell, Rob Abel, Joel LeJeune. 

Membership in the Choir is open to 
the entire student body by audition. 
From the Choir, three select per- 
forming groups are chosen each 
year, the Clefs, the Madrigals, and 
the Concert Choir. The Concert 
Choir is the primary performing 
group of the vocal music depart- 
ment. On-campus activities regular- 
ly include the annual Christmas 
Concert, the Mississippi Community 
College Choir Festival, and the 
Spring Festival. Off-campus con- 
certs are given in schools within the 
Hinds District and churches in the 

40 / Organizations 

OFFICERS — Left to right: Ricky Keys, President; Lisa Boyanton, Secre- 
tary/Treasurer; Kim Tudor, Reporter/Senator, and Craig Gray, Vice-President. 


CLEFS — First row. 
Left to right: Ter- 
rance Burks, Steve 
McQueen. Second 
row: Lisa Boyanton, 
Jay Mitchell, Michele 
Champion, Portia 
Thomson, John 
Clark, Pam Boatman, 
Larry Bufkin, Rhon- 
da Russell. 

First row, Left to 
right: Davida Clack, 
Angela Barton, 
Kristy Lyall, Kim 
Youngblood, Teri 
Roy, Ann Hogue, Kim 
Tudor, Vivian McK- 
ell. Second row: Kris 
Koenig, Todd Carter, 
William Lloyd, Dale 
Townsend, Craig 
Gray, Mark Ratcliffe, 
Anthony Prestige, 
Steven Barnette. 

Organizations / 41 

42 / Organizations 


LENDON PLAYERS — Bottom, Left to right: Donna Smith, Leigh Holiday, Lynn Sharplin, Michelle Champion, Stacy Case, Teri Ray, John 
Turner, Kim Tudor, Chris Cothren, Kim Youngblood, Heather Pikul, Jeanne Bufkin, Beau Bailey. Second row. Left to right: Curt Comans, Tina 
Peacock, Brandon Lingerfelt, Kirby Wilson, Toni Allen, Alison Krueger. Third row, Left to right: Mike Randall, Deborah Burgess, Janie Cupit, 
Todd Allen, Montie Moore, Christian Oates, David McHan, Joel LeJeune. 

The first outing of the season for the 
Lendon Players was a musical, "Pump 
Boys and Dinettes." This musical was 
presented in the fall. The Lendon Play- 
ers presented two plays in the spring, 
"The Music Man" and "The Foreign- 

The Lendon Players are the drama 
organization at Hinds Community Col- 
lege. They encourage attitudes and 
ideas in all aspects of the theatre both 
onstage and backstage. They are an 
active group of students who perform 
some community service projects every 
year. They present productions in the 
Little Theatre in Brooks Speech and 
Drama Building each semester. They 
also host an annual Lendon Players 
awards banquet where awards are giv- 
en for outstanding performances and 
for significant contributions to the or- 

OFFICERS — Left to right: David Hawkins, Technical Director: Stacy Case, Senator; Janie 
Cupit. Vice-President; Monde Moore, President; David McHan, Secretary; Denise Halbach, 

Organizations / 43 


The Lendon Players presented 
"Pump Boys and Dinettes" for 
their first production of the season. 

The play, different from previous 
musicals presented by the Lendon 
Players, was like a staged concert 
of country /western music. The play 
was written by John Foley, Mark 
Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Mor- 
gan, John Schimmel, and Jim 

The setting for "Pump Boys and 
Dinettes" took place between 
Smyrna and Froglevel, Georgia on 
Highway 57. Jim, Eddie, Jackson, 
and L.M. own a filling station that 
is located across the highway from 
a diner run by Prudie and Rhetta. 
Some of the songs included in the 
musical were: "Highway 57," "Put 
on Your Drinking Shoes," and 
"The Night Dolly Parton Was Al- 
most Mine." 

The play ran nightly from Octo- 
ber 31 through November 4. 

L.M.. Eddie. Jackson, and Jim sit around their filling 
station on Highway 57 dreaming about the Dinettes, 
who are Just across the street. 

Rhetta Cupp, who owns the Double Cup Diner with her sister Prudie Cupp, sings 
about a "Vacation." 

44 / Organizations 


Jim Todd Allen 

L.M Joel LeJeune 

Rhetta Cupp Robyn 5utterfield 

Prudie Cupp Deborah Burgess 

Eddie David McHan 

Jackson 5teve McQueen 

City Woman Christian Oates 

The Band: 

Willy Bob (keyboards) Robert Lee 

Earl (guitar and bass) David Hawkins 

Odie (percussion) Eric Fowler 

Directed by Denise Halbach, Designed by David 


Music Direction by Robert Lee 

Assistant to the Director: Montie Moore, House 

Manager: 5tacey Case 

Dimmer Operator: Janie Cupit, Stage Manager: 
John Turner 

Props: Montie Moore, Mike Randall, Costume Mis- 
tress: Kim Tudor 

Follow 5pots: Kirby Wilson, Brandon Lingerfelt 
5et Crew: Todd Allen, Joel JeJeune, Christopher 
Martin, Jeanne Bufkin, Deborah Burgess, Curt 
Comans, Lynn Gleason, Alison Krueger, David 
McHan, Mike Randall, Brad 5mith, Donna 5mith, 
Portia Thompson, Montie Moore, Mitchell Moore, 
Eric Fowler, John Turner, Janie Cupit, 5tacy Case 

Eddie sings to the Dinettes about his "Farmer Tan. 

Jim, the sexy one of the Pump Boys, 
welcomes the audience. 

Organizations / 45 


First row, Left to right: Lacey A. Coleman, Jr., Vice-President; and Sam Ferrell, President. Second row: J. Louis Stokes, Faculty Advisor; 
Sharon Evans, Stephen Williams, Christopher Brown, Mike Rail, and Mary Elaine Wheatley. 


First row, Left to right: Terrance Smith, Paula Whalen. Chuck Cole, Kevin Smith, Karen Harrell. Second row: Bob Cheesman; Director, 
Charles Edrington, Jim McCown, Andy McMullen, Bryde Alwater, Eric Fowler, Robert Ellis, Angela Brister, Jim Hillman, Christy Hills, 
John Alford. Third row: Reggie Taylor, Joel Minyard, Chet Ware, Charles McLendon, Alan Honeysucker. 

46 / Organizations 


The Student Ministry of Hinds Community College Baptist Student Union revolves around nine tacks: to help keep students in 
their spiritual growth and Christian outreach — lead students to worship — involve students in Bible study and Christian faith 

— guide students in making life decisions — build Christian fellowship — lead students into responsible Church membership 

— witness to persons about Christ — involve students in missions — develop ministries to individuals and groups — involve 
students in world affairs and social concerns. 


6:00-6:30 — Bible Study for Deaf, Monday 

6:00 — Tuesday, Bible Study 

7:15 a.m. — Wednesday. Prayer Breakfast 

8:30 p.m. — Wednesday, Aerobics 

Recreation — Thursday night 

BSU — First row from left: Angie Miller, Jamie Yates, Kristi Malone, Ida Goff, Shanell Grayson, President; Denae Carpenter, Amber Lindsey, 
Melody Ezell, Susanne Mayes, Rhonda Russell, Stephanie Williams. Second row from left: Dr. Thad Owens, Faculty Advisor; Larry Tate, Joelee 
Sessions, Lisa Calder, Michael Parten, Shay Stanley, B. J. Frew, Director. Third row from left: Charles Tyer, Robert Jackman, Kip Ray, Kerry 
Dukes, Charlie Parkerson, Craig Upton. 

Organizations / 47 


F.c.A. — First row. Left to right: George Taylor, Dan Gaddls, Vicky McBeath, Jane Bell, Misty Abies, Sterling Michel. Robin Parish, Kelly Sandlfer, Jeff Maddox, James Shoulders, 
Patrina Ware, Jimmy Duncan. Second row: Brett Eads, Robert Stlfron, James Robinson, Christl Smith, Brigltte Cliburn, Julie Dick, Donna Smith. Alisa Pruden, Amanda Salvage, Steve 
Smith, Don Mulrhead. Third row: Issac Ceaser. Morton Taylor, Lori Newman, Tony Carleton, Leigh Patrick. Jim McCown, Robbie James, Mary Fox, Patricia Dlggs. Chris Bethay. Fourth 
row: Harold Williams. Paul Guerro. Mark Adcock. Kim Walker, Trevor Hamilton, Jerry Walker, Lori Robin. Charlie McGinn, Sean McLauren. Chad Mitchell. Fifth row: Garrett Outlaw, 
Robert Murphy, Dirk Copelln, Clay Hudson, Rick Dykes, Derek Humphries. Lisa Ridgon, Melissa Joseph, Michael Presley, Chris Bankston. Sixth row: Sherry Jefferson. Willie Richards, 
Winfred Sim. Tracy Minnifield. John Perry, Melissa Fant. Banlta Anderson, Melissa Sandlfer. Lisa Parsons, Sarah McClane, Otis Walton, Curtis Gray. Seventh row: Adella Rose, Todd 
Champagne, Jerry Lewis, Lynn Ross, Gilbert Hardaway, Dickey Caston, Sheila Donald, Douglass Nelson. John Copeland, Francis Diggs, Erika Halloway. Eighth row: Russell Smith. 
Dantl Myers. Steve Clark. Joe Curro, Ron Mclntyse, James Gayden. Larry Cosby. Jim McGowan. Ninth row: Dwayne Coleman, Marshall Pack, Richard Green, Charlie Hill, Stanley 
Roach, Steve Cleveland. Stacy Sizemore. Tenth row: Coach Neal Atkins and Coach Ed Jackson. 

FCA has a challenging opportunity of 
ministering through its college fellow- 
ships. These are young men and women 
who are currently participating in ath- 
letics at Hinds Community College, or 
those who participated previously at 
their respective high schools. This com- 
mon bond of sports affords them the op- 
portunity to share their faith, their 
struggles, or maybe just to lend an ear to 
someone else's ups and downs. 

This goes hand in hand with the pur- 
pose of FCA which is to present to ath- 
letes and coaches and all whom they 
influence the challenge and adventure of 
receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Sav- 
ior, serving Him in their relationships 
and in the fellowship of the church. This 
is accomplished through Bible studies, 
State Conventions, special music 
groups, rap sessions, guest speakers, 
and special projects. 

What better witness can we protect 
than the one our peers see daily, both on 
and off the athletic field. 

48 / Organizations 

F.C.A. OFFICERS — Sterling Michel, Robin Parish, Kelly Sandifer, and Jeff 


The local Catholic churches provide every student, regardless of affiliation, with opportunities 
for spiritual growth. These churches have a student group which plans weekly devotional 
programs at the college and are represented in other campus, community, and convention 
activities. The religious organization is called the Catholic Student Organization. 

First row. Left to right: Glen Tannehill, Stephanie Fulton, Mark Adcock, Barbara Clayton, Laura Thomas. Second row: Mrs. Denise Scifres, Advisor- 
Donna Smith, Julie Dick, Michael Marshall, Joseph Head, and Timothy Husbands. 

Organizations / 49 


The purpose of the Delta Epsilon Chi organization on the Raymond Campus of Hinds Community 
College is to promote the value of education in Marketing, Merchandising, and Management. 

Delta Epsilon Chi identified the program of youth activity relating to Distribution and Marketing 
Technology-Distributive Education Clubs of America, and is designed to develop future marketing 
and distribution leaders. Its goals are to develop a respect for education in marketing and 
distribution which will contribute to occupational competence, and to promote understanding and 
appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive enterprise system. 
Membership is limited to students enrolled in Distribution and Marketing Technology. 

First row from left: Kyle Mize, Advisor; Jocelyn Savannah, Clssie Gulllory, Angy Fosher, Angela Grant, Kim Eldrldge, Jerry Roberts, Advisor: Jackie 
Brown, Paulette Jennings, Nan Owens, Secretary; Missy Griffin, Christine Griffin, Gail White, Charles Jones, Advisor. Second row from left: Charlotte 
Jones, Steve Dyer, President; Sherelondia Young, Wayne Parker, Marian Lever, Sonya Gilbert, Shannon Watts, Missy Johnson, Jennifer Smith, 
Marvin Hunter. Third row from left: Jeff Gagneaux, Charley Brown, Colia Dillon, Darlene Buckley, Alvin Guice, Annie Jean Reed, Kyle Churchill, Marc 
McGee, Felicia Cross. Fourth row from left: David Tindoll, Chris Cora, Greg Adcock, Treasurer; Michelle Rushing, Derdre Taylor, Mark Crook, Scott 
Wallace, J. J. Welch, Richard Shoto, Theodore Fleming, Willie Harvey. 

50 / Organizations 


First row. Left to right: Cathy Lovett, Shannon Dunaway, Yvonne Bish, Crlssy Osborn, Karen Bennett, Candy Tarver, Christine Griffin, Angela Prestwood. Melody Smith. Second row: 
David Peterson, Shana Berry, Lisa Viescas, Jill Sadler, Shelly Gunn, Kelly Bryant, Kelly Matthews, Sherry St Cyr. Third row: Charles Tyer, Joelee Sessions, Brldgett Ellis. Melody 
Worrell, Letlcia Hodge, Trace Tew, Mtchele Blankenship, David Longstreet. Fourth row: Leon Rucker, Dane Conrad, Julie Brunson, Angle Miller, Melody Ezell, Jennifer Thomas, 
Shannon Broussard, Terrance Burks. Fifth row: Ron Collins, Lance King, Kay Cliffe, Lacey Coleman, and Kenneth Wheatly. 

Phi Theta Kappa Gamma Lambda 
Chapter on the Raymond Campus is 
a non-secret national scholastic so- 
ciety for community /junior colleges 
and is composed of students whose 
grades are in the upper ten percent 
of the College enrollment. Member- 
ship is based on scholastic and cit- 
izenship qualifications. Local chap- 
ters participate in regional, state, 
and national activities. 

OFFICERS — First row, Left to right: Crissy Osborn, Secretary: Candy Tarver, President; David Longstreet. 
Projects Chairman: Angels Prestwood. Senator. Second row: Sherry St Cyr. Vice-President; Charles Tyer. 
Fund-Ralsing Chairman; Melody Smith. Reporter; Shannon Broussard. Historian Chairman. 

Organizations / 5 1 


First row, Left to right: Crissy Osborn, Melody Ezell, Candy Tarver, Traci Tew. Second row: Kim Hill, Lisa Nichols, Jennifer Thomas, Kelly 
Bryant, Linda Thompson. Third row: Janet Barnes, Cindy Haskins, Michele Blankenship, and Tammy Woods. 

Alpha Beta Gamma is an honor 
society for business majors on the 
Raymond Campus. The club partic- 
ipates in several fund raising and 
community service projects through- 
out the year. 

The primary purpose of Alpha 
Beta Gamma is to recognize and en- 
courage scholarship, leadership, and 
service among students enrolled in 

52 / Organizations 

OFFICERS — First row, Left to right: Melody Ezell, Reporter; Jennifer Thomas, 
Secretary; Traci Tew, Vice President. Second row: Candy Tarver, Senator; Michele 
Blankenship, President. 


First row, Left to right: Pam Mitchell, Treasurer; Wyvette Johnson, Secretary; Dana Brown, President; Christie White, Reporter; Linda Ratllff, Sponsor. 
Second row: Charlene Tate, Maureen Nichols, Vice-President; Vicky McKnight, Verdonna Williams. Third row: Robin Plunkett, Regina Searcy, Brtlna White, 
Tabitha Griffith. Patrina Ware. Fourth row: Trena Jackson, Alyssa Stewart, Kassandra Moore, Adrena Benson, Sandra Harper, Sheila Reese. 


First row: Joseph R. Curro, David Longstreet, David Carney. Second row: Dr. Dan Hogan, Sponsor, Ricky Graham, Livla Walker, Lance 
King, Dr. Ken Johnston, Sponsor. 

Organizations / 53 


First row, Left to right: Everett Carraway, Marc Collins, Kim Tudor, Eugene Chapman. Second row: Karyn Brannon, Sheena Brackeen, 
Michelle Lutrick, Kris Shelton, Kay Cliffe, Sandy Nethero. Third row: Gayle McCarty (Sponsor), Jason May, Shannon Brister, Lady Conn, 
Joseph Baylot, Natalie Thompson, Kristy Shelton, Tamara Rushing. Donna Ford, Stacey Twiner, Bob Dunaway (Sponsor). 

The ART CLUB and ALPHA RHO TAU on the Raymond Campus exist to encourage the students to strive for 
excellence in their fine art studies as well as other academic courses; to promote the visual arts on campus, 
within the community, and throughout the state; to provide the members opportunities to see historically 
significant original art through participation in field trips to art museums. 

ALPHA RHO TAU — First row, Left to right: 
Dorothy Mitchell. Kay Cliffe, Gayle McCarty 
(Sponsor). Second row: Kris Shelton, Bob 
Dunaway (Sponsor). 

54 / Organizations 

D. Jason May — President, J. Eugene Chapman — Vice-President, Shannon 
Brister — Secretary-Treasurer, Mark Collins — Senator. 


First row. Left to Right: Dr. Roger Jones, Brad Smith, Kevin Lack, Patrick Smith, Michael Hayman, Dana Sanders, Bill Harris, Matt Woods. 
Second row: Lee Smith, Hal Jackson, Marcus Goodloe, Wesley Ezell, Nicole Newman, Kent Hollingsworth, John Mark Davis. Third row: Clay 
Walker, Neal Robinson, Alvin Woods, Bruce Larkin, Wade Wallace, J. T. Ketchum. 

student organization made up of stu- 
dents interested in some field of ag- 
riculture, forestry, or veterinary 
medicine. This includes students in 
Academic Transfer Programs, as 
well as, Vocational and Technical 
Programs. The club is very active in 
campus and fund raising activities. 
They help support the H.C.C. Live- 
stock judging team, Landscape Man- 
agement team, and others. They 
meet the third Wednesday of each 
month at 12:15 at McKenzie Arena 
on the Raymond Campus. 

First row. Left to right: AGRICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS — Matt Woods, Kevin 
Lack, Dana Sanders. Second row: Dr. Roger Jones (Advisor), Alvin Woods, Patrick 
Smith, Neal Robinson. 

Organizations / 55 


HCCAHI — First row from left: Kate Dorrough, Marticia Ratcliff, Theresa Clark, Teresa Erwtn, Tiffany LaCoste, Lori O'Nell, Suzanne Staten. Barbara Clayton, 
Matrlce Jackson. Second row from left: Elmer Smith, Doug West, Leslie Biggs, Tina Patten, Wanda Parker, Annie Allen, Lynn Use, Susan McCormick, Alex Soils, 
Richard Norton, Vicki Tiller, Co-Sponsor; Alois Wolvertin, Sponsor. Third row from left: Pete Case, Andrew Robertson, Lam Nguyen, Scott Bailey, Sean Sterling, 
Billy W. Bryant, Harvey Farrell, Steve McNeese, David Shaw, Steve Brown, Joey Butler, Jr. 

The Hinds Community College As- 
sociation for the Hearing Impaired is an 
organization that exists to help hearing 
impaired students learn and improve 
themselves. In order to take trips, the 
group holds fundraisers. One of their 
best fundraisers ever was the selling of 
M&M's. One of the main goals of the 
organization is to make hearing people 
comfortable around the hearing im- 
paired and to encourage hearing people 
to learn to communicate with sign lan- 
guage. This year the Hearing Impaired 
services of Hinds Community College 
moved into a new location. They are 
now located in the red, brick office 
building behind Greaves Hall. 

56 / Organizations 

HCCAHI OFFICERS — From left: Barbara Clayton, Social Chairperson; Suzanne Staten, Vice-President; 
Wanda Parker, Secretary; Billy W. Bryant, Committee Member; Alois Wolverton, Sponsor; Richard Norton, 
Treasurer; Elmer Smith, President; Vicki Tiller. Co-Sponsor; Steve McNeese, Committee Member. 


Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) is a development club to motivate and develop 
an enthusiasm for learning that will help trade and industrial, technical, and health education 
students take their place in society. The students in VICA are offered an opportunity to achieve a 
sense of accomplishment and recognition for skills and abilities through practical competitive 
contests on local, state, and national levels. 

First row from left: Carolyn Andrews. Tammey Munyon, Tommy Coats, Spencer Powell, Donal Jones. Eric Kerr, Jimmy Dennis, Glenn Watts. Second row 
from left: Tim Everrett. Brad Harthcock, Johnny Brady. Reporter; Charles Warren, President; David Shows, Vice-President; Eddie Carson, Advisor; Mike 
Nobles, Issac Waller, Jason Long, Mike Barnes. ■ 

Organizations / 57 


First row. Left to right: Sid Worthy, Joe Harris, Lisa Hawkins, Greg Harris, Matt Simonton, Lynn Westbrook. Second row: Lonnie Harper, Elaine 
Wheatley, Traci Webb, Grady Hollowell, Don Thornton, Clay Robertson, Clim Quayle, Ms. Cindy West. 

Home Builders on the Raymond 
Campus is an organization to ac- 
quaint the student with the Home 
Building industry and be involved 
with the local, state, and national 
Home Builders Association. Home 
Builders are also closely affiliated 
with the women's auxiliary branch 
of Home Builders who also provide 
scholarships for the student chap- 

Left to right: Lonnie Harper, Advisor; Lisa Hawkins, Secretary; Sid Worthy, Vice-Pres.; 
Joe Harris, President. 

58 / Organizations 


HINDS ASSOCIATION OF LEGAL STUDENTS — First row from left: Traci Killebrew, Aline Redd, Kaye Phebus. Nancy Bates, Stephanie 
Fulton, Maureen Nichols. Second row from left: Therese Placer, Cynthia Driskell, Shannon Jeffries, Rene Kowan, Carla Holloway, Joyce 
Rockingham, Pam Smith, Ann Hogue. Third row from left: Ron Collins, Dawn Whitby, Rechelle Martin, Pam Simmons, Debbie Ethridge, 
Roxanne Mack. 

This association is sponsored by Jackson 
Legal Secretaries Association of Mississippi 
and Hinds Community College Secretarial Sci- 
ence Department. The objects and purposes of 
this association shall be: 

1. To develop an interest in and encourage 
students to pursue careers in the legal field. 

2. To unite students interested in the legal 
field so that ideas may be exchanged and 
knowledge increased. 

3. To sponsor speakers, workshops and sem- 
inars appropriate to the legal field. 

4. To encourage an awareness of the basic 
skills necessary to perform work of a legal 
nature and to provide a better understanding 
of the responsibilities involved. 

5. To acquaint students with functions of the 
judiciary and other departments of the courts. 

6. To stimulate a high order of professional 
standards and ethics among its members. 

7. To endeavor to make colleges aware of the 
need for subjects in their curricula pertinent 
to the legal field. 

OFFICERS — First row from left: Kay Phebus, Treasurer; Nancy Bates. Secretary; Stephanie 
Fulton, Vice President; Lucretia Berry, Sponsor. Second row from left: Susan Wilbanks, 
Sponsor; Traci Killebrew, Reporter; Aline Redd, Senator: Maureen Nichols, President. Not 
pictured: Christi White. Parlimentaian; Liddelle Pitto. 

Organizations / 59 


First row, from left: Janice Huff, Rebecca Odom, Sandra Magee, Vicky McBeath, Sharon Smith, Yulunda Henry, Shirlean Dixon, Murlean 
Dixon. Second row, from left: Chanelle Cole, Angela Grant, Mrs. Rosia Crisler, Mrs. Carol Robinson, Nichole Graham, Vickie Harbin, 
Thomasine Trevillion, Herman Caston. Third row, from left: Gerone Hughes, Sandra Harper, Angel Myers, Darron Dixon, Zenobia Hart, 
Lacy Coleman, Paula Lewis, Carl Hayward. 

The Afro-American Cultural Society 
is a service and students awareness 
organization. The objectives of the or- 
ganization are to promote scholarship, 
citizenship and fellowship. These ob- 
jectives will provide a positive relation- 
ship between Afro-American students 
of Hinds Community College and the 
student government as well as the ad- 
ministration. Membership is open to 
those students who have a genuine in- 
terest in the purpose for which the or- 
ganization was established. 

OFFICERS — L to r: Angel Myers, Program Chairman, Vicky McBeath, Pres- 
ident, Lacey Coleman, Vice President, Shirlean Dixon, Treasurer, Murlean 
Dixon, Secretary. 

60 / Organizations 


The Student Medical Record Association was established in 1988 to provide a means for Medical Record 
Technology majors to communicate with each other and to provide the opportunity for local medical record 
professionals to share information on related topics and job opportunities with the students. The group meets 
several times during the year with student leaders responsible for organization of events providing the opportunity 
for development of leadership skills among the group members. 

STUDENT MEDICAL RECORD ASSOCIATION — First row from left: Lisa West, Secretary; Lisa McWilliams, Vice President; Lynn Fletcher, 
Treasurer; Tracey Breazeale, Senator. Second row from left: Juanita Carr, Rosa Anderson, Sheila Sewell, Legertha Harris, Sandra Shines. Third 
row from left: Karen Hawkins, Stacey Smith, Kristen Parker, Gail Craft, Stephanie Irvin, Cam Kelly, Debbie Miles. Fourth row from left: Jackie 
Smith, Regina Williams, Deborah Mason, Brandi Kinnebrew, Bridget Kellum, Janelle Carraway, Patricia Friday. Fifth row from left: Carolyn 
Walker, Dorothy Benton, Joe Kent, Shirley Taylor, Chuck Kelly, Kathleen Reynolds, Tammy Washington, Wendy Britton. Not pictured: Buffie 
Wiltcher, President. 

Organizations / 6 1 


First row from left: Wesley L. Reeves — Advisor, Zarata Banks, Kim Worthy, Evans Allen, and Maurice Bartlett. Second row from left; Bo 
Smith, Richard Tanner, Chad Winningham, Grant Mclntyre, Steve Laster, and Adam Binder. Third row from left: Billy Jeffers, Kevin 
Ainsworth, Allen Jones, Mike Meak, and Daniel Norman. Fourth row from left: James Woodard and Steve Pickett. 

The purpose of this club is to pro- 
mote the science and study of Crim- 
inal Justice and foster profession- 
alism within the agencies of 
Criminal Justice. 

They also strive to promote under- 
standing and better communica- 
tions between agencies of the Crim- 
inal Justice system through club 
contact and greater understanding 
between institutions of higher edu- 

62 / Organizations 

CLUB OFFICERS — Front row from left: Adam Binder — V. Pres.. Maurice 
Bartlett — Pres. Back row from left: Daniel Norman — Sgt. at Arms, Kattie 
Bennett — Freshman V. Pres., Steve Pickett — Sec.-Treas. 


Reformed Universities Fellowship provides every student, regardless of affiliation, with op- 
portunities for spiritual growth. This organization has group sessions with weekly devotional 
programs and is represented in other campus, community, and convention activities. RUF in- 
troduces non-Christian students to the claims of Christ and trains Christian students through 
consistent exposition of scripture. Personal Bible study, prayer, and involvement in local churches 
are emphasized. RUF advisors are Reni Bumpas, Shane Sunn, Wally Bumpas, Jean Sunn, and 
Spring Heflin. 

RUF — First row, from left: Lisa Boyanton. Kim Tudor, Reni Bumpas, Spring Heflin. Second row, from left: Shane Sunn, Cade Ferguson, Mack Guillory, 
Mark Adcock. Joelee Sessions, Paul Guerierro, Wally Bumpas. Third row, from left: Michael Martin, Roddy Reed, Kim Walker, Jan Cole, Bridgett Ellis, 
Holly Smith, Jean Sunn. 

Organizations / 63 


First row, from left: Todd Gilbert, Secretary; Matt Nalker, President; Doug Craft, Vice-President; Mike Ellison, Treasurer; Brad Smith, 
Agriculture Council Representative; Martha Hill, Advisor. Second row, from left: Dan Neely, Shane Sanders, Jody Sistrunk, Steve Ballard, 
Larry Carruth. 

The Landscape Management 
Technology club is designed to pro- 
mote professionalism in the field of 
landscape management. Its mem- 
bership is open to students prepar- 
ing for the landscape management 

64 / Organizations 

OFFICERS — Todd Gilbert, Secretary; Matt Nalker, President; Doug Craft, Vice- 
President; Mike Fllison, Treasurer; Brad Smith, Agriculture Council Represen- 



The Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is located at the Nursing/Allied Health Center. 
Membership is based on scholastic achievement and citizenship qualifications. This is a national 
scholastic society for community /junior colleges composed of students whose grades are in the 
upper ten percent of the college enrollment. Members participate in state, regional, and national 

First row from left: Jan Gardner and Michelle Reynolds. Second row from left: Jane Ann Beauregard, John Norris, Dot Copeland, Marsha Tanner and Pat 
Flowers, PTK Advisor. 

Organizations / 65 



Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is a national organization of students enrolled 
in health occupations. These programs and activities help individuals develop their physical, 
mental and social well being. Members strengthen their leadership and citizenship abilities 
through interaction with professional business organizations and other student organizations. 
They have the opportunity to share experiences with others in the health field. 

First row from left: Charlie Robinson, Secretary; Jan Gardner. President; Tina Pugh, Reporter; Roderick Gipson, Vice-President; Sandra Freeman, 

66 / Organizations 



Membership in the Mississippi Chapter of Student Organization for the Advancement of As- 
sociate Degree Nursing is open to all students. The purpose of this organization is to retain the title 
Registered Nurse and the current scope of practice for the Associate Degree Nursing graduate. 
Joint meetings are held with registered nurses to discuss issues and trends. 

First row from left: Gloria Coxwell, Advisor; Sharon Lee, Jan Gardner, Sharon Davis, Advisor. Second row from left: Ann Pinion, Dot Copeland, Debra 
Roberts, Sarah Green, Helen Jefferies, Dorisha Leflore, Conetta Gosa, Patsy Adams. Third row from left: Carolyn Davis, Martha Aerstia, John Norris, 
Kristie Holmes, Jeffery Broocks, Deborah Blakeney. Fourth row from left: Norman Jenkins, Kevin Kanter. 

Organizations / 67 



Lambda Beta is a new organization on the Hinds Community College Nursing/Allied Health 
Center campus. The organization is for Respiratory Therapy students in the upper ten percent of 
the college enrollment. 

First row from left: Susan McDade, President; Jane Ann Beauregard, Secretary-Treasurer; Sandra Grimes. Second row from left: Diane Sylvester. Faculty 
Charter Member; Carol Ockerman. Faculty Charter Member; Susan Mayfield, Faculty Charter Member; Leona Hay. Third row from left: Pat Matthews. 
Faculty Charter Member and Advisor. 

68 / Organizations 



The Alpha Zeta Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is located at the Jackson Campus/Sunset 
Drive Center. This is a non-secret national scholastic society for community/junior colleges 
composed of students whose grades are in the upper ten percent of the College enrollment. 
Membership is based on scholastic achievement and citizenship qualifications. Members par- 
ticipate in state, regional, and national activities. 

First row, from left: Shirley Trigg, Patricia Ervin, Stephanie R. Sago. Second row, from left: Jackie Waite, Advisor: LeVora Williams, Arville Ellis, Bobbie 
Welch, Advisor. 

Organizations / 69 



PHI BETA LAMBDA — First row from left: Minnie Smith, Cheryl Carr, Advisor; Gwen White, Dell Broadway, Advisor; Angela Griffin, 
Advisor. Second row from left: Annie Lewis, Sherry Powell, Poseta Burrell. Third row from left: Angela Coleman, Lisa Van Buren, Lisa 
Chancellor. Not pictured: Earnest Brooks. 



DELTA EPSILON CHI — First row from left: Felicia Hays, Parliamentarian; Tawanda Mills, Reporter; Marcia Sisson, Treasurer; Robert 
Williams, Secretary; Jerome Knott, Vice-President; Kimberly Newman, President. Second row from left: Carrie Montgomery, Advisor; 
Willie Steen Battle, Stephanie Lamar, Leola Feltan, Tony Wiggins, Amy White, Larry Richardson, Advisor. 

70 / Organizations 



The purpose of Dietary Managers student organization is to acquaint students with the or- 
ganization and function of a professional group by participating in the planning and conduction of 
programs for professional growth and education on issues in health-care dietetics. 

First row from left: Joyce Catchings, President; Shirley Bracy, Vice-President; Angela Thompson, Secretary; Elfri Home, Treasurer; Deborah McGraw, 
Betty E. Anderson, R.D. Instructor. Second row from left: Michael McClendon, Yvette Aultman, Mary J. Simmons, Edwin Holmes, Jr.; Sandra Hoye, 
Sabrina Ward, Rhonda Ward, Karen Warner, R.D. Instructor. 

Organizations / 7 1 



The Hinds Association of Legal Students serves students interested in legal work and/or the legal affairs of the community. This organization 
helps acquaint the students at the Sunset Drive Center with the function of the judiciary and other departments of the court; and to sponsor 
workshops and seminars in the legal field. 
The objects and purposes of this association are: 

1 . To develop an interest in and encourage students to pursue careers in the legal field. 

2. To unite students interested in the legal field so that ideas may be exchanged and knowledge increased. 

3. To sponsor speakers, workshops and seminars appropriate to the legal field. 

4. To encourage an awareness of the basic skills necessary to perform work of a legal nature and to provide a better understanding of the 
responsibilities involved. 

5. To acquaint students with functions of the judiciary and other departments of the courts. 

6. To stimulate a higher order of professional standards and ethics among its members. 

7. To endeavor to make colleges aware of the need for subjects in their curricula pertinent to the legal field. 

First row from left: Pam Perry, Advisor; Cephus J. Smith, Sarah Gary. Secretary; Patricia Ervin, Tamara Adams, Marcia Thompson, Jackie 
Waite, Advisor; Adeline Moore. Second row from left: Patsy Bozeman, Advisor; Allean Turner, Betty Bass, Evette Coleman, Lisa Chancellor. 

72 / Organizations 



The American Dental Assistants Association is an organization whose objectives are to share in 
the responsibility for quality dental health care, advance the practice of dental assisting by 
encouraging formal education, to educationally support the dental assisting profession, and to 
communicate effectively with all members of health-related professions. 

Membership is open to any full-time student in a dental assisting program or to a graduate of a 
dental assisting program enrolled full-time in either a program related to dentistry or in a college 
degree program. 

First row, from left: Lesa Jones, Stephanie Fortenberry, Vicki Clemons. Tracy Pride, Renee Erickson, Pam Reeves, Sponsor. Second row. from left: Dr. Ric 
Gavant, Linda Gibson, Christine Sullivan, Candi Carter, Cheryl Fortenberry, Melissa Pittman, Deanna Hearn. Michele Hugghins, Betti Moak, Arlene 
Shelby, Instructor. Third row, from left: Mary Smith. Marie Boyd. DeAnna Simpson, Cheryl McLemore, Beth Marodis, Debra Dossett, Molly Wells, Diana 
Sellers, Yolandra Sanders. Not pictured: Michelle Bradley. 

Organizations / 73 



VICA — First row from left: Lonnie S. Archie, Jessie Walker, Kevin Newsome, Charlie Thornton, Advisor. Second row from left: Joe Grass, 
Isaac Griffin, Martin Johnson, Andre Smith, Anthony Beasley. 





AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR DESIGN AND DRAFTING — First row from left: Shirley Trigg, Stephanie R. Sago. Second row from left: 
Shingy Leflore, Wayne Irby, Phil Wright. Alex V. Sivira. 

74 / Organizations 


BSU — First row from left: Cheryl Stevens, Association Secretary; Carey McElroy, Missionary; Leo Banks, Vice-President; Eugene A. 
Brunson, President; Dwight Cage, Devotion; Mrs. Jessie Dawson, Advisor; Jackie McGee. Second row from left: Boris Wilson, Jimmie 
Thompson, Lisa Chaneefle, Chunta Armon, Christopher Younger, Tawanda Mills, Jennifer Smith, Cynthia Smothers, Lisa Williams, 
Thomas H. Roots. Third row from left: Jerome Knott. 




CSI — First row from left: Jacqueline Williams, Minnie Smith, Gwen White, Brunei Bandston, Altheia Tribble, Shantaye Smith, Cassandra White. Second row 
from left: Betty Jean Lee, Johnnie Mae Brister. Poseta Burrell, Dollie Douglas, Carolyn Henderson, Charleston Gray, Winnie Brown, Catrlnia J. Mitchell, 
Tamara Delams. Patricia Ervin, Bobbie Welch, Advisor. Third row from left: Sherry Powell, Llllie Sims, Sarah Dallas, Catherine Knight, Lisa Chancellor, 
Marcia Thompson, Daisy Taylor. 

Organizations / 75 



First row. Left to right: Mary Lott, Monti Caldwell, Tim Johnson, Lisa Thornton, Second row: Lisa Dye, Laura Michael, Pat Hoggatt, Susan Brewer, Carolyn McGraw. Third row: 
Catherine Taylor, Sandra Lucas, Glna Pride, Beverly Peden. Kristi Kelley, Ann Brent Henson. Fourth row: Teresa Massey, Brenda guimby, Nancy Griffing, Nickie Crosby, Otis Lichlyter. 
Fifth row: Sean Baugnon. Dawn Huffman. Brenda Wolf, Dion Davis, Becky Rodgers, Brandy Lambert. Sixth row: Michael Babick, Jayne Herrington, Rita Patrick. 

Phi Theta Kappa is a nationwide 
organization recognizing excellence 
among two-year community and 
junior college students. Members of 
the Alpha Omicron Omega Chapter 
are Rankin Campus and Universi- 
ties Center students who have com- 
piled a cumulative grade point av- 
erage of 3.5 or above. The Chapter 
encourages scholarship among com- 
munity college students, provides an 
atmosphere for the development of 
leadership skills, and provides op- 
portunities for participation in var- 
ious school and community service 

76 / Organizations 

OFFICERS — Left to right: Mary Lott. President; Tim Johnson, Vice-President; 
Monti Caldwell, Recording Secretary; Lisa Thornton, Treasurer; and not pictured is 
Amy Brantley, Publicity Secretary. 



HOSA at the Vicksburg/Warren County Branch is a national organization of students enrolled in 
health occupations. These programs and activities help individuals develop their physical, mental 
and social well being. Members strengthen their leadership and citizenship abilities through 
interaction with professional business and other student organizations. They have the oppor- 
tunity to share experiences with others in the health field. 

First row. Left to right: Elmora Smith, Roxie Phelps, Quindolyn Wingfield, Julia Busma, Linda Coghlan, Marilyn Dotson, Lillie McHann, Carolyn Seale, 
Carla Whitaker, Sonya King, Tina Kelly, Sandra Sampson, Doris Brown, Shelia Stewart, Jan Whatley, Advisor. Second row: Barbara Taylor, Verdell 
Edwards, Rhonds Bishop, Sandra Irons, Jean Abies, Paula Harris, Alma Buck, Cathy Braswell, Tomi Porter, Judy Thompson, Shellie Roberts. Third row: 
Gaynell Satterfield, Marilyn Claiborne, Lisa Tucker, Lynn Keene, Kyrean Chambers, and Beatrice Ivory. 

Organizations / 77 


d ent Adders . 
,.^Wta^r • 

pavis • • 
H ardy-P^ ear " 

^arsnatt ••■■■• 

Qteaves • 
sh efueld-V/ool*y • • • 

I vtfden ■ • • • " " 
ft Open Dorm ■■'■" 








80 / Residence Life 

When you think of residence 
halls, perhaps a picture of 
buildings comes into your mind. 
However, residence halls are 
not only buildings, but people 
living together and forming 
communities. You have an op- 
portunity to play a role in de- 
termining what your communi- 
ty is like as the year progresses. 
It is our hope that through in- 
teraction with other students 
and the Residence Hall staff, 
both individual growth and a 
sense of community will occur. 

Your R.A. or Resident Advi- 
sor is the staff person in your 
area to whom you may turn 
with your concerns. He or she 
has the answers to your ques- 
tions or can find them for you. 
Since the R.A. lives in your 
area, he/she can be your main 
contact for information regard- 
ing all aspects of residence hall 
living, policies, and activities. 


Allen-Whitaker is a two- 
story brick, L-shaped resi- 
dence hall housing one- 
hundred and eleven fresh- 
man and sophomore female 
students. The building is ar- 
ranged in suites which have 
two bedrooms with a connect- 
ing bath, accommodating four 
students. On staff is one Res- 
ident Manager, Dorothy 
Bogan, and four Resident Ad- 

On August 15, 1982, Allen- 
Whittaker Hall was dedicated 
to Lola Allen and Fleta Whit- 
taker. Lola Allen served 
Hinds from 1922-1966 as an 
instructor of accounting and 
in the business office. From 
1929-1960 Fleta Whittaker 
served Hinds as an instructor 
of home economics. 

R.A.'s — First row from left: 
Myra Williams and Michele Ear- 
gle. Second row from left: Robin 
Reed and Cynthia Lewis. 

wtyk//: // y\ 

HALL COUNCIL — From left: 
LaJoyce Coleman, Vice-President; 
Michele Eargle, Reporter; Lisa Tor- 
rey, Secretary/Treasurer. 

Residence Life / 81 



A five-story residence hall, Da- 
vis, houses two-hundred and fif- 
ty-seven freshman and sopho- 
more female students. The staff 
consists of one Resident Manag- 
er, Lesley Morton, and seven res- 
ident advisors. 

On each floor both a kitchen- 
ette and lounge can be found 
overlooking a court which pro- 
vides natural lighting for all five 
floors. Community bathrooms are 
located on each floor, and each 
bedroom accommodates two stu- 
dents with built-in furniture. 

Davis Hall was erected in 1 970 
while Robert M. Mayo was pres- 
ident of the college. The residence 
hall was named after Gertrude E. 

R.A.'s — First row from left: Polly 
Carter, J. J. Thurman, Michele 
Martella. Second row from left: 
Tammy Woods, Nanette Gray, 
Muriel Hightower, Shirley Taylor, 
Lesley Morton, Resident Manager. 

82 / Residence Life 

HALL COUNCIL — First row from left: Kim Ste- 
vens, President; Marlah Gillespie, Secretary- 
Treasurer; Vlckl Cole, Zenobla O. Hart, Evella 
Campbell, Cynthia Hughes, Ronda Daughtery. 
Second row from left: Trade Wilder, Nlkkl War- 
ren, Brigltte Cllburn, Dawn Stevens, Jan Mc- 
Clusky, Brltton Hoover, Vice-President; Yalonda 


HALL COUNCIL — left to right, first row: Prissy Pope, 
Karen Smith. Patrlna Ware. Tabatha Norwood. Sharon 
Smith, and Maeey-Morgan Brown. Second row: Dawn 
Phillips. LaTrlce Townsend. Nanette Gaddls. Heather 
Houck. Shlrlean Dixon. Amla Moore. Jan Cole, and Patra 

Hardy-Puryear, the newest 
women's residence hall on cam- 
pus, is four stories high and hous- 
es two-hundred sophomore and 
freshman, women students. The 
dorm is staffed by six resident ad- 
visors and one Resident Manager, 
Ima Jean Bardin. 

Hardy-Puryear was dedicated 
to Anne Hardy and Nellie Spann 
Puryear on August 15, 1982. 
Anne Hardy served Hinds Junior 
College as an English teacher and 
in academic assignments from 
1965-1982. She also served as 
secretary of the Development 
Foundation. Nellie Spann 
Puryear taught Latin and Math 
and served as the women's dor- 
mitory matron from 1932-1950. 

R.A.'S — left to right: Ima Jean 
Bardin, Resident Manager; Ida 
Goff, Leigh Holiday, Sherry Jef- 
ferson, Angel Myers, and Kristi 
Malone. Not pictured: Stephanie 

Residence Life / 83 

R.A.'s — From left: Mary Ann Hancock, Rosemary Thomas, Resident Manager, 
Tonya Smith, Kay Cliffe. Not pictured: Dawn Boyd. 

Main Hall, the grande dame of the 
Raymond Campus, is the only original 
structure still standing. Today the ex- 
terior of Main Hall is identical to when it 
was built in 1917, but the interior is all 
in modern decor. 

Ninety-four women honor students 
make their homes in four, seven, and 
eight-person suites, arranged with up- 
stair bedroom/bath areas and winding 
stairwells that open to sitting rooms. 
Adjacent to these gathering places are 
kitchenettes equipped with a refriger- 
ator, microwave, sink, table and chairs. 
Two-person bedrooms with private 
baths are also located through the res- 
idence hall. Rosemary Thomas, the 
Resident Manager, and four Resident 
Advisors are on the staff at Main Hall. 

84 / Residence Life 

HALL COUNCIL — First row from left: Nan Owens, Sec- 
retary; Michelle Newsome, Stephanie Fulton, Mona Har- 
rison, Angela Prestwood. Second row from left: Christie 
Oswalt, Sterling Michel. President: Kay CUffe, Treasurer, 
Dawn Raybon, Vice-President; Diana Mory. 


A two-story brick building, Marshall Hall houses ninety-eight freshman 
and sophomore female students. Porches with solar screens of ceramic tile 
and a modern entrance run all the way across the front of the building. The 
residence hall is arranged in four-bedroom suites which each share one 
bathroom. One Resident Manager, Lorie Hairston, and four Resident Ad- 
visors are on staff. 

Marshall Hall was dedicated to Fay Marshall on August 15, 1982. She 
served as Dean of Women and in Student Activities at Hinds Junior College 
from 1962-1977. 

R.A.'S — First row 
from left: Lorle Hair- 
ston, Resident Man- 
ager; Lady Conn, 
Sandra McGee. Sec- 
ond row from left: Sa- 
rah McClaln, Kim 

Residence Life / 85 


- First 

! row. Left to r 


Herman Caston, 


Plttman. Second 


Anthony Prestige. 


row: Tray Harris, 




- Left to 



Dick, Chris 

Bentley, Lance 



Sessions and 

Scott Thornton 

86 / Residence Life 


The newest men's residence 
hall on campus, Sheffield- 
Woolley, is a four-story building 
housing two-hundred freshman 
and sophomore male students. 
Each floor has a lounge and cen- 
tral bath area. The bedroom 
houses two students each. One 
Resident Manager, Gene 
Mashburn. and five Resident Ad- 
visors advise the hall. 

Sheffield-Woolley was dedicat- 
ed to Gray L. Sheffield and R. E. 
Woolley on August 15, 1982. Mr. 
Sheffield served Hinds Junior 
College in positions of financial 
leadership from 1938-1978. Mr. 
Woolley served Hinds as a mem- 
ber of the Hinds Junior College 
Board of Trustees (1968-1977), 
President of the Board of Trustees 
(1968-1977), and as President of 
the Development Foundation 

These two Sheffield-Woolley resi- 
dents frantically get away with a re- 
frigerator hefnre the m<ah 

Residence Life / 87 

Virden, a two-story res- 
idence hall, houses seven- 
ty-nine freshman and 
sophomore male students. 
Each four-bedroom unit is 
complete with a small foy- 
er and one bathroom. J. W. 
Hoatland, the Resident 
Manager, and three resi- 
dent advisors govern this 
residence hall. 

Virden was erected in 
1959 while George M. 
McLendon was president 
of the college. 

R.A.'s — From left: Charles Ty- 
ler, Wayne Taylor, Jeff Vernon, 
J. W. Hoatland, Resident Manag- 


88 / Residence Life 


HALL COUNCIL — First row from left: Trey Brltt. Treasurer; Brad Rob- 
erts, President; Jay Brasell, President Elect: Roderick Jones, Secretary. 
Second row from left: Ray Sweeney, Christopher Houston, Kenneth Mul- 
11ns. Third row from left: Michael Fletcher, Billy Joe Adklns, Juan Logan, 
Robert Larkln. Rovest Lustavls. Jr.: David Brasell. 

Williams Hall, a two- 
story, L-shaped residence 
hall, houses one-hundred 
and forty freshman and 
sophomore male students. 
Each bedroom accommo- 
dates two students with 
bathrooms located in each 
suite. There is also a cen- 
tral lobby on the first floor. 
One Resident Manager, 
Ken Anderson, and five 
Resident Advisors govern 
this residence hall. 

Williams Hall was ded- 
icated on August 15, 1982, 
to C. A. Williams. Mr. Wil- 
liams served as a member 
of the Hinds Junior College 
Board of Trustees from 

R.A.'s — From left: Ken Ander- 
son, Resident Manager; Kevin Si- 
lence, David McHan, Jim Mc- 
Cown, Mark Collins, and Dexter 

Residence Life / 89 


When is the only legal time for the opposite sex to be in your 
room? No, not when an R.A. is off duty. Open Dorm, perhaps? 
Yeah, that is right. The residence halls that were lucky enough to 
have an active Hall Council or Resident Advisors nice enough to 
organize Open Dorm were allowed to have guests of the opposite 
sex visit their hall during set times. 

Study sessions, T. V. watching, group games, and other activities 
were all a part of Open Dorm this year. As long as doors were kept 
open and both feet stayed on the floor, Open Dorm was a favorite 
pastime for all HCC students. 

Charlie McGinn, center, enjoys himself four 
times as much as other guys as, left to right: 
Mona Harrison, Dawn Raybon, Vallle Penn, 
and Donna Smith keep him company. 

Resident Advisors Lady Conn, Kevin Silence, 
and Leigh Holiday get a chance to take a 
break while the Hall Council runs Open 

After searching, searching, searching they found 
each other at Open Dorm, 

90 / Residence Life 

Freshmen in Marshall Hall experience their first Open Dorm. 



Residence Life / 91 




^ard of trustees 

M mmiswa^ ■ ' 

tnQ Sta« 









Hinds Community Cottege 

The name, Dr. Clyde Muse, does not 
stand alone, as the nouns teacher, 
head coach, principal, superinten- 
dent, advisor, and inspiration also 
describe our President of twelve 
years. As apparent in his titles, Dr. Muse has 
devoted his life to our educational system. He 
has witnessed a growth in Hinds of approx- 
imately 12,000 students; up from 7,800 in 
1 978 when he first became President. 

Dr. Muse's college career was fittingly 
launched at the junior college level, that of 
East Central where he served as president of 
the Associated Student Government and cap- 
tain of the basketball team. After obtaining an 
associates degree, Dr. Muse went on to Delta 
State University where he earned his bachelor 
of science in the area of health and physical 
education. Here, he also held significant po- 
sitions as the Associated Student Govern- 
ment's vice-president and the basketball 
team's captain. Seven years later, his curi- 
osity and inquisitiveness took him to Missis- 
sippi State University where he acquired both 
his Master's and Doctorate Degrees in school 

Our leader's previous administrative and 
teaching experience is one of great diversity. 
His first experience as a teacher can be traced 
to Canton High School where he was also the 
head coach for both boys' and girls' basketball 
teams. Later, he held these same positions at 
Starkville High School where he eventually 
became the principal with the state champs as 
his basketball team. Moving up the ladder, Dr. 
Muse was soon recognized as Assistant Su- 
perintendent of Starkville Municipal Seperate 
School District in 1965, four years later as 
superintendent for Hinds County Public 
Schools, and Superintendent for Meridian Mu- 
nicipal Seperate School District three years 
following. This then made him our experi- 
enced and enlightened President over a decade 

One of the major responsibilities of being 
president of the Mississippi Community and 
Junior College Association, chairman of the 
Legislative Committee, and president of the 
College is to work very closely with the leg- 
islature in matters that can affect Hinds Com- 
munity College and the state community col- 
lege system in general. This liaison role 
between the State Legislature and the Board of 
Trustees is only one aspect of his presidency. 
He possesses responsibility for all operations 
in his everyday administrative duties of the 

Aside from the educational aspect, Dr. Muse 
can be described as a religious as well as fam- 
ily man. He and his wife of thirty-eight years, 
the former Vashti Underwood, are members of 
the Raymond United Methodist Church where 
he also plays an active role as chairman of 
both the finance and stewardship committees. 
Dr. and Mrs. Muse are the parents of two 
daughters and one son, and have five grand- 
children. Mrs. Muse is an educator as well in 
the reading department of Hinds and the two 
of them can be found together at all student 
activities lending enthusiastic support. 

94 / People 

Dr. Muse extends a warm welcome to Governor Ray Mabus as he arrives at a Vicksburg 
site for a tour of the new Hinds Community College mobile computer learning lab. 

President DR. CLYDE MLLSE 

Dr. Muse is pictured with Gary Collins, host of the ABC television show 
"Home," Collins' wife, Mary Ann Mobley. former Miss Mississippi and Miss 
America, and Hi-Stepper Director Anna Bee, at the Neshoba County Fair. 

Dr. Muse and wife Vashti attend numerous campus events throughout the 
school year. p eople / g5 


Our Pride Is Showing . 

♦ ♦ 



if > ;, 



w 1 



Adam Jenkins — Vice 
President for Business Services 

Dr. Conrad Welker — Vice- 
President for Instructional Serv- 

96 / People 

Troy Henderson — Vice- 
President for Physical Plant and 
Auxiliary Services 


Dr. George Barnes — Vice- 
President for Utica Cam- 
pus/Administrative and Student 

Dr. Terry Puckett — Vice- 
President for Jackson Campus 
and Branch Operations 

Dr. Michael Rabalais — Vice- 
President for Raymond Campus 

Louis Stokes — Vice-President 
for Adult Education and Com- 
munity Services 

People / 97 

Our Pride is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

98 / People 


Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Dr. E. R. Wall — Dean of 
Institutional Research and 
Management Information 

Dr. David Durham — Aca- 
demic Dean 

100 /People 

Dr Barbara Blankenshlp - 
Dean of Students 

Pat Flaherty — Dean of Vo- 
cational/Technical Educa- 
tion — Raymond 

Jimmy Smith — Dean of 
Rankin Campus 

Dr. Wayne Stonecypher — 
Academic Dean for Jackson 
Campus and Branch Oper- 

Bobble Anderson — Dean of 
Jackson Campus — Nurs- 
Ing/Allled Health Center 


Bill Wilson — Dean of Jack- 
son Campus/Sunset Drive 

Norma Wall — District Di- 
rector of Instructional Mate- 
rial Services 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Billy Irby — Director of Ad- 
missions and Records 

Clark Henderson — Direc- 
tor of Cooperative Education 
and Placement 

/ People 

Tom McCollum — Director 
of Purchasing 

Tom Smith — Director of 
Energy Conservation and 

Colleen Hartfleld — Director 
of Public Relations 

Curtis Kynerd — Director of 
Media Center 

Rick Hartfleld — Director of 
Residence Life 

Lou Ann Langston — Direc- 
tor of Financial 
Aid/Veteran's Affairs 


Ann Grove — Coordinator 
of Financial Aid/Veterans 

Bebe Garrison — Coordina- 
tor of High School Relations 

Zandra Nowell — Coordina- 
tor of Alumni Services 


Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Ella Jane Putnam — Coor- 
dinator of Business and Gov- 
ernment Services 

Hilton Dyar — Assistant 
Dean of Raymond Vo-Tech 

Gayle Senter — Assistant 
Dean of Raymond Vo-Tech 

Jack Hlte — Coordinator of 
Student Activities 


Dr. James Pettlgrew — As- 
sistant Dean of Rankin 

Mary Ann Sones — Assis- 
tant Dean of Nursing/Allied 
Health Center 

Mildred Lester — Assistant 
Dean of Jackson Cam- 
pus/Sunset Drive Center 


Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Joyce Adams — Related Studies In- Jerry Agent — Speech 

Theresa Akbar — Library 

Lynda Allen — Mathematics 

Ken Anderson — Student Services 
and Housing 

Blllle Andlng — Part-Time Faculty Robert Andlng — Part-Time Faculty John Ashley — JTPA Counselor 

Lou Anne Askew — Remedial Serv- David Aultman — Handicapped Pro- 
Ices, Vo-Tech gram 



•nwfcfc mH 



Lester Bacon — Industrial Malnte- Nancy Baker Tenhet — Library Patty Baker — Allied Health 


Terrle Baker — Physical Education Marian Banks — Allied Health 

John Barber — Coordinator of Elaine Barr — Remedial Studies 
Workplace Literacy 

Karen Bazzetta — Nursing 

Anna Bee — Hl-Steppers 

Kenneth Benson — Psychology 

106 /People 


Nancy Benson — English 

Lucretia Berry — Secretarial Scl- Edna Bllbro — Business 

Melissa Black — Mathematics Peggy Blackwell — Music 

John Blair — Media Center 

Patsy Bozeman — JTPA 

Dell Broadway — Business Technol- Sue Brooks — Speech 


Brltt Brown — Philosophy/British 

^^ ■**■ 



% % 

2&k lii 

Kay Brown — Switchboard Operator Delene Browning — Nursing 

Renl Bumpas — Secre- Sharron Burch — Nursing 
tary/Academic Advisor 

Brenda Byrnum — Business Tech- 

Leonard Byrd — Technical Drafting Wyonda Cain — Counselor 

Jerry Carr — English 

Margaret Carr — Related Studies Cheryl Carr — Business Technology 

People/ 107 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Wesley E. Carson — Refrigeration David Chaney — Agriculture Busl- Shu Chang — Chemistry 


Robert Cheesman — Music Dept. Art Compere — Mathematics 

Ellorls Cooper — Literacy Coordlna- Gloria Coxwell — Nursing 

Rosla Crlsler — English and Lan- Lamar Currle — Meat Merchandls- Opal Dakln — Science 
guage lng 

f 4 mm' **7***- -X. 


, i i ^l / JL A— 

Lisa Davis — Mobile Instruction- Sharon Davis — Nursing 
al/Workplace Literacy 

Jessie Dawson — Counselor 

Joanne Dugard — Geriatric Nursing Bob Dunaway — Art Dept. 

^SP-.. ■ "»k 

£^ J 



' • - *- - ''' 

Janice Duncan — Sociology Ann Eaves — Music Dept. 

Jane Elder — Medical Lab. Tech. Robert Evans — Plumbing and Pipe- Beverly Farris — English 


08 / People 


Ben Fatherree — History 

Sharon Feaster — Biology 

Barbara Ferguson — Distribution Beverly Ferrall — Quantity Food Terry Fletcher — Music Dept 
Marketing Technology Services 

Sandra Freeman — Nursing 

Cindy Gant — Practical Nursing Deborah Ganzerla — Secretary/- Dot Gardner — LPN 


Llnward Garrett — Metal Trades 


Margaret Gandy — Business Tech- Judy Gordon — Reading 

Janice Grant — Direct Care Instruc- Doris Grubbs — Student Support Bonnie Hall — Secretary 
tlon Services 

Lorie Hairston — Resident Manager William Halrston — History 

Denlse Halbach — Speech and Dra- Beth Hansen — Biology 

Lonnie Harper — Industrial Draft- 

People/ 109 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

m '•■■- 9BH 

IL ' 

Pamela Harper — Library Technol- Dana Harrell — Distribution Mar- Michael Hataway — Commercial Margaret Haynes — Nursing 
ogy Assistant ketlng Tech. Design and Adv. 

Linden Haynes — Science 



i ' Mm 

Mildred Hearn — Nursing 

L. C. Henderson — Brick Laying 

Charlotte Henry — R.C.U Secretary Martha Hill — Landscape Technol- John Hoatland — Campus Security 

Dean Hodges — Agriculture Me- Daniel Hogan — Math 

Jo Hollman — Sociology 

Becky Howard — Development Of- Joe Huffman — Carpentry 

Jeff Hughes — Mathematics 

Linda Hughes — Nursing 

Vicky Ivey — Media Center Assls- WUma Jackson — Counselor 
tant Director 

Sara Jenkins — English 


110 /People 


Rebecca Jernlgan — Distribution Barbara Johnson — Nursing 
Marketing Technology 

Ken Johnson — Math 

Charles Jones — DMT 

Jeffery Jones — Graphic Artist 




"^i--- 7 




ger Jones — Agriculture 

Gayle Keefe — 






Diane Kelly — Library 

George Kelly — English 

— ~r~ 

Dixie Keyes — Nursing 

Jacqueline King — Library Technl- Mattle Knight — Practical Nursing Mary Kuhn — Sociology 

cal Assistant 

Philip Kuhn — Social Science Ann Laster — English 

Bob Laster — Graphics 

Lisa Lee — Admissions 

Thomas Lee. Jr. — Handicapped Rodney Lelst — Computer Science Eula Lewis — Counselor 


People /111 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

■K**"' ^^H 

-»aw Jp 



.. .. 



Alma Lofton — Accounting Larry Lofton — Business 

Clarence Lomax — Diversified Eleanor Long — History/Sociology Emily Long — Intensive Business 


4 Sc-pJ 


Mary Lou Lott — Music 

Frankle Loving — English 

Elizabeth Mahaffey — Nursing 

Ginger Manchester — Student Sup- John Manchester — Music 
port Services 

Polly Marshall — English 

Faye Martin — Library 

Anne Mason — Music 

Carol Mason — Hearing Impaired Patricia Matthews — Respiratory 
Program Therapy 

Shirley Mays — Business Technol- Terrl McCarver — Nursing 

Linda McCoy — Nursing 

Debbie McCollum — English Ernest McFadden — Computers 

112 /People 



ps 1 





Russell McGuffee — General Elec- Cleon McKnlght — Chemistry Herbert McPhall — Auto Body Re- Hilda McRaney — Reading 

trlelty and Wiring pair 

Joe Meador — Drafting 

&..»& \ fe*H 

Catherine Middleton — Operating Henry Mlddleton — Brick Laying 
Room Technology 

Inda MUner — Data Processing Kyle Mlze — DMT 

Carrie Montgomery — Hotel, Motel 
and Restaurant Management 

Brad Moore — Public Relations Pho- Ralph Moore — Drafting and Design Dinah Morgan — Remedial Studies Jeanette Morrison — Business Larry Moss — Printing Coordinator 
tographer Technology Instructor Technology 

v^rv l 

Dot Murphy — Athletic Dept. Jeannle Muse — English 

Vashtl Muse — Reading 

Krlstl Myers — Computers 

Curtis Myers — Campus Security 

People/ 113 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

■ ' — r rir m nm ; 


Ipp^l ' <•*%' \H 


. *-r~~ jr 


* J& 

§ ■# 




La Pearl Myrlcks — Counselor 

Mary Etta Naftel — Business Tech- Murray Neal — Barberlng 

Carol Nelson — Vo-Tech Counseling Clifford Nelson — Academic Coun- 

Jimmy Newman — Agriculture Joyce Newton — Development Of- Beverly Nichols — Nursing 
Business flee 

Deborah Nichols — Athletic Dept. Barbara Nlckey — English 








< f 


' ».. 

Carol Ockerman — Respiratory Patrice Owens — Biology 

Harry Partln — Electronics Tech- John Payn — Math/Physics 

Sara Peacock — Food Services 


Mary Esther Pearson — Licensed Pam Perry — Bankteller Training 
Practical Nursing 

Nell Ann Pickett — English 

Debbie Pitts — Allied Health 

Russell Polrrler — Printing 


114 /People 


Jim Porch — Printing 

Cynthia Pulllam — Nursing 


Dale Dyal — Interpreter Training Polly Rabalals — Physical Educa- Aaron Rankin — Math 
Program tlon 

Linda Ratllff — Secretarial Science Wesley Reeves — Criminal Justice Pamela Reeves — Dental Assisting Joycelyn Reld — English 

Larry Richardson — Hotel, Motel, 
and Restaurant Management 


Joe Rlggln — Mathematics 

Judy Roberson — Nursing 

Jerry Roberts — DMT 

Dick Robertson — Business Admin- Martha Robinson — Business Tech- 
lstratlon nology 

Mickey Roth — Political Science Pat Runnels — Nursing 

Joyce Russell — Data Processing Russ Schneider — Art Dept. Lura Scales — History 

People/ 115 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

■M ■■■■■■ 

4 ~ 

1 ^ 

v ^ "^-^m 

f **^ -^difc 1 

1 fe^ M 

m ^s»p ' B^* 





Denise Sclfres — History 

Judith Scott — Counselor/Hearing Lisa Seaton — Admissions 

Beverly Shaw — Music 

Arlene Shelby — Dental Assisting Tom Shepherd — Economics 

Joann Shoemake — Data Process- Hazel Shows — Math 

Rolland Shaw — Music 

June SIsk — Financial Aid Office 

Otto SIsson — Electronics Tech. Alex Slvera — Drafting Technology Alice Smith — Related Studies Stuart Spann — Data Processing Sheila Stewart — Marketing Coop- 


Sandra Stonecypher — JTPA John Strange — Mathematics Dianne Sturdivant — Nursing 

James Taylor — Refrigeration and Norma Temple — Mathematics 
Air Cond. 


116 /People 


T. L. Tenhet — Music 

Pat Theriot — JTPA Office 

Bobble Jean Thomas — Secretary Dale Thomas — Counselor 







Thomas — 







m 1 


•**»•. f 


Martha Thomas — Operating Room Charles Thornton — Welding Penny Thrash — Secretary 


Charles Tillman — Campus Secu- J.V. Traxler — Barberlng 

Clifton Trigg — Diesel and Truck Robert Turner, Jr. — Campus Se- Becky Tustaln — Nursing 
Mech. curity 

Betty Unsworth — Library 

Sharlott Valentine — Child Care/- 
Teacher Aide 

Sandra Vance — History 

Randy Vlnzant — Psychology Jackie Walte — JTPA 

Carol Walker — Math 

Patricia Waltman — Nursing 

People/ 117 


ur Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 



■*«dl ^ 


3k. . 


■ P xi<? 

Marsha Wells — Secretary 

Andrew White — Agriculture Busl- Susan Wllbanks — Paralegal 

Faye Wilkinson — Business Office George Williams — Biology 

Llse Williams — Allied Health Coun- Paula Wlmblsh — Reading 

Alois Wolverton — Interpreter for Rhonda Woodard — Emergency Katie Worrell — Nursing 
the Deaf Medical Tech. 

Mildred Yarbrough — English Sarah Yates — Nursing 

1 flv t Vit 

E 't 


wk : &- 

^sn ■ 



% *i 


^ 1 


^^ ^^^y 


118 /People 


People/ 119 



Hinds Community College is 
known for strong academics. 
Hinds has been called by more 
than one person "The College for 
All People," offering a good edu- 
cation at the economic conve- 
nience of a state-supported 
school. Teacher-to-student ratio is 
high, giving Hinds the advantage 
of more personal instruction. 

We are proud of our academic 
traditions — Hinds has produced 
many scholars, leaders on state 
and national levels, and promi- 
nent businessmen. The College is 
taking new directions in the ac- 
ademic field, offering many new 
scholarship opportunities to the 
academic student. The College 
Honors program is known 
throughout the state as a model 
community /junior college pro- 

With the rich scholastic tradi- 
tion and new developments, the 
future is even brighter than the 
present for academic excellence at 
Hinds Community College. 

120 /People 

People/ 121 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

C. Michelle Aaron — Fresh- 
Vicki Adams — Freshman 
John G. Adcoek — Freshman 
Mark Adeock — Freshman 

Renee Adcoek - 

— Freshman 

Dee Dee Adcox 

— Freshman 

Michele Adcox • 

— Freshman 

Kelly Addison - 

— Sophomore 

Ben Adkins - 

— Sophomore 

Cheryl Ainsworth — Sopho- 


Don Ainsworth — Freshman 

Mary Lou 

Ainsworth — 


Stacey Ainsworth — Sopho- 


Lacie Aides - 

— Freshman 

Annie Allen 

— Sophomore 

Jay Allen — 


Terri Allen - 

— Sophomore 

Todd Allen - 

— Sophomore 

Toni Allen - 

- Freshman 

Teresa Alliston — Sophomore 

122 /People 


«♦ ) 




Gerald Antoine — 

- Freshman 

Christy Arendcr - 

— Freshman 

Christy Arnett — 


Ginger Bagwell — 

- Freshman 

Chris Bailey — Freshman 
Pam Bain — Sophomore 
Robin Baker — Freshman 
Mary Anne Ballard — Fresh- 

Brunei Bankston 

— Sopho- 


Chris Bankston — 


Jeanette Barnes 

— Sopho- 


Kevin Barnett — Sophomore 

Guy Barr — Sophomore 
Angel Barrentine — Fresh- 

Renee Barry — Freshman 
Angela Barton — Sophomore 

People / 1 23 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Jean Baugnon — Sophomore 
Joseph Mare Baylot — Soph- 
Staeey Bearden — Freshman 
Anthony Beazley — Fresh- 

Brent Beazley — 


Keri Beckham — 

- Freshman 

Monica A. Bennear -- Fresh- 


Karen Bennett — 

- Sophomore 



Bennett — 


Wanda Benson 

— Freshman 

Ken Berry — 


Shana Berry 


Stephanie Berry — Freshman 
Patra Bickham — Freshman 
Adam M. Binder — Sopho- 
Leigh Bishop — Sophomore 

Laura Bivins — Sophomore 
Lane Blackwell — Sophomore 
Darlene Blakely — Sopho- 
Michele Blankenship — Soph- 

124/ People 


Angy Blanton 

— Sophomore 

Magnus Blixt 

— Freshman 

Pamela Boat 

man — Fresh- 


Bill Boney — 


Brad Boone — 

■ Freshman 

Lisa Boyanton 

— Sophomore 

Dena Boyd — 


Martin Boyd - 

- Freshman 

Danielle Boyer — Sophomore 
Jeff Boykin — Freshman 
Penny Wynette Boykin — 

Sheena Braekeen — Fresh- 

Stacy Bradshaw — Freshman 
John Broadway — Freshman 

Dan Brady — Sophomore 
Regina Bramlett — Freshman 

People/ 125 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Tracy Breazeale — Sopho- 

Trey Britt — Sophomore 

Shannon Broussard — Soph- 

Angie L. Brown — Sophomore 

Lynda Brown — 

- Freshman 

Monna Brown - 

— Sophomore 

Billy W. Bryant 

— Freshman 

Kelly Bryant — 


Thomas Bryant - 

- Sophomore 

Allison Buckley - 

— Freshman 

Jeanne Bufkin — 

- Sophomore 

Cassondra Burnham — Soph- 


Melanie Burnham — Fresh- 
Poseta Burrell — Freshman 
Dara Bush — Freshman 
Heath Bush — Freshman 

Denise Butler 

— Sophomore 

Lisa Butler — 

- Freshman 

Beth Byrd — 


Nancy Byrd — 

- Freshman 

126 /People 


Tanya Caddis - 

— Sophomore 

Sandi Calcote - 

— Freshman 

Lisa Calder — 


Cindy Caldwell 

— Sophomore 

Michelle Calton - 




— Sopho- 




— Fresh- 




— Sopho- 


Sue Ann Carr 

— Freshman 

Jill Carruth — 


April Carter — 

- Freshman 

Polly Carter — 

• Sophomore 

Todd Carter — Sophomore 
Stacy Case — Sophomore 

Stephanie Case — Freshman 
Lisa Chancellor — Sophomore 

People / 1 27 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Derek Chandler — 

- Freshman 

Angle Channell — 


Randy Chappell — 

- Freshman 

Bradford A. Ch 

eleoton — 


Tina Chest — 


Christy Chunn — Freshman 

John Clark — 

- Sophomore 

Valerie Clark 

— Freshman 

Barbara Clayton — Sopho- 
Sara Clements — Sophomore 
Brigitte Cliburn — Freshman 
Kim Cliburn — Freshman 

Kay Cliffe - 

- Sophomore 

Chuck Coale — Sophomore 

Jan Cole — 


Vicki Cole - 

- Freshman 

Ron Collins — 

- Sophomore 

Curt Comans 

— Sophomore 

Lady Conn — 


Dane Conrad 

— Sophomore 

128 /People 


Stevie Cooley — Sophomore 
Melissa Cook — Freshman 
Stephanie Copeland — Fresh- 
Dirk Copeland — Freshman 

Chris Cothren — Sophomore 
Dana Cothren — Sophomore 
Sandra Lynn Coulon — 

Sharon R. Cousin — Sopho- 

Stephanie Coward — Sopho- 
Cheryl Cox — Sophomore 
Leslie Coxwell — Sophomore 
Angie Crabtree — Freshman 

Kendra Craft — Sophomore 
Marcia Crecink — Freshman 

Dana Crotwell — Freshman 
Annette Cumberland — Soph- 

People/ 129 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Janie Cupit — Sophomore 
Lisa Currie — Sophomore 
Michelle M. Dardeau — Fresh- 
Shauna Davidson - - Fresh- 

Ted Davidson 

— Freshman 

Tracy Davis — 

- Sophomore 

Michelle Dawson - - Fresh- 


Carol Dean — 


Brian Dear - 

- Freshman 

Brian Denham — Freshman 

Ron Devine - 

— Freshman 


Dick — Sopho- 


Julie Dick — Sophomore 
Murleen Dixon — Sophomore 
Shirlean Dixon — Sophomore 
Penny Donald — Freshman 

Sheilia Donald — Freshman 
Susan Donovan — Freshman 
Susan Drake — Freshman 
Kerry Dukes — Freshman 

130 /People 


Steve Dyer — 


Peggy Dykes - 

— Sophomore 

Rick Dykes — 

- Freshman 

Tracy L. Dykes — Freshman 

Stacy Eady — Freshman 
Diane East — Freshman 
Sharon M. East — Freshman 
Michelle Easterling — Soph- 

Mark Edwards — Freshman 
Tammy Edwards — Fresh- 
Bridgett Ellis — Sophomore 
Kelli Elaine Ellis — Freshman 

Kathryn Elmore — Freshman 
Kevin Emerson — Sophomore 

Trey Emerson — Freshman 
Lauren English — Sophomore 

People/ 131 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Beverly Epting 

— Freshman 

Audrey Teresa Erwin - 


John Eubanks 

— Freshman 

Melody Ezell — 


Stephanie Farrior — Fresh- 

Melissa Fant — Freshman 

Anne Marie Farmer — Fresh- 

Anthony Farrell — Freshman 

Harvey Farrell 

— Freshman 

Jeni Felker — 


Carl Ferguson 

— Sophomore 

Faith Fillingane — Freshman 

Tammie Fisacherly — 

- Fresh - 


Lisa French — Sophomore 

Stephanie Fulton — 



Heidi Funderburke — 

- Soph- 


Nanette Gaddis — Freshman 
Yvette Galloway — Sopho- 
Jan Gardner — Sophomore 
Ashley Garner — Freshman 

1 32 / People 


Libby Garrett - 



Gina Lynn Gibbons - 



Linda Gibson — 


Michael Gilliam 

— Freshman 

Christy Gilbreath — Fresh- 

Jennifer Gilmore — Sopho- 

Eric Glidden — Freshman 

Theresa Godbold — Sopho- 

Ida Goff — Sophomore 
Nicole A. Graham — Fresh- 
Angela Grant — Freshman 
Patricia Grantham — Fresh- 

Sandra Gray — Freshman 
Shanell Grayson — Sopho- 

Jason Green 
Karen Greer 


People/ 133 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Melissa Griffin 

— Freshman 

Melissa Griffith 

— Sophomore 

Shelly Gunn — 


Denise Guthrie 

— Sophomore 

Trevor Hamilton 

— Freshman 

Lana Hammond 

— Freshman 

Mike Hannis — 


Tamra Hannon - 

— Freshman 



— Freshman 


Hardin — 


Linda Harmon — 

- Freshman 


Harper — 


Amy Harris — Freshman 
Valencia Harris — Freshman 
Mona Harrison — Sophomore 
Susan Hartness — Freshman 

Cynthia Haskins — Sopho- 

Sheila M. Hatchett — Fresh- 

Lee Havard — Sophomore 

Jeri Haver — Sophomore 






134 /People 


Kim Hill — Sophomore 
Dorllsa Hines — Freshman 
Todd Holbrooks — Freshman 
Kent Hollingsworth — Soph- 

Leigh Holiday — Sophomore 
Britton Hoover — Sophomore 
Terri Horton — Freshman 
Heather Houck — Sophomore 

Chris Howard — Sophomore 
Lance Huff — Freshman 
Rhonda Huffman — Sopho- 
Staci Huffman — Freshman 

Matt Hughes — Freshman 
Michael Hughes — Freshman 

Derek Humphries — Fresh- 
Carolyn Hunt — Sophomore 

People/ 135 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Kimberly Ingram — Fresh- 


Lalita Matrice 

Jackson — 


Jennifer Jacobs 

— Freshman 

Robbie James — 

- Freshman 


Janson — 




— Sopho- 


Shannon Jeffries 

— Sopho- 


Jeanne Jinks — Freshman 

Cathy Johnson 

— Sophomore 

Leigh Johnson 

— Freshman 

Melissa Gail 

Johnson — 


Alison Jones — 

■ Freshman 

Charlotte Jones — Sopho- 


Renay Jones — 


Shannon Jones 

— Freshman 

Wanda Jones — 

- Freshman 

Laura Keen — 


Dorothy Keller 

— Freshman 

Joey Kellum — 


Anthony Kelly 

— Sophomore 

136 /People 



Kelso — 




— Freshman 


A. King- 

— Sophomore 

Louann King — 

- Sophomore 

Brandi Kinnebrew — Sopho- 
Keela Kirkland — Sophomore 
John Knight — Sophomore 
Tiffany Anne Knight — 

Mitzi Lawrence — Freshman 
Betty Jean Lee — Sophomore 

Sammy Lee — Sophomore 
Marian K. Lever — Freshman 

Alison Krueger - 

— Freshman 

Tiffany Lacoste 

— Freshman 

Tracy Carson — 


Ramona Latha 

Ti — Sopho- 


People / 1 37 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Cynthia Lewis - 

— Sophomore 


Lewis — 


Paul Lewis — Sophomore 



— Sophomore 

Brandon Lingerfelt — 

- Fresh - 


Benita Link - 

— Sophomore 

Lori M. Little 

— Sophomore 

David Longs 

treet — 



Mary Lott — 


Alan Loving ■ 

— Sophomore 

Heather Lucas — Sophomore 

Lacy Luckett 

— Sophomore 

Lacy Lockhart — 

- Freshman 

Leigh Ann Luk 

e — Sopho- 


Chuck Macko — 


David K. Magee - 

— Sophomore 


Maggiano - - Fresh- 



Malone - 

— Freshman 

Kristi Malone — 


John M 

ansell — 

- Sophomore 

138 /People 




— Sopho- 



T. Marsha 

11 — Soph- 


Cassie M 

arshall — 


Danny Marshall — 


Michelle Moree 

— Sophomore 

Michael Martin 

— Freshman 

Traci Martin — 


Kelly Matthews 

— Sophomore 

Deanna May 

— Sophomore 

Diana May — 

- Freshman 

Susanne Mayes — Freshman 

Bill Mayo — 



Michel — 




— Fresh- 


Traci Middleton — 



Joe Hutton Milano - 

— Soph- 


People / 1 39 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Stephanie Miles — Freshman 
Ben Miles — Sophomore 
Angie Miller — Sophomore 
Melanie Miller — Sophomore 

Roger Minter — Soph 


Leigh Ann Mitchell - 

- Soph- 


Michelle Mitchell — 



Kurt Monaghan — 



Holly Mooney — 

- Sophomore 

Bobby Moore — 


Jason Moore — 


Veronica Moore 

— Freshman 

Melissa Moran - 

— Sophomore 

Missy Renae Morris — Fresh- 


Angie Morrow — 

- Sophomore 

Taylor Morton - 

— Freshman 

Helen L. Mullins — Freshman 
Tonya Murray — Freshman 
Angel Myers — Sophomore 
Beth Myrick - — Sophomore 

140 /People 



McAfee — 



McBeath - 

— Sophomore 


McCarty - 

— Sophomore 


McCormick -- Sopho- 


Jim McCown — 




— Freshman 


McGee - 

— Sophomore 



or — Sopho- 


David McHan — Sophomore 
Vivian McKell — Freshman 
Shawn McLamore — Sopho- 
Charles McLendon — Sopho- 

Dan McKinney — Sophomore 
Kimberly D. McMichael — 

Cindy McMinn — Freshman 
Keen McNeely — Freshman 

People/ 141 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Alison McRae — Freshman 
Cindy Nell — Freshman 
Ruthie Ann Newell — Fresh- 
Nicole Newman — Freshman 



Michelle Newsom 

Rebecca Newsome 

Kim Newton — Sophomore 
Lisa Nichols — Sophomore 

Maureen M. Nichols — Soph- 


Richard Norton ■ 

— Sophomore 

Kristin Oatway - 

— Sophomore 

Rebecca Odom - 

— Freshman 

Shannon Ogerly — Freshman 
Lori O'Neil — Freshman 
Crissy Osborn — Sophomore 
Christie L. Oswalt — Sopho- 

Kim Owen — Freshman 
Rhonda Pace — Freshman 
Daphne Palmer — Freshman 
Shane Parker — Sophomore 

142 /People 


Wanda Parker 

— Sophomore 


Parker - 

— Sophomore 


Parkerson - - Fresh- 


Robin Parish - 

- Sophomore 

Michael Parten 

— Freshman 

Leigh Ann Patrick - - Soph- 


Sue Patrick — 


Brad Patridge - 

— Sophomore 

Cathy Paul — Freshman 
Gina Payne — Freshman 
Tammy L. Peace — Freshman 
Theresa Peets — Freshman 

William Penley — Freshman 
John Perry — Freshman 

Meredith Perry — Freshman 
Lisa Phillips — Freshman 

People/ 143 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Michael Piazza — Freshman 
Annette Pipkin — Sophomore 
Joey Poitevin — Sophomore 
Priseilla Rae Pope — Sopho- 

Kristie Porter — Sophomore 

Veronica Porter — 


Stephanie Powell 

— Fresh- 


Anthony Prestige 

— Sopho- 


Angie Prestwood — Sopho- 

Tabatha Prestwood — Fresh- 

Meredith Price — Freshman 

Phyllis Price — Freshman 

Amy Price — Freshman 
Alisa Pruden — Sophomore 
Michelle Puckett — Sopho- 
Stephanie Puckett — Sopho- 

Delena Pullin — 

- Sophomore 

Shane Quimby - 

— Sophomore 

Jarrod Ravencraft - - Sopho- 


Judith Rawls — 

- Freshman 

144 /People 


Amanda Ray — 

- Fresh 


Dawn Raybon - 



Patricia Redd - 

- Fresh 


Annie Jean Reed - 



Robin C. Reed — Sophomore 
Kim Rees — Freshman 
Karen Rhodes — Sophomore 
Lauranna L. Rice — Sopho- 

J. Adelli Richardson — Fresh- 


Lisa Rigdon - 

— Freshman 

Iva Rigby — 


Lori Robbins 

— Freshman 

Robyn Robertson — 



Marshall Robinson — 

- Fresh- 


Melissa Robinson — Sopho- 
Jackie Rockette — Freshman 

People/ 145 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Joyce Rockingham — Soph- 
Kathy Rogers — Freshman 
Tara Rose — Sophomore 
Dana Roundtree — Sopho- 

Teri Ray — Sophomore 
Heather Rush — Freshman 
Rhonda Russell — Sopho- 
Diana Sadachanh — Sopho- 

Jill Sadler — Sophomore 
Chuck Sanders — Freshman 
Lisa Sandifer — Sophomore 
Kelley Sandifer — Sophomore 

Nancy Sanford — 

- Sophomore 

Amanda Savage 

■ — Sopho- 


Dana Scudder — 


Regina Searcy — 


Jean Sekren — 


Sherra Semple - 

— Sophomore 

Joelee Sessions 

— Sophomore 

Lynn Sharplin - 

— Sophomore 

146 /People 


David Shaw — Sophomore 
Russell Shaw — Sophomore 
Daniel D. Shearer, Jr. — 

Lavinia C. Sheffield — Soph- 

Kristy Shelton — Freshman 
Angel Shirley — Sophomore 
Kevin Glynn Silence — Soph- 
Pamela Simmons — Fresh- 

Clay Simpson 

— Freshman 

David L. Sim 

Dson — Sopho- 


Jamie Sloan - 

— Sophomore 

Alisa Smith — 

- Sophomore 

Anna Smith — Sophomore 
Chad Shannon Smith 

Donna Smith — Sophomore 
Elmer Smith III — Sophomore 

People/ 147 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Erica Smith — 


Kelly Smith — 


Jennifer Smith 

— Freshman 

Melody Smith - 

— Sophomore 

Shelley Smith - 

— Freshman 

Vickie Smith — 

■ Freshman 

Elizabeth Solis 

— Sophomore 

Kathy Spann — 

- Sophomore 

Kathy Spencer — 

- Sophomore 

Trisha Stafford - 

— Sophomore 

Robun Stallings 

— Freshman 

Tiffiney Staples - 

— Freshman 

Susan Stanfill - 

- Freshman 

Suzanne Staten 

— Freshman 

Kathi Keen Statham — Fresh- 


David Stauts — 


Sean Sterling - 

— Freshman 

Dawn Stevens 

— Freshman 

Kim Stevens — 

- Sophomore 

Katherlne Strack - - Fresh- 



■'''' Jri 


PN *"»*8fte I 
1^"*" JL-- \ 

■■*"' C ;3 




148 /People 


Lee Stringer — 


Robert Styron 

— Freshman 

Jack Sullivan, 

Jr. - 

- Fresh - 


Shelley Sumrall - 



Tammy Switzer 

— Freshman 

Glen Tannehill - 

— Sophomore 

Candy Tarver — 

- Sophomore 

Cathy Taylor - 




— Sopho- 


Derek E. 


— Sopho- 


Traci Tew 

— Soph 


Seott Thaggard - 


Jebba Thomas — Freshman 
Jennifer Thomas — Sopho- 

Natalie Thompson - 

— Fresh - 


Stephanie Thorne - 

- Sopho- 


People/ 149 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Tiffany Thorntor 

i — Fresh- 


Sandy Thornton - 

— Freshman 

Tanya Thornton - 

- Freshman 

J. J. Thurman — 


Kim Townsend — Freshman 
Melaney Traxler — Sopho- 
Barry Trest — Sophomore 
Kenne Tribble — Sophomore 

Phuong Trung - 

— Freshman 

Kimberly Tudor - - Sopho- 


Jeff Turbuille - 

- Freshman 

John Turner — 

Sophomore ; 

Joseph Turner 

— Freshman 

Charles Tyer - 

- Sophomore 

Craig Upton — 


Craig Vanderford - - Fresh- 


Becky Van Wormer — 

- Soph- 


Allison Vaughn — Freshman 

Desonna Vaughn — 



Lisa Viescas — Fresh) 


1 50 / People 





Patricia Vinz — Freshman 
Steve Waddell — Freshman 
Helena Wade — Freshman 
Deanna Walker — Freshman 

Delanis Walker — Freshman 
Kim Walker — Sophomore 
Lisa Walker — Freshman 
Douglas Ray Walsh, Jr. — 

April Ward — Freshman 
Michael Ward — Freshman 
Robin Ward — Sophomore 
Shera Warnock — Freshman 

Stephanie Warren — 



Yvonne Washington — 

- Fresh- 


Michael Watkins — Fresh- 
Kelli Watson — Freshman 

People / 1 5 1 

Our Pride Is Showing ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Elizabeth Weeks 

— Freshman 

Michael Wells — 

- Freshman 

Robbie Wells — 


Warren Wells — 

• Freshman 

Doug West — Freshman 
Cassandra White — Fresh- 
Greg White — Freshman 
Melissa Wheeler — Freshman 

Christie White — 


Richard White — 


Clay Whittington - - Sopho- 


Richard Wiggins - 

— Freshman 

Lisa Wilhite — Sophomore 
Jessica Wilkins — Freshman 
J. Kevin Wilkerson — Soph- 
Imelda Williams — Sopho- 

Jerry Williams 

— Sophomore 

Kim Williams - 

- Sophomore 

Melissa Williams - - Fresh- 


Mike Williams - 

— Sophomore 



! '* 

■ i 







1 52 / Peopole 


Stephanie Williams — 

- Fresh- 


Yolanda Williams — 



Shannon Williamson - 

- Soph- 


Kirby Wilson, Jr. — 



Sherri Wilson - 

— Freshman 

Missy Winters - 

— Freshman 

Tammie Wolverton - - Soph- 


Alvin Woods — 

■ Sophomore 


Woods — 



Worrell — 


Tracy Yarbrough 

— Sopho- 


Main Hall residents sang 
carols around the Raymond 
Campus to celebrate the 
Christmas season. 

People / 1 53 


Year in ** 
The * Dinettes 

• ■putnP BO ' 

. W sn Studies- ■■ 



•T-Yie Music 

-""T^e— ... 







tam^ 1 


CamP uS 

^ &***«** 

sVilp s 






G!H£ ^BA^R m <RE0IEID 

A fiery explosion in a giant gun turret rocked the refitted battleship, U.S.S, 
Iowa, killing 47 sailors and Injuring many others The explosion occurred on 
April 1 9. 1 989. in one of the battleship's three 1 6-inch gun turrets as the ship 
was taking part in a gunnery exercise about 330 miles northeast of Puerto 
Rico. After a lengthy study, the Navy said that gunner's mate Clayton Hatwlg 
"most likely" caused the explosion in the battleship's No. 2 gun turret by 
inserting a detonator between two powder bags. But the investigation also 
alleged numerous lax procedures aboard the ship, including unauthorized 
experimentation with extra-strength gunpowder and projectile loads. 

A catastrophic earthquake rocked Northern California on October 17. killing at least 62 people and Injuring hundreds, 
caving in bridges and freeways. Igniting fires and causing widespread damage to buildings. The quake which struck during 
the evening rush hour. Just as Game 3 of the World Series was on the notorious San Andreas Fault. It was the second 
deadliest In the nations history, exceeded only by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that destroyed much of the city and 
killed more than 700 people. 

Miss Missouri Debbye Tur- 
ner, a mlrimba-playing vet- 
erinary student from the 
University of Missouri, was 
crowned Miss America 1990 
this September. She 
grabbed and hugged first 
runner-up Miss Maryland 
Virginia Cha, of Frederick, 
and gave a thumbs-up sign 
to the audience before tear- 
fully walking the runway. 
Miss Turner is the third 
Black woman to become 
Miss America in the pag- 
eant's 68-year history. She 
succeeds Miss America 
1989, Gretchen Elizabeth 
Carlson of Minnesota. 

The Exxon Valdez, a 987- 
foot tanker owned by Exxon 
Shipping Co., struck Bllgh 
Reef about 25 miles from 
Valdez, Alaska, ripping 
holes In Its hull, gushing 
millions of gallons of thick 
crude oil Into pristine Prince 
William Sound. The result 
was the largest oil spill In 
U.S. History. Thousands of 
workers have helped scrub 
the oil-fouled shorelines, but 
as one environmental disas- 
ter consultant said, "A spill 
of this size In such a com- 
plex environment promised 
to be a cleanup nightmare." 
Exxon has pulled out its 
cleanup crews for the win- 
ter, and the state announced 
Its own plan to protect fish 
hatcheries and those still 
untainted areas. Exxon has 
said It will re-evaluate the 
shorelines next spring and 
decide then whether to re- 
sume the cleanup on a large 

1 56 / Features 

United Airlines pilot, Captain Al Haynes, declared "there is no hero" 
in the fiery DC-10 crash in which survivors outnumbered fatalities. 
Of the 296 people aboard, there were 185 survivors. Aviation experts 
have credited Haynes with keeping the craft aloft until he reached the 
airport, where hundreds of emergency workers were waiting. The 
flight crew never doubted the stricken Jetliner would make It to Sioux 
Gateway Airport, where the plane crash-landed short of a runway, 
flipped and broke apart. "We must not forget that 1 1 1 people per- 
ished in this accident. This crew ... is dedicated to finding the cause 
of this accident so we can never have it happen again," said Haynes. 

Leaders of the seven most powerful Western nations gathered In front of the 
Louvre Pyramid for the opening session of the Economic summit In Paris. 
They are (l/r) EC President Jacques Delors. Italy's Chicago de Mlta. West 
Germany's Helmut Kohl. President Bush, host French President Francois 
Mltterand. Britain's Margaret Thatcher, Canada's Brian Mulroney and Ja- 
pan's Sousuke Uno. 

A pledge was made to address the environmental problems that threaten 
the planet, and they endorsed a significant strategic switch In the way rich 
countries cope with the Third World's staggering SI. 3 trillion debt. 

For the first time, the seven leaders agreed that the best way to ease the debt 
burden of poorer nations Is to persuade Danks to provide some relief instead of 
simply Issuing new loans. 

The problems of terrorism, narcotics and East-West relations were also 

;. - > ■ - ^ ° ■*' > 

The Supreme Court has limited the power of the states to outlaw the desecration or destruction of the American flag. 

Justice William J. Brennan, writing for the court, said, "If there Is a bedrock principle underlying the 1st Amendment, it 
Is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an Idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or 

"we do not consecrate the flag by punishing tts desecration, for In doing so we dilute the freedom that this cherished 
emblem represents." 

Joining Brennen were Justices Thurgood Marshall. Harry A. Blackmum, Antonln Scalia and Anthony M. Kennedy. 

Martial law was declared 
on May 20. and troops at- 
tempted to move Into the 
Tlenanmen Square — Beij- 
ing, China but were driven 
back by masses of citizens 
sympathetic to the protest- 

On June 3. troops opened 
fire on the protesters, 
smashing through barri- 
cades with tanks to reach 
Tiananmen Square. While 
the government claims that 
nearly 300 people, mostly 
soldiers, were killed, diplo- 
mats and Chinese say up to 
3,000 died, and Chinese Red 
Cross officials estimate 
3,600 people were killed and 
60,000 Injured. 


Cincinnati Reds Manager Pete Rose, one of the greatest players in 
the history of baseball, had been banned for life from the game for 
betting on his own team. 

Rose, who has continued to deny he bet on baseball, can apply for 
reinstatement after one year. Even If he's turned down, the game's 
most prolific hitter will still be eligible for election to the Hall of Fame 
tn 1992. 

"I've been in baseball three decades and to think I'm going to be out 
of baseball for a very short period of time hurts," Rose said at a press 
conference in Cincinnati, where he was born and where he broke Ty 
Cobb's all-time hit record of 4,191 In 1985 

®5S*«!^B^^63^^Sas^?§S^:^SK>y'5 - : 3 3 

The Rolling Stones 
launched their 1989 tour 
August 1 3 when they pulled 
Into a tiny New Haven, Con- 
necticut, nightclub for a 
tuneup that thrilled 700 
fans who paid S3 apiece for 
the Impromptu gig. 

The Stones, who had been 
rehearsing for the previous 
six weeks in the tiny north- 
west Connecticut town of 
Washington, brought the 
house down with an 11- 
song, hour-long set. 

Members of the band are 
(l/r) Ron Wood, Mick Jagger, 
Keith Richards and Bill 
Wyman. The drummer be- 
hind Is Charlie Watt. 

This tour is the Stones' 
first in eight years. 

Events/ 157 



"Pump Soys and Dinettes' ' 

The Lendon Piayers opened their 1989-1990 season with a real hum-dinger, "Pump 
Boys and Dinettes." A different approach by the Players was seen when this musical 
became a staged concert of country and western music. The musical ran October 31 
through November 4, selling out three of the five nights. 

Jim ran a filling station with his partners L. M., Eddie, and Jackson. They weren't alone 
on Highway 57 out there between Smyrna and Froglevel, Georgia as the Dinettes, Rhetta 
and Prudie Cupp, kept them company and well fed with their famous Peeeeecan Pie. The 
best laughs came from songs such as "Fisherman's Prayer," "Catfish," "Mona," and 
"Farmer Tan." The chance of winning a raffle even came true for five audience members 
as they walked away with an air-freshener and their very own picture made with the 
Pump Boys and Dinettes. 

The musical went on to compete in the American College Theater Festival against five 
other colleges and universities and was the only Mississippi production recommended to 
compete in the regional competition in Tampa. Fla. Adjudicators were extremely in- 
trigued with the musical talent found in Willy Bob on keyboards. Earl with guitar and 
bass, and Odie on the drums. 

The cast and crew, directed by Denise Halbach and Robert Lee. worked together to 
create a very real and entertaining show. 


1 58 / Features 


Students who enrolled in Philosophy are enchanted by the beau- 
tiful scenery of Kirchberg am Wechsel an Alpine resort area 
outside Vienna, Austria. This is where the students attended the 
International Wittgenstein Symposium. 

Hinds Community College Is the 
only two-year college that Is a member 
of an academic consortium of several 
colleges and universities In the south- 
ern and southwestern United States 
supporting an International study pro- 
gram entitled the "British Studies Pro- 
gram." The British Studies Program is 
a residential summer session offered 
annually during July and August In 
London, England. 

While allowing participants ample 
free time for Independent travel, the 
session offers courses In Anthropol- 
ogy, Art, Clothing and Textiles, Com- 
munity Health, Computer Science, 
Criminal Justice, Education, English, 
Environmental Design, Geography, 
History, Hotel Restaurant, and Tour- 
ism Management, Journalism/RTF, 
Library Science, Music, Nursing, Phi- 
losophy, Psychology, Planning, Polit- 
ical Science, Sociology, Speech and 
Hearing Sciences, Theatre, and Busi- 
ness Courses. 

In this program, the majority of on- 
site lecturing is coordinated by local 
British scholars, exposing students to 
leading experts In their fields. Five 
week and three week courses are of- 
fered. Financial aid is also available. 

A mini-break Is also scheduled to 
allow time for personal travel outside 
of London, along with low-cost option- 
al day tours to general places of in- 
terest. Cambridge, Dover, Canterbury, 
Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, and 
Stonehenge are often Included. 

British Studies Coordinator for 
Hinds is Britt Brown. She is also a 
Philosophy Instructor at Hinds and a 
Professor of Philosophy for the British 
Studies Program. 

"British Studies 

Ms. Brown and her Philosophy students payed a 
visit to St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, Italy. 

BRITISH STUDIES GROUP — First row, Left to right: Cass Collins, Britt 
Brown, Hinds Coordinator; and Mardi Matthews. Second row. Andrea Marx, 
David Myers, Katherine Heard, and Kathy Bettencourt. 

Some of the Hinds students took a weekend trip to Colyton In East Devon 
on the English seacoast. They were guests of Martin and Julie Barre. Mr. 
Barre is the lead guitarist for the rock group Jethro Tull. 

Events / 1 59 


"Che CDusic (Dart" 


Train Conductor Brandon 


Traveling Salesmen David 

Fisher. Mike Hlgbee 

Alec Valentine, Ryan Smith 

Clay Whittington. Michael Hughes 

Charlie Cowell Kris Koenlg 

Harold Hill David McHan 

Mayor Shlnn . . Terry Fletcher 

Ewart Dunlop Chris Nelson 

Oliver Hlx Rob Abel 

Jacey Squires . . . Steven Barnett 

Olln Brltt Todd Carter 

Marcellus Washburn Mark 

Tommy Djllas Craig Windham 

Marian Paroo Lorl Valentine 

Mrs. Paroo Vivian McKell 

Amaryllis Amanda Samples 

Wlnthrop Paroo Max Lyall 

Eulalle Mackecknle Shlnn . . Janle 

Zaneeta Shlnn Susan Drake 

Grade Shlnn Tina Chest 

Alam Hlx Tracl Mlddleton 

Maud Dunlop Lisa Boyanton 

Ethel Toffelmler . . . Angela Barton 

Mrs. Squires Teri Roy 

Constable Locke .... Montle Moore 

Townspeople, Chorus, Dancers 

Ann Hogue 

Kimberly Youngblood, Lana 

Hammond, Randy Fortenberry, 

Brandon Llngerfelt, Patty Eaves 

Robin Baker, Shera Warnock, 

Jason Beckler, Clay Whittington, 

Angle Blake, Donna Smith, Steve 

Lloyd, Jody Gousset, John Clark 

Boy's Band ... Michael Angelo, 

Charlie Agent, Brian 

Cheesman, Ellis Parrlsh, Scott 


160 /Events 


Daniel Guthrie 
Yolanda ElUs 
Sam Taylor 


Priscllla Mlka 


Heather Meadows 

Carla Core 


Beverly Shaw 

Chet Ware 
Charles McLendon 
Robert Cheesman 

Robert Ellis 
Eric Fowler 

Toby Tenhet 

Charles Ederington 


Ken Lyon 
Joel Mlnyard 

Kevin Smith 

Bill Eaton 


Misty Miller 


Leigh Whitmire 


CONDUCTOR — Rolland Shaw 
DIRECTION — Denise Halbach 


DIRECTOR — Terry Fletcher 

VOCAL COACH — Beverly Shaw 



LIGHTING — David Hawkins 


FOLLOW SPOTS — John Turner 

and Tracy Wood 

PUBLICITY — Samantha Prim 

PROPS — Jerry Agent 

TICKETS — Sophie Dunlap 



Events/ 161 




: -£:i' 

' ': 

■ • , 


■■.:•'■..•■■.■■ '■' .■'■■■.. 


Vallie Bea Penn was selected from sixty- 
five Hinds coeds as the winner of the 1989 
Beauty Revue held November 8 in Cain Hall 
Auditorium. Penn is a graduate of Clinton 
High School and the 1989 Miss Teen Mis- 
sissippi USA. 

Hinds beauties selected in the pageant were 
Kendra Craft, Jennifer Jacobs, Kelli Crain, 
Dawn Raybon. and Mary Frances Pyron. 

Judges for the pageant were Maggie Wade, 
WLBT television personality; Pamela Nail, 
Mrs. World 1988; Donna Russell, Mrs. Amer- 
ica 1985; Carla Nicks, Mrs. Mississippi 1987; 
Ron West, and Larry Thurman. 

Most Beautiful and the Hinds beauties were 
selected from thirteen finalists in the pag- 
eant. The other finalists were; Stacy Eady, 
Robbie James, Jennifer King, Tracey Myers, 
Angie Prestwood, Shannon Slaton, and Tracy 

Dr. Clyde Muse, president of Hinds Com- 
munity College, provided the welcome to the 
pageant. Providing the entertainment were 
David Fisher and Shane Atkinson, "Sonic 
Boom;" Daphne Outlaw, and the Hinds Hi- 

Mrs. Anna Bee, director of the Hi-Steppers, 
was the pageants director. Bob Hodges, As- 
sistant Director of Public Relations, was as- 
sistant pageant director. Serving as hostess to 
the judges was Mrs. Clyde Muse. The Master 
of Ceremonies was Alon Bee, Jr. Sound Co- 
ordinator was Jack Hite, vote tabulator was 
Ken Anderson, and lighting direction was 
provided by Circle K and their president. Brad 

The Beauty Revue was sponsored by "The 
Eagle" yearbook staff and editor, Jarrod 

Most beautiful Vallie Penn and Beauty Dawn Raybon share a 
winning hug. 




: ,-■.■■■■ 

/ Events 


. * * 'I 

■:■-■ " 

Hi-Stepper Cindy Hudson tells 
the audience about her future 


■X--Jt : 


: ■ 



W:W? : :ffm 

V-: ;;-'f 

-, • -" ' 

Pictured, left to right: Dr. Muse, Hinds Community College President: JUDGES — Maggie Wade, WLBT 
Television Personality; Pamela Nail, Mrs. World 1988; Ron West, Donna Russell, Mrs. America 1985; 
Larry Thurman, Carta Nicks, Mrs. Mississippi 1987; and Mrs. Vashtl Muse, Judges Hostess. 


Daphne Outlaw performs during the pag- 

Jennifer Jacobs, Robbie James, and Kim Johnson flash their best smiles as 
the judges make their decisions 

BBraBS Hi 


jiomccomina restivtties 

ZMmK, ^$mm 

■ ' ■■■' :-i- 

Lacy Luckett was crowned the 1989 Homecoming Queen 
by Dr. Clyde Muse. 

3?T'^ 5 > ' 


Coach Murphy gives the Eagle team a pep talk during the Homecoming game 
against Co-Lin. 



The theme for the 1989 Homecoming, "Hinds Shines in 
'89," was displayed on the bust-through. 

-.-, . • • ■ .■■■'■■ 

- ■■'■■'■ :':*--'■■..■ ■;-.--■ 

Clefs members, Terrance Burks, Lisa Boyanton, and Lynne 
Batton sang at the family Bar-B-Que sponsored by the Agri- 
culture Club. 

The sophomore Hi-Steppers were decked out in their tux 

■■■„.■ ■' . '..:■ 

Hinds Cheerleaders, Traci Martin and Shannon Brous 
sard, perform at the Bar-B-Que. 


:■■'.■■■■ ■ ' ■■:'.:- '- ■ ■ '. '. ■'.'."'. . . i .■.■■:■■■...■:■:. .:'.' ' "V '..,'., . ' " .. i ■ ' .'• ■ \ 

CDississippi & *&\\e Arts tOeek 

Paul Russel, graphics demonstration 

The seventh annual Mississippi and the 
Arts Week was celebrated March 20-23, 
1989. Participants who made the event a 
success included Mississippi entertainers, 
artists, and authors. 

Events scheduled for the 20th were se- 
lected readings from author Will D. Camp- 
bell, "Rappin' with Will" (autograph sing- 
ing), selected readings by actress Tommie 
Stewart, and piano concert by Anne Pon- 
der Shaw; on the 21st, Paul Russel 
(graphics demonstrations), and Charlie 
Wicker and the Chimneyville Jazz Band; 
for the 22nd, Ovid Vickers, "The Sources 
of Southern Writing: From Colonel Sartoris 
to Colonel Sanders.," Jack Stevens, 
"Recreating Mark Twain," performance 
workshop. The Naturals, Mississippi Col- 
lege-concert, and Patrick Kelly, "Fashion 
Designs for Success: From Lady Di to Bette 
Davis"; the 23rd, Maggie Wade, "Strive for 
the Best"; Walter Liniger, "Fragments in 
Blues, "performance workshop, and Wal- 
ter Liniger and James "Son" Thomas, 
"Blues in the Sum of the Soul," concert. 

The celebration was sponsored by the 
Special Activities Committee in coopera- 
tion with the Art, English, Music, Social 
Sciences and Speech and Theatre Depart- 
ments. This year's "Arts Week" was ded- 
icated to Bob Dunaway, former Chairman 
of the Art Department. 

166 /Events 

James "Son" Thomas, "Blues is the Sum of the Soul,' 

Front, L-r: Nancy Benson, Beverly Farris, Betty Furstenberger, Will D. Campbell, author, Polly Marshall, Sue Pitts, 
Faye Angealo. Back, L-r: George Kelly, Retta Porter, Alec Valentine, Jeanne Muse, Peggy Brent, Rosia Crisler. 

Events / 1 67 

• ■■■.. 

(Diss ^Hinds 

"'■/■'.-•■■:■ .■.-■..■ ■"- ,■.■:■■' , ' ■-■■.-■■ ■■;. :■-.;: •■•: ■■ • 

Communitu College ^Pageant 




■ - 

The 1989 Miss Hinds Community College 
Pageant was held on March 8 in Cain Hall 

Judges for the pageant were Mrs. Kit Axtell 
of Jackson, Mrs. Alice Smith of Vicksburg, 
Mr. Vernon Smith of Vicksburg, Dr. Philip 
Meredith of Jackson, and Dr. Bill Smith of 

There were eight contestants in the Miss 
HCC Pageant. They were Adrian Atwater, 
Lisa Boyanton, Dacia Durr, Sherrie Rodgers, 
Davina Seal, Mechelle Sills, Tammy Woods, 
and Tracy Yarbrough. 

Dr. Clyde Muse, president of Hinds Com- 
munity College, provided the welcome to the 
pageant. Providing entertainment for the pag- 
eant were Michael Lassiter, Greg Ballard, 
Lynn Batton, Miss Hinds Community College 
1988 — Cathy Parkman, and the Hinds Hi- 

Mrs. Anna Bee, director of the Hi-Steppers, 
was the pageant's director. Bob Hodges, as- 
sistant director of Public Relations, was as- 
sistant pageant director. Serving as hostess to 
the judges was Mrs. Clyde Muse. The Master 
of Ceremonies was Mr. Alon Bee, Jr. 

Miss Hinds Community College 1988, Cathy Parkman, 
crowned Tracy Yarbrough as Miss Hinds Community College 

► < 

168 /Events 

■..-.■■"■"'. ' ■ J" 

MISS HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE PAGEANT winners from left are: Dacia Durr of Clinton, 1st runner-up; Mechelle Sills of 
Clinton, 2nd runner-up; Tracy Yarbrough, Miss HCC; Adrian Atwater of Vicksburg, 3rd runner-up; and Tammy Woods of 
Vicksburg, 4th runner-up. 


Events/ 169 


CDcss America ^Pageant 

Dr. Clyde Muse crowned our new Mess America, Jerry Woods. 

The 1989 Mess America Pageant was held 
on February 23 in Cain Hall Auditorium. 
The "beauties" were judged on spirit, tal- 
ent, and audience appeal. Jerry "Geraldine 
Humperdink" Woods was crowned Mess 
America with Mike Hataway winning the 
"Spirit of America" award. Other contes- 
tants included Chad Oberhousen, Shane 
Kitchens, Chris Dick, Mike Gleason, and 
Charles McClendon. The contestants were 
escorted on stage by sophomore Hinds Con- 
nection members, Mary Everette, Ginger 
Turner, and Natacia Neal. Master and Mis- 
tress of Ceremonies were Ben Woods and 
Lesley Morton. Judges included Mrs. Vashti 
"Ti-Ti Raisin" Muse, Parker "Santa Claus" 
Dykes, John "Stevie Wonder" Armstrong, 
Ben "The Flasher" Fatheree, and Carol 
"Alexis" Robinson. The Mess America Pag- 
eant was sponsored by Hinds Connection 
and directed by Jackie Granberry and Bebe 

170 /Events 


^Hiney-^Ho Day 

Jerry Woods, Mary Everette, Ryn Laster, and Andy Blush catch some rays and 
:njoy Hiney-Ho Day. 


The annual Hiney-Ho 
Day festival was held on 
April 27, 1989 on the Ray- 
mond Campus. The theme 
was "Hiney-Ho Cafe." The 
festivities started at 1 PM 
on the mall area beside the 
Women's Gym. There were 
booths, games, food, and 
music. The day ended with 
a street dance starting at 8 
PM in the Student Union 
Building parking lot fea- 
turing the "Dealers" from 
Memphis, Tennessee. 

Events/ 171 


.v; ..'■■' ■:■■ ' ' .■.'.":.'..■;., , ■ ■■ •■:■.'. :■■ ; ■.■■.. ' - 

Campus Bntertairtmertt 

Several dances were held through- 
out the year to entertain students 
and keep the morale high. On Au- 
gust 23 there was a new student 
dance in Denton Gym with the Stu- 
dent Activities office providing the 
music. Other dances sponsored by 
the Student Activities office included 
three postgame dances in Denton 
Gym. The Associated Student Gov- 
ernment sponsored a Halloween 
Dance, a Homecoming Dance, and a 
Sadie Hawkins Dance, all held in 
Mayo Field House. Other activities 
throughout the year included pool 
parties in Mayo Field House, movies 
shown in Reeves Hall, a Valentine's 
Day Dance, a Spring Dance, and we 
also had a dance to welcome stu- 
dents back for the Spring semester. 

172 / Events 


■'■.'!.■....:'■'■■■■ ' ■ ' ■■.■■■'■ . ■' V . .'■•..: - ■.:. " ' 

Bagtes tDin Cities 

The Eagles captured title after title and 
climbed their way into the World Series 
of JUCO baseball. They won the South 
Division title and went on to capture the 
State Championship, next came the Re- 
gion 23 Championship where they beat 
out Delgado Community College of New 
Orleans with a 7-5 win. This win put the 
mighty Eagles on the road to Greenville, 
South Carolina for the Eastern District 
Tournament. There, the Hinds team suf- 
fered a loss against Louisburg Junior Col- 
lege but came back to win four more 
games and captured the Eastern District 
Championship title and sent them on to 
Colorado. In Greenville the Eagles won 4- 
3 over North Greenville and 13-8 over 
Louisburg on May 19. The following day, 
Hinds took a double-header from the un- 
defeated Aquinas, Tennessee team, 7-6 
and 5-3, setting a Mississippi Jun- 
ior/Community College and Region 23 
precedent. In Grand Junction, Colorado 
the Hinds team suffered two losses, but 
they made history as the first Mississippi 
team to play in the JUCO World Series. 


Eagle pitcher, Cedric Robinson, warms up before a game in 
the JUCO World Series. 

174 /Events 

Terry Gray hit the only home run made by the Eagles during the Hinds vs. Northeastern Oklahoma 
A&M game In the National Junior College Athletic Association's JUCO World Series In Grand 
Junction, Colorado. Gray Is the first Mlsslsslpplan to hit a homerun In the JUCO World Series. 

Events/ 175 


Foot*** 1 ■ • 

Xi cneetleaders 

F ootW B cn 
BasebaU • • ' ' 

So ftbaU 


T^rac^ •■.■*" 

I Gotf • ' 


< s BasVtf 


' S BasV^e 




ral SP 





is SHo 




1 JUAnH 

.-■«-> '•■:• ■ ':> : < '<* '!:*; • ■■;■;. ..«. ...: :,:.. *::«:•..«....:•■:::; 

HEAD COACH — Gene Murphy 




Hinds 17 

Hinds 17 

Hinds 20 

Hinds 50 

Hinds 16 

Hinds 31 

Hinds 18 

Hinds 10 

Hinds 28 

Hinds 31 

East Miss. 7 

Pearl River 9 

Itawamba 20 

Southwest 6 

Miss. Delta 10 

East Central 7 

Copiah-Lincoln 21 

Northwest 1 3 

Gulf Coast 1 5 

Jones 20 


Hinds — Northwest — 28 
Overall Record — 7-3-1 

178 /Sports 




The Hinds Eagles finished the 
1989 football season with an over- 
all 7-3-1 record after making it to 
the play-offs for the third straight 
year. The mighty Eagles bid for an- 
other State Championship title was 
cut short when Northwest took a 
28-0 win over Hinds in the first 
round of play-offs. 

In regular season play the Eagles 
were 7-2-1 overall and finished 
with a 5-1 record in the South Di- 
vision. During the 1989 season 
Hinds took wins over: East Missis- 
sippi 17-7, Pearl River 17-9, South- 
west 50-6, Mississippi Delta 16-10, 
East Central 31-7, Gulf Coast 28- 
15, and Jones 31-20. The only two 
losses for the Eagles were a 21-18 
loss to Co-Lin and a 13-10 loss to 
Northwest. Hinds also had one tie 
20-20 with Itawamba. 

The Eagles compiled a total of 
2,894 yards for the season and 
scored 238 points while they only 
allowed 157 points to be scored by 

Sports/ 179 

Larry Cosby 
Dickey Caston 
Isaac Stamps 
Jeff Maddox 
James Shoulders 
Marshall Pack 

Stacy Sizemore 
Arthur Brandon 
Charlie McGinn 
Landrum Hale 
Dan Gaddis 
Clay Hudson 

Shaun Kurtz 
Mark Baldwin 
Charlie Hill 
Joe Coleman 
Curtis Gray 
Dwayne Coleman 

Michael Presley 
Isaac Ceaser 
James Gayden 
Chris Bethay 
Charles McGowan 
John Copeland 

Jarrett Outlaw 
Michael Rose 
Gilbert Hardaway 
Steven Clarke 
Dante Myers 
Lynn Ross 

John Perry 
Russell Smith 
Don Muirhead 
George Taylor 
Jerry Walker 
Jimmy Duncan 

Robbie Styron 
Britt Eads 
Steve Smith 
Scott Warren 
Steve Cleveland 
Dirk Copeline 

Treavor Hamilton 
Ron Mclntyre 
Todd Champagne 
Kennedy Mitchel 
Ruffus Bester 
Winfred Sims 

180 /Sports 

Chris Bankston 
Jerry Lewis 
Stanley Roach 
James Robinson 
Sean McLaurin 
Tracy Mlnnieiield 

Kevin Axton — Manager 

Thaddius Brumfield — 


Douglas Nelson — Manager 

Brian Newman — Manager 
Jon Traxler — Manager 
Doug Walsh — Manager 

Darlene Blakley — Trainer 
Tony Carleton — Trainer 
Steve Geyer — Trainer 

Taylor Morton — Trainer 

Sports/ 181 

182 /Sports 

Sports / 1 83 

Charlie McGinn kicks an extra 
point for the Eagles in the Pearl 
River game. 

': ; r-^*&**!k« 




1989 HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS — Front row, left: Shannon Broussard, Laurie Booth, Kelly Sandifer, 
Captain; David Longstreet, Mascot; Terrl Allen, Co-Captain; Anna Smith, Mona Harrison. Second row, left: Traci Martin. Melissa Fant, Robbie 
James, Lisa Walker, Jill Carruth, and Lori Robbins. 


It was first place all the way for the 
1989 squad of the H.C.C. Cheerleaders. 
The squad attended the U.C.A. College 
Spirit Camp held at Middle Tennessee 
State University on August 7th- 1 1th. 

The Eagle cheerleaders placed first in 
both fight song and the cheer/chant 
competition. The squad also received 
eight blue superior ribbons and five gold 
superior ribbons, and was named the 
Most Collegiate Squad in the all-girl di- 
vision. Eagle mascot David Longstreet 
was named camp mascot. 

Cheerleaders assist with the promo- 
tion of college spirit at football games. 

Tryouts are held each spring and are 
open to all students who are or will be a 
full time student during the upcoming 
fall and spring semester at Hinds and 
have a 2.0 GPA. 

186 /Sports 


What started as an ordi- 
nary baseball season for the 
Hinds Community College 
Eagles led them to the Na- 
tional Junior College Athletic 
Association's Baseball World 
Series in Grand Junction, 
Colorado and made them the 
first Mississippi JUCO team 
to ever attend the series in its 
32 year history. 

How did the Hinds Eagles 
get there? The hard way, 
they earned it. The Eagles 
captured title after title and 
climbed their way to a 
"Rocky Mountain High" and 
into the World Series of 
JUCO baseball. They won 
the South Division title and 
went onto capture the State 
Championship, next came 
the Region 23 Championship 
where they beat out Delgado 
Community College of New 
Orleans with a 7-5 win. This 
win put the mighty Eagles on 
the road to Greenville, South 
Carolina for the Eastern Dis- 
trict Tournament. There, the 
Hinds team suffered a loss 

against Louisburg Junior 
College but came back to 
win four more games and 
captured the Eastern Dis- 
trict Championship title 
and sending them on to 
Colorado. In Greenville, 
the Eagles won 4-3 over 
North Greenville and 13-8 
over Louisburg on May 19. 
The following day, Hinds 
took a double-header from 
the undefeated Aquinas, 
Tennessee team, 7-6 and 
5-3, setting a Mississippi 
Junior/Community Col- 
lege and Region 23 prec- 

Commenting on the 
baseball team prior to their 
trip to Colorado Hinds 
President Dr. Clyde Muse 
said, "We are not only 
winning championships, 
we are making history." 
Hinds Coach Rick Clarke 
looked at the success of the 
team in the light of it being 
a merger year of two 
teams, "It's the merger 
year and we had two 

coaches, two teams, and a 
lot to sort out. We had to 
find a new identity and it 
has all worked out. 
There's been a bunch of 
old veteran coaches and 
good baseball teams in 
Mississippi that haven't 
been able to make it to the 
JUCO World Series. 
There's a significance in 
that and it feels great," 
Clarke stated. 

In the first game of the 
JUCO series the Hinds 
team faced the Norsemen 
of Northeastern Oklahoma 
A&M. Hinds chased North- 
eastern ace Chris 
Murdock, who came in 
with a 13-1 record in the 
first inning. Murdock had 
left the Eagles score five 
runs after facing seven 
batters and he was only 
through two-thirds of the 
first inning. 

The Eagles stunned the 
Golden Norsemen with 
Jeff Long leading off with a 
two base hit. Terre Woods 

HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 1989 EAGLE BASEBALL TEAM — From first row left; Steve Blaylock, Doug Thomas, 
Flwood Blush, Matt Fouchard, Jeff Showah, and Jeff Long. Second row from left: Scot Cochran. Cedrtck Robinson, 
Van Reed, Scott Williams, Glint Sims, Freddie Hill. Chris Howard. Third row from left: Assistant Coach George 
McQuitter, Terre Woods, Mark Anders, Craig Upton, Noah James. Terry Gray. John Stewart, and Coach Rick Clarke. 

followed and brought Long 
in with a base hit. Noah 
James came to bat and he 
too made a base hit that 
brought in Woods for the 
score and the Eagles led 2- 
before the Norsemen 
knew what had happened. 
Both Van Reed and Doug 
Thomas managed to get 
base hits for Hinds when 
Terry Gray came to bat. 
The next play brought the 
Eagle fans to their feet as 
Gray hit a three run home 
run putting the ball into 
the deepest part of Stocker 
Stadium, just left of the 
scoreboard and 410 feet 
from home plate. 

Unfortunately the lead 
was not to last long for the 
Eagles as the Norsemen 
came back to score two 
runs in the bottom of the 
first and tied the game 
with three in the third. 

In the fourth inning 
Northeastern broke the 
game open with a bases- 
loaded single to center, 
which was misplayed by 
Hinds and allowed all 
three runners to score. 

The Eagles were able to 
score one more time with a 
sixth inning play when 
Matt Fouchard knocked in 
Jeff Showah giving Hinds 
their final score of the 

The game was called in 
the bottom of the seventh 
inning on the eight-run 
rule when the Norsemen 
lead off with a solo home 
run giving the Northeast- 
ern Oklahoma A&M team 
a 14-6 win over the Eagles. 

The Eagles were still 
alive in the series and had 
to face Brookdale Commu- 
nity College of Lincroft, 
New Jersey on Sunday, 
May 28, to remain alive in 
tournament play. The Ea- 
gles first score came in the 
first inning when Noah 
James' hit brought in Jeff 
Long. The lead was short 
as Brookdale came back 
with two scores in the sec- 
ond inning. The Eagles 
were unable to score again 
until the fifth inning when 
Terre Woods brought in 

188 /Sports 


Jeff Long with a base hit. 

The Eagles fell behind 4-2 
until they added five runs in the 
top of the sixth for a 7-4 lead. 
With one out, Van Reed and 
Terry Gray drew back-to-back 
walks and Jeff Showah fol- 
lowed with a two-run double to 
the right-center field to tie the 
game. After Matt Fouchard 
walked, Jeff Long hit a double 
down the right-field line that 
scored Showah and Fouchard. 
Long then scored on Terre 
Woods' ground-rule double. 

Leading 7-5 in the bottom of 
the ninth Hinds pitcher Cedric 
Robinson walked two Brook- 
dale players. After Sean Ennis 
sacrificed the runners to second 
and third, Edward Scott ripped 
a two run triple to left-center for 
a 7-7 tie and forcing Hinds to 
bring in ace reliever Mark An- 
ders, who intentionally walked 
two players to load the bases. 

Chris DeDominico put his 
game-winner off Anders just 
beyond second base. "They did 
that all day," said Hinds Coach 
Rick Clarke. "That's baseball, 

it's goofy sometimes." Clarke 
also remarked. 

The Eagles lost 8-7 to Brook- 
dale Community College but 
had the satisfaction that they 
had accomplished something 
that no other Mississippi Jun- 
ior/Community College team 
had ever done before, a berth in 
the JUCO NJCAA World Series 
in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

Commenting on the team and 
series Hinds Coach Rick Clarke 
said, "This was an outstanding 
experience for both our players 
and Coach McQuitter and my- 
self. Not only did we all get to 
enjoy this trip baseball wise but 
we also got to see some of the 
United States that most of us 
have never seen before. We are 
looking forward to next year 
and a new group of athletes that 
will be coming in to join the few 
returning members of the Eagle 

*■•■ f 


Sports/ 189 

Eagle champi- 
ons show their 
pride after win- 
ning the State 
with a victory of 
5 to 3 over Pearl 
River Communi- 
ty College. 


East Mississippi 







East Mississippi 





East Mississippi 






















Lewis & Clark 
















































Pearl River 


Pearl River 


















East Central 


East Central 












Gulf Coast 





Gulf Coast 






















Pearl River 





Pearl River 


















Clarke College 
East Central 






East Central 








Mississippi Delta 



















Gulf Coast 


Region 23 Tournament (Meridian) 



- — 

Mississippi Delta 












State Tournament (Jackson, Clinton) 




Mississippi Delta 





Pearl River 





Pearl River 


Eastern District Tournament (Greenville, South 


Louisburg, NC 







North Greenville, SC 





Louisburg, NC 





Aquinas, TN 





Aquinas, TN 


NJCAA World Series (Grand Junction, Colorado) 

Northeast Oklahoma 






Brookdale, NJ 




Hinds Coach Rick Clarke, left, and Assistant Coach George McQuitter. right 

Sports/ 191 

192 /Sports 

>■.«.-..' . • _ 

Sports / 1 93 


1 94 / Sports 

Women Softball players begin training in the fall to pre- 
pare for the Softball season which begins in the spring. 
Women's athletics are a vital part of the total sports pro- 
gram at Hinds. Last year they were the State and Region 23 

Led by the thirteen year veteran coach Deborah Nichols, 
the 1989 State and Region 23 Coach of the Year, the Lady 
Eagles have an overall record of 299 wins and 173 losses. 
Her teams have produced Ail-Americans in 1984, 1987, 
and 1989. 

The Hinds women's softball team has been among the 
top three community and junior college teams in the state 
since 1983. 

Sports/ 195 



It's been four years since the 
Hinds Community College Lady 
Eagles softball team captured the 
State and Region 23 Champion- 
ship title but the dream came true 
again as the Hinds team defeated 
the Lady Bulldogs of Gulf Coast 5- 
4 to capture the 1989 title. The 
Lady Eagles had an overall 32-5 
record for the season and ad- 
vanced to the National Jun- 
ior/Community College Softball 
Tournament in Hanceville, Ala- 

bama May 5-7. The Lady Eagles 
had to play four games in the 
State and Region 23 Tournament 
held in Meridian to claim the title 
with the team facing Gulf Coast 
three of those games. In game one 
Hinds defeated the Meridian 
Community College Lady Eagles 
9-8 and faced Gulf Coast in game 
two with Hinds taking the win 
11-7 over the Lady Bulldogs. In 
their second match-up with the 
Lady Bulldogs Hinds lost 4-2 to 

Gulf Coast causing a third game 
due to double elimination rules. 
In the game for the championship 
titles Hinds came out with the 5-4 
win after the score was tied 4-4 
when Hinds' Dee Dee Anderson of 
Port Gibson scored on a two-out, 
seventh inning single by Verlyn- 
sia Alexander of Clinton for the 
winning run. Hinds Coach Deb- 
orah Nichols commenting on the 
title said, "The team went into 
the tournament with a great deal 

of unity, spirit, determination 
and talent which helped them 
win the title. In several games 
this season we were behind but 
came back to win the games and I 
feel that the whole year has been 
a team effort with everyone play- 
ing well together." 

1989 LADY EAGLES SOFTBALL TEAM — First row from left: Shannon McCalip, Raymond; Christ! Smith, Pearl: Robin Parish. Pearl; Pam Black, 
Jackson; Dee Dee Anderson, Port Gibson: Cherie Neal, Pearl; and Suzy Stiglets, Jackson. Second row from left: Coach Deborah Nichols. Patricia 
McDonald, HermanvIUe; Betty Hill, Sandhill; Verlynsia Alexander, Clinton: Suzy Hawthorne, Indianapolis, Indiana; Leigh Bishop, Vlcksburg: Stacy 
Varner, Florence; Karen Blewmanager, Brandon; Alisa Pruden, manager, Brandon. 

Sports/ 197 


1989-90 SOCCER TEAM — First row, from left: Chris Curro, Andy Cupples, Kevin Wilkinson, Brian Gray, Brian Dear, Kelly Smith, Thang Tran. Second 
row, from left: Tom Shepherd, Coach, Andy Wilkinson, Brad Baker, Larry Lawrence. Johnny McGinn, Andy Wogoman. Ricky Graham, Allan Loving, 
Captain; Shawn McGregor, Steve Geyer, Trainer. 



i - 

IV 9$ 





198 /Sports 

Sports/ 199 


Coach Mike Smith's Hinds 
Community College track and 
field squad captured the State 
and Region 23 Jun- 
ior/Community College Track 
Meet held in Raymond. Hinds 
won over Coahoma 81-40. 

The Hinds Eagles won 15 of 17 
events, taking first and second 
places in seven. Hinds' Thad 
Brumfield of Hammond, La., cap- 
tured the 1,500 meter run with a 
time of 4 minutes, 12 seconds to 
set a new JUCO record. The old 
record of 4:13.2 was set in 1984 
by Bennie Abram of Northwest. 

Brumfield also won the 800 meter 
run with a 1:58.8. Another dou- 
ble winner for the Eagles was 
Willie Richards in the shot put 
with a throw of 139T0". Richard 
Caston tied the South Division 
record in the 400 intermediate 
hurdles with a time of 56.0. 

Hinds Coach Mike Smith was 
also named the State and Region 
23 Coach of the Year at the meet. 

y- • 

: v..' 

First row from left: Chris Feroben, Rickey Brandon. Clavln Hllllard, Eric Soils. Roy Lowery, Dickie Caston. Joseph Curro, Derrick Williams, Issac Stamps, Arthur Brandon. Second 
row from left: Bill Bullock. Trainer; Thad Brumfield, Ray Hobson, Todd Champagne, Kenneth Ratllff. Willie Richards, Otis Walton, Anthony Ratliff, 9uan Carter, Michael Rose, 
Chris Swars. Doug Walsh, Manager. 

200 / Sports 



100 — 1. Calvin Hilliard, H 10.8: 
2. Anthony Ratliff, H 11.1. 
200 — 1. A. Ratliff, H 22.2; 2. 
Hilliard. H 22.7 

400 — 1. guan Carter, H 50.31; 2. 
Kenneth Ratliff, H 50.34. 
800 — 1. Thaddius Brumfield, H 
1:58.8; 2. Ray Hobson, H 2:03.4. 
1,500 — 1. Brumfield, H 4; 12 
(betters state record of 4:13.2 by 
Bennle Abram, Northwest Missis- 
sippi, 1984); 2. Hobson, H 4:15.2. 
5,000 — 1 . Joseph Curro, H 16:31; 
2. Eric Soils, H 16:57. 
110 hurdles — 1. Derrick Wil- 
liams, H 16.1. 

400 hurdles — 1. Dickie Caston, H 
56.0; 2. Williams, H 58.2. 
4x100 relays — 1. Hinds (Hilliard, 
Arthur Brandon, A. Ratliff, Issac 
Stamps) 42. 2. Coahoma (Willie 
Sessom. Vandrick Payne, Johnny 
Chatman, Clinton Jones) 42.8. 
4x200 relay — 1. Hinds (Hilliard, 
K. Ratliff, A. Ratliff, Stamps) 
1:29.7; 2. Coahoma (Sessom, 
Payne, Chatman, Jordan) 3:35.0. 
Shot — 1 . Willie Richards, H 47-0; 
2. Reginald Youngblood, C 44-8. 
Discus — 1 . Richards. J 1 39- 1 0; 2. 
Chris Swars, H 132-8. 
High Jump — 1. Sessom, C 6-4: 2. 
A. Ratliff. H 6-2. 

Pole vault — 1. Chris Feroben, H 

Long jump — 1. Rickey Brandon, 
21-41/2; 2. Tony Roby, C 21-2. 
Triple jump — 1 . Roby, C 44-7'/2; 
2. Brandon, H 41-4. 

Sports/ 201 


Student golf- 
ers at Hinds 
take to the 
links on the 
College's own 
18-hole golf 
course on the 
Campus. The 
golf team 
swung into ac- 
tion in the fall 
to prepare for 
spring compe- 
tition which 
began in 

March. The 
team competed 
against other 
junior and 
colleges, and 
also teed-off 
against several 
senior colleges 
during the 

Polly Raba- 
lais begins her 
third year as 
coach. Shepre- 
v i o u s 1 y 
coached wom- 
en's golf when 
the Hinds team 
held on to the 
state champi- 
onship title for 
seven years, 

202 / Sports 

— 1 



1 a *\ 

i ^JhL 



The Lady Eagles tennis team at 
Hinds Community College captured 
both the State and Region 23 titles 
at the Community/Junior College 
Tennis Tournament played at Mill- 
saps College. The Lady Eagles at- 
tended the National Junior College 
Athletic Association's National 
Tournament in Tucson, Arizona 
May 14. 

Hinds coach. Dr. Cleon McKnight, 
was selected as the women's 
"Coach of the Year" for both the 
state and Region 23. 

Jennifer Johnson of Jackson won 
# 5 singles and # 3 doubles; Dre' 
Wissner of Jackson won # 3 singles 
and # 2 doubles; Rhonda Parman of 
Port Gibson won # 3 doubles; Ster- 
ling Michel of West Point won # 1 
doubles; Patricia Durr of Jackson 
won # 4 singles and # 2 doubles and 
Angela Gray of Jackson won # 1 

Kneeling, hum lell jit- Jennifer Johnson. Cassandra Collins. 
Dre'Wlssnei Standing, from lett are; Hind's coach. Dr. Cleon 
McKnight. Rhonda Parman. Sterling Michel, Patricia Durr, jnd 
Angela Q^yXxSt\TSlSr^yP e --^0\yQ l O l QGl l ^J^^i^ 

204 / Sports 


TEAM -- First row, 
From left: Quintus 
Jones, Chris Laird, 
Brooks Luke, Jeffery 
Williams. Second 
row: Frank Bailey, 
Michael Darby, Man- 
ager; Bryan Liles, 
David Bartley, Cleon 
McKnight, Coach. 

TEAM — First row. 
From left: Cassandra 
Collins, Tina Hay, 
Shana Berry, Jack- 
lynn Williams. Sec- 
ond row: Michael 
Darby, Manager; 
Sterling Michel, An- 
gela Gray, Melisa Na- 
tions, Cleon 

McKnight, Coach. 

Sports / 205 


First row, left to right: Robert Davis. Marvin Kelly. Bobby Ray Jones. Michael Thompson. Vincent Williams. Second row: James Charles, Joe Milano, Nickc 
Whitley. Irving Williams, Terrance Williams, Elliot Holmes, Vincent Nielle. Dexter Burks^QQQQQ^ggi^y^QQQQQQQg^ 

Coach Joe Nelson Is enter- 
ing Into his twelfth year as 
coach of the men's basket- 
ball team, the Bulldogs, or 
the Utlca Campus of Hinds 
Community College. Coach 
Nelson Is serving In his first 
year as coach of the com- 
bined teams that were 
formed from both the Ray- 
mond and Utlca campuses 
Nelson received his B.S. 
from Jackson State Univer- 
sity and his M.S. from the 
University of Southern Mis- 
sissippi. He has also done 
further study at Mississippi 
State University and How- 
ard University. Nelson has 
many honors to his credit 
which Include being named 
Coach of the Year by the 
MJCAA and the Babe Mc- 
Carthy Tip-Off Club and 
chosen as the National 
Alumni of the Year In Sports 
from Jackson State Univer- 
sity. He Is married to the for- 
mer Rosie Reed and they 
have two sons. Earl Joe II 
and Daryl Ray. 

206 / Sports 

Robert S. Strong, assis- 
tant men's basketball coach 
since 1971 Is also the ath- 
letic director, and head foot- 
ball and tennis coach of 
Hinds County Agricultural 
High School. He is a native of 
Vlcksburg. MS, where he at- 
tended Rosa A. Temple High 
School. He also attended 
T.J. Harris Junior College of 
Meridian, MS, where he re- 
ceived his AA degree. He re- 
ceived his B.S. degree In In- 
dustrial arts education from 
Mississippi Valley State Uni- 
versity and his M.Ed, degree 
from Mississippi State Uni- 
versity. He also has received 
certification In administra- 
tion from the University of 
Southern Mississippi, and 
has done further study at 
Jackson State University. 
His honors include: Missis- 
sippi Industrial Arts Student 
Association — Advisor of 
the Year, 1982; Mississippi 
Industrial Arts Outstanding 
Teacher of the Year, 1986; 
Carmeal Chambllss Inspira- 
tional Teacher Award, 
1988; and was named Out- 
standing Secondary Instruc- 
tor of the Year and National 
Outstanding Advisor, 1989. 
He and his wife Gwendolyn 
have two daughters, Jenlce 
and Faith. 

Elliott Holmes 

Sports / 207 


Holmes 86 

Shelby State 108 

Miss. Delta 84 

Holmes 101 

Pearl River 82 

Northeast Ill 

Miss Delta 99 

Gulf Coast 83 

East Central 79 

Holmes . 87 

Pearl River 75 

Co-Lin 79 

by Shelby State 

Southwest 81 

Coahoma 80 

Jones 87 

Gulf Coast 63 

East Central 70 

Pearl River 77 

Coahoma 84 

Co-Lin 91 

Southwest 84 

Jones 67 

End regular season play: 

7-6 overall and 10-2 division 

Sports / 209 


First row, left to right: Gela Rhodes, Sheledia Porter, Glenrta i -s Iker, ' mya McJimson, Irritha Mangum, Tony 

Graham. Second row: Cynthia Sheppard, Zelda Bowman. Yolanda Ellis, Donna Washington. Jennifer Chancellor. BsSI 

Lester Owens is serving in 
his ninth year as coach of 
the women's basketball 
team that calls the Utica 
Campus home. Owens is 
also serving in his 21st year 
at Hinds Community College 
as Drafting and Design 
Technology instructor. Ow- 
ens is a graduate of Alcorn 
State University where he 
received his B.S. and then 
he received his M.Ed, degree 
from the University of Geor- 
gia. Since becoming coach of 
the women's team Owens 
has compiled an outstand- 
ing record of 183 wins and 
59 losses. His team has 
played In two regional finals 
but both times lost to the Na- 
tional Champs. He and his 
wife Esther have a daughter 
ind two sons. 

210 /Sports 

t \1 n rs 

Sonja Anderson 

Yolanda Ellis 

Sheledia Porter 

mna Washington 


Zelda Bowman 

Tonya Graham 

Gela Rhodes 

Kimmole Holiiday 

Left. An East Central player looks on 
as Priscilla Walker glides In for the 
easy lay-up. 

212 /Sports 

Above. Battling for a crucial rebound. Gela Rhodes and a player from East 
Central each have a chance of snatching the ball out of the air. 



77 Holmes 

. . .74 


65 Shelby State .... 

. . .50 


81 Miss. Delta 

. . .66 


71 Holmes 

. . .72 


121 Gulf Coast 

... 117 

77 Northeast 

. . .87 



74 Miss. Delta 

. . .71 


91 Gulf Coast 

. . .90 


61 East Central 

. . .76 


67 Holmes 

. . .73 


54 Pearl River 

. . .52 


67 Co-Lin 

. . .83 


. Forfeit by Shelby State 


106 Southwest 

. . .62 


67 Coahoma 

. . .64 


71 Jones 

. . .72 



92 Gulf Coast 

. . .69 


72 East Central 



68 Pearl River 



62 Coahoma 

. ..76 


59 Co-Lin 

. . .79 


75 Southwest 

. . .51 


47 Jones 

. . .63 

End regu 

lar season play: 

12-11 overall and 5-7 division 


assgaa amu i 

Men's Foo 

,tball • 


V/otneti s 



tball ••'■■ 




icalFdueation • 



is sno^ lng 


Men's Football 

*■«" ji 

% : •? 

CHAMPS — The men's 
intramural champs for 
1989 were the "No- 
Names." Pictured front 
row, from left are: Allan 
Mitchell, Brian Welch, 
David Wilson, Earnle 
Mullins and Kevin Polk. 
Standing, from left 
are:Michael Childers, 
Clarence Daniels, Philip 
Boyd, David Berry, and 
Chad Shivers. 

216 /Sports 

Women's Football 

women's intramural 
football champs for 
1989 was the Baptist 
Student Union. First 
row, from left are: 
Denae Carpenter, Lorl 
Little, Jan Cole, and 
Stephanie Miles. Back 
row, from left are: Kristi 
Malone, Lisa Calder, 
and Stephanie Wil- 

/ " ■ * 

". $1, •-'•■••• % < 



218 /Sports 

Sports/ 219 


volleyball champs 
for 1989-90 were 
"DOA." Pictured 
front row from left 
to right are: Ida 
Goff, Sterling 
Michel, and Rhon- 
da Huffman. 
Standing from left 
to right are: Kip 
Ray, Craig Upton, 
Alan Loving, and 
Chris Dick. 

220 / Sports 

Sports/ 221 


222 / Sports 


"£ag> e 

llinas ' ' ' 

Bcauttf^ •' 

' S ^Yio 

t v»e Yea* 

^^-^ ■■•■"■. 

SP ° rt F avorltes ••••• 

S******** . . . . 

FresVl «van^ aV0 







1989 HOMECOMING COUKT — First row, from left: Christopher 
Sandlfer. Jerjemy Cook. Angle Prestwood. Russ Johnson. Kim Tudo 
Cooley, and Lacy Luckett, Third row. from left Kellv Stull, Allison 
Tzotzolas. Millssa Fant. Brad Parltdge. Shannon Slaton. and David Longstrcet. 

Hartfleld. Second row, Irom left: Paul Guerricro. Kelle 

Terri Allen. Brad McClendon, Leslie Coxwell. Steve 

hikes. Lisa Rlgdon. John Turner. April Carter. Steve 

226/ Features 

1 988 Homecoming Queen 
Escort David Longstreet, ASG 

On October 14 the fans yelled, the cheerleaders 
cheered, and the Eagles took on Copiah-Lincoln Com- 
munity College at the 1989 Hinds Community College 

At half-time the presentation of the Homecoming 
Court took place to the sound of the HCC Eagle Band. 

Eleven coeds were selected for the court and from 
the six sophomores, Lacy Luckett was crowned the 
1 989 Homecoming Queen and saluted by the Hinds Hi- 

Lacy was crowned by Hinds Community College 
president, Dr. Clyde Muse, and the 1988 Homecoming 
Queen, Tanya Tullos, who was escorted by David Long- 
street. Associated Student Government president. 

Festivities were directed by Mrs. Anna Bee and Mr. 
Jack Hite. 

Lacy Luckett is crowned Homecoming 
Muse. The Hinds Homecoming Queen is 

ueen by president. Dr. Clyde 
elected by the college student 

Freshman Maid Lisa Rigdon shines in the glory of Home- 

Features / 227 



«uckett, a co-ed f 
1989 Hinds Community ( 
omore at Hinds, Lacy is 
Stepper and presently s» 
selected Sophomore Hon 
Hinds, a finalist in the Bej 
the Who's Who Among St 
this year. 

ian Maid Allison 
Escnrl Kelly Still 


Keliey Sandifer 
Escort Paul Guerrlero 

Freshman Maid Shannon SI 
Escort Brad Patridge 

Sophomore Maid Kim Tudor 
Escort Russ Johnson 

Features / 229 

David Longstreet 
represents the stu- 
dent body as Mr. 
Hinds this year. He is 
a graduate of Forest 
Hill High School 
where he played foot- 
ball, soccer, ran 
track, was a member 
of Colonel Classics, 
the National Honor 
Society, Student Gov- 
ernment, the Junior 
Engineering and 
Technical Society, 
was the high school 
mascot, and graduat- 
ed in the top ten per- 
cent of his class. At 
Hinds he is Student 
Body President, a 
President's Scholar, 
a member of Phi The- 
ta Kappa, Mu Alpha 
Theta, Reformed 
University Fellow- 
ship, the Eagle Mas- 
cot — "Ernie," and 
plays intramural 
sports. He is an Aero- 
space Engineering 
major and plans to 
further his education 
at Mississippi State 

Mcu tfuuk — Lacy Ludcett 

Lacy Luckett represents the student body 
as Miss Hinds this year. She is a graduate of 
Saint Joseph High School where she was 
editor of the school newspaper, elected Most 
Talented, a feature twirler, a member of Mu 
Alpha Theta, and a member of the National 
Honor Society. At Hinds she is President of 
the Hi-Steppers, the 1989 Homecoming 
Queen, a member of Who*s Who Among Stu- 
dents in Community /Junior Colleges, a De- 
an's Scholar, a member of the Hindsonian 
staff, and she was named All-American All- 
Star for her work with the Hi-Steppers and 
was invited to perform at the 1990 Super 
Bowl. She is an Occupational Therapy major 
and plans to further her education at the 
University of Mississippi Medical Center. 

Features/ 231 




1990 Most Beautiful Vallie Bea Penn is a freshman from Clinton, 
MS. She is the 18 year old daughter of Robert and Vallie Beth Penn. 
Her high school activities include: two years marching band, flag 
twirler, two years newspaper staff, FCA and FBLA. No stranger to 
pageants, Penn is Miss Teen Mississippi 1989. She also was chosen 
Most Beautiful while attending Clinton High School. Miss Penn is 
majoring in Telecommunications and plans to further her education 
at Mississippi State University 

232 / Features 

1 990 Beauty Kendra Craft is a 1 9 year old sophomore from Richland, MS. She Is 
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Craft. Her high school accomplishments 
include: Cheerleader, Student Council, DAR Good Citizen, Homecoming Court, 
Most Beautiful, American Legion Award, and Who's Who Among American High 
School Students. At Hinds she Is a Hi-Stepper and a Class Favorite. Kendra's 
major is Business. After Hinds she plans to attend Mississippi State University. 

234 / Features 


1 990 Beauty Kelli Lyn Crane is the 1 9 year old daughter of Michael and 
Linda Crane of Jackson, MS. She is a sophomore at Hinds. Her ac- 
complishments at Forest Hill High School include: Head Cheerleader. 
Most Beautiful. Homecoming Court, Mu Alpha Theta, Class Officer, and 
National Honor Society. Kelli was also a Gayfer Girl during her high school 
years and won the Physical Fitness award at the 1987 Junior Miss 
Pageant. At Hinds Kelli Is a 1989 Beauty, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, 
and the recipient of the H. R. Kllby Developmental scholarship. After 
Hinds. Kelli plans to continue her Business major at Mississippi College. 

Features / 235 


1990 Beauty Jennifer Lane 
Jacobs Is a 19 year old fresh- 
man from Clinton. MS. She Is 
the daughter of Paul and Mary 
Ann Jacobs. Her high school 
accomplishments Include: 
Football Cheerleader. Head 
Cheerleader. DAR Good Citi- 
zen. American Legion Award. 
Homecoming Queen, Miss Clin- 
ton High School. Friendliest. 
Most Beautiful, and Class Fa- 
vorite. Jennifer Is majoring In 
Liberal Arts. She plans to at- 
tend Mississippi State Univer- 
sity in the fall. 

236 / Features 


1990 Beauty Ma- 
ry Frances Pyron 
Is a 19 year old 
sophomore from 
Ridgeland. MS. 
She is the daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles F. Pyron. 
Her high school ac- 
complishments in- 
clude: President of 
Drug Awareness 
Club, Photography 
Club, Annual 
Staff. Most Beauti- 
ful, Elites Drill 
Team, Holmes 
Modeling Squad, 
and the Art Club. 
At Hinds she was a 
1989 Beauty. Miss 
Pyron plans to fur- 
ther her education 
at the University of 
Southern Missis- 

Features / 237 

238 / Features 

Wluri Wlur Aunty Stuckdi U AuMicm CcnmuHiftf/JuKjUrt, Colkq&L 

Sunset Drive Center 

Collegiate Secretaries International 
Phi Beta Lambda 
MBEA Student Award 

Raymond Campus 



Afro-American Cultural Society 

Hinds Connection 

Phi Theta Kappa 



wi* {** 

BL *i 

^■j^w*? ...*" 


I*V f : 


Raymond Campus 

Dean's List 

Alpha Beta Gamma 


Reformed Universities Fellowship 

Raymond Campus 

Hinds Connection 
Orientation Leader 
ACT Scholarship 

George M. McClendon Developmen 
tal Scholarship 

Rankin Campus 

Dean's List 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Features / 239 

Raymond Campus 

Hinds Connection 

Nursing/AHIed Health Center 

Phi Theta Kappa 
President's List 

240 / Features 

Nursing/Allied Health Center 


Raymond Campus 

Phi Theta Kappa 

ACT Scholarship 
Alpha Beta Gamma 

Nurslng/AUIed Health Center 

Raymond Campus 

Alpha Beta Gamma 

Nursing/Allied Health Center 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Nursing/Allied Health Center 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Hinds Healthcare Connection 

Health Occupation Students of 

President's List 
Dean's List 

Raymond Campus 


Raymond Campus 

Alpha Beta Gamma 

Raymond Campus 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Alpha Beta Gamma 
President's List 

Sunset Drive Center 

Collegiate Secretaries International 
Phi Beta Lambda 

Raymond Campus 


Ruth Kelly Developmental Scholar- 

Nursing/Allied Health Center 

Rankin Campus 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Dean's List 

Raymond Campus 


Glbbs Development Foundation 

Sunset Drive Center 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Collegiate Secretaries International 

Hinds Association of Legal Students 

Features / 241 

Rankin Campus 

President's List 

Phi Theta Kappa. President 

Dean's List 

Raymond Campus 


Main Hall Council 
President's List 
Dean's List 

Rankin Campus 

President's List 
Phi Theta Kappa 

Raymond Campus 

Football. Captain 
FCA, President 

Raymond Campus 

Lendon Players 


Frank Walsh Political Scholarship 

Resident Advisor 



Nursing/Allied Health Center 


Nursing/ Allied Health Center 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Alpha Beta Gamma 

Rankin Campus 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Rankin Campus Most Outstanding 

Rankin Campus 

Dean's List 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Alpha Beta Gamma 

Raymond Campus 

Hi-Steppers. President 
Miss Hinds 
Homecoming Queen 
Hlndsonlan Staff 
Dean's List 

Raymond Campus 

Associated Student Government. 

Mu Alpha Theta 
Mr. Hinds 
Eagle Mascot 

Raymond Campus 

Phi Theta Kappa 


Hi -Steppers 

President's List 

242 / Features 

Raymond Campus 

Hinds Connection, President 

Mu Alpha Theta 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Stewart Memorial Scholarship 

Hinds Connection Spirit Award '89 

Sunset Drive Center 

Dean's List 

Hinds Association of Legal Students. 

Phi Beta Lambda 


Raymond Campus 

Hinds Connection 


Class Favorite 

Developmental Scholarship 

Raymond Campus 


Phi Theta Kappa 


Dean's List / 

WHO'S WHO NOT PICTURED — Teresa Buynar, Todd Champagne, Matthew Nalker. Sheryl Evans. Leola Felton, Sherrle Galther. Tract Grantham, Stacey Harris, Patricia Hoggatt. Llssa Jordan, 
Demos Markos. Nina Netherland, Marianne Pawllk. Patricia Klley, 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Alpha Beta Gamma 
Student Worker 

Features / 243 


Resident Advisor 
Student Worker — Housin; 
Orientation Leader 


Football, Captain 


Hinds Connection 

Hinds Community College Most Out- 
standing Student 
Phi Theta Kappa 
Orientation Leader 

Nursing/Allied Health 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Nursing/Allied Health 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Dean's List 


Alpha Beta Gamma 
Phi Beta Lambda 
Dean's List 

Vicksburg/Warren County Branch 

Botany Award 
President's List 


Phi Theta Kappa, President 
Associated Student Government 
Eagle Yearbook Staff 
Alpha Beta Gamma 
President's List 


Phi Theta Kappa 
President's List 
Literary Organization 

Nursing/Allied Health 

Phi Theta Kappa 



Orientation Leader 


Class Favorite 

Nursing/Allied Health 

Dean's List 

Alpha Beta Gamma 

Nursing/ Allied Health 

President's List 
Phi Theta Kappa 


Alpha Beta Gamma 
Dean's List 
President's List 

244 / Features 


Phi Theta Kappa 

Alpha Beta Gamma 

Band, Colorguard Captain 

1989 Miss Hinds Pageant Runner- 

Freshman Homecoming Maid 


Phi Theta Kappa 

Resident Advisor 
Criminal Justice 
Dean's List 

MuumL of 1k, Yeav 

Charles K. Clark, 
Class of 1967 

While a student at Hinds, Charles was a member of the 
Debate Club, the Westminster Club, and the Student Sen- 
ate, among other things. He says, "It took me 12 years tc 
graduate from Hinds. I grew up having the unique op- 
portunity to be nurtured Dy Titans in the education field 
and 1 learned a great deal Just being around, working in the 
gardens, with the likes of Marvin Riggs, Lurline Stewart, 
Belle Lindsey. T. Beemon ..." 

"The greatest congregation of teaching talent that I have 
encountered was at Hinds. They were the best I have had." 
This from a man who holds degrees from Millsaps College, 
the University of Virginia, and Arizona State University, 
with further work at two other prestigious universities. 

Charles holds a Master's degree in American economic 
history and one in health services administration. 

His professional activities include membership in the 
Council on Planning for the Georgia Hospital Association, 
the Georgia Communications Council of the Voluntary Hos- 
pital of America, and the American Marketing Association. 
He holds executive membership in the American College of 
Health Care. 

Robert L. Clark, 
Class of 1 969 

In his Hinds student days, Robert was president of the Debate 
Club and Phi Theta Kappa, a member of the Student Senate, 
Circle K, the debating team and The Hindsonian staff. He 
states, "The unique environment at Hinds allowed me to par- 
ticipate in a variety of extracurricular activities, giving me the 
training in diverse areas which continues to be useful to me In 
my current work. And the training I received at Hinds in math- 
ematics, English, history, and science provided me with the 
foundation to compete with the top students in some of the best 
colleges and universities in the country." 

After graduating with special honors in mathematics, he went 
on to Millsaps College where he graduated magna cum laude in 
1971. He received his Master's and his Ph.D. degrees in eco- 
nomics from Duke University. He is well known as a researcher 
and he has authored or co-authored a proliferation of respected 
articles, books, chapters and papers In his areas of expertise. 

Professional organizations he Is active with include the Amer- 
ican Economic Association, the Gerontological Society of Amer- 
ica, and the International Union for the Scientific Study of 

His community activities center largely within the framework 
of University programs and student activities at North Carolina 
State. Dr. Clark provides lectures and occasional advlsorshlp to 
student organizations, and is heavily involved In departmental 
committee work. 

These Hinds Alumni enjoy the Alumni luncheon, at which the Clark brothers were 
honored on Homecoming Day. 

The 1989 Hinds Com- 
munity College Alum- 
nus of the Year distinc- 
tion has been awarded 
to two brothers, Charles 
K. Clark, Class of 1967, 
and Dr. Robert L. Clark, 
Class of 1969. Each co- 
recipient has made sig- 
nificant contributions to 
his chosen field, and 
their many professional 
successes reflect on 
their academic begin- 
nings at Hinds. 

Both men are extraor- 
dinarily community ser- 
vice-oriented and are 
leaders in their respec- 
tive professional organ- 
izations as well. 

Features / 245 

Btufrnfeei Hotwwd 

Dr. Cleon McKnight, Academic 
Instructor of the Year; Dr. Nell 
Ann Pickett, Academic Instructor 
of the Year; Sharon Davis, Ac- 
ademic Instructor of the Year; 
Retta Porter, Academic Instructor 
of the Year; Rosia Crisler, Aca- 
demic Instructor of the Year; Dr. 
Michael Rabalais. Vice-President 
for Raymond Campus. 

Mr. Adam Jenkins, Vice-President for 
Business Services: Amanda Hubbard, 
Staff Member of the Year — Cleri- 
cal/Technical; Rita Warren, Staff Member 
of the Year — Clerical/Technical; Dianne 
Kelly, Staff Member of the Year — Cler- 
ical/Technical; Angela Opiela, Staff Mem- 
ber of the Year — Clerical/Technical. 

Those receiving the "Distinguished" honor in their categories are, 
from left. Dr. Terry Puckett, George Freeman, Dr. Nell Ann Pickett, 
Rita Warren, Lou Ann Askew. Pictured, at right, is Dr. Clyde Muse, 
Hinds' president. Not pictured is Robert Strong. 

246 / Features 

Robert Strong, Secondary Instructor 
of the Year; Elaine Barr, Secondary 
Instructor of the Year; Janice Strick- 
land, Secondary Instructor of the 
Year; Dr. Clyde Muse. 

>r. Terry Puckett, Vice- 
president for Jackson Campus 
ind Branch Operations; 
Juanita Smith, Vo-Tech In- 
structor of the Year; Lou Anne 
Askew. Vo-Tech Instructor of 
the Year: Joe Meador. Vo-Tech 
Instructor of the Year; Dr. 
Roger Jones. Vo-Tech Instruc- 
tor of the Year; Michael 
Hataway. Vo-Tech Instructor 
of the Year. 

Billie Banes, center, flanked 
by his wife, Carol and Dr. 
Clyde Muse, was the 1989 re- 
cipient of the 3E Award that 
signifies "Emphasis on Excel- 
lence and Enrichment." 

Dr. Terry Puckett, Adminis- 
trative/Non-Teaching Profes- 
sional of the Year; Dr. George 
Barnes, Vice-President for Uti- 
ca Campus/Administrative 
and Student Services; Norma 
Wall, Administrative/Non- 
Teaching Professional of the 
Year: Charles Bell, Adminis- 
trative/Non-Teaching Profes- 
sional of the Year. 

George Freeman, Staff Mem- 
ber of the Year — 
Crafts/Trades; Levi Rogers, 
Staff Member of the Year — 
Crafts/Trades: George Chap- 
pell, Staff Member of the Year 

— Crafts/Trades: Powell Tay- 
lor. Staff Member of the Year 

— Crafts/Trades; Mr. Troy 
Henderson. Vice-President for 
Physical Plant and Auxiliary 

The Employee Apprecia- 
tion Program mirrored the 
efforts of some 800 full-time 
Hinds employees on May 5, 
1989, and continued a six 
year tradition of rewarding 
excellence, loyalty and ser- 

This year the program of- 
fered a new opportunity to 
recognize more employees 
for outstanding service. The 
category of Outstanding 
Support Staff Member of the 
Year was divided to include 
two areas: Staff Member of 
the Year — Cleri- 
cal/Technical and Staff 
Member of the Year — 
Crafts/Trades. The number 
of recipients in other Out- 
standing Award areas were 
also increased, bringing the 
total to 26 Outstanding 
Award recipients from 
which the Distinguished 
Award recipients were also 

In addition, the evening's 
program saluted years of 
service achievers, honored 
retirees, and recognized a 
new 3E Award winner. 

The Employee Apprecia- 
tion Dinner, which is in rec- 
ognition of services rendered 
by all HCC employees, began 
at 7PM in Mayo Gymnasium. 
It was sponsored by the De- 
velopment Foundation. 

Features / 247 

Tracy Yarbrough of 
Germantown, Tennes- 
see was the winner of 
1989 Miss Hinds Com- 
munity College Pageant 
held March 8 in Cain 
Hall Auditorium. She 
represented Hinds in 
the Miss Mississippi 
Pageant last summer in 
Vicksburg. There she 
was the recipient of an 
$800 talent scholar- 

Yarbrough, a fresh- 
man at Hinds, also 
scored highest in the 
swimsuit and talent 
competitions in the Miss 
Hinds Community Col- 
lege Pageant. 

248 / Features 

1989 Mmtfuuk 

CouuttuMiftj Coaege> 

Thmq Ywdmqk 

1989 $<*& HJlefRm 

Jill Kay Black was All State while she 
played Lady Eagles basketball during the 
1949-51 seasons. A consistently high 
scorer with a good hook shot, she was 
exceptional at handing off. The Lady Ea- 
gles were state champions during her 
first year and came within three points 
of the state title In her second. Along the 
way she developed an overhead set shot 
that was Impossible to guard. 

After Hinds, she played forward for the 
State Board of Health team, the 
"Healthettes," shooting a total of 100 
points during five games played In the 
1951 national AAU Tourney. She was 
Honorable Mention and All American 
during this time. With her husband, Wil- 
liam, she lives In Calhoun City where she 
Is clerk and pianist in her church. 

r f 




1 M£*: 


The Sports Hall of 
Fame recognizes former 
Hinds Community Col- 
lege students who make 
outstanding contribu- 
tions to intercollegiate 
athletics. Recognition is 
given to those individuals 
who achieved further dis- 
tinction in high school; or 
professional sports either 
as a coach or as a player. 

The Alumni Associa- 
tion, a part of the Devel- 
opment Foundation, was 
pleased to announce the 
induction of the following 
into the 1989 Sports Hall 
of Fame: Jill Ray Black, 
Othel Mendrop, Homer 
Boyd, Jobie Harris, and 
Bill Morris. The Coordi- 
nator of Alumni Services 
is Mrs. Zandra Nowell. 


Homer Boyd, 1956-58, ran up the 
yardage starting at Raymond High 
School, where he caused a sensation 
by gaining 1 ,292 yards during the 
1955 season, right on through Hinds 
and the University of Southern Mis- 
sissippi. At Hinds he played end and 
was All American End In 1957, 
when the Eagles went undefeated 
That year he was named to the Jun- 
ior College All-Amerlcan Team 
Known as a hard-hitting player who 
played by the rules, Boyd helped the 
USM Golden Eagles enjoy a winning 
season during his first year there. 

Boyd is employed with Penrod 
Drilling Company and lives with his 
family in Learned. 

Othel Mendrop. 1945-47, com- 
bined football and track with his 
first year of basketball at Hinds and 
did well In all, taking honorable 
mention In basketball and winning 
the mile run. As a sophomore he was 
named to the All State basketball 
team for the Junior College Confer- 
ence. He accepted a basketball 
scholarship to Memphis State Uni- 
versity, and later, In the U.S. Air 
Force, he lettered in basketball. 

After a career that encompassed 
entrepreneurshlp, teaching, and 
coaching, and 12 years as a high 
school principal and 13 as assistant 
superintendent of the Warren Coun- 
ty Schools, Mendrop recently retired 
as administrative assistant for the 
Vlcksburg-Warren School District. 
He lives In Vlcksburg with his fam- 

Jobie Harris came to Hinds In 
1930 as athletic director and 
coached and taught here until his 
1970 retirement. Earlier, at Mill- 
saps, he fielded his position as a 
short stop In baseball, and. as a tall- 
back on the gridiron, he had a high, 
long punt that his running team- 
mates came to count on. Trailing his 
reputation as "The man with the ed- 
ucated toe," Harris coached sports at 
Hinds until 1945 when he took on 
more teaching responsibilities. He 
continued to officiate at basketball 
and football games and was a co- 
founder of the Mississippi Officials 
Association; he also helped establish 
the State Physical Education and 
Health Department. He and his wife, 
Jim-El. also a retired Hinds Instruc- 
tor, live in South Jackson. 

Bill Morris. 1947-49. Improved his 
already high scoring while playing 
basketball for the Eagles, going from 
13.5 ppg to a steady 17.3 ppg during 
his sophomore year. He occasionally 
"even outscored (teammate) Nick 
Revon." a charter member of the 
Hinds Sports Hall of Fame. Serving 
with the U.S. Navy. Morris played 
hard for the West Coast Navy team, 
winning a spot In the National AAU 
tournament to go to the final game of 
the All Navy Championship. Career- 
wise, his seven year high school bas- 
ketball coaching record stands at 
515 won, 293 lost. Today he is a 
teacher, coach and migrant recruiter 
for Rapids Parish School Board. He 
and his wife. Barbara, live in Alex- 
andria, Louisiana with their family. 

Features / 249 

1990 Sophomore Pavorites 




Terrl is a graduate of Simpson Academy where she 
served as a Cheerleader for three years. Cheerleader 
Co-Captain her Senior year, and as a member of 
Who's Who Among American High School Students. 
At Hinds she is a Cheerleader, a Freshman and Soph- 
omore Homecoming Maid, and a member of Who's 
Who Among American Junior/Community College 
Students. She Is an elementary education major and 
plans to further her education at the University of 
Southern Mississippi. 

Terrance is a graduate of Warren Central High 
School where he was a member of the Big Blue Band, 
the Viking Singers, and the Junior Academy of Sci- 
ence. At Hinds he is a member of the Hinds Con- 
nection, the Eagle Band, Choir, Associated Student 
Government, and a Freshman Class Favorite. He is a 
chemical engineering major and plans to further his 
education at Mississippi State University. 

Curt is a graduate of Eastern Hills High School In 
Fort Worth, Texas. At Hinds he Is a Freshman Class 
Favorite, on the Sheffield- Woolley Hall Council, and 
an Orientation Leader. He is undecided on his major 
and plans to further his education at the University 
of Southern Mississippi. 





Lisa Is a graduate of Magee High School where she 
served as a Cheerleader, on the Yearbook Staff, and 
as a member of the Beta Club. At Hinds she is a 
member of the Hinds Connection. Choir. RUF, and a 
Freshman Class Favorite. She is an elementary ed- 
ucation major and plans to further her education at 
the University of Alabama. 

Stacy is a graduate of Brandon High School where 
she was a member of the Beta Club, Speech Club, and 
the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. At Hinds she Is 
a Hinds Hi-Stepper, a member of the Lendon Players, 
Associated Student Government, and a member of 
Who's Who Among American Junior/Community 
College Students. She is a communications major 
and plans to further her education at the University 
of Southern Mississippi. 

Kendra is a graduate of Richland High School 
where she was a Cheerleader, on the Student Coun- 
cil, and D.A.R. Good Citizen. At Hinds she Is a Hinds 
Hi-Stepper and a 1990 Hinds Beauty. She is a busi- 
ness administration major and plans to further her 
education at Ole Miss. 

1990 Sophomore favorites 


Chris Is a graduate of Warren Central High School 
where he was W.M.M.A. Indoor and Outdoor State 
Champion for Louisiana and Mississippi All County 
Pitcher. At Hinds he Is a Resident Advisor, a Student 
Worker, a member of Circle K, and Associated Stu- 
dent Government. He is a business administration 
major and plans to further his education at Mis- 
sissippi State University. 


Kelley Is a graduate of Pearl High School where she 
was Miss PHS, a Cheerleader, and a Gayfer Girl. At 
Hinds she Is Captain of the Cheerleaders, a Fresh- 
man Class Favorite, a Sophomore Homecoming Maid, 
and a member of FCA. She Is a physical therapy 
major and plans to further her education at the Uni- 
versity of Southern Mississippi. 


Jim is a graduate of Brandon High School where he 
was a member of FCA. the Band, and voted Most 
School Spirited. At Hinds he is a Resident Advisor, a 
member of FCA and BSU, and he was elected 1989 
Most Outstanding Male Resident Advisor. He is a 
psychology major and plans to further his education 
at the University of Southern Mississippi. 

Joelee Is a graduate of Brandon High School where 
he was a member of the Beta Club and the Latin 
Club. At Hinds he is a member of BSU. RUF. As- 
sociated Student Government, and a Resident Ad- 
visor. He is a psychology major and plans to further 
his education at Ole Miss. 


Michael is a graduate of Porter's Chapel Academy 
where he was a member of the Football Team, the 
Science Club, and FCA. At Hinds he Is a Resident 
Advisor, a member of the Ag Club, a Student Worker. 
and Associated Student Government. He Is a vet- 
erinary science major and plans to further his ed- 
ucation at Mississippi State University. 







Melissa ts a graduate of Madison Rldgeland Acad- 
emy where she served as Head Football Cheerleader, 
a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 
and received the Courtesy Award. At Hinds she Is a 
Football Cheerleader, a 1989 Freshman Homecom- 
ing Maid, and a member of the Fellowship of Chris- 
tian Athletes. She Is an elementary education major 
and plans to further her education at Mississippi 


Allison Is a graduate of Florence High School where 
she was a member of FBLA, elected to Who's Who, 
and the 1988 Homecoming Queen. At Hinds she Is a 
Hi-Stepper and a 1989 Freshman Homecoming Maid. 
She is an elementary education major and plans to 
further her education at Delta State University. 


Jay Is a graduate of Wlngfleld High School where 
he served as Student Body President, President of the 
Economics Company, and received the Clvltan Cit- 
izenship Award. At Hinds he Is Vice-President of 
Hinds Connection and the recipient of the South 
Jackson Rotary Club Scholarship. He Is undecided 
on his major and plans to further his education at 
Mississippi State University. 


Lance is a graduate of Raleigh High School where 
he served as a member of the Spanish Club, Football 
Team, Teen Connection, Literature Club, and the 
Tennis Team. He is a dentistry major and plans to 
further his education at Millsaps College. 


252 / Features 

April is a graduate of Florence High School where 
she served as Beta Club President. Yearbook Staff 
Editor, and Valedictorian of her class. At Hinds she is 
a Hi-Stepper and a 1989 Freshman Homecoming 
Maid. She is a nursing major and plans to further her 
education at the University of Mississippi Medical 


Stephanie Is a graduate of Pearl High School where 
she was a member of the Beta Club and the Speech 
and Drama Club. At Hinds she is a member of the 
Rankin Campus Student Government. She Is a psy- 
chology major and plans to further her education at 
Mississippi College. 





Dexter Is a graduate of Warren Central High School 
where he served as Class President, Student Council 
President, and a member of FBLA. At Hinds he Is a 
Resident Advisor, an Orientation Leader, and a mem- 
ber of Williams Hall Council. He is a business ad- 
ministration major and plans to further his education 
at Mississippi State University. 




Lorl is a graduate of Northwest Rankin High School 
where she served as a Football Cheerleader, elected 
to the Who's Who, and was a member of the Cou- 
garettes Drill Team. At Hinds she Is a Football Cheer- 
leader and a member of the Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes. She is a nursing major and plans to further 
her education at the University of Southern Mis- 

Gentry Is a graduate of Pearl High School where he 
was a member of the Soccer Team, the Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes, and Students Against Drunk 
Driving. At Hinds he Is a member of Greaves Hall 
Council and the Baptist Student Union. He is a bank- 
ing major and plans to further his education at Ole 


Michael Is a graduate of Pearl High School where he 
was elected Wittiest Senior, a member of the Bas- 
ketball Team, and a member of the Drama Club. At 
Hinds he is a member of the Rankin Campus Student 
Government. He Is a secondary education major and 
plans to further his education at the University of 

Features / 253 

VMirf£TN arre ■•••'" 

R anW« CatnpUS " UoW e 


Center • 


Ca«vp us 




<3rtotiH n 9 




Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 257 

Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance . . 257 

Automotive Parts and Sales 257 

Automotive Body and Frame Repair 257 

Automotive Mechanics 258 

Animal Health Technology 258 

Barbering and Haircare 258 

Bricklaying 258 

Business Technology 259 

Carpentry 259 

Commercial Design and Advertising .... 259 

Computer Technology 259 

Diesel Mechanics 260 

Distribution and Marketing Technology . . 260 

Drafting and Design Technology 260 

Electronic Communications Repair 260 

Electronics/Engineering Technology 261 

General Electricity and Wiring 261 

Industrial Drafting 261 

Interpreter Training for the Deaf 261 

Landscape Management 262 

Machine Shop and Tool and Die Making . . . 262 

Meat Merchandising 262 

Medical Records Technology 262 

Office Machine Repair 263 

Offset Printing 263 

Paralegal Technology 263 

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 263 

Welding 263 


w **»*>.* a 


This program includes a study of engine design, 
use, maintenance, and repair techniques of agri- 
cultural diesel mechanics. 




This program enables the student to take the FFA 
Mechanics exam. 


This program includes theory, laboratory, shop 
work, and other experiences relative to receiving, 
stocking, selling, and shipping merchandise in the 
automotive after-market. 


This program is designed to train for career op- 
portunities as: sheet metal repair technician, ser- 
vice manager, insurance estimator, windshield and 
door glass technician, painter, frame repair tech- 

Raymond Vo-Tech / 257 


This program gives students experience in over- 
hauling engines, transmissions, clutches, and in 
dealing with other problems that are encountered 
in repairing automobiles. 


This program provides the student with basic 
veterinary skills needed to work with animals. 


This program includes theory, laboratory shop 
work, and other specialized learning experiences 
relative to hair cutting, perming, styling, coloring, 
and skin care. 


This program is designed to prepare students for 
employment as brick masons. 

258 / Raymond Vo-Tech 


This program is designed to prepare students for 
employment in the secretarial field. 


This program is designed to prepare a student 
with the basic skills and technical knowledge of the 
carpentry trade. 


Students in the CDA program learn layout, print- 
ing, and other aspects of design and advertising. 


This program is designed to prepare students for 
a future in understanding programming, and an- 
alyzing computer operations. 

Raymond Vo-Tech / 259 


This program gives students experience in over- 
hauling engines, transmissions, clutches, and in 
dealing with other problems that are encountered 
in repairing trucks and many types of diesel equip- 




This program provides the student with three 
choices of study: Retail Management, Fashion Mer- 
chandising, and Real Estate. 


This program is designed to give the student 
skills and experience for employment in the draft- 
ing and design field of work. 




This program gives students complete education 
through theory and experience in electronics. 

260 / Raymond Vo-Tech 


This program is designed to give students an 
understanding of electronic circuits and to prepare 
them for a job in electronics. 




Upon completion of this program a graduate will 
be able to install and maintain electrical service to 
commercial and industrial users. 


This is a one or two year drafting program with 
emphasis on basic and advanced drafting tech- 
niques and basic architectural design. 




This program trains students to be interpreters 
for the deaf and hearing and the hearing impaired. 

Raymond Vo-Tech / 261 


The Landscape Management program empha- 
sizes five major points: landscape construction- 
installation, landscape maintenance, landscape 
management, on-the-job training, and general ed- 
ucation courses. 


This program is designed to prepare students for 
the beginning level of employment as machinists. 


This program is designed to give specialized train- 
ing in the field of meat processing. 


This program includes teaching students how to 
accurately number, file, classify, and analyze med- 
ical records. 

262 / Raymond Vo-Tech 


Training in this program emphasizes the functions of all 
standard office machines, as well as cleaning, repairing, 
and estimating the cost of repairs on these machines. 


This program includes instruction in layout, pasteup, cam- 
era operation, plate making, color processing, printing, and 


The Paralegal Technology degree program is designed to 
prepare the student to assist a supervising attorney to 
efficiently deliver affordable legal service while practicing 
within the Code of Professional Ethics. 


This course provides students with instructions in the op- 
erating principles, procedures, techniques, and theory of air 
conditioning and refrigeration systems. 


This program provides basic knowledge needed 
for the student to be employed as a welder. 

Raymond Vo-Tech / 263 



Automotive Machinists 265 

Automotive Mechanics 265 

Bank Teller and Proof 

Organization 265 

Business Technology 265 

Child Care Development 266 

Clerical Office 266 

Computer Aided Design 

Technology 266 

Dental Assisting 266 

Dietetic Technology 267 

Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant 

Management 267 

Microcomputer Information 

Processing 267 

Welding 267 



This program gives students experience in over- 
hauling engines, transmissions, clutches, and in 
dealing with other problems that are encountered 
in repairing automobiles. 


Courses in the Automotive Machinists Program 
prepare students with the background needed in 
working with automotive machines. 


Students are trained in the Business and Office 
Training Program for initial employment in the 
clerical field. 


The Business Technology program is intended for 
those persons whose primary objective is to train 
for initial employment in the clerical field. 

Sunset Drive Center / 265 


The Child Care Development Program teaches 
effective techniques of guidance and discipline and 
practices of safety and health. 


This program provides basic knowledge needed 
for the student to be employed as a clerical office 


The Computer Aided Design Technology Program 
offers the student a one or two year program with 
the two year course involving a much broader 
course in the design field. 


The Dental Assisting Program provides develop- 
ment, function, status and organization in the gen- 
eral field of dentistry. 

266 / Sunset Drive Center 


The Dietetic Assisting Program prepares stu- 
dents to function properly in the institutional food 
management field. 




Accurate methods and preparations for the re- 
sponsibilities of running a business are taught to 
students by courses such as: Hotel, Motel, and Res- 
taurant Management Programs. 


Skills are taught to students who are seeking a 
profession in the field of microcomputers. 


This program provides basic knowledge needed 
for the student to be employed as a welder. 

Sunset Drive Center / 267 



Associate Degree Nursing 270 

Respiratory Therapy 270 

Licensed Practical Nursing 269 

Medical Laboratory Technology 269 

Surgical Technology 269 



Students who complete this program for 
one year and pass the State Board Exam- 
ination can become Licensed Practical 


Students in the Medical Laboratory Pro- 
gram must spend 27 weeks in a hospital lab 
to learn techniques of a busy clinical lab- 


Courses in the Surgical Technology Pro- 
gram are designed to prepare qualified stu- 
dents to become certified surgical techni- 
cians after completing the program. 

Nursing/Allied Health Center / 269 




The purpose of the Associate 
Degree Nursing program is to pre 
pare students for the Communit; 
Associate Degree: nurses whi 
have the necessary skill and com 
petencies to assist individuals amj 
groups in meeting their commonl! 
recurring health care needs. Thj 
graduate of the program receive 
an Associate Degree in Applie 
Science and is prepared to writ 
the State Board Test Pool Exam! 
ination for licensure. There ar| 
two Associate Degree program 
taught by Dixie Keyes and Mildre 


The Respiratory Therapist pre 
gram has been designed to equip 
graduate for successful emploj 
ment opportunities as a respire 
tory therapist. 

270 / Nursing/Allied Health Center 



Automotive Mechanics 272 

Business and Office 272 

Diesel Mechanics 272 

General Electricity and Wiring 273 

Industrial Drafting 273 

Industrial Maintenance 273 

Practical Nursing 274 

Welding 274 

High School Programs 274 



Students enrolled in the Automotive Me- 
chanics program receive practical experi- 
ence needed in repairing automobiles, 
which prepares them for employment as au- 
tomotive mechanics. 


Students are training in the Business and 
Office training program for the initial em- 
ployment in the clerical field. 


Students in the Diesel Mechanics pro- 
gram receive the training and practical ex- 
perience needed in repairing trucks and 
many types of diesel equipment. 

272 / Vicksburg- Warren County Branch 


The industrial drafting program offers the 
student a one or two year program with the 
two year course involving a much broader 
base in the drafting field. 


This program is designed to acquaint stu- 
dents with the organization and adminis- 
tration of general shop programs. Attention 
is given to program planning, equipment 
selection and safety. 


Courses taken in the General Electricity 
and Wiring program provide students with 
the experience needed to install and main- 
tain electrical circuits, panels, and to pro- 
vide electrical services to commercial and 
industrial users. 

Vicksburg- Warren County Branch / 273 


This program teaches the student the ba- 
sic skills of becoming a practical nurse. 


The student learns basic skills and tech- 
niques for becoming an employee in the 
welding trade in this program. 


In cooperation with the Vieksburg- 
Warren County Public Schools the 
Hinds Community College Vicksburg- 
Warren County Branch offers the fol- 
lowing programs to high school stu- 



Allied Health 

Auto Mechanics 

Auto Service 

Brick Masonry 

Business and Office Cooperative 


Child Care 

Computer Applications 

Distributive Education Cooperative 

Diesel Mechanics 

Diversified Technology 


Electricity and Electronics 

Fashion Merchandising 

Industrial Maintenance 

Intensive Business Training 

Information Processing 

Machine Shop 


Remedial Related Studies 

Supervised Occupational Experience 

Trade and Industrial Cooperative 

Vocational Prep for Handicapped 

274 / Vicksburg- Warren County Branch 



When Rankin County 
voters went to the polls on 
June 20 and voted for the 
Rankin Campus Bond Is- 
sue, they gave the "green 
light" to more than just a 
tax increase. They said 
"yes" to establishing a 
comprehensive degree- 
granting community col- 
lege in Rankin County. 
The former Rankin 
Branch is now the Rankin 
Campus and Phase III, a 
$5.5 million academic and 
technical building, is ex- 
pected to be completed and 
open for students in Jan- 
uary 1991, says Jimmy 
Smith, Rankin Campus 

George Wynne, Rankin 
County representative on 
the Hinds Community Col- 
lege Board of Trustees, 
states, "In an era when 
public education policy 
and schooling, in general, 
are being maligned by cit- 
izens and politicians, the 
people of Rankin County 
are investing heavily in 
their educational institu- 
tions. They are demanding 
more and they are willing 
to pay for it." 

The new building will 
accommodate an addition- 
al 1500 college students 
and ease the crowding at 
the location's Academic 
and Library Building 

which opened in 1987 and 
quickly reached its 900 
student capacity. Phase III 
adds 26 classrooms and 
labs, plus a lec- 
ture/performing arts hall 
and a large multi-purpose 
area which would be avail- 
able for economic develop- 
ment activities. 

The Rankin Campus 
plans to see its first two- 
year graduating class dur- 
ing the spring of 1993, two 
years after the completion 
of Phase III, says Smith. 

Paralleling educational 
opportunity is the econom- 
ic impact that comes with 
having a comprehensive 
community college in- 

county, states Dr. Clyde 
Muse, president of Hinds 
Community College. In refer- 
ence to the construction of 
the academic and technical 
building, he says, "We feel it 
will be one of the greatest 
things that could happen to 
Rankin County, increasing 
the quality of life, expanding 
the work force, and aiding 
economic development." 

276 / Rankin Campus 



» « 


<V/ / 


I M 




Rankin Campus / 277 

Between classes and on breaks is a great time for students 
meet new friends and catch up on the latest news at the Rani 

278 / Rankin Campus 


AG Diesel Mechanics 
Allied Health 
Auto Body and Frame 
Auto Mechanics 

Child Care/Teacher Aide 
Diversified Occupations Co-op 
Diversified Technology 
Industrial Drafting 
Industrial Electronics 
Food Production and 

Intensive Business 
Marketing Co-op 
Metal Trades/Welding 
Plumbing and Pipe-fitting 

Above. Students In Child Care learn effective techniques 
of guidance and discipline and practices of safety and 
health are also Included. 

Left. Students In the Industrial Drafting program are 
trained for career opportunities In the following drafting 
areas: mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical, 
civil, metal, production, piping, and topographic. 

Below. Students In the Automotive Mechanics program 
train for career opportunities as: lubrication specialist, 
tune-up specialist, brake specialist, front end specialist, 
electrical specialist, service manager, and shop super- 

Agricultural Diesel 

Allied Health Cluster 
Automotive Body and 
Frame Repair 
Automotive Mechanics 
Diversified Occupations 

Diversified Technology 
Industrial Drafting 

Child Care 
Industrial Electricity 

and Electronics 
Intensive Business 
Marketing Co-op 
Marketing Distributive 

Metal Trades 
Plumbing and Pipe- 
Professional Quantity 

Related Studies 

Rankin Campus / 279 





World Literature 


Art Appreciation 


Political Science 

Business Law 

Child/Adolescent Psychology 


Business Management and 

Criminal Law 

Oral Communications (Speech) 


Music Appreciation 

Study Skills 

Business Statistics 

Old and New Testament 

Career Exploration 

Introduction to Computer Concepts 

American History 

Personal and Community Health 

BASIC Computer Programming 

Western Civilization 

Data Processing 

Pascal Computer Programming 

Intermediate Algebra 

Word Processing 


College Algebra 

English Composition 


English Literature 


280 / Jackson Campus Universities Center 


The Utica Campus of Hinds Community College is located at Utica, Mississippi and is comprisec 
of students in college courses and programs in both academics and vocational-technical areas 
This campus publishes a student newspaper and yearbook which serves its students. 


Tfr e 

ug bter 

Si<* e 



Colop^ on 
Dir ectory 

, s Closing • • 




is SHo 




Does something look a little out of place here? 

Oh, come on girls! A little sweat never hurt anyone. 


284 / Closing 

Excuse me, 
but could 
you repeat 
that please? 

Closing / 285 

This year Jack Hlte decided to start his very own computer datii 

Are all these girls really for Todd, or are they just wanting to get noticed? 

286 / Closing 





Closing / 287 

Do you sometimes feel that you and your date just don't go togeth 

Shake! Shake, shake, it! Shake! Shake! Shake, shake it! 

288 / Closing 

Is there 
alive in 

One day I want to grow up and have big muscles just like you? 

Closing / 289 

?990 S«?te St*fa 

290 / Closing 

The "Eagle," the campus yearbook, is published annually by students who are assigned places on the staff by demonstrating 
interest and ability. No previous experience is required, but originality is a great asset. Interested persons should apply in the Public 
Relations Office, which is located in the Student Union Building. 

Closing/ 291 


The 1990 Eagle was produced by the Hinds 
Community College student yearbook staff. This 
volume was published by Taylor Publishing 
Company of Dallas, Texas during the spring se- 
mester of 1990. Our Taylor Publishing repre- 
sentatives were Ben Allen and Nancy Jones. 
Press Run was 1,600. 

SPECIFICATIONS: This 9x12 book contains 320 
pages, printed on 801b. enamel paper. A Smythe 
binding was used and the endsheets used Plain 
White. There are 16 pages of four color in the 
opening section using a Marble Pop Print back- 
ground In spot color. Teal No. 19. There are 11 
pages of four color in events using a 40% Black 
Mezotent background. There are thirteen pages 
of four color In features using Process Red No. 35. 
Process Yellow No. 52. and Process Blue No. 9. 
The spot color used on the division pages were 
Sapphire No. 13 In Residence Life, Pantone 
Green Jade No. 20 In People, Salmon No. 27 In 
Features, Spice Red No. 28 in Closing, Maroon 
No. 34 in Sports, Yellow Ochre No. 49 In Or- 
ganizations, Sepia Brown No. 41 In Locations, 
and Brilliant Purple No. 65 in Events. Art work 
was provided by Kay Cllffe, Delores Landln, and 
Taylor Publishing Company. Copy was submit- 
ted on copy fitting forms from Taylor. 
COVER: The cover is White Water Grain with a 
smooth area In the center. The photo of Cain Hall 
is blind embossed and set In a blind embossed 
edge. A 3 pt. embossed bead and gold foil stamp 
surrounds the smooth area. Eagle is embossed 
and Red No. 933 with a gold foil stamp drop 
shadow. Type is embossed 24 pt. Opus gold foil 
stamp. The cover was designed by Jarrod Raven- 
craft and Delores Landln of Taylor Publishing 

TYPE: All sections used Opus for their body copy 
and captions. Headlines for each section varied 
as follows: Opening — Opus, Organizations — 
Nouveau Bold, Residence Life — Jefferson 
Script, People — Chancery and Chancery Bold, 
Events — English Script and Freehand Script, 
Sports — Seville Bold, Features — Jefferson 
Script, Locations — Garamond, and Closing — 
Brush and English Script. Headline sizes ranged 
from 18 pt.. 24 pt., 36 pt., 48 pt., to 60 pt. Body 
copy and caption sizes ranged from 6 pt., 8 pt., 
10 pt., to 12 pt. 

STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Classes and faculty 
and staff portraits were taken by Best Pictures of 
Jackson. MS. The Year in Review photos were by 
Associated Press of New York City, NY. All other 
photography was done by Brad Moore of the 
Hinds Community College Public Relations Staff 
and student photographers of the Eagle year- 
book staff. 

The 1990 Eagle Is a student-edited yearbook 
produced at Hinds Community College. Ray- 
mond. MS. The viewpoints represented in this 
yearbook are those solely of the staff and In no 
way Intend to reflect College policy. 

292 / Closing 

Above. Jarrod. Chris, Sheena. and Alison are pictured with Delores Landln at Taylor Publishing Company. They visited the 
company in Dallas, TX. in the fall to design the cover and begin work on the yearbook. 


It is hard to believe that 
this year, the yearbook 
and my two years at Hinds 
are almost finished. I 
would never have believed 
when I was a freshman 
that I would be Editor of 
the 1990 Eagle. A year ago 
when Peggy Mingee, Editor 
of the 1988 and 1989 Ea- 
gle, asked me If I would 
consider running for Edi- 
tor, I thought she was cra- 
zy. I had to think about it 
for a while but I committed 
myself to the yearbook 
then and I do not regret 
one minute of it. There are 
so many good things that 
come from being Editor. To 
,see the excitement in 
someone's eyes as they 
look through a yearbook 
that I have worked on, to 
get proofs back and see 
that a year of work is final- 
ly coming together and 
that it is not half bad, are 
just a few of the things that 
come with yearbooks. 
There is only one thing 
that I ask, please do not be 
too critical on the year- 
book, it takes more work 
than anyone will ever 
know. The past nine 
months have been the 
hardest and most reward- 
ing of my life. Sometimes it 
seemed as if the 320th 
page would never be com- 
plete. I came to realize that 
the hard times and endur- 
ing more work than you 
are able to handle only 
help you to grow stronger 
as a person. 

There are so many peo- 
ple I want to thank, but 
most of all is my parents. 
They taught me how to 
have strength, courage 
and confidence in myself 
to make me feel that I 
could do the job. Thanks 
for everything! I would like 
to thank my family. Dr. 
and Mrs. Clyde Muse, 
Jackie Granberry, Bebe 
Garrison, the Reading De- 
partment, and the Devel- 
opment Office. You all 
helped me so much! If it 
was not for your encour- 
agement and support I 
would not have made it 
through two years of col- 
lege and one of those being 

Sheena, my Assistant 
Editor, was always there to 
offer encouragement and 
to add life to many situ- 
ations. When the office 

seemed to be a 
madhouse, she 
was the picture 
of calmness. 
Thanks! Also, 
thanks, Ray and 
Marty, for not 
only being great 
but great friends 
as well. 

Suzanne, you 
were great for 
putting up with 
all those long, 
late hours at the 
office. Chris, the 
yearbook would 
not be anywhere 
without you. 
Thanks for put- 
ting so many 
hours into the 
darkroom, and 
finding the time 
to take and man- 
age all those pic- 
tures. Alison, we 
could not have 
finished without 

Many, many 
thanks to all my 
section editors, 
Kay, Candy, 
Tamra, Vivian, 
and Heather. 
Thanks for put- 
ting up with my 
griping, begging 
and pleading to 
get your pages 
Finished on time. 
There would not 
be a yearbook 
without all of 
you. If you only 
knew what I 
meant when I 
said, "I need 
those pages be- 
fore the next 
deadline." I ap- 
preciate every- 
thing all of you have done. 
My many thanks to the staff, 
Pam, Stacy, Lisa, Beth, Me- 
lanie, Renee, Kim T. and 
anyone else who helped! It 
was all worth it in the long 

Thanks to all the Public 
Relations staff, Jeff, Brad, 
Mrs. Willie, Mrs. Marsha, 
Mrs. Samantha, Felicia, Jan- 
ice, and Mr. Moss but espe- 
cially Colleen for giving me 
hope when I thought there 
was none. Thank you for all 
your support, you really 
helped me and stood by me 
when I needed it most! 
Thanks for just being there 

Sdifo* — jfann&d ^avett&nn^t 

for me. 

To Nancy Jones, the year- 
book Account Representative 
at Taylor; Ben Allen, our 
Taylor Representative; and 
Delores Landin of Taylor, 
who helped design the cover, 
opening pages, and division 
pages with her creative style, 
thank you for all your help, it 
was greatly appreciated! The 
yearbook would not exist 
without our advisor, Bob 
Hodges. Thank you Bob, for 
all the help, patience, and 
understanding you gave me 
to help me through rough 

I apologize for having so 

many "thank you's" but it 
takes more than one person 
to complete a yearbook. The 
1990 Eagle and all who 
helped to make it possible 
will always hold a special 
place in my heart. I hope that 
I have produced a yearbook 
that captures many of the 
special memories for you in 
the past year and I hope 
everyone will look back on 
your Hinds years and remem- 
ber the good ole days of fun 
and friendship! 

Good luck next year and re- 
member patience! 

QojW) ^\p^M^5 

- 293 


Jewel Aaron — Vlcksburg 
Jonl Aaron — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Eugene Aasand — Vlcksburg 
Barry Richard Abbott — Jackson 
Kathleen Marie Abbott — Vlcksburg 
Tavlt T. Abbott — Jackson 
Jean Ann Abel — Vlcksburg 
Nancl Kathryn Abel — Greenville 
Patrick Alan Abel — Brandon 
Robert Dale Abel — Vlcksburg 
Beverly Harper Abernathy — Pearl 
Mary A. Abide — Greenville 
James Phillip Abies — Clnton 
Lacle Carol Abies — Holly Bluff 
Lucille C. Abies — Vlcksburg 
Mary Lynn Abies — Magee 
Misty Caryl Abies — Clinton 
Patricia Jones Abies — Vlcksburg 
James Kimble Abney — Jackson 
Robert Scott Abraham — Clinton 
Jeanne Plerette Abrams — Jackson 
Khalry A. Abusalah — Flowood 
Angl Home Accardo — Clinton 
Rebecca Moses Acey — Jackson 
Teresa C. Achu — Jackson 
Melissa Ann Ackerman — Brandon 
Belinda Carol Acy — Rldgeland 
Michelle Tanya Acy — Clinton 
Linda E. Adair — Florence 
Billy Miller Adams — Morton 
Bobble Galloway Adams — Jackson 
Dennle Michelle Adams — Jackson 
Eric Antonio Adams — Vlcksburg 
Gary Edward Adams — Jackson 
Jennifer Dee Adams — Natchez 
Jessie M. Adams Thoma — Jackson 
John F. Adams — Brandon 
Joyce Brasfleld Adams — Jackson 
Kandls Rebecca Adams — Jackson 
Lauren Nicole Adams — Brandon 
Mable Carter Adams — Jp.ckson 
Molly Adams — Jackson 
Ora Lee Adams — Jackson 
Patricia Oshea Adams — Clinton 
Ray Christopher Adams — Jackson 
Shirley A. Adams — Jackson 
Tamara Evette Adams — Clinton 
Ted D Adams — Brandon 
Tracey Lynn Adams — Jackson 
Troy Martin Adams — Pearl 
Vickie Lashonda Adams — Jackson 
Vyrene Adams — Raymond 
William B. Adams III — Jackson 
Wllma Jean Adams Lambe — Jackson 
Amanda Leigh Adcock — Clinton 
Connie Lea Adcock — Pearl 
Jean Kelly Adcock — Learned 
John Gregory Adcock — Clinton 
John William Adcock — Clinton 
Josephine Mauldln Adcock — Pearl 
Katherlne D. Adcock — Terry 
Kathy S. Adcock — Florence 
Mark Phillip Adcock — Terry 
Nettle Renee Adcock — Vlcksburg 
Susan Renee Adcock — Richland 
Brenda Jo Adcox — Mendenhall 
Casandra Denlse Adcox — Morton 
Cynthia Adcox — Jackson 
Karen Mlchele Adcox — Mt. Olive 
Anthony D. Addison — Vlcksburg 
Gloria J. Addison Long — Jackson 
William Kelly Addison — Learned 
Benjamin Thomas Adklns — Brandon 
Billy Joe Adklns — Pearl 
Jon Eric Adklns — Forest 
Latrlce Anita Adklns — Jackson 
Ronald L. Adklns — Rldgeland 
Sean Oneal Adklns — Clinton 
David Lee Agard — Jackson 
Connie Agee — Brandon 
Jerry Peyton Agent — Raymond 
Ellen O. Agho — Jackson 
Stephen Randall Ahrend — Vlcksburg 
Charles Dewayne Alkens — Brandon 
Alice Mayfleld Alnsworth — Jackson 
Beverly Ann Alnsworth — Clinton 
Gary Kenneth Alnsworth — Clinton 
Kevin Hays Alnsworth — Jackson 
Krlstle Craney Alnsworth — Jackson 
Mary Lou Alnsworth Ayers — Jackson 
Paula Sue Alnsworth — Rldgeland 
Rickey C. Alnsworth — Vlcksburg 
Stacy Dawn Alnsworth — Clinton 
Tawana Monlc Alnsworth — Pearl 
William Donald Alnsworth — 

Louie M Akel — Greenwood 

Michael Joseph Albarado — Slldell 
Cheryl Wood Albert — Pearl 
John Albert — Vlcksburg 
William B. Albln — Flowood 
Lorrle Gall Albright — Jackson 
Cynthia U. Albrltton — Lucedale 
David Scott Albrltton — Jackson 
Misty A. Albrltton — Clinton 
Todd Michael Albrltton — Jackson 
Paul Thomas Alderman — Vlcksburg 
Joyce M. Aldrldge — Jackson 
Cathy Ruth Alexander — Pearl 
Joanna Alexander — Vlcksburg 
Madeline Thompso Alexander — 

Marie Donnell Alexander — Vlcksburg 
Rachael Lewis Alexander — Jackson 
Robert Clyde Alexander — Vlcksburg 
Robert Earl Alexander — Jackson 
Robert Stephen Alexander — 

Sheila Kaye Alexander — Pearl 
Stephen Souchon Alexander — 

Virginia Ann Alexander — Pearl 
Angela Dawn Alford — Bolton 
Billy Wayne Alford — Raymond 
Carolyn Alford — Jackson 
Chuck Daniel Alford — Clinton 
Jean Miller Alford — Vlcksburg 
John David Alford — Clinton 
Richard Todd Alford — Pearl 
Sheila Bell Alford — Vlcksburg 
Tammy Renay Alford — Jackson 
Tina Sue Alford — Raymond 
Bobby R. Allbrltton — W. Monroe 
Andrea Denlse Allen — Vlcksburg 
Annie B. Allen — Shreveport 
Byron Keith Allen — Lafayette 
Caron Amanda Allen — Jackson 
Colette Allen — Carthage 
Dexter T. Allen — Crystal Springs 
Diane Marie Allen — Florence 
Ernestine M. Allen — Jackson 
Gary Ray Allen — Vlcksburg 
Irene Palmer Allen — Jackson 
Jerry Semmes Allen Jr. — Jackson 
Joe Jason Allen A. — Pearl 
Joel Todd Allen — Jackson 
Joyce Allen Allen Marie — Jackson 
Kesa Lashawn Allen — Jackson 
Linda Marie Allen — Clinton 
Lisa M. Allen — Vlcksburg 
Lyle Kenneth Allen — Clinton 
Marie McWIlllams Allen — Clinton 
Martha Parker Allen — Jackson 
Melanle Kee Allen — Vlcksburg 
Michael Glenn Allen — Clinton 
Michelle Lee Allen — Columbia 
Odell F. Allen — Vlcksburg 
Orlala L. Allen — Pearl 
Rebecca Sylvester Allen — Jackson 
Renlta E. Allen — Jackson 
Rosle Mary Allen — Brandon 
Sandra Denlse Allen — Jackson 
T. Dawn Allen Brook — Brandon 
Teresa Ann Allen — Jackson 
Terrl Lynn Allen — Magee 
Timothy Dale Allen — Florence 
Tonl Suzette Allen — Pearl 
Walter Allen — Yazoo City 
Walter Evans Allen — Clinton 
Wanda Renee Allen — Pearl 
Wanda Rochell Allen — Bentonla 
Frank Dalton Alley — Jackson 
Clara Elizabeth Allison — Jackson 
Ralph Allison — Vlcksburg 
Andrea Ladee Alliston — Florence 
Marty Dean Alliston — Florence 
Teresa Ann Alliston — Crystal Springs 
Mlcheal David Allred — Vlcksburg 
Melanle Teresa Alonzo — Vlcksburg 
Antonio Antwone Alston — Jackson 
Mlchele Marie Alston — Jackson 
Robert H. Amborn — Vlcksburg 
Sherl Dloron Ameen — Vlcksburg 
Marlene F. Amick — Jackson 
Alfred Lee Amos — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Allen Amos — Brandon 
Eric Scott Amos — Brandon 
Lusclnta Resha Amos — Jackson 
Annie McGraw Anderson — Jackson 
Brian K. Anderson — Brandon 
David Jerrell Anderson — Jackson 
Debra Miller Anderson — Jackson 
Delmon Kelthel Anderson — Jackson 
Elizabeth Erin Anderson — Brandon 
Etta Lavonne Anderson — Mendenhall 
Gilbert Wayne Anderson — Jackson 
Jacqueline Anderson — Crystal 

James C. Anderson — Pickens 
Jerry Earston Anderson — Sumerall 
John Gary Anderson — Prentiss 
Joyce A. Anderson — Jackson 
Kim Darail Anderson — Jackson 
Kurley Demone Anderson — Jackson 
Kyle Marvin Anderson — Vlcksburg 

Lillian Lasharn Anderson — Jackson 
Lula Mae Anderson — Vlcksburg 
Marlon Dwlght Anderson — Vlcksburg 
Mary H. Anderson — Harrlston 
Melvln Anderson — Kosciusko 
Merrell E. Anderson Jr. — Jackson 
Michael Jason Anderson — Jackson 
Pamala Denlse Anderson — Crystal 

Patricia Sampson Anderson — Jackson 
Peggy Stewart Anderson — Brandon 
Rayford Anderson — Clarksdale 
Richard Fulton Anderson — Bolton 
Robl Ann Anderson — Flowood 
Rosa Lee Anderson Dixon — Vlcksburg 
Rosa M. Anderson Thoma — Vlcksburg 
Rosetta Anderson — Vlcksburg 
Ryane C Anderson — Edwards 
Scott Christopher Anderson — Bolton 
Silas Anderson — Jackson 
Steven Kyle Anderson — Jackson 
Sylvia Lynn Anderson — Brandon 
Tammy L. Anderson — Jackson 
Thelma M Anderson — Jackson 
Theresa Bell Anderson — Vlcksburg 
Tina Oshell Anderson — Jackson 
Tony Dekelth Anderson — Jackson 
Vernita Lee Anderson — Vlcksburg 
Victoria Denlse Anderson — Jackson 
Wallace Kennon Anderson Jr. — 

William Cecil Anderson — Vlcksburg 
Carleen Culpepper Andlng — Rldgeland 
Sheldon Lee Andlng — Jackson 
Skipper Dale Andlng — Rldgeland 
Arletha Johnson Andrews — Flora 
Bettye M. Andrews — Jackson 
Carolyn Lorene Andrews — Pearl 
Cheryl Ann Andrews — Rolling Fork 
Elbert Andrews — Flora 
Jimmy Todd Andrews — Pearl 
Johnny Lee Andrews — Utlca 
Michael Lewis Andrews — Vlcksburg 
Myra Alderman Andrews — Jackson 
Patricia Marie Andrews — Vlcksburg 
Ronnie Anthony Andrews — Pearl 
Sharon Curine Andrews — Flora 
Crystal Denlse Andrles — Raymond 
William Denton Anglln — Jackson 
Mary Lynn Ankeny — Vlcksburg 
Janet M. Annlson — Brandon 
Sherle Noelle Anselmo — Jackson 
Harris C Anthony — Vlcksburg 
Rose Marie Anthony Moore — 

Gerald Marquis Antolne — Jackson 
Thomas M. Antolne — Vlcksburg 
Betty Rae Anyanwu — Jackson 
Felicia Denlse Applewhite — Jackson 
John Alan Applewhite — Florence 
Jennifer Lee April — Jackson 
Deborah Gayle Archer — Brandon 
Willie Bell Archey — Jackson 
Darlene Lavern Archie — Jackson 
Jason Archie — Brandon 
Joyce Renae Archie — Brandon 
Lonnle S. Archie — Jackson 
Samuel J. Archie — Brandon 
Sheila Lewis Archie — Jackson 
Casherry Ards — Harrlsville 
George Loran Arendell — Jackson 
Alesla Rowell Arender — Brandon 
Christy Elizabeth Arender — Raleigh 
Cynthia Diane Arender — Tallulah 
Frank Nathaniel Arender — Jackson 
Lisa Nicole Arender — Jackson 
Robert Allan Arender — Jackson 
Barbara Armentrout — Florence 
Sedrlck Lamar Armes — Isola 
Adrian Ellis Armon — Jackson 
Chunta Ezellta Armon — Jackson 
Shermanla Denlse Armon Ste — 

Allen Dale Armour — Jackson 
Julie Faith Armstong — Crystal 

Angela Patrice Armstrong — Jackson 
Angela Pauline Armstrong — Jackson 
Anthony Lamonte Armstrong — 

Cedrlc Meshae Armstrong — Jackson 
Dana Robertson Armstrong — Brandon 
Irma Jean Armstrong — Jackson 
Jack Armstrong III — Lena 
Jerry Richard Armstrong — Richland 
Kristin Bolton Armstrong — Raymond 
Mary Louise Armstrong — Jackson 
Michael Leburn Armstrong — Clinton 
Mike Randall Armstrong — Pearl 
Rory Armstrong — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Denlse Armstrong — Jackson 
Christy Lee Arnett — Florence 
Billy Monroe Arnold — West Point 
John Winburn Arnold Jr. — Jackson 
Kenneth Lamar Arnold — Clinton 
Paula Annette Arnold — Mendenhall 
Roy Lee Arnold Jr. — Jackson 
Sonya Pleshette Arnold — Jackson 

Melissa Dawn Aron — Greenville 
Cassandra Neshea Arrlngton — 

Sonya Malalne Arrowood — Louisville 
Martha Ann Arterberry — Jackson 
Nickolas Chrlstlon Arther — Jackson 
James Casson Arthur — Carthage 
Lora Ann Arthur — Jackson 
Sonya Ruth Arthur — Jackson 
Yvonne K. Arthur — Terry 
Janet Dora Artman — Jackson 
Klmberly Anne Artman — Vlcksburg 
Tena Mace Asberry — Vlcksburg 
Nora M. Ashcraft — Clinton 
Alana Marie Ashley — Jackson 
Ballnda Lee Ashley — Vlcksburg 
Barbara Gall Ashley — Vlcksburg 
Bryan R. Ashley — Vlcksburg 
Frank Madison Ashley — Vlcksburg 
George Ralney Ashley — Picayune 
James Curtis Ashley — Tallulah 
Jennifer Dawn Ashley — Jackson 
Klmberly Rene Ashley — Vlcksburg 
Michael Kevin Ashley — Pearl 
Paul Clayton Ashley — Vlcksburg 
Shelly Ann Ashley — Vlcksburg 
Faye W. Asplnall — Vlcksburg 
William Asplnall IV — Vlcksburg 
Cathy Lynn Ates Brown — Magee 
Janice Faye Ates — Florence 
Jo Ann Atha — Jackson 
Ethel Mae Atkins — Pearl 
Willie F. Atkins — Pearl 
Julie Elizabeth Atkinson — Morton 
Stefan Shane Atkinson — Raymond 
Holly Suzette Atklsson — Brandon 
Vickie Patterson Attkisson — Clinton 
Adrian Lee Atwater — Vlcksburg 
Leonard Bryden Atwater — Vlcksburg 
Alan Qulnn Atwood — Vlcksburg 
Linda Haley Atwood — Pearl 
Warren Reed Augustine — Utlca 
Yvette Renee Aultman — Oakvale 
Debra Ann Ausborn — Jackson 
Adena Graves Austin — Jackson 
Jamie Austin — Jackson 
Lucille Austin — Vlcksburg 
Martha Elaine Austin — Pearl 
Mary Lou Austin — Jackson 
Mattie E. Austin — Jackson 
Melissa Rae Austin — Pearl 
Rebecca Lowral Austin — Brandon 
Robert J. Austin — Raymond 
Stephanie Suzanne Austin — Clinton 
William Edward Austin — Jackson 
Keith Donald Auwarter — Jackson 
Julie Mitchell Avalon — Jackson 
John W. Avent — Jackson 
Christopher Cornel Averett — 

Kevin Lee Axton — Brandon 
William Scott Axton — Jackson 
Cecil Wardell Aycock — Purvis 
Douglas Edward Aycock — Brandon 
Steven Scott Aycock — Brandon 
Damasclo Anthony Ayers — Bolton 
Milton Alexander Ayers Jr. — Jackson 
Richard A. Ayres — Jackson 
William J. Ayres Jr. — West Point 

J. Michael Babb — Florence 
Luann Denlse Bablck — Pearl 
Michael J. Bablck — Pearl 
Bryan L. Bachelder — Clinton 
Shirley Prestrldge Bachman — Terry 
Sheila Renee Backstrom — Florence 
Donna Lisa Bacon Ashle — Brandon 
Elsie Elaine Bacon — Richland 
Lester Earl Bacon — Brandon 
Pamela Shay Baecher — Jackson 
James Edward Bagby — Vlcksburg 
Linda Lee Bagby — Vlcksburg 
Rose Mary Bagby — Vlcksburg 
Rosle Mae Baggett — Clinton 
Daphne Shows Bagley — Vlcksburg 
Julie Elizabeth Bagnall — Brandon 
Delbert Lafayette Bagwell — Vlcksburg 
Ginger Leigh Bagwell — Jackson 
John Michael Bagwell — Hazlehurst 
Ronnie Bagwell — Florence 
Brandon Scott Bailey — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Maurice Bailey — 

Christopher Michael Bailey — Jackson 
Cindy Jean Bailey — Terry 
Deborah Mitchell Bailey — Jackson 

294 / Directory 

Frank Alexander Bailey — Jackson 
James Paul Bailey — Jackson 
James William Bailey — Florence 
Jermalne Bailey — Jackson 
John Thomas Bailey — Clinton 
Klmberly Denlse Bailey — Jackson 
Linda Ray Bailey — Clinton 
Malcolm Vernon Bailey Jr. — Pattlson 
Mary Bailey — Jackson 
Medora Kathleen Bailey — Jackson 
Michael Holloway Bailey — Vlcksburg 
Millard Wesley Bailey III — Terry 
Paula Claire Bailey — Jackson 
Richard Scott Bailey — Terry 
Robert James Bailey — Clinton 
Roderick Oneal Bailey — Bolton 
Ronnie Lee Bailey — Vlcksburg 
Shana Lynn Bailey — Pearl 
Shannon Marie Bailey — Clinton 
Steven Ray Bailey — Vlcksburg 
Steven Wilson Bailey — Jackson 
Tracey Kathleen Bailey — Pearl 
William Edward Bailey — Morton 
William Randy Bailey — Jackson 
Betty Kay Bain Hayne — Brandon 
Pamela Ann Bain — Raymond 
Betty Magee Balrd — Jackson 
Dusttn Ray Balrfleld — Jackson 
Howard James Baity — Jackson 
Caroline Susan Bakarlch — Vlcksburg 
Bradley M Baker — Vlcksburg 
Clara A. Baker — Jackson 
Deborah May Baker — Vlcksburg 
Eddls Marie Baker — Pearl 
Elvis Mackey Baker Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Jesse Thomas Baker Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Ray Baker — Vlcksburg 
Krlstl Ellena Baker — Florence 
Larry G. Baker — Tupelo 
Leigh Anne Baker — Jackson 
Malcolm Ray Baker — Jackson 
Monica Lynn Baker — Brandon 
Phoebe Day Baker — Brandon 
Randell A. Baker — Jackson 
Robert Michael Baker — Jackson 
Robin Leigh Baker — Coldwater 
Tonya Laverne Baker — Jackson 
Klmberly A. Bakutls — Jackson 
Billy Dewayne Baldrldge — Vlcksburg 
Johnny R. Baldrldge — Vlcksburg 
Debra K Baldwin — Florence 
Mark Blaine Baldwin — Jackson 
Michael Douglas Baldwin — Pearl 
Patricia Ann Baldwin — Jackson 
Harold Thomas Bales — Jackson 
Stephen Eugene Baley — Jackson 
Elizabeth Anne Ball Delau — Jackson 
Haley Randolph Ball — Vlcksburg 
Henry L. Ball — Florence 
Scottle R. Ball — Jackson 
Tonya L. Ballance Davis — Jackson 
David Ashley Ballard — Clinton 
Guy Stephen Ballard — Terry 
Kenneth Ray Ballard — Jackson 
Mary Anne Ballard — Vlcksburg 
Robert Farrar Ballard Jr. — Clinton 
Sara Jane Ballard — Vlcksburg 
Vivian Anne Ballard Clark — Jackson 
Yvonne Ballard — Terry 
Betty Sue Balliet — Raleigh 
Bradford Scott Balousek — Jackson 
Brad L. Banes — Raymond 
Sandra Lynne Banes — Raymond 
Bessie M. Banger — Raymond 
Angela Michelle Banks — Jackson 
Edward Dwayne Banks — Lena 
Henry L. Banks — Pearl 
Henry Lee Banks — Vlcksburg 
Leo D. Banks — Jackson 
Lisa Hylander Banks — Brandon 
Paul Clayton Banks — Vlcksburg 
Stella Mae Banks — Pearl 
Teresa Lynnette Banks — Jackson 
Tracy Paulette Banks — Pinola 
Zarata Denlse Banks Mann — 

Brunei Tla Bankston — Clinton 
Daniel Chrlstophe Bankston — 

Dung Bao — Raymond 
April Gunter Barber — Vlcksburg 
Betty Joy Barber — Jackson 
Johnny Lee Barber — Vlcksburg 
David Mark Bardln — Jackson 
James Hutton Bardin — Bolton 
Henry Carl Barefleld — Clarksdale 
William David Barfleld — Clinton 
Dabney Deanne Barham — Brandon 
James Alton Barker III — Clinton 
Jeffery Glenn Barker — Terry 
Nadlne Gullett Barkley — Ripley 
Amy Coren Barlow — Star 
Amy Katherlne Barlow — Florence 
Catherine Wallace Barlow — Jackson 
Hollle Susanne Barlow — Harrlsville 
Krlstl Eden Barlow — Clinton 
Sandra M. Barlow — Vlcksburg 
Virginia Barlow — Brandon 
Shelly R. Barner — Jackson 
Albert Barnes — Vlcksburg 
Andrew Clayton Barnes — Vlcksburg 
Angle Marshall Barnes — Port Gibson 
Arlqulca Vernett Barnes — Columbia 
Elizabeth Ratcllff Barnes — Pearl 
Howard Russell Barnes — Terry 
Jacqueline Elaine Barnes — Clinton 
Jeanette Marie Barnes — Jackson 
Jonathan Brent Barnes — Terry 
Joseph Buchanan Barnes — Brandon 
Larry L. Barnes — Crystal Springs 

Latorla I. Barnes — Jackson 
Leevell Barnes — Mcndenhall 
Llllle B. Barnes — Hermanvlll 
Linda M. Barnes — Jackson 
Mark Dewayne Barnes — Lena 
Mary Fortenberry Barnes — Florence 
Monyette Barnes — Jackson 
Ronald K Barnes — Jackson 
Sarah E. Barnes — Jackson 
Teresa Marie Barnes — Vlcksburg 
Tonltla Frashaun Barnes — Jackson 
Wendy Lyne Barnes — Clinton 
Yvonne Patricia Barnes — Clinton 
Billy Jeffers Barnett — Vlcksburg 
John Michael Barnett — Brandon 
Kevin Devon Barnett — Clinton 
Robert Elbert Barnett — Raymond 
Sandra Warren Barnett — Jackson 
Steven Ray Barnett — Clinton 
Thomas L. Barnett — Jackson 
Chris Dewayne Barnette — Brandon 
Sandra Ellen Barnette — Jackson 
Rose Marie Barnum — Vlcksburg 
Reglna Marie Baroudy — Vlcksburg 
Guy Nolan Barr — Mcndenhall 
Joseph A. Barr — Brandon 
Melissa Michelle Barr — Clinton 
Stacle Elizabeth Barr — Jackson 
Steven L. Barr — Jackson 
Victoria Deshaye Barr — Brandon 
Stacy Lynn Barranco — Terry 
Angel C Barrentlne — Jackson 
Amy Donlce Barrett — Jackson 
Cliff E. Barrett — Jackson 
Deborah Arlene Barrett — Pattlson 
Edna Barrett — Utlca 
Janice Riley Barrett — Jackson 
Larry Dean Barrett — Pattlson 
Mary Ann Barrett — Pelahatchle 
Mary Louise Barrett — Florence 
Nancy Adcock Barrett — Clinton 
Pamela Ann Barrett — Brandon 
Robert Joseph Barrett — Jackson 
Lonnle K. Barrier — Jackson 
Edward August Barrlleaux — Brandon 
Sharon Renee Barry — Terry 
Eddie A. Barthel — Jackson 
Sister Lucita Barthes — Vlcksburg 
Barbara James Bartlett — Vlcksburg 
Donald Maurice Bartlett — Jackson 
David N. Bartley — Clinton 
Angela Barton — Brandon 
Bret Nlcklaus Barton — Jackson 
Rosemary Williams Barton — Jackson 
Randall Lee Basham — Amory 
Betty Joyce Bass Mosle — Florence 
Brenda Gordon Bass — Terry 
Cathy Ford Bass — Vlcksburg 
Danny M. Bass — Vlcksburg 
Kevin Jesse Bass — Vlcksburg 
Linda Ann Bass — Jackson 
Mary Lee Bass — Vlcksburg 
Pearly W. Bass — Pelahatchle 
Robert Earl Bass Jr. — Bassfield 
Tim R. Bass — Pearl 
Walterlne Bass — Jackson 
Frankey Lee Bassett — Crystal Springs 
Gary Hansford Bassett — Jackson 
Robert Todd Bassett — Brandon 
Thomas Victor Batchelor — Vlcksburg 
Arthur Steven Bates — Jackson 
Dana Michelle Bates — Morton 
Darryll Douglas Bates — Richland 
Debra Magnolia Bates — Sallls 
Elizabeth Kristlne Bates — Brandon 
Ethel C. Bates — Terry 
Faith Kate Bates — Jackson 
Janet Elaine Bates Blair — Brandon 
John Thomas Bates — Florence 
Klmberly Christine Bates — Jackson 
Lynette G. Bates — Florence 
Nancy Carol Bates Nlcho — Raymond 
Shonda Lynn Bates — Brandon 
Michelle Renee Batla — Brandon 
Calvin Herbert Batson — Jackson 
Christy Laurie Batte — Forest 
Lucy C. Batte — Jackson 
Curtis Adell Battle — Jackson 
Minnie Battle — Utlca 
Tracey L. Battle — Jackson 
Willie Steen Battle Ellis — Flora 
Alice P. Batton — Jackson 
Christopher Shane Batton — Jackson 
Kymberly Agatha Batton — Pearl 
Ruby Pope Batton — Mendenhall 
Sonla Delane Batton — Mendenhall 
Summer Lynne Batton — Clinton 
James Andre Batts — Jefferson City 
Robert Edward Baugh — Jackson 
Mary Bounds Baughn — Jackson 
Jean Chevalier Baugnon — Star 
Milton B. Baxter Jr. — Pearl 
Zandra Suttle Baxter — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Baylls — Jackson 
James Thomas Baylot — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Marc Baylot — Vlcksburg 
Margaret Given Baylot — Vlcksburg 
Tommle Townsend Baylot — Vlcksburg 
Janls F. Beach — Vlcksburg 
Joyce Ann Beacham — Vlcksburg 
Rena R. Beal Davis — Jackson 
Reella Jones Beale — Jackson 
Jeanett Bealer — Jackson 
Angela Chevette Beals — Jackson 
Gloria Beamon — Jackson 
Sheila Ann Beamon — Lena 
Walter Beamon — Vlcksburg 
Michael Norman Bean — Jackson 
Donald Glen Beard — Vlcksburg 
Margaret Suzanne Beard — Brandon 

Sherry Dlanne Beard — Jackson 
Stace G. Beard — Carthage 
Thomas K. Beard — Vlcksburg 
H. David Bearden — Clinton 
Reglna Gall Bearden — Isola 
Stacey Genlne Bearden — Pattlson 
Patricia Ann Beary Easte — Clinton 
Anthony II. Beasley — Jackson 
Brenda Beasley — Jackson 
Candlce Angela Beasley — Ridgeland 
Cheryl A. Beasley — Utlca 
Dana Ohara Beasley — Jackson 
Garland Booth Beasley — Madison 
Sharon D. Beasley — Jackson 
Lester Russell Beatty — Morton 
J. Lynne Beaty — Brandon 
Mike Ryan Beauman — Vlcksburg 
Jane Ann Eieauregard — Clinton 
Adrian Brent Beazley — Crystal 

Anthony Reed Beazley — Jackson 
Dangelo L. Bebley — Meridian 
Charles Albers Beck — Greenville 
Jonathan Warren Beck — Jackson 
Janna Marnesse Becker — Jackson 
Mary Helen Becker — Ridgeland 
Phillip Urban Becker — Madison 
Darlene L. Beckham — Pearl 
Kerl Jenenne Beckham — McCool 
Wanda Michelle Beckham — McCool 
Jason Daniel Beckler — Brandon 
Marlon Shay Beckley — Jackson 
Barry Reed Bedells — Ridgeland 
Thomas Michael Bedgood — Vlcksburg 
Frederick S. Beecham — Edwards 
Karon Anne Beeman — Brandon 
Sharon Kaye Beeman — Brandon 
Deborah Wllkerson Beemon — Morton 
Laura Belser — Vlcksburg 
Kathy Marl Belk — Brandon 
Bruce W Belknap — Edwards 
Andrea Leigh Bell — Vlcksburg 
Charleane Elizabeth Bell — Clinton 
Charles Edager Bell — Clinton 
Christopher Robert Bell — Jackson 
Craig William Bell — Flowood 
Damlan Labot Bell — Jackson 
Estella Marie Bell — Jackson 
Gene A. Bell — Jackson 
Geoffrey Bennett Bell — Clinton 
Henry Bell Jr. — Jackson 
Jacqueline Grant Bell — Jackson 
Jane Delynn Bell — Starkvllle 
Jeanette R. Bell — Jackson 
Jerome Bell — Clinton 
Jerry Bell — Clinton 
Kendra Patrice Bell — Jackson 
Lavancler Antronette Bell — Jackson 
Lonzel Bell Jr. — Jackson 
Margaret Ann Bell — Bolton 
Mary A. Bell — Jackson 
Monica N. Bell — West Point 
Nicole Bell — Jackson 
Patricia Boyd Bell — Vlcksburg 
Rachel Lynn Bell — Jackson 
Robert T. Bell — Vlcksburg 
Ruth C. Bell — Jackson 
Sandra Kay Bell — Vlcksburg 
Sherry Dlanne Bell — Pelahatchle 
Silvia Gall Bell — Jackson 
Thomas Alvin Bell — Jackson 
Vivian Smith Bell — Jackson 
William J. Bell Jr. — Ridgeland 
Yolanda Yvette Bell — Jackson 
Tommy C. Bellls — Raymond 
Debbie Ann Benford — Jackson 
Keith Benford — Jackson 
Monica Ann Bennear — Pearl 
Aubrey Wade Bennett — Jackson 
Bernard Bennett — Jackson 
Carol Diane Bennett Tagho — Florence 
Daniel Bruce Bennett — Jackson 
Darron Bennett — Jackson 
Evelyn Smith Bennett — Jackson 
Janice Robinson Bennett — Vlcksburg 
Jerry Wayne Bennett — Pelahatchle 
Karen Lanett Bennett — Philadelphia 
Kattle D. Bennett — Raymond 
Kenny E. Bennett — Pelahatchle 
Klmberly Cantrell Bennett — Jackson 
Ledla Denlse Bennett — Braxton 
Margaret Oranell Bennett — Jackson 
Melissa Reglna Bennett — Jackson 
Michael Wade Bennett — Philadelphia 
Nancy Louise Bennett — Canton 
Richard Davis Bennett Jr. — Jackson 
Stacy R. Bennett Johns — Jackson 
Stephanie H. Bennett — Jackson 
Tanya Renee Bennett — Jackson 
Teresa Klrkland Bennett — Brandon 
Thomas James Bennett — Jackson 
Adrena Denlse Benson — Crystal 

Doris Jean Benson — Jackson 
Gerl Benson — Pearl 
Mary Lou Benson — Jackson 
Ulanda Renee Benson — Crystal 

James Christopher Bentley — 

Carol Yvonne Benton — Florence 
Dorothy Benton — Jackson 
Shyrell Denlse Benton — Vlcksburg 
Virginia Mollnarl Benton — Jackson 
Beverly Nolan Bentz — Jackson 
Randall Wayne Bentz — Jackson 
Brian Derek Berch — Pearl 
Troy Lebert Bergeron — Ridgeland 
Robert David Berrong — Raymond 
Angela Denlse Berry — Bentonla 

Annie Joyce Berry Ray — Port Gibson 
Carolyn Denlse Berry — Jackson 
Christopher Darnell Berry — Port 

David Myers Berry — Prentiss 
David Russell Berry — Jackson 
George Chris Berry — Clinton 
Jeannette A. Berry — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Susanne Berry — Crystal 

Joan E. Berry Koon — Jackson 
John D Berry — Jackson 
Ken Spencer Berry — Raymond 
Kenneth W. Berry — Jackson 
Kurt S. Berry — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Berry — Pearl 
Lucretla B. Berry — Jackson 
Marilyn Robertson Berry — Jackson 
Michael Shane Berry — Pearl 
Robert Ray Berry — Jackson 
Shana Ann Berry — New Hebron 
Stephanie Marie Berry — Clinton 
Tammy Lynn Berry — Braxton 
Elsie Berryhlll — Jackson 
Theresa Bounds Berryman — 

Mellnda Oliver Besonette — Jackson 
Lynn Bessonette — Vlcksburg 
Charles Edwards Bester — Ridgeland 
Ruffus D. Bester — Bessemer 
Gretchen Marie Bethany — Jackson 
Reagan M. Bethany — Florence 
Christopher Lee Bethay — Brandon 
Michael Lamar Bethea — Jackson 
Sharon Tlnney Bethea — Tallulah 
Robert Kendrlck Bethely — Natchez 
Alfred Sllva Bettencourt — Brandon 
Pamela K. Bettencourt — Vlcksburg 
Laureen Bettls — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Betts — Jackson 
Irma Renlta Beverly — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Undrea Beverly — Pearl 
David Wayne Bevlll — Jackson 
Bobble Jean Bezzard — Vlcksburg 
Guy Land Bezzeard — Vlcksburg 
Jackie A. Bhagat — Jackson 
Dominic Michael Blanchl — Horn Lake 
Helen Suzanne Bicker — Raymond 
M. Marleen Blckford — Vlcksburg 
Patra Denlse Blckham — McComb 
Anthony Dwayne Biddy — Jackson 
Brent Shaw Bledenharn — Vlcksburg 
Herman Henry Bledenharn — 

Angela Swlney Bierdeman — Flora 
Jeff L. Blerman — Morton 
Melissa D. Blgby Woods — Ridgeland 
Charlie Biggins Jr. — Memphis 
Leslie Suzanne Biggs — Monroe 
Christopher Lawren Bllbrew — Canton 
Darvll Bllbro — Pearl 
Edna Coleman Bllbro — Ridgeland 
Katherlne McCaleb Bllbro — Port 

Yolanda J. Bllbro — Brandon 
Kathy Covington Billings — Clinton 
Blanche S. Bllllngslea — Port Gibson 
Adam Mlcah Binder — Raymond 
Andrea Caryn Bingham — Jackson 
Belverla Minor Bingham — Jackson 
C. Rex Bingham — Vlcksburg 
Grant Allen Bingham — Terry 
Linda Bingham — Florence 
Nltketia Bingham — Jackson 
Tracey Mandell Bingham — Jackson 
Christopher David Birch — Vlcksburg 
Mark Aaron Blrchett — Vlcksburg 
Jon Pennebaker Blrdsong — Edwards 
Cassandra Mack Bishop — Edwards 
Cynthia Leigh Bishop — Vlcksburg 
James Gordon Bishop — Pearl 
John R. Bishop — Jackson 
Kelvin Franklin Bishop — Clinton 
Lauren Kay Bishop — Clinton 
Melissa Ann Bishop — Richland 
Polly Lee Bishop — Jackson 
Rhonda McLeod Bishop — Vlcksburg 
Laura Suellyn Blvlns — Clinton 
Stephen Michael Blzzarrl — Jackson 
Betty S. Black — Vlcksburg 
Jo Carol Black — Jackson 
Julia Ashley Black — Jackson 
Lee Meriwether Black Thurm — 

Melissa Derden Black — Brandon 
Terry James Black — Sharon 
David Blackledge — Vlcksburg 
Betty Sue Blackman — Florence 
Bobby James Blackmon — Madison 
Bertha Dlann Blackmore — Vlcksburg 
Deborah A. Blackwell — Pearl 
Glna Suzanne Blackwell — Florence 
Laurie K. Blackwell — Crystal Springs 
Linda Griffin Blackwell — Jackson 
Oulda Purl Blackwell — Brandon 
Paula Delane Blackwell — Vlcksburg 
Robert L. Blackwell — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Lee Blackwell — Brandon 
Cynthia Annette Blaine — Richland 
Rob G. Blaine — Jackson 
Ann Salvo Blair — Jackson 
Darrell Deaundra Blair — Canton 
Michael Lamar Blair — Jackson 
Paula Beech Blair — Braxton 
Samanatha Lynne Blair — Florence 
Angela Dyane Blake — Brandon 
Brett Anderson Blake — Jackson 
Maria Rachelle Blake — Jackson 
Randy Earl Blake — Vlcksburg 
Jacqulyn Darlene Blakely — Jackson 

Directory / 295 

Margaret Ann Blakely — Clinton 
Bruce Dale Blakeney — Jackson 
Carla Jean Blakeney — Jackson 
Cynthia Luckett Blakeney — Terry 
Deborah Kay Blakeney — Jackson 
John Larry Blakeney — Pearl 
Pam Hall Blakeney — Flowood 
Yolanda Metrelle Blanche — Bentonla 
Pamela G. Bland — Rldgeland 
Rodney D. Bland — Forest 
Tina Louise Bland — Utlca 
Brett Lynn Blankenshlp — Vlcksburg 
Kellle Joann Blankenshlp — Clinton 
Mlchele Kathle Blankenshlp — 

Bob David Blanks — Jackson 
Gregerlck Antonio Blanks — Jackson 
Nancy Womack Blanks — Jackson 
Robert Cater Blanks — Jackson 
Angy Dawn Blanton — Brandon 
Sheila S. Blanton Robin — Clinton 
Thomas Darrell Blanton — Jackson 
Philip Roger Blaylock — Clinton 
Steven Michael Blaylock — Clinton 
Derrick Andre Bledsoe — Brookhaven 
Gerldlne O. Bledsoe — Pearl 
Christopher Len Blevlns — Pearl 
Karen Kaye Blew — Brandon 
Aaron Paul Bliss — Edwards 
Scott Michael Bliss — Vlcksburg 
Violet Strahan Bliss — Vlcksburg 
Walter Franklin Bliss — Vlcksburg 
Magnus Per Bllxt Benja — Raymond 
Phylls A. Block Kenda — Clinton 
Pat G. Blocker — Crystal Springs 
Willie Mae Blocker Johns — Crystal 

Michael L. Blount — Braxton 
Shirley Marie Blount — Canton 
Danny Earl Blue — Hollandale 
Pamela Rochelle Boatman — Pearl 
Louis E. Bobb — Vlcksburg 
Felicia Lynette Bobbett — Union 
Henry Lee Bobby — Jackson 
Jeffery Lynn Bodouln — Brandon 
Flecla Andranette Body — Carthage 
Ethel P. Boga — Holly Springs 
Robert Jerald Bogan — Hazelhurst 
John Edward Boggan — Flowood 
Richard William Boggan — Jackson 
William Ashler Boggan — Vlcksburg 
Catherine Cox Bokros — Jackson 
Michelle Darlene Boland — Braxton 
Patricia Renee Bold — Jackson 
Pamela Ann Bolden — Jackson 
Patrlch Ann Bolden — Jackson 
Stephanie Faye Bolden — Jackson 
Ventres Devon Bolden — Jackson 
Mary S. Bolela — Jackson 
John R. Boler — Vlcksburg 
Michael Boler — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Willis Bolls — Vlcksburg 
Judy Lynn Bolls — Brandon 
Margaret F. Bolls — Vlcksburg 
Pamela A. Bolls — Brandon 
Russell Clyde Bolton — Jackson 
Galen E. Bond — Picayune 
Lee S. Bond — Winona 
Klmberiy Dawn Bondle — Jackson 
Michael Farr Bonds — Brandon 
Vicky Dezlne Bonds — Summit 
Lisa Ladonlce Bone — Florence 
Daniel Thomas Boney — Raymond 
Lydla Vonghett Boney — Hattlesburg 
William Curtis Boney — Terry 
Daniel R. Bonner — Vlcksburg 
Heatherly Ann Bonner — Vlcksburg 
Karen Melton Bonner — Raymond 
Linda Faye Bonner — Jackson 
Lynda Lewis Bonner — Bolton 
Andrew Nicholas Booker — Jackson 
Charles Lee Booker — Brandon 
Lawrence Booker — Jackson 
Margie Carol Booker — Brandon 
Stephen Alan Booker — New Augusta 
David Joe Boolos — Vlcksburg 
James Mike Boolos — Clinton 
Brad Lavern Boone — Jackson 
Carlette Sanders Boone — Jackson 
Charles Roger Boone — Florence 
Christopher Gerald Boone — 

Lee Boone — Brandon 
Lavonne R. Boose — Bentonla 
Cella D. Booth Gray — Jackson 
Joseph Stephen Booth — Pearl 
Laurie Elaine Booth — Jackson 
Rachel Christine Booth — Clinton 
Sam Dudley Booth Jr. — Jackson 
Tara Marguerltte Booth — Jackson 
Vernarde Reber Boothe — Jackson 
Mary Hebert Booty — Madison 
Shirley Booze — Canton 
Dorl Jana Bordelon — Vlcksburg 
Joey Bordelon — Vlcksburg 
Ann McCartney Bortz — Vlcksburg 
Michael Allen Bosma — Jackson 
Michael Paul Bostlc — Jackson 
Janet Moss Boswell — Madison 
Karen McLendon Bottln — Vlcksburg 
Sheila V. Bouchlllon — Clinton 
Kenneth D. Boule — Hazelhurst 
Linda Diane Bouldln — Jackson 
Denlse Tucker Bounds — Brandon 
James Ward Bounds — Raleigh 
Judy Dlanne Bounds — Jackson 
Matthew Kevin Bounds — Clinton 
Reglna Wolf Bounds — Florence 
Ronnie Edward Bounds — Vlcksburg 
Steve Felix Bounds — Vlcksburg 

Tonya Marie Bounds — Pearl 
Gregg William Bourbon — Jackson 
Freda G. Bourgeois — Vlcksburg 
Ken E. Boutwell — Jackson 
John Austin Bowden II — Rldgeland 
Angela Jean Bowen — Jackson 
Gearld L. Bowen — Flora 
James G. Bowen — Jackson 
Jimmy Stacey Bowen — Clinton 
Donna Lee Bowers — Vlcksburg 
Dwayne Lawrence Bowie — Jackson 
Shanna Rene Bowie — Brandon 
Debbie Bowles — Brandon 
Gilbert Daniel Bowlln — Vlcksburg 
David Bryce Bowling — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Bowman — Raymond 
Denlce Darcel Bowman — Vlcksburg 
Hal Zhean Bowman — Rldgeland 
John R Bowman Jr — Cleveland 
Jonathan Bowman — Raymond 
Larry Emerson Bowman Jr. — Clinton 
Pearl Antwlne Bowman — Vlcksburg 
Rosle T. Bowman — Tallulah 
Vickie Lynette Bowman — Pearl 
Yvonne Annette Bowman — Jackson 
Chrlstl Jo Box — Jackson 
Mlstl Jo Box — Madison 
Robin Michelle Box — Pearl 
James Michael Boyanton — Richland 
Lisa Annette Boyanton — Plnola 
Tonya Carol Boyanton — Jackson 
Alma R. Boyd — Vlcksburg 
Bonnie R. Boyd — Vlcksburg 
David Philip Boyd — Sandhill 
Dawn Martina Boyd — Brandon 
Dena Ann Boyd — Brandon 
Edwin Wayne Boyd — Rldgeland 
Frank Ashley Boyd — Utlca 
James M. Boyd — Vlcksburg 
Janice Blggers Boyd — Jackson 
Jimmy Latrell Boyd — Clinton 
Katherlne Lynne Boyd — Jackson 
Lonnle Joseph Boyd — Rolling Fork 
Martin T. Boyd — Vlcksburg 
Paul Wayne Boyd Jr. — Jackson 
Penny Sykes Boyd — Jackson 
Suzann Michelle Boyd — Vlcksburg 
Terrl Doyle Boyd — Jackson 
Veronica Sheryl Boyd — Jackson 
Victor L. Boyd — Plney Woods 
Wendy Diana Boyd — Florence 
Danlele Celeste Boyer — Jackson 
Blllle Williams Boyette — Kosciusko 
Benjamin William Boykin — Jackson 
Charles Eugene Boykin — Clinton 
Denlse A. Boykin — Brandon 
Jeffrey Woodard Boykin — Carthage 
Kelly Caraway Boykin — Clinton 
Penny Wynette Boykin — Forest 
Stacy L. Boykin — Terry 
Alfonzo B. Boyklns — Jackson 
Lesley Danielle Boyle — Vlcksburg 
Rosle Hearn Boyle — Vlcksburg 
Willie Taylor Boyles — Jackson 
Curtis L. Boyte — Mendenhall 
Lisa Laverne Bozeman — Hazlehurst 
Patsy Nell Bozeman — Flora 
Theodore Bozeman — Jackson 
Michael David Braband — Jackson 
Christopher M. Bracewell — Jackson 
Anthony Keith Bracey — Jackson 
Charlene Bracey — Jackson 
Charles Bracey — Jackson 
Frances Beverly Bracey — Jackson 
Jewel Butler Bracey — Jackson 
Marie Funches Bracey — Jackson 
Marty M. Bracey — Bolton 
Patrick Fitzgerald Bracey — Raymond 
Steve Bracey — Vlcksburg 
Sheena Marlene Brackeen — 

John Michael Brackln — Florence 
Shirley Ann Bracy — Jackson 
Shirley Mae Bracy — Jackson 
Beverly Ann Braden — Jackson 
Gerald Bernard Bradfield — Jackson 
Billy Ray Bradford — Pelahatchle 
Carol Lynn Bradford — Pelahatchle 
Clara Mac Bradford Dyess — Jackson 
Lahoma Bradford — Raymond 
Benjamin Bradley — Jackson 
Carmen Monlque Bradley — Jackson 
Connie Sue Bradley — Madison 
Deborah Michelle Bradley — Jackson 
Deena Yvette Bradley — Terry 
Gene Lawrence Bradley — Pearl 
Greg Dwlght Bradley — Terry 
Kathleen R. Bradley Stepa — Jackson 
Melissa Maxlne Bradley — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Lee Bradley — Jackson 
Eugenie Ann Bradshaw — Jackson 
James K. Bradshaw — Florence 
Spencer D Bradshaw — Pearl 
Stacy Elizabeth Bradshaw — Vlcksburg 
John S. Bradway — Vlcksburg 
Cleve Daniel Brady — Jackson 
Johnny Quitman Brady — Kosciusko 
Stacle Lynn Brady — Pearl 
Virginia Brltt Brady — Jackson 
Annie A. Brakefleld — Jackson 
Pamela Diane Brakefleld — Jackson 
Spencer A. Brakefleld — Jackson 
James David Bramlett — Florence 
Reglna Dale Bramlett — Raymond 
Ronald Cary Branan — Vlcksburg 
Cammle Lee Branch — Vlcksburg 
Delores Branch — Vlcksburg 
Llla L. Branch — Vlcksburg 
John Andrew Branclere — Vlcksburg 
Catherine G. Brand — Raymond 

Arthur J. Brandon — Port Gibson 
Karyn White Brannan — Brandon 
Wanda Drake Branson — Jackson 
Amy Brantley — Clinton 
Carl Lee Brantley — Jackson 
Charlie Brantley — Bolton 
Cynthia Kay Brantley — Carthage 
Gilbert Wayne Brantley Jr — Jackson 
James E. Brantley — Jackson 
Karen Denlse Brantley — Jackson 
Karen Renee Brantley — Clinton 
Klmberiy Diane Brantley — Jackson 
David Morgan Brasell — Thomasvllle 
James Arthur Brasell — Gulfport 
Cathy Greenlee Braswell — Vlcksburg 
Ladonna Braswell — Jackson 
Nessa Jean Braswell — Belzoni 
Donald Dennis Bratcher — Florence 
Carolyn Delores Bratton — Jackson 
R A. Braxton — Jackson 
Robert Edward Braxton — Valley Park 
Bonnie N. Bray — Pelahatchle 
Thomas Eugene Breaux — Jackson 
Betty Fay Breazeale — Crystal Springs 
Tracy Ann Breazeale — Belzoni 
Donald Ray Breckenridge — Jackson 
Greg E. Breeden — Vlcksburg 
John Joseph Breeden — Jackson 
Tracy Anne Breeden — Vlcksburg 
Jeffrey Joseph Breedlove — Florence 
Sherry A. Breedlove — Pearl 
Brian Craig Breithaupt — Vlcksburg 
Jerri Michele Breland — Clinton 
Phyllis Lynette Breland — Vlcksburg 
Sidney Bruce Breland — Richland 
Andrea Antoinette Brent — Jackson 
Gladys Mae Brent — Vlcksburg 
John Preston Brent — Crystal Springs 
Suzle Faye Brent — Jackson 
Tommte Deshun Brent — Jackson 
Carole Sltzmann Brewer — Raymond 
Carolyn Moffett Brewer — Vlcksburg 
David A. Brewer — Vlcksburg 
Debbie E Brewer — Pearl 
Janice Wells Brewer — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer llene Brewer — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Leigh Brewer — Rldgeland 
Joyce Ann Brewer Grant — Edwards 
Michelle Lee Brewer — Crystal Springs 
Stephanie Rachelle Brewer — Madison 
Susan Lott Brewer — Brandon 
Teresa Brewer — Braxton 
Bobby Lee Brewton — Jackson 
Ramona Rene Brldgers — Terry 
Brian Wallace Bridges — Jackson 
Elander Wilson Bridges — Jackson 
Gayle Bowlln Bridges — Jackson 
James David Bridges — Pearl 
Jennifer Lea Bridges — Rldgeland 
John Chad Bridges — Prentiss 
Kathryn Elizabeth Bridges — 

Linda Jones Bridges — Jackson 
Pamela Joy Bridges — Vlcksburg 
Petrlce D. Bridges — Plnola 
Wesley Keith Bridges — Vlcksburg 
Jamesa Fair Brlggs — Clinton 
Jacqueline M Brinson — Jackson 
Kate A. Brinson — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth V. Brlnston — Jackson 
Yolanda Reglna Brlnston — Jackson 
Linda Blackmore Brlsco — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Lyndell Brlsco — Jackson 
Angela Michelle Brlster — Brandon 
Brad Gilbert Brlster — Jackson 
Dana Leigh Brlster — Brandon 
Faye Brlster — Jackson 
Johnnie Mae Brlster — Jackson 
Shannon Re Brlster — Terry 
Tracl Ellse Brlster — Pearl 
William Clinton Brlster Jr. — Redwood 
Beverly Yarbrough Brltt — Brandon 
Harry William Brltt III — Brandon 
Steve Lamar Brltt — Clinton 
Greenla P. Britton — Jackson 
Michael Leon Britton — Redwood 
Nathan Carlos Britton — Flora 
Wendy Gale Britton — Jackson 
Elke Brluer — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Marie Broach — Jackson 
Donald K. Broadhead — Pearl 
Eugene Broadwater — Florence 
Joel Steven Broadwater — Terry 
Norma Dell Broadway — Jackson 
Amy Ray Brock — Crystal Springs 
Ashley Faulk Brock — Clinton 
Brian Keith Brock — Pearl 
Linda L. Brock — Raymond 
Sharon Louise Brock — Jackson 
Veronica Ann Brocklngton — Jackson 
Shallnda Reneece Brocks — Jackson 
Joy Renfro Brogdon — Vlcksburg 
Jeffrey Conley Broocks — Brandon 
Claude Ray Brooks — Vlcksburg 
David Shane Brooks — Jackson 
Diana L. Brooks — Vlcksburg 
Earnest E. Brooks — Flora 
Earnest Earl Brooks — Flora 
Jeanlne Jacob Brooks — Brandon 
Jtmmle Ray Brooks — Vlcksburg 
Jimmy G. Brooks — Vlcksburg 
L. Ray Brooks — Vlcksburg 
Latrlsha Lavel Brooks — Canton 
Mary Etta Brooks — Clinton 
Michael Jerome Brooks — Flora 
Phyllis K. Brooks — Terry 
Rebecca M. Brooks — Vlcksburg 
Rose Anne Brooks — Jackson 
Sheletha Denlse Brooks — Bolton 
Sue L. Brooks — Raymond 

Wendl Elizabeth Brooks — Vlcksburg 
Cathy B. Broome — Clinton 
Michael Broome — Bolton 
Richard A. Broome — Jackson 
Teresa Diane Broome — Raymond 
Shirley Harris Broomfleld — Silver City 
Christina Lyn Brosam — Jackson 
Bettye M. Broughton — Utlca 
Edwin Alan Broussard — Raymond 
Glenda Gall Broussard — Lafayette 
Shannon Carole Broussard — Jackson 
Albert Brown Jr. — Jackson 
Alice Marie Brown — Crystal Springs 
Alicia Nlcols Brown — Jackson 
Allsla Jeanean Brown — Florence 
Allison Paige Brown — Florence 
Amanda Gail Brown — Mendenhall 
Andre A Brown Ruby — Pearl 
Angela Lynn Brown — Brandon 
Annette Glover Brown — Jackson 
Anthony Lance Brown — Brandon 
Armando Lydell Brown — Jackson 
Barbara A. Brown — Jackson 
Barbara Moore Brown — Jackson 
Barry Devonne Brown — Terry 
Brenda Taylor Brown — Star 
Burrell Newberry Brown — Vlcksburg 
Camlel L. Brown — Canton 
Carolyn Mary Brown Botel — Jackson 
Cassandra E. Brown — Canton 
Cassandra Rachelle Brown — 

Charles Clayton Brown — Vlcksburg 
Charley Ann Brown — Jackson 
Christian Dion Brown — Jackson 
Christopher Wayne Brown — Jackson 
Christy L. Brown — Magee 
Claudia Michelle Brown — Maben 
Cleophus Brown — Vlcksburg 
Curtis D. Brown — Jackson 
Dana Kay Brown — Crystal Springs 
Darryl Dewayne Brown — Jackson 
David M. Brown — Pearl 
Debbie Brown — Cary 
Deborah Gayle Brown — Clinton 
Debra Prewltt Brown — Jackson 
Desrla Lea Brown — Vlcksburg 
Dixie Gunn Brown — Brandon 
Doris Leatta Brown — Vlcksburg 
Dorothy Martin Brown — Vlcksburg 
Dwayne Brown — Jackson 
Dwlght Denard Brown — Brandon 
Eddie Brown — Vlcksburg 
Eddie L. Brown — Canton 
Felice Annette Brown Hlnes — Jackson 
Frances Yvonne Brown — Jackson 
Freddie Lea Brown — Jackson 
Gall Lashun Brown — Canton 
George L. Brown — Duck Hill 
Gladys Woodard Brown — Jackson 
Gregory Darrell Brown — Vlcksburg 
Gwen Ellis Brown — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Faye Brown — Utlca 
Helen Brown — Vlcksburg 
Irene Brown — Jackson 
Isadora Lovltt Brown — Jackson 
Jacqueline Brown — Jackson 
Jacqueline Renlce Brown — Pickens 
James Cooper Brown — Jackson 
James Howard Brown — Pearl 
Janice L. Brown — Vlcksburg 
Jason Scott Brown — Vlcksburg 
Jay A. Brown — Clinton 
Jeanette D. Brown — Jackson 
Jeannlne Hazlett Brown — Vlcksburg 
Jeffrey Allen Brown — Richland 
Jennifer Janel Brown — Jackson 
Joel Ray Brown — Jackson 
John Walter Brown — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Michael Brown — Magee 
Karen Krueger Brown — Vlcksburg 
Kelly Essary Brown — Wesson 
Kevin Michael Brown — Brandon 
Kevin Todd Brown — Vlcksburg 
Klmberiy Lynn Brown — Mt. Olive 
Klein Blrchett Brown — Vlcksburg 
Krlsta Eady Brown — Jackson 
Leigh Anne Brown — Jackson 
Linda Marie Brown — Vlcksburg 
Linda Sue Brown — Jackson 
Lisa Llnette Brown — Clinton 
Lollta Williams Brown — Jackson 
Lynda Carol Brown — Port Gibson 
Marcus Ray Brown — Jackson 
Marie P. Brown — Houston 
Marrlel L. Brown — Jackson 
Martha Jan Brown — Lena 
Mary Elizabeth Brown — Canton 
Mary L. Brown — Jackson 
Mary Margaret Brown — New Orleans 
Melanle Christine Brown — Pearl 
Michael Antonio Brown — Vlcksburg 
Michael David Brown — Clinton 
Michael Dewess Brown — Vlcksburg 
Mlllssa Shanee Brown — Prentiss 
Monna Renee Brown — Pearl 
Nathan Forrest Brown — Braxton 
Pamela Denlse Brown — Vlcksburg 
Patrick Royce Brown — Brandon 
Paul Dennis Brown — Pearl 
Paul Thomas Brown — Jackson 
Peggy Sumrall Brown — Vlcksburg 
Raymond D. Brown — Jackson 
Raymond Brown Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Rebecca Anne Brown — Vlcksburg 
Robin Lynn Brown — Jackson 
Rodgers Brown — Jackson 
Ronald Brown — Alexandria 
Ronnie Keith Brown — Brandon 
Rosle Cooper Brown — Vlcksburg 

Rosle Lu Brown — Vlcksburg 
Samantha Renette Brown — Jackson 
Sammle Brown — Vlcksburg 
Samuel Shane Brown — Jackson 
Sandra Darlene Brown — Jackson 
Sandrla Brown — Vlcksburg 
Scott Harrison Brown — Yazoo City 
Sharon Denlce Brown — Jackson 
Sheklta Lafaye Brown — Jackson 
Sheila Deshun Brown — Utlca 
Shirley Rena Brown — Vlcksburg 
Sonla Annette Brown — Jackson 
Stacy Ann Brown — Vlcksburg 
Steven Brown — Clinton 
Steven Alan Brown — Raymond 
Steven Hamilton Brown — Baton Rouge 
Susan Burgess Brown — Madison 
Susan Burnham Brown — Jackson 
Sylvia Jean Brown — Vlcksburg 
Tammy Denlse Brown — Vlcksburg 
Tammy Terrell Brown — Canton 
Tara Andranane Brown — Jackson 
Tarsha Bonee Brown — Vlcksburg 
Teresa A Brown — Rolling Fork 
Terrl Lynn Brown — Crystal Springs 
Thomas Joseph Brown — Jackson 
Tina M. Brown — Mendenhall 
Toya Caston Brown — Jackson 
Tracey Leigh Brown — Pearl 
Tysela Falesha Brown — Jackson 
Vanessa Kaye Brown — Jackson 
Virginia Brown — Jackson 
Warren D. Brown — Vlcksburg 
Willie Derrick Brown — Jackson 
Winifred Brown — Jackson 
Barry Leon Browning — Clinton 
Basil Leon Browning — Clinton 
Lyndell Scott Browning — Jackson 
Gave Klllebrew Broyles — Jackson 
Bonny Backstrom Bruce — Vlcksburg 
Kevin Lee Bruce — Edwards 
Susannah Bruce — Pearl 
Teresa Dawn Bruce — Flowood 
Allsa Kay Bruchman — Vlcksburg 
Brian Keith Brumfield — Clinton 
Burlene Brumfield — Jackson 
Carolyn Louise Brumfield — Jackson 
Gall Lynn Brumfield — McComb 
Jennifer Marie Brumfield — Magnolia 
Thaddlus Brumfield — Kentwood 
Tyna S. Brumfield — McComb 
Willie Albert Brumfield — Tylertown 
Barbara J. Brunson Grego — Silver 

Eugene Anthony Brunson — Jackson 
Julie Katherlne Brunson — Raymond 
Barbara Denlse Bryan — Canton 
Charles H. Bryan — Clinton 
Cynthia Wooley Bryan — Vlcksburg 
Eldrldge Leon Bryan — Vlcksburg 
Eldridge Leon Bryan II — Vlcksburg 
Kimberly Sue Bryan — Brandon 
Leah Katherlne Bryan — Vlcksburg 
Anita Kaye Bryant — Brandon 
Anthony Ray Bryant — Jackson 
Audrey Denlse Bryant — Jackson 
Authur Thomas Bryant Jr. — Brandon 
Barbara Bryant — Vlcksburg 
Billy Wayne Bryant — Edwards 
Clint Dewltt Bryant — Vlcksburg 
Dale Bryant — Brandon 
Deborah Morrow Bryant — Brandon 
Eddie B. Bryant — Vlcksburg 
F. Yvonne Bryant — Vlcksburg 
Gall Rene Bryant — Terry 
James Timothy Bryant — Clinton 
Julie Diane Bryant — Plnola 
Karon J. Bryant Willi — Florence 
Kelly Denlse Bryant — Clinton 
Kenneth Martelle Bryant — Jackson 
Kevin L. Bryant — Terry 
Kyle Edward Bryant — Monroe 
Larry Dwayne Bryant — Vlcksburg 
Leon Bryant Jr. — Jackson 
Lisa Renee Bryant — Brandon 
Mary McPhate Bryant — Vlcksburg 
Mlchele Linda Bryant — Terry 
Noreen Jackson Bryant — Brandon 
Octavla Bryant — Jackson 
Paula Ann Bryant — Newhebron 
Peggy R. Bryant — Raleigh 
Richard Theodore Bryant II — 

Sharron Denlse Bryant — Jackson 
Tamara Kay Bryant — Clinton 
Thomas Patrick Bryant — Jackson 
Travis Hilton Bryant — Magee 
Chris Elizabeth Buccl — Vlcksburg 
Jo Lynne Bucclantlnl — Rldgeland 
Choccle Mayes Buchanan — Jackson 
Clinton Lavette Buchanan — Vlcksburg 
Edward Earl Buchanan Jr. — Clinton 
John Thomas Buchanan — Jackson 
Kathryn E. Buchanan — Jackson 
Nicholas Lashon Buchanan — Jackson 
Alma L. Buck — Port Gibson 
Cynthia Buck — Jackson 
Lee Dell Buck — Port Gibson 
Brenda Jean Buckhalter — Jackson 
Cleotha Buckhaulter — Jackson 
Allison Balfour Buckley — Clinton 
Daniel Buckley — Vlcksburg 
Darlene Marie Buckley — Georgetown 
Gwen McAIUly Buckley — Jackson 
Alice Buckner — Crystal Springs 
Willie Earl Buckner — Sandhill 
Jimmy Wayne Buell — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie T. Buell — Clinton 
Beverly S. Bufkin — Jackson 
Christie Leigh Bufkin — Utlca 

James Albert Bufkin — Vlcksburg 
Jeanne Mlchele Bufkin — Vlcksburg 
Larry Wayne Bufkin — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Ellen Bufkin — Port Gibson 
Mamie Haynes Buford — Jackson 
Lorraine Johnson Bule — Clinton 
Ronnie Lee Bule — Port Gibson 
Michael Thomas Bull — Vlcksburg 
Tyrone Bulllns — West Memphis 
Jo Ann Bullock — Braxton 
Nancy Lynn Bullock — Jackson 
Percy Dale Bullock — Raymond 
William Royce Bullock — Pearl 
Ira Matthew Bulman — Pearl 
Faith Lanette Bunch — Vlcksburg 
Robert Bunch — Vlcksburg 
Roosevelt Bunch — Vlcksburg 
Scott Austin Bunkley — Raymond 
Warcheta Scott Bunley — Crystal 

Bess L. Bunn Tlmms — Jackson 
Krlstle Leigh Bunting — Pelahalchle 
Sherl Lynn Buntyn — Jackson 
Suzette Yvonne Bunyard — Clinton 
Gladys Catherine Bunzy — Jackson 
Sharron Stewart Burch — Jackson 
Douglas M. Burchak — Clinton 
Cathie Annette Burchfleld — Florence 
Kevin Thames Burchfleld — Clinton 
Lisa Gall Burchfleld — Jackson 
Richard L. Burchfleld — Pearl 
Brandl Lynn Burgess — Clinton 
Debbie Michelle Burgess — Jackson 
Judith Ann Burgess — Vlcksburg 
Robin Racquel Burgess — Jackson 
Geoffrey Lee Burke — Brandon 
Larry Wellton Burkes II — Clinton 
Timothy B. Burkes — Clinton 
Wanda Dlann Burkes — Pearl 
Michael Eric Burkett — Jackson 
Billy Brett Burks — Tupelo 
Bobby Burks — Vlcksburg 
Carol Annette Burks — Forest 
Inetta Burks — Forest 
Patricia Roberts Burks — Jackson 
Rachel Marie Burks — Jackson 
Terrance Earl Burks — Vlcksburg 
Calloway Burnett Jr. — Terry 
Tammy Taylor Burnett — Vlcksburg 
Wllmetta Valerie Burnett — Braxton 
Donna L. Burnette — Vlcksburg 
Mary Ann Burnette — Vlcksburg 
Jack J. Burney — Brandon 
Nlkkl L. Burney Marti — Jackson 
Cassondra Ann Burnham — Brandon 
Elizabeth Ann Burnham — Jackson 
Glna Suzanne Burnham — Mendenhall 
Martha G. Burnham — Brandon 
Martha J. Burnham — Puckett 
Melanle Leigh Burnham — Pearl 
Sherry Lynn Burnham — Jackson 
Angela Michelle Burns — Jackson 
Blllye Burns — Jackson 
Charles Henry Burns — Vlcksburg 
Christina Chatham Burns — Jackson 
Cynthia Elaine Burns — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline Deneen Burns — Jackson 
John David Burns — Jackson 
Keysha Latrlce Burns — Jackson 
Marshall Burns — Jackson 
Melissa Ann Burns — Brandon 
Natasha Lajuana Burns — Jackson 
Phillip Oliver Burns — Brandon 
Ricky Burns — Utlca 
Vanessa Burns — Jackson 
Bruce W. Burnslde — Jackson 
Janle Lou Burnslde — Jackson 
Kelly Cameron Burr — Vlcksburg 
Sally M. Burr — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Elaine Burrell — Bentonla 
Katrlna Burrell — Bentonla 
Poseta Burrell — Jackson 
Ronnie Allen Burrls — Vlcksburg 
Teresa C. Burrls — Smlthdale 
Susan Dlanne Burrough Goss — 

Allyson Barber Burroughs — Vlcksburg 
Felix Ray Burroughs — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Lynn Burroughs — Rldgeland 
Emma Darlene Burt Marti — Jackson 
Rhonda Jo Burt — Pearl 
Walter Kelvin Burt — Brandon 
Edwin Spencer Burtnett — Richland 
Alanzo Keith Burton — Chicago 
Edward Earl Burton — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda J. Burton — Rldgeland 
Sylvester Lamar Burton — Brandon 
Tommy Lee Burton — Florence 
Tonajull Portlca Burton — Jackson 
Charles Edward Busby — Jackson 
Monica Jensen Busby — Braxton 
Elwood Bush — Detroit 
F. Elizabeth Bush — Clinton 
James Heath Bush — Pearl 
John Mathison Bush — Brandon 
Mark Edward Bush — Brandon 
Mary Elizabeth Bush — Jackson 
Mellnda Katherlne Bush — Hazlehurst 
Nadine Kennedy Bush — Brandon 
Savannah Coleman Bush — Vlcksburg 
Tara Rebekah Bush — Colllnsvllle 
Shannon Renee Busha — Clinton 
Julia Faulk Busma — Vlcksburg 
James Shannon Bussey — Rolling Fork 
Kristin Marie Butkowskl — Clinton 
Annetta Harris Butler — Jackson 
Bonnie Delols Butler — Jackson 
Dan Butler — Vlcksburg 
Dlanna Faye Butler — Jackson 
Dwaln K Butler — Vlcksburg 

Fay Elizabeth Butler — Vlcksburg 
Georgia Glenda Butler — Jackson 
James A. Butler — Florence 
Jeanette Butler — Bolton 
Jenny Foster Butler — Pearl 
Joseph Butler Jr — Hammond 
Lisa Kay Butler — Jackson 
Martha Carlene Butler — Vlcksburg 
Mary L. Butler — Jackson 
Mary Lelws Butler — Jackson 
Michael Anthony Butler — Columbus 
Nancy Owens Butler — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Lynn Butler — Jackson 
Patrick Weber Butler — Vlcksburg 
Susan Denlse Butler — Florence 
Susie Ann Butler — Harpcrvllle 
Timothy Wayne Butler — Jackson 
William Carl Butler — Vlcksburg 
Michael Lance Butts — Clinton 
Rhonda Kaye Butz — Pearl 
Teresa Renee Buynar — Jackson 
Charles Richard Byars — Vlcksburg 
George N. Byars — Vlcksburg 
Cassandra Fay Byas — Jackson 
Daryl Keith Byers — Terry 
George Byers — Vlcksburg 
Michael S. Byers — Terry 
David A. Bynum — Tallulah 
Gladys E. Bynum — Raymond 
Susan M. Bynum — Florence 
Angela Denlse Byrd — Jackson 
Angellque Lorraine Byrd — Vlcksburg 
David Keith Byrd — Brandon 
Irma C. Byrd — Raymond 
Kristin Diana Byrd — Clinton 
Laurie Patricia Byrd — Jackson 
Lynda Faye Byrd — Florence 
Margaret Heard Byrd — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Byrd — Brandon 
Michael Scott Byrd — Pearl 
Nancy Dlanne Byrd — Pearl 
Rosemary West Byrd — Raymond 
Sharon Yvette Byrd — Jackson 
Veronica Cage Byrd — Jackson 
Willie C Byrd Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Elva Lee Byrne — Vlcksburg 
Tommle G. Byrne — Jackson 
Alice Greer Byrnes — Vlcksburg 
Jeanette M. Byther — Jackson 

Tanya Denlse Caddis — Brandon 
Julius C. Cade — Jackson 
Ronald J. Cade — Greenwood 
Arllla Franclna Cage — Jackson 
Dorothy Anna Cage — Jackson 
Dwlght Christopher Cage — Jackson 
Mllllcent Cage — Jackson 
Annette Mulligan Cagle — Florence 
Brenda Arenler Cahoon — Pearl 
Randall Eugene Cahoon — Forest 
Chrystal Dawn Cain — Vlcksburg 
Mary Joe Cain Phlll — Jackson 
Cynthia Calais — Vlcksburg 
Bobble Jeanette Calcote — Wesson 
Richard Todd Calcote — Florence 
Sandl Jayne Calcote — Florence 
Lisa Frances Calder — Magee 
Cindy Leigh Caldwell — Winona 
John Albert Caldwell — Vlcksburg 
Jonas Caldwell — Vlcksburg 
Lily G. Caldwell — Jackson 
Monti E. Caldwell — Pearl 
Natilyn C. Caldwell — Canton 
Chandra Dawn Calhoun — Jackson 
Jane Plttman Calhoun — Vlcksburg 
Mary Denlse Calhoun — Jackson 
Rebecca Lee Calhoun — Florence 
John D. Callahan — Brandon 
Chad Wyeth Callaway — Vlcksburg 
David Byron Callaway — Pearl 
Lynda Callender — Mendenhall 
Patricia R. Callender — Vlcksburg 
Michelle Spurlock Calton — Brandon 
Emmett Clark Calvert III — Pelatchle 
Beverly Ann Cameron — Jackson 
Everett Cameron Jr. — Madison 
Mary Margaret Cameron — Greenville 
Andrew Campbell — Sardls 
Brenda Cottrell Campbell — Jackson 
Cora S. Campbell — Vlcksburg 
David J. Campbell — Pelahatchle 
Evella Raynette Campbell — Jackson 
Gall S. Campbell — Raymond 
J. Cooper Campbell — Jackson 
Lee Scott Campbell — Jackson 
Leigh Hunt Campbell — Natchez 
Mary Campbell — Lena 
Maurice Antolne Campbell — Brandon 
Olivia Bennett Campbell — Jackson 
Patrick Wayne Campbell — Meadvllle 
Richard C. Campbell — Jackson 
Selsel Allen Campbell — Florence 
Sharon S. Campbell — Brandon 
Susan P. Campbell — Pearl 
Thomas Jeff Campbell — Pearl 
Vassle Lynn Campbell — Florence 
Mary Christine Canlzaro — Jackson 

Trad Darlene Canlzaro — Jackson 
Hlllard H. Cannada — Edwards 
Eva Dell Cannon — Jackson 
Patricia Rone Cannon — Vlcksburg 
Sheila Rena Cannon — Brandon 
Tamara Lea Canoy — Jackson 
Larry Canlrell — Jackson 
Rita Faye Cantwcll — Jackson 
Aretha Capler — Jackson 
Margaret Werne Capllno — Brandon 
Jean B. Caraway — Canton 
Cynthia Anne Carby — Brandon 
Donald Glen Card — Eupora 
Diane M Cargllc — Vlcksburg 
Angela Michelle Carglll — Jackson 
Anthony J. Carleton — Tupelo 
Gregory Scott Carley — Vlcksburg 
Alton Glen Carlisle Jr. — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Carlisle — Bolton 
Cathy Dlanne Carlisle — Crystal 

Connie M. Carlisle — Senatobla 
Lonnle Calvin Carlton — Clinton 
David Oman Carney — Rldgeland 
Janice Fox Carney — Vlcksburg 
Wendy Sue Carney — Brandon 
Mike Carothers — Jackson 
A. Jean Carpenter — Jackson 
Bobbye Burrll Carpenter — Brandon 
Brenda Joy Carpenter — Morton 
Ceclle P. Carpenter — Jackson 
Eva Shirley Carpenter — Yazoo City 
Hurley Scott Carpenter — Jackson 
James Dwaln Carpenter — Vlcksburg 
James Vincent Carpenter — Greenville 
Katrlna Lauren Carpenter — Vlcksburg 
Kayna Lynn Carpenter — Florence 
Kim Lashan Carpenter — Clinton 
Lillie D. Carpenter — Vlcksburg 
Shlela Denae Carpenter — Pelahatchle 
Tina Louise Carpenter — Jackson 
Vernell Van Carpenter — Jackson 
Calvin Carr Jr. — Clinton 
Cheryl Carr — Madison 
Christopher A. Carr Sr. — Raymond 
Daniel Stephen Carr — Raymond 
David F. Carr Jr. — Pearl 
Juanlta Carr — Brandon 
Nancy Haney Carr — Vlcksburg 
Peggy A. Carr — Brandon 
Reginald Antonio Carr — Jackson 
Robert J. Carr — Pearl 
Sherwln O. Carr — Florence 
Sue Ann Carr — Pascagoula 
Travis W. Carr Jr. — Jackson 
James Darren Carraway — Smlthdale 
Janelle Julia Carraway — Utlca 
Katheryn Carraway — Utlca 
William Everett Carraway — Utlca 
Wanda V. Carrlgan — Brandon 
Annette Beach Carroll — Conehatta 
Derry Patrice Carroll — Jackson 
Jason Troy Carroll — Vlcksburg 
William Charlie Carroll — Vlcksburg 
Jill Elaine Carruth — Jackson 
Larry Lee Carruth — Jackson 
Beverly Glbbs Carson — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Denlse Carson — Edwards 
Carl Carson — Vlcksburg 
Carlene Rachelle Carson — Utlca 
Chandra Rose Carson — Jackson 
Douglas Darnell Carson — Edwards 
Franklin D. Carson — Jackson 
Fulton C. Carson — Edwards 
Michael Derrell Carson — Edwards 
Nathan Carson — Vlcksburg 
Amy Laurel Carter — Madison 
Angela Celeste Carter — Vlcksburg 
April Darlene Carter — Florence 
Barbara Jean Carter — Vlcksburg 
Candl Gall Carter — Pearl 
Cathy Carter — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Carter — Sledge 
Cysandra Carter — Vlcksburg 
Desslree Carter — Jackson 
Diana Denlse Carter — Jackson 
Erica Latrlce Carter — Jackson 
Gregory Todd Carter — Pearl 
Jackie Darnell Carter — Florence 
Jerome Carter — Vlcksburg 
Kal Louise Carter — Benton 
Kelly Hope Carter — Brandon 
Linda Joyce Carter Tucke — Canton 
Linda Smith Carter — Brandon 
Mary Annette Carter — Jackson 
Michael H. Carter — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Ann Carter — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Jeanette Carter — Brandon 
Polly Ann Carter — Yazoo City 
Raymond Earl Carter — Vlcksburg 
Richard Neal Carter — Pearl 
Roger Carter — Pearl 
Shirley Anne Carter — Flowood 
Timothy Merton Carter — Rldgeland 
Vera Denlse Carter — Vlcksburg 
Thomas A. Caruthers IV — Vlcksburg 
Kenny Eugene Carver — Brandon 
Izreal Cary — Jackson 
Randy Lewis Cary — Pearl 
Eric Lamar Case — Clinton 
James Vernon Case Jr. — Clinton 
Patricia A. Case — Jackson 
Stacy Lyn Case — Brandon 
Stephanie Leigh Case — Jackson 
Walter J. Case — Jackson 
Tammy Lynne Caslday — Greenwood 
Loretta Hanson Cassell — Port Gibson 
Allen W. Cassidy — Vlcksburg 
Morris Ladall Cassidy — Jackson 
Larry B. Castle — Ktlmlchael 

Directory / 297 

Margaret Susan Castle — Clinton 
Alexess Delynn Caston — Satartla 
Cheryl Denlse Caston — Utlca 
Herman Lewis Caston 111 — Jackson 
Lonnle Carl Caston — Utlea 
Richard Caston — Utlca 
Christopher Catching — Jackson 
Johnnie Lou Catchlngs — Jackson 
Joyce Elaine Catchlngs — Jackson 
Linda Broadwater Catchlngs — 

Louise Berry Catchlngs — Jackson 
Monica Sherlse Catchlngs — Jackson 
Patricia Lynn Catchlngs — Jackson 
Shenltha Lagwan Catchlngs — 

Gall Cater — Braxton 
Judith Valeria Cathey — Vlcksburg 
Keith Allen Caton — Vlcksburg 
Kelly Leigh Catt — Jackson 
Elolse Ford Cattlln — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline Bernlce Causey — Jackson 
Johnny Laron Causey — Jackson 
Joyce Terry Causey — Jackson 
Betty McGuffee Cavanaugh — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ellen Cave — Vlcksburg 
Bobby Cavett — Jackson 
Laura N. Cavett — Bolton 
Sharon Denlse Cavett — Clinton 
Larry Gene Cavlness — Vlcksburg 
Camlla Terrell Cavltt — Clinton 
Isaac Ben Ceaser — Valdosta 
Stella Farmer Cessna — Jackson 
Melissa Kay Chachere — Vlcksburg 
Janet K. Chadlc — Jackson 
Evelyn W Chaffln — Jackson 
Sheila Lynn Chalk — Rldgeland 
Bryan Kevin Chambers — Jackson 
David Lamar Chambers — Vlcksburg 
Denlse R. Chambers — Vlcksburg 
Donna Jewel Chambers — Jackson 
Frank Chambers — Pearl 
Hosle L. Chambers — Jackson 
Klmberly Bartlett Chambers — 

Kyrean Camllle Chambers — Vlcksburg 
Shawn Marie Chambers — Jackson 
Eric Blaine Chamblee — Raymond 
Calvin Chambliss — Vlcksburg 
Todd Keith Champagne — Hammond 
Cora M. Champion — Jackson 
Judith McGriff Champion — Lena 
Lisa Carole Champion — Terry 
Susan Mlchele Champion — Clinton 
John Calvin Chance — Richland 
Webbie Ann Chancellor — Jackson 
Alison Paige Chandler — Carthage 
Danny R. Chandler — Jackson 
Derek Ryan Chandler — Jackson 
Joyce Vereen Chandler — Brandon 
Mark T. Chandler — Jackson 
Martha S. Chandler — New Albany 
Mitchell Blaine Chandler — Jackson 
Sheila Faye Chandler — Jackson 
Tammy Mlchell Chandler — Jackson 
David Zack Chaney — Vlcksburg 
Rachel Smith Chaney — Jackson 
Ronald Eugene Chaney — Jackson 
Angela Lynn Channel! — Jackson 
Brenda Thornton Channell — 

Danny Lamar Channell — Brandon 
Kelll M. Channell — Vlcksburg 
Lorl L. Channell — Vlcksburg 
Mellsa Downey Channell — Vlcksburg 
Sidney Charles Channell — Vlcksburg 
Hazel Veroncle Chapln — Yazoo City 
Antwolne Lakelvln Chapman — 

Cheryl T. Chapman — Jackson 
Christopher Duwany Chapman — 

Fenton D. Chapman — Tougaloo 
James Brent Chapman 111 — Crystal 

Jamie Lou Chapman — Jackson 
John Eugene Chapman — Jackson 
Kim Mochelle Chapman — Canton 
Nedrah Slmone Chapman — Angullla 
Portia Chapman — Jackson 
Robert Ralph Chapman Jr. — Madison 
Ernest Randall Chappell — Clinton 
Sidney Clyde Chappell Jr. — Jackson 
Bradford A. Charleston — Terry 
Vivian Jackson Charleston — Jackson 
Brenda Johnson Chase — Brandon 
Roy Melton Chason — Jackson 
Michael Chastaln — Jackson 
Randy Eugene Chatham — Vlcksburg 
Charmel Dellnda Chatmon — Edwards 
Frankle Rice Cheatham — Jackson 
Debra D. Cheek Mllle — Clinton 
Steven S. Cheeks — Jackson 
Madeline Pugh Cheney — Vlcksburg 
Carl Kenneth Chennault — Vlcksburg 
Lawonda D. Chess — Jackson 
Tina Marie Chest — Jackson 
Stacy Michelle Chesteen — Jackson 
Terrell E. Chester — Rldgeland 
Dave Harvey Chllders — Pearl 
David Jeffery Chllders — Vlcksburg 
Jimmy Dax Chlldres — Raymond 
Michael Wayne Chlldres — Rolling 

Randall Ray Chlldres — Sanatorium 
Cindy Gale Childress — Clinton 
Kim Ann Childress — Jackson 
Michael Allen Childress — Clinton 
Carolyn Denlse Chllds — Jackson 
Daniel Henry Chlng — Crystal Springs 

Marilyn Jean Chlnn — Jackson 
Robert Massy Chisholm — Jackson 
Charles Allen Chlsley — Vlcksburg 
Nikkl Pace Chlsolm — Brandon 
Robert Allen Chlsolm — Jackson 
Sue Carole Chlsolm — Clinton 
Stephanie E. Chlttom — Brandon 
Lisa Lee Chotard — Jackson 
Dennis C. Christenberrg — Vlcksburg 
Janet Long Christensen — Port Gibson 
Donna G. Christian — Jackson 
Jlmmle I. Christian — Vlcksburg 
Karen Marilyn Christian — Vlcksburg 
Linda Bonham Christian — Vlcksburg 
Mattie B. Christian — Raymond 
Patrick Lynard Christian — Vlcksburg 
Carl D. Chrlstman — Jackson 
Christy Eugenia Chunn — Philadelphia 
Dana Lynn Chunn — Jackson 
Terry V. Church — Jackson 
Shawn F. Churchhlll — Jackson 
Jeffrey Kyle Churchill — Jackson 
Kelley Michelle Churchill — Jackson 
Angela Kaye Churchwell — Jackson 
Alan Clalone — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Loften Clack — Vlcksburg 
Davlda Louise Clack — Brandon 
Melanie Darlene Clack — Pearl 
Marilyn M. Claiborne — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda G. Clanton Hays — Pearl 
Robert Gary Clanton — Pearl 
Alfrleda Sorrels Clark — Vlcksburg 
Amy Marie Clark — Jackson 
Bernard Clark — Jackson 
Bobby Clark — Vlcksburg 
Carla Jewel Clark — Jackson 
Charles Clark — Jackson 
Christ! Elizabeth Clark — Jackson 
Cynthia Clark — Jackson 
Gary T. Clark — Pearl 
Glynn Clark — Jackson 
Jason Grant Clark — Brandon 
Jlmmle Lorlce Clark — Jackson 
John Timothy Clark — Brandon 
Kim Reynae Clark Whatl — Redwood 
Mabel M. Clark — Woodvllle 
Melanie Anne Clark — Vlcksburg 
Michael Lynn Clark — Pearl 
Pamela Dtleen Clark — Vlcksburg 
Roy Allen Clark — Brandon 
Sherry Sims Clark — Jackson 
Theresa Diane Clark — Rldgecrest 
Valerie Clark — Louisville 
Klmberly D. Clarke — Brandon 
Paula Singleton Clarke — Jackson 
Ritchie Herbert Clarke — Richland 
Stephen Osmonde Clarke — Columbus 
Mellnda Cooper Clausen — Kosciusko 
Irene Claxton — Jackson 
Roshel Claxton — Jackson 
Arrex Anthony Clay — Jackson 
Catherine Veronica Clay — Jackson 
Franklin Graham Clay — Jackson 
Gerald Jerome Clay — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Craig Clay — Philadelphia 
Patricia Ann Clay Hall — Vlcksburg 
O. Dee Clayborne — Jackson 
Rhonda Kay Claypool — Jackson 
Barbara M. Clayton — Blloxl 
Brent Eric Clayton — Mead 
Arthur William Clemens — Jackson 
Neal J. Clement — Jackson 
Christopher Lee Clements — Brandon 
Sara Kay Clements — Brandon 
Kenta K. Clemons — Jackson 
Vickie Lichelle Clemons — Jackson 
Josephine Clerk — Jackson 
Lee Ervln Clerk Jr. — Florence 
Chris Shawn Clesi — Vlcksburg 
Edward Gerald Cleveland — Pearl 
Joey L. Cleveland — Jackson 
Steven C. Cleveland — Adamsvllle 
William Daniel Cleveland — Pearl 
Brlgltte Renee Cllburn — Richland 
John Paul Cllburn — Jackson 
Klmberly J. Cllburn — Jackson 
Ollie Willis Cllburn Jr. — Pearl 
Christy Allison Cllett — Pearl 
Cathleen Elaine Cliffe — Raymond 
Grant L. Clifford — Jackson 
Frances Yvonn Cllftonblsh — Brandon 
James Timothy Cllne — Florence 
Reginald Cllne — Jackson 
Tony Curtis Clowers — Jackson 
Charles Lyndall Coale — Clinton 
James Thomas Coats Jr. — Jackson 
Pamela Diana Coats — Carthage 
Jackie Pool Cobb — Vlcksburg 
Spence Bradshaw Cobb — Vlcksburg 
Sammy Detron Cobbs — Indlanola 
Janice Marlce Coburn — Louisville 
Cherryl Dlanne Cochran — Brandon 
Heather Dawn Cochran — Jackson 
Nielsen Scot Cochran — Jackson 
Teresa Kuhn Cochran — Florence 
John Cockerham — Vlcksburg 
Steven Robert Cockerham — Brandon 
Angela Tuggle Cockrell — Jackson 
Anna Lisa Cockrell — Vlcksburg 
Charles Burnham Cockrell — Jackson 
Connie Terrell Cockrell — Braxton 
Deslree Michelle Cockrell — Pearl 
John Mark Cockrell — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Cockrell — Jackson 
Sandra Kay Cockrell — Terry 
Todd Emerson Cockroft — Jackson 
Klmberly A. Cody — Montlcella 
Christopher Chad Coe — Madison 
Bobby Lee Coffle — Vlcksburg 
Levi R. Cofflng Jr. — Vlcksburg 

Kirk Anthony Coffman — Raymond 
Linda Perry Coghlan — Holly Bluff 
Sandl Randall Coghlan — Holly Bluff 
Lorl Montgomery Cohea — Flora 
Deborah Ann Coins — Jackson 
Hardy Lee Coins — Jackson 
Debbie Dlna Colbert — Lexington 
Judith Harrell Colburn — Pelahatchle 
Alana D. Cole — Jackson 
Alfrenett Cole — Raymond 
Andrew C. Cole — Jackson 
Blanchle Chanelle Cole — Forest 
Bobble Amandra Cole — Vlcksburg 
Chanene Clarissa Cole — Jackson 
Claudia Cullpher Cole — Pearl 
Connie Kay Cole Gwlnn — Clinton 
Curtis Lee Cole — Jackson 
Janet Leigh Cole — Magee 
Jerry F. Cole — Brandon 
Klmberly Lissette Cole — Jackson 
Loretta Cole — Jackson 
Nancy Louise Cole — Jackson 
Robin Marshall Cole — Jackson 
Roger Wayne Cole — Magee 
Ronald Kenneth Cole — Jackson 
Sr. James Cole Lamar — Vlcksburg 
Tommle Lee Cole — Jackson 
Vlckl Lynn Cole — Vlcksburg 
Walter C. Cole — Vlcksburg 
Angela Y. Coleman — Jackson 
Betty Jean Coleman — Edwards 
Cindy L. Coleman — Madison 
Cynthia Lee Coleman — Vlcksburg 
Duwayne Coleman — Jackson 
Evette Moncrlef Coleman — Brandon 
Gwendolyn Weathers Coleman — 

Joseph Neil Coleman — Jackson 
Joyce Eldrldge Coleman — Jackson 
Kelsha L. Coleman — Jackson 
Lacey Arthur Coleman Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Lajoyce Denlne Coleman — Louisville 
Laverne Coleman — Jackson 
Llllie Denese Coleman — Rldgeland 
Malcolm Lee Coleman — Florence 
Marguerite Coleman — Vlcksburg 
Percy Coleman — Vlcksburg 
Robert Lee Coleman — Hazlehurst 
Romanda Manessa Coleman — Utlca 
Shannon Maurice Coleman — Edwards 
Shirley Jean Coleman — Utlca 
Teresa Ann Coleman — Jackson 
Terry Denlse Coleman — Hazlehurst 
William Morris Coleman 111 — Jackson 
Gall Olsen Coley — Terry 
Tracy Ann Coley — Brandon 
Angela Slade Colin — Jackson 
Alfred Collier — Jackson 
Christy Lyn Collier — Jackson 
Denlse Collier — Starkvllle 
Trina Germalne Collier — Jackson 
Shirley R. Collings — Vlcksburg 
Aaron Keith Collins — Pearl 
Barbara Gall Collins — Jackson 
Belinda Collins — Jackson 
Billy J. Collins — Vlcksburg 
Cassandra Gall Collins — Winona 
Charles G. Collins — Pearl 
Chris P. Collins — Clinton 
Debora Haworth Collins — Vlcksburg 
Deborah A. Collins — Jackson 
Eric S. Collins — Edwards 
Geraldlne A. Collins — Pearl 
Gerard Leon Collins — Jackson 
John David Collins — Vlcksburg 
Judy Collins — Jackson 
Llssa Anne Collins Payne — Jackson 
Marbeth Laqulta Collins — Jackson 
Martin Chadwlck Collins — Vlcksburg 
Melvln Collins — Terry 
Patricia James Collins — Jackson 
Rayshell Johnson Collins — Jackson 
Robert Christopher Collins — 

Ronald Mark Collins — Raymond 
Ronnie Lee Collins — Jackson 
Stanley Bernard Collins — Clinton 
Timothy Gerome Collins — Jackson 
Valerie Laverne Collins — Yazoo City 
Vanessa Jean Collins — Jackson 
William G. Collins — Vlcksburg 
Eric Wayne Collom — Jackson 
Michael L. Collum — Jackson 
Bertha Faye Colyer — Morton 
Curtis John Comans — Carthage 
Major Jeff Combs — Jackson 
Tracy Leigh Combs — Jackson 
William N. Combs — Vlcksburg 
Alan W. Conerly — Jackson 
Brenda Sue Conerly — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Conerly — Clinton 
Hope H. Conerly — Madison 
Mark A. Conerly — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Layton Conerly — Clinton 
Mary Conley Congleton — Jackson 
Charles Benton Conn — Port Gibson 
Lady Michelle Conn — McComb 
Laura Elizabeth Conner — Tylertown 
Jacqueline Marie Connor — Vlcksburg 
Dane Christian Conrad — Vlcksburg 
Jaml Lynn Conroy — Starkvllle 
Robert O. Coody — Delta 
Alva David Cook — Vlcksburg 
Anthony G. Cook — Clinton 
Charles Griffin Cook III — Collins 
Darrln C. Cook — Vlcksburg 
Daryl Scott Cook — Vlcksburg 
Edwin Carl Cook — Vlcksburg 
Ellse Alford Cook — Rolling Fork 
Eva Linn Cook — Clinton 

Gregory R. Cook — Jackson 
James H. Cook — Brandon 
Jeremy Allen Cook — Morton 
John Cleveland Cook — Vlcksburg 
Lara K. Cook Pucke — Raymond 
Lasonjadrla Lannette Cook — Jackson 
Llla Hamilton Cook — Brandon 
Margaret Ann Cook — Vlcksburg 
Mary M. Cook — Brandon 
Melissa Darlene Cook — Raymond 
Nancy Rbecca Cook Speye — Vlcksburg 
Paul D. Cook — Vlcksburg 
Robert W. Cook — Boonsville 
Sherry L Cook — Vlcksburg 
Sheryl Drach Cook — Brandon 
Stacey Allen Cook — Raymond 
William Lane Cook — Jackson 
Russell Allen Cooke — Jackson 
Joseph E. Cooley — Waynesboro 
Sharon Anne Cooley — Florence 
Stevle H. Cooley — Jackson 
Veronica Ann Cooley — Clinton 
Alice M. Cooper — Pearl 
Alicia Lynn Cooper — Terry 
Anglea A. Cooper — Jackson 
April Renee Cooper — Brandon 
David Michael Cooper — Magee 
Demetra Nechell Coooper — 

Dexter Marshunn Cooper — Jackson 
Frankle Bennett Cooper — Jackson 
Gerald Lee Cooper Jr. — Jackson 
Jacqueline Anita Cooper — Vlcksburg 
James Rowland Cooper — Brandon 
Joe Cooper — Jackson 
Jon Luceln Cooper — Jackson 
Joseph Alton Cooper — Brandon 
Joy A Cooper — Raymond 
Kelly B. Cooper — Terry 
Kenneth Cooper — Terry 
Larry Joe Cooper — Bolton 
Mark Leon Cooper — Jackson 
Melissa Lee Cooper — Jackson 
Renee Roberts Cooper — Jackson 
Saundra Hlnes Cooper — Jackson 
Stephanie Denlse Cooper — Jackson 
Timothy Spellings Cooper — Florence 
Twanderllne Denlse Cooper — Brandon 
Tyshuna Carrell Cooper — Raymond 
Brenda Gayle Copeland — Jackson 
Deborrah K. Copeland Gorda — Star 
Dorothy B. Copeland — Jackson 
Earnest Dwayne Copeland — Jackson 
John A. Copeland — Lanette 
Lorl Copeland — Vlcksburg 
Robert Eugene Copeland — Clinton 
Stephanie Lea Copeland — Pearl 
Larry Dirk Copelln — Vlcksburg 
Kellye Gillian Copes — Vlcksburg 
Julie Copple — Rldgeland 
Christopher Spiro Cora — Jackson 
Carla Anne Core — Jackson 
Crista Catherine Core — Jackson 
Carol A. Corkey — Brandon 
Patricia Diana Corkren — Raymond 
Ralph W. Corley — Jackson 
Luann Taylor Cornellson — Morton 
Dena Rose Cornwell — Rldgeland 
Laura Charmalne Cornwell — Jackson 
Gary Buck Cosby — Jackson 
Larry Cosby — Attapulgus 
Lolsteln Cosby — Canton 
Donny Earl Cosey — Vlcksburg 
Anne Marie Cossar — Brandon 
Christopher Shan Cothern — Pearl 
Dana Suzanne Cothern — Brookhaven 
Glenda Kay Cothern — Brandon 
Phillip Everett Cothern — Jackson 
Michael Jackson Cothran — Carthage 
Charles David Cothren — Meadvllle 
Kathy Lea Cothren Travi — Clinton 
Michael Steven Cotten — Brandon 
Thomas Edward Cotten Jr. — Madison 
Vincent Alan Cottlngham — Vlcksburg 
Beverly A. Cotton — Jackson 
Cathleen Eve Cotton — Brandon 
Lana J. Cotton — Brandon 
Sandra Lynn Coulon — Vlcksburg 
Rebecca Jo Council — Brandon 
Glenda Dale Counts — Vlcksburg 
Lance Christopher Counts — Vlcksburg 
Annie Colbert Course — Jackson 
Beverly Pha Course — Jackson 
Llnnie Mae Course — Jackson 
Angela Courtney — Clinton 
Melonda Tenese Courtney — Jackson 
Patrick Joseph Courtney — Florence 
Richard Allen Courtney — Clinton 
Timothy Alvin Courtney — Florence 
Karen Courts — Jackson 
Sharon Renee Cousin — Jackson 
Shirley Ruth Cousin — Florence 
Russell Allen Covey — Florence 
Bette Kates Covington — Madison 
Kathy Michelle Covington — Jackson 
Timothy Dean Covington — Jackson 
James D. Cowan — Jackson 
Julie L. Cowan Jackl — Vlcksburg 
David Emmette Coward — Brandon 
Linda D. Coward — Jackson 
Pamela Jean Coward Milne — Clinton 
Stephanie Lynn Coward — Utlca 
Cresslyn Virginia Cowart — Jackson 
Joseph Paul Cowart — Jackson 
Rhonda Rene Cowart — Jackson 
Wendy Michelle Cowden — Jackson 
Alexzine Roberta Cox — Jackson 
Anthony Lynn Cox — Clinton 
Carolyn Breazeale Cox — Brandon 
Cheryl A. Cox — Terry 

298 / Directory 

Greta G. Cox — Terry 
Jacque Cox — Vlcksburg 
James David Cox — Terry 
James Raymond Cox — Bolton 
Jean E. Cox — Terry 
Llzette Monek Cox — Newton 
Marsha K Cox Penda — Clinton 
Michael Jack Cox — Jackson 
Richard Kevin Cox — Vlcksburg 
Robert E. Cox Jr. — Ocean Springs 
Susan G. Cox — Jackson 
Terry Ray Cox — Jackson 
Leslie Denlse Coxwell — Clinton 
Reglna Cozlar — Canton 
Denlsa Lyn Cozzo — Jackson 
Angle Renee Crabtree — Jackson 
Lorl Ann Crabtree — Jackson 
Charles Doug Craft — Richland 
Christopher Craft — Brandon 
Kendra Denlse Craft — Richland 
Klmberly Ann Craft — Raleigh 
Linda Gall Craft — Mendenhall 
Lisa K. Craft — Flowood 
Melissa Joy Craft — Clinton 
Mona Lee Craft — Jackson 
Reginald Leggett Craft — Jackson 
Sandra Denlse Craft — Jackson 
Scotty E. Craft — Jackson 
Stephanie Marie Craft — Jackson 
Tate S. Craft — Natchez 
Ellsha Leigh Crafton — Cary 
Jan Crout Cragon — Jackson 
Cathy R. Craig — Florence 
Charles Lee Craig — Vlcksburg 
Jimmy K. Craig — Jackson 
Kenneth Brlen Craig — Jackson 
Lena M. Craig — Vlcksburg 
Milton Craig Jr. — Florence 
Patricia Smith Craig — Jackson 
Patrlna L Craig — Florence 
Sandra Lee Craig — Jackson 
Bradley Scott Craln — Harrlsvllle 
Kelll Lyn Craln — Jackson 
Stacy Rhodes Craln — Jackson 
John David Crane — Clinton 
Lee Anne Crapps — Canton 
William Scott Craven — Elllsvllle 
Claude Russell Crawford — Rldgeland 
Flora Crawford — Vlcksburg 
Gretchen A. Crawford — Brookhaven 
Heather Gay Crawford — Vlcksburg 
James Lynn Crawford — Jackson 
Jeanna Gall Crawford — Clinton 
Lloyd Kevin Crawford — Clinton 
Mark Edward Crawford — Brandon 
Robert Peyton Crawford — Jackson 
Talmadge Paul Crawford — Rldgeland 
Tom Louis Crawford — Vlcksburg 
Ledora Crayton — Vlcksburg 
Johnnie Mae Creamer — Jackson 
Jerry L. Creason Jr. — Jackson 
Marcla Faye Creclnk — Roxle 
Paul Edward Credit Jr. — Jackson 
Dodothy Maxlne Creel — Pearl 
Sharron Smith Creel — Magee 
Charles E. Cresap — Vlcksburg 
Lucy Cresap — Jackson 
Kelly Lanier Crevltt — Vlcksburg 
Charles Preston Crisco — Clinton 
Anthony Kyle Crist — Vlcksburg 
Peggy Baker Crltes — Clinton 
Larry Crittenden — Clinton 
Glenn Wesson Crocker Jr. — Jackson 
Joseph Len Crocker — Florence 
Tonya Campbell Crocker — Jackson 
Charlie Gower Crockett — Madison 
Klmberly Ann Crockett — Rldgeland 
George S. Cronla Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Mark Crook — Flora 
Mervln Kendrlc Crook — Vlcksburg 
Norrls Wayne Crook — Flora 
Sharron Nolan Crook — Brandon 
Bridget Anne Crosby — Madison 
Greg F. Crosby — Clinton 
Janice Nichols Crosby — Brandon 
Joseph Brian Crosby — Jackson 
Lloyd A. Crosby — Jackson 
Nell Davis Crosby — Richland 
Phyllis Jean Crosby — Jackson 
Violet V. Crosby — Vlcksburg 
Alethea Cross — Jackson 
Felicia Yvette Cross — Vlcksburg 
Janice McLaurln Cross — Forest 
Kathy S. Cross — Vlcksburg 
Lee Morgan Cross — Jackson 
Dana Michelle Crotwell — Vlcksburg 
Jeff M. Crowe — Clinton 
Bertha Crowley Mae — Flora 
Craig Timothy Crowley — Jackson 
Tonette Marie Crum Monte — Forest 
Gennetta Crumbley — Jackson 
Bernard Crump — Jackson 
Oliver Crump — Jackson 
Darryl Marc Crumpton — Florence 
Barbara J. Cruse — Raymond 
Mark Alan Cruse — Raymond 
Derrick Cubit — Hazlehurst 
Barbara Mlddleton Cuevas — 

Dale Anthony Cuevas — Rldgeland 
Barbara Ann Culbert — Vlcksburg 
Robert Mark Culbertson — Vlcksburg 
Johnna Laurln Cullpher — Sharon 
Linda P. Cullins — Lorman 
Susan Joy Cullum — Greenwood 
Faye W. Culpepper — Clinton 
Jonathan demons Culpepper — 

Parks Vernon Culpepper — Raymond 
Yolanda Slngleto Culpepper — Jackson 

John Joseph Cumberland — Rldgeland 
Misty Lynn Cumberland — Pclahatchle 
Phillip Ray Cumberland — Pearl 
Suzan Annette Cumberland — 

Douglas Lowe Cummlngs — Clinton 
Pamela Denlse Cummlngs -- Crystal 

Bobby J Cummins — Pearl 
Donald Edwin Cummins — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Melton Cummins — Vlcksburg 
Tom Wilson Cummins — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline D. Cunningham — 

John T. Cunningham — Jackson 
Sylvester James Cunningham — 

Trade Ann Cunningham — Louisville 
Warren Kyle Cunningham — Brandon 
Clayton E. Cuplt — Brookhaven 
Jane Helen Cuplt — Jackson 
Marlon Allen Cuplt — Bogue Chltto 
Thomas Andrew Cupples — Clinton 
Cathy Maria Cupstld — Clinton 
Lynda M. Cure — Jackson 
Abney Carey Currle — Vlcksburg 
Annette Currle — Utlca 
Clayton Lamar Currle — Utlca 
Corwln Franklin Currle — Jackson 
Laura C. Currle — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Currle — Jackson 
Richard Don Currle — Raymond 
Christopher John Curro — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Rlnauldo Curro — Vlcksburg 
James Curry — Jackson 
Reuben Curry — Jackson 
Angela McPhall Curtis — Brandon 
Carolyn Dlanne Curtis — Raymond 
Christina Nicole Curtis — Clinton 
Don Alex Curtis — Clinton 
James Lake Curtis — Learned 
Jewel Curtis — Jackson 
Marcus Wesley Curtis — Jackson 
Rebecca Cole Curtis Rhea — Vlcksburg 
Slameco Curtis — Hazlehurst 
Blllie Jo Cushing — Magee 
Valara Lee Custard — Jackson 
Fred Cuthrell — Jackson 
Sharon C. Czalka — Vlcksburg 

Sandra Saliba Dabit — Jackson 
Manus Wlnfleld Dace — Jackson 
Jean Michelle Dahduh — Jackson 
Morris Wayne Dahl — Vlcksburg 
Tiffany Mlchele Dahl — Vlcksburg 
Glyn Earl Dahlem — Pearl 
Gwen Stewart Dahrlnger — Clinton 
Caroline Ann Dalgle Mason — 

Tenia Renia Daigre — Pulaski 
Opal H. Dakln — Raymond 
Margaret Phillips Dale - Jackson 
Kathy Darlene Dalhart — Utlca 
Sarah Louise Dallas — Jackson 
Ann F Damlco — Jackson 
Cassandra Diane Dampier — Plnola 
Christine Dampier — Mt. Olive 
Lavanda E. Dampier Warre — Jackson 
Hlen Tien Dang — Jackson 
Janice Elaine Dangerfleld — Clinton 
Gloria Jean Daniel — Jackson 
Jennette Daniel — Jackson 
Joel W. Daniel — Clinton 
Bobble Wright Daniels — Jackson 
Cassandra Daniels — Jackson 
Cherry Hux Daniels — Pearl 
Christine I. Daniels Dugge — Clinton 
Doris Rachelle Daniels — Clinton 
Eleanor Kay Daniels — Edwards 
Eric Fitzgerald Daniels — Clinton 
James A. Daniels — Clinton 
Kenneth Glynn Daniels — Edward 
Mark Daniels — Plney Woods 
Maxlne Daniels — Jackson 
Oakley G. Daniels Mark — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Patrice Daniels — Jackson 
Deborah E. Danner — Jackson 
Tammle Lea Dansby — Braxton 
Michael V. Daqulla — Brandon 
Brenda Lea Darby — Jackson 
Denlse Ann Darby — Clinton 
Michael Wayne Darby — Jackson 
Sharon Levern Darby — Jackson 
Willie Clendell Darby III — Jackson 
Chip Thomas Dardaman — Cleveland 
Margaret Gordon Dardeau — Vlcksburg 
Michelle Marie Dardeau — Vlcksburg 
Donald Darnell — Jackson 
Margie Dlanne Darnell — Brandon 
Marsha W. Darnell — Clinton 
Patrick Camereo Dart — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Diane Dasslng — Jackson 
Rayne Marie Daugherty — Jackson 
Terry Michael Daugherty — Richland 
Ronda Renee Daughtery — Utlca 
Patrick Lay Daughtry — Vlcksburg 
Eugene Alexander Davenport — 


Johnnie T. Davenport — Vlcksburg 
Clifford Charles Davidson — Jackson 
James H. Davidson II — Vlcksburg 
Jason F. Davidson — Jackson 
Jollya Kelzla Davidson — Jackson 
Mark Scott Davidson — Clinton 
Rhonda M Davidson - Clinton 
Shauna Kay Davidson — Bolton 
Sheila Langford Davidson — Jackson 
Stacy Blaylock Davidson — Vlcksburg 
Vlckl Gomllllon Davidson — Carthage 
Welton Terry Davidson — Braxton 
Adrlanne Arllsa Davis — Florence 
Almlter Danlse Davis — Canton 
Annie L. Davis — Redwood 
Annie Mac Davis — Vlcksburg 
Arnett Davis — Jackson 
Beatrice B. Davis Gowdy — Jackson 
Bethany Robertson Davis — Florence 
Beverly Ray Davis — Jackson 
Billy Charles Davis — Morton 
Bobby Davis — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Faye Davis — Jackson 
Carla F, Davis — Jackson 
Carolyn Ann Davis Grant — Lena 
Charlssa Lynn Davis — Jackson 
Charlene Davis — Harriston 
Charlene Rena Davis — Vlcksburg 
Charles C. Davis — Jackson 
Charlotte Caraway Davis — Hazlehurst 
Cherryl Cummins Davis — Jackson 
Danny C. Davis — Jackson 
Darlene Davis — Canton 
Darrell Marshall Davis — Jackson 
Debbie Louise Davis Swift — Tallulah 
Dee Lucroy Davis — Clinton 
Deidra Hill Davis — Jackson « 
Delores Davis — Terry 
Derrick Jerome Davis — Gary 
Dion Gabrlelle Davis — Jackson 
Donnle B. Davis — Brandon 
Edward Bernard Davis — Redwood 
Elizabeth Denlse Davis — Jackson 
Erin Kathleen Davis — Vlcksburg 
George Joseph Davis — Vlcksburg 
Gerald Ray Davis — Vlcksburg 
Greg Davis — Vlcksburg 
Herman Thomas Davis Jr. — Jackson 
James Rodney Davis — Redwood 
Jeffrey Clint Davis — Jackson 
Jenness Jensen Davis — Jackson 
Jennifer Kay Davis — Pearl 
Jim W. Davis — Clinton 
Jimmy Lee Davis — Pearl 
Jo Ann Davis — Morton 
Joe Davis — Vlcksburg 
John Ivy Davis — Raymond 
John Mark Davis — Monticello 
John W. Davis Jr. — Jackson 
Juanlta Davis — Jackson 
Kecla M. Davis — Jackson 
Keith Lemoy Davis — Terry 
Larry Anthony Davis — Vlcksburg 
Larry Bryant Davis — Yazoo City 
Larry Len Davis — Crystal Springs 
Lavette Caldonla Davis — Jackson 
Leonardo Davis — Bentonla 
Lex Harlan Davis — Jackson 
Linda Hobson Davis — Pearl 
Linda Parker Davis — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Davis — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Carol Davis — Jackson 
Lloyd Davis Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Louis Fletcher Davis — Clinton 
Margaret Lou Davis — Jackson 
Marguerite Davis — Columbia 
Mark Cameron Davis — Raymond 
Mark Stephen Davis — Vlcksburg 
Martha Lee Davis Noble — Vlcksburg 
Mary Duncan Davis — Pelahatchle 
Mary Katherlne Davis — Jackson 
Mary Virginia Davis — Jackson 
Melissa Carol Davis — Pearl 
Michael Andrew Davis — Jackson 
Michael L. Davis — Brandon 
Michael Paul Davis — Pearl 
Norman Jerome Davis — Jackson 
Odls Elmo Davis — Brandon 
Patrick Anthony Davis — Harvey 
Ralph E. Davis — Pearl 
Reglna Carol Davis — Pelahatchle 
Reglna Elizabeth Davis — Jackson 
Reginald Davis — Edwards 
Rex Hlllman Davis — Clinton 
Rhonda Marie Davis — Benton 
Roblzene Williams Davis — Jackson 
Ruth L. Davis — Jackson 
Sallle Elizabeth Davis — Sandersvllle 
Shanta Rena Davis — Redwood 
Sharon Demetrla Davis — Jackson 
Sherry Rena Davis — Raymond 
Stephanie Davis — Vlcksburg 
Steven Payne Davis — Brandon 
Susan Holman Davis — Clinton 
Timothy Davis — Jackson 
Timothy Henry Davis — Vlcksburg 
Tracy Carol Davis — Clinton 
Vera Watkins Davis — Jackson 
Verna Davis — Vlcksburg 
Vivian Walton Davis — Vlcksburg 
William Dean Davis — Pearl 
William Edwin Davis — Vlcksburg 
William Jeredon Davis — Jackson 
Willie Davis — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Ruth Davison — Baton Rouge 
C. Michelle Dawson — Vlcksburg 
Jerrle Lynn Dawson — Brandon 
Ricky Dale Dawson — Florence 
Robin Marie Dawson — Raymond 
Deborah A. Day — Jackson 

Garlln Wallace Day — Clinton 
J. Don Day — Vlcksburg 
Jean Dlanne Day — Florence 
Kim S. Day — Jackson 
Melissa Dawn Day — Raymond 
Rachel Dlanne Day — Jackson 
Rodney E. Day — Jackson 
Wanda Hitchcock Day — Pearl 
Willi, im Michael Day — Raymond 
Debbie Hickman Dayton — Jackson 
Angela Klmberly Dean — Clinton 
Carol Ruth Dean — Jackson 
Lisa Joy Dean — Pearl 
Maellnda Dean — Jackson 
Peggy Elizabeth Dean — Madison 
Shannon Elizabeth Dean — Jackson 
Brian Christopher Dear — Brandon 
Francis Garnetta Dear — Jackson 
Phil Clarence Dear — Florence 
Russell Shane Dear — Crystal Springs 
Shannon Mary Dearman — Prentiss 
Willis Lamar Deason Jr. — Raymond 
Jennifer Lee Deatley — Brandon 
Warren C. Deck — Vlcksburg 
Patrick Leonard Decker — Vlcksburg 
Marilyn Elaine Dedeaux — Jackson 
Wanda Ashmore Dee — Vlcksburg 
Walter Lewis Deel — Carthage Ms 
Catherine Marie Deen — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Lynn Deen — Jackson 
Daniel Zane Dees — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Theodore Dehmer III — Jackson 
Chad Anthony Delorlo — Jackson 
Harold DeKay — Jackson 
Arthur Thompson Delashmet — 

Jerry Lee DeLaughter Jr. — Jackson 
Earnestlne Delk — Jackson 
Lisa Weed DellaPenna — Jackson 
Hazel R DeLoach Wells — Jackson 
Terrl Ann DeLoach — Clinton 
Frederick Demby — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Demby — Vlcksburg 
Tawanda Demby — Raymond 
Phillip M. Demeranville — Clinton 
Jenifer Dendlnger — Pearl 
Christopher Brian Denham — Jackson 
William Steven Denham — Jackson 
Charlotte J. Denis — Jackson 
Klmberly Dlanne Denley — Pearl 
Mia Yvonne Denman — Jackson 
Johnnie Morgan Denmark — Lucedale 
Maryanne Radon Denney — Brandon 
Adam William Dennis — Brandon 
Deldre Ann Dennis — Jackson 
Edgar R. Dennis — Jackson 
Jimmy Dale Dennis Jr. — Harrlsvllle 
Lee Ann Dennis — Jackson 
Mary S. Dennis — Vlcksburg 
Willie Dennis Jr. — Magee 
Alvlna Denson — Philadelphia 
Donna Darlene Denson — Bolton 
Phyllis Lynn Denson Pope — Lena 
Loretta Harper Dent — Jackson 
Randal Louis Dent — Jackson 
Kim D. Denton — Jackson 
Michael F. Denton — Jackson 
Sharron Denlse Denton — Sallls 
Cynthia L. Depoyster — Pearl 
Bill Whatley Deprlest — Clinton 
Jerry Noel Derlvaux — Vlcksburg 
Heath V. Derrick — Lena 
Louis Sellers Derrlngton — Vlcksburg 
Christy Kay Desrocher — Pearl 
Natalie Floyd Desvernlne — Madison 
Angela C. Develle — Jackson 
Debra Eakes Devlne — Florence 
Ronald Devlne — Port Gibson 
April Melissa Dew — Jackson 
Paul Christopher Dew — Vlcksburg 
Tammy Darlene Dew — Yazoo City 
James M. DeWease — Camp Shelby 
Margie Calhoun DeWItt — Tallulah 
Robert Clayton DeWItt — Vlcksburg 
Eugene Alexander DeYomport — 

Dale Anthony Diaz — Dlberville 
Diane DIBenedetto — Jackson 
Rosalie E. Dichlara — Jackson 
Christopher Scott Dick — Vlcksburg 
Julie Sonja Dick — Vlcksburg 
Susan Mlchele Dlcken — Jackson 
Amy Marie DIckerson — Rldgeland 
Leslie Kim DIckerson — Jackson 
Lynn Suggs DIckerson — Pearl 
Tommy Randall DIckerson — McComb 
Victor Brad DIckerson — Brandon 
Charles Barron Dickinson — Jackson 
Dawn Janelle Dickson — Morton 
John Graham Dickson — Pearl 
Steven W. Diebold — Clinton 
Diana Dleckman — Jackson 
Robert John Dleckman — Jackson 
Roy A. Diehl — Pearl 
Michael Darren Dietrich — Clinton 
Choyce Stanfield Dlffey — Jackson 
Frances Jean Dlggs — Edwards 
Patricia Ann Dlggs — Edwards 
Tiara Natrlll Dlggs — Jackson 
Chris Bert Dill — Brandon 
Ken Dean Dill Jr. — West Point 
Frank Dlllard — Pelahatchle 
Gwendolyn M. Dlllard — Vlcksburg 
David Martin Dillingham — Jackson 
Carol Green Dillon — Brandon 
Charles Eugene Dillon — Jackson 
Cllntes Rudalph Dillon — McComb 
Colla M. Dillon Jr. — Tylertown 
James L. Dillon — Mendenhall 
Jeffrey Patrick Dillon — Tylertown 

Directory / 299 

Patsy Pittman Dillon — Brandon 
William Gary Dtlmore — Jackson 
Dana Crowe Dlnklns — Jackson 
William Woodruff Dlnklns — Jackson 
Jennifer R. DIsepo — Clinton 
Gregory A. Dlshmon — Brandon 
Pamela Michelle Dlsmuke — West 

Llddelle Smith Ditto — Vlcksburg 
Arlnthla Lucretla Dixon — Jackson 
Bernlta Diane Dixon — Rldgeland 
Betty Ann Dixon Welch — Vlcksburg 
Darrln Edward Dixon — Vaughan 
Ella L. Dixon — Canton 
Eric I. Dixon — Brandon 
Ethel Baldwin Dixon — -Utlca 
Mean Dixon — Utica 
James E. Dixon Jr. — Jackson 
Lawrence Dixon — Canton 
Margaret B. Dixon — Jackson 
Martha Ann Dixon — Whitfield 
Martha Delene Dixon — Jackson 
Murlean Dixon — Crystal Springs 
Nancy L. Dixon — Pearl 
Ruby Lois Dixon — Utlca 
Sean Stewart Dixon — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Renae Dixon — Mendenhall 
Shelltha R. Dixon — Jackson 
Sherry Lee Dixon Evon — Brandon 
Shlrlean Dixon — Crystal Springs 
Tamela Rachel Dixon — Jackson 
Willie Earl Dixon — Jackson 
Pamela Dlxson — Plnola 
Davlna Warren Doan — D'Lo 
Shirley M. Dobbler — Meridian 
Dora Mae Dobson — Jackson 
Mary McGee Dobson — Jackson 
Michael Gerald Dobson — Jackson 
Reginald Dobson — Jackson 
Rita Faye Doby — Pearl 
Gerald Dodd — Jackson 
Patricia Dodd — Jackson 
Patt Casey Dodd — Jackson 
Chad Harpole Dodds — Jackson 
Laqulta Elaine Dodds — Hazlehurst 
Jason Curry Dodson — Vlcksburg 
Lazada L. Dodson — Clinton 
Christopher Jon Doerr — Louisville 
Faye Cook Dollar — Terry 
Jeffrey T. Dollar — Vlcksburg 
Tiffany Shawn Dollar — Vlcksburg 
Esther B Domlnlck — Brandon 
James C. Donahoe Jr. — Crystal 

Alexandria Devon Donahue — Jackson 
Earl Junior Donahue — Jackson 
Doris M Donald — Jackson 
Joyce Myers Donald — Lorman 
Kelly Mllner Donald — Pearl 
Nick Latrell Donald — Mt. Olive 
Penny Diana Donald — Pearl 
Shellla O Donald — Edwards 
Brian Keith Donaldson — Jackson 
Chandra Donalson — Jackson 
Lisa Louise Donavan — Jackson 
David Albert Donerson — Bolton 
Michael Paul Donnelly — Jackson 
Vickie F. Donnelly Pace — Jackson 
Robert James Donohoe — Florence 
Joan Coomes Donovan — Vlcksburg 
Susan Renee Donovan — Vlcksburg 
William Luther Doonan — Jackson 
Terry Monroe Dorman — Pelahatchle 
Gloria A. Dornbursch — Vlcksburg 
Albert Jacob Dornbusch — Vlcksburg 
Jane Celowee Dornbusch — Vlcksburg 
Wallace Ricky Dorrell — Vlcksburg 
Kate Wilson Dorrough — Rulevllle 
Carl Dorsey — Valley Park 
Gloria Ann Dorsey — Vlcksburg 
Michael Winfred Dorsey — Rldgeland 
Varnessa Patrece Dorsey — Rldgeland 
Christine Dortch — Canton 
Debbie Barton Dortch — Jackson 
Lorenda Lisa Dortch — Jackson 
Alberta C. Doss — Yazoo City 
Debra Elaine Dossett — Jackson 
Karen Grler Doster — Jackson 
Betrlce McKenzle Dotson — Brandon 
Linda Marie Dotson Lewis — Jackson 
Marilyn A. Dotson — Port Gibson 
Mark A. Dotson — Jackson 
Thelma Jenkins Dotson — Port Gibson 
Carolyn Banchettl Doty — Vlcksburg 
Danny Ray Doty — Vlcksburg 
Vera Elaine Doty — Vlcksburg 
Donna Brown Dougherty — Vlcksburg 
Jo Ann Dougherty — Vlcksburg 
Aubrey Ray Douglas — Jackson 
Dennis Alan Douglas — Vlcksburg 
Dollle D. Douglas — Jackson 
Donna Kay Douglas — Pearl 
Jacqueline Arnetta Douglas — Jackson 
Joyce Elaine Douglas — Jackson 
Mallnda Gordon Douglas — Pearl 
Marilyn Elolse Douglas — Jackson 
Melissa P. Douglas — Vlcksburg 
Nlda Ann Douglas — Oxford 
Patsy L. Douglas Webb — Vlcksburg 
Sam Douglas — Jackson 
Shirley Jean Douglass — Mendenhall 
Robert Percy Dowe — Vlcksburg 
Bertha Charlene Downer — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Downey — Brandon 
Glenda Dlannc Downey — Terry 
Arthur James Downing — Raymond 
Cyrena Catherine Downing — 

Jason Lloyd Downing — Brandon 
Michael Scott Downing — Jackson 

Keith Dexter Downs — Magnolia 
Terry Lynn Downs — Hazlehurst 
Gregory Kevin Doyle — Madison 
Jon David Dozler — Jackson 
Nancy Murray Dozler — Raymond 
Hattle Mae Drain — Canton 
Carol Annette Drake — Brandon 
Denlse D Drake — Tougaloo 
Mary Ann Drake Floyd — Vlcksburg 
Michael Haymes Drake — Natchez 
Rickey Donald Drake — Vlcksburg 
Susan Elizabeth Drake — Clinton 
Christopher C. Draper — Vlcksburg 
Steven Earl Draper — Jackson 
Klmberly Dawn Drennan — Jackson 
Cynthia M. Drlsklll — Jackson 
Shirley Faye Drones — Jackson 
Arthur Lee Drummer — Jackson 
David Dubard — Jackson 
Lakshml Dubey — Clinton 
Deborah Lynn Dubose — Jackson 
Prentice E. Dubose — Pearl 
Trad Jean Dubose — Jackson 
Willie G. Dubose — Bolton 
Cella Ann Duck — Jackson 
Janice Barksdale Duck — Jackson 
Nora Rebecca Ducker — Georgetown 
Mary Denlse Ducrest — Rldgeland 
Donna Smith Duda — Clinton 
Daniel R. Dudley — Clinton 
Katherlne Lyn Dudley — Terry 
Denlse Dlllard Duggar — Madison 
Heather Jo Dugger — Clinton 
Angela Paige Duke — Brandon 
Glenda Gilmore Duke — Raymond 
Charles Sherman Dukes — Jackson 
Donald Ray Dukes — Clinton 
Jolanda Pittman Dukes — Pearl 
Kerry Crisler Dukes — Brandon 
Michael Timothy Dukes — Jackson 
Oscar Lee Dukes — Clinton 
Rita Herrlngton Dukes — Jackson 
Robert Daniel Dukes — Jackson 
Russell L Dukette — Brandon 
Charles F. Dulaney — Vlcksburg 
Claudia R Dulaney — Vlcksburg 
Corean Dulaney — Raymond 
Earnestine Jones Dulaney — 

Keith Warren Dulaney — Tallulah 
Leslie June Dumas — Brandon 
Lynda Joyce Dumont — Richland 
Bob A. Dunaway — Raymond 
Brenda Munn Dunaway — Jackson 
Kathryn Spears Dunaway — Clinton 
Russell Spears Dunaway — Pearl 
Shannon Lynn Dunaway — Clinton 
Barbara Jean Duncan — Pearl 
Edward M. Duncan — Jackson 
James Henry Duncan — Terry 
Janice Spears Duncan — Brandon 
Jimmy Lee Duncan — Gadsden 
John B. Duncan — Raymond 
Klrya Jermalne Duncan — Natchez 
Teresa Diane Duncan — Terry 
Thomas William Duncan - Jackson 
William Marvin Dungan Jr. — Crystal 

William Guy Dunlgan — Clinton 
Dorothy Harris Dunkln — Houston 
Martha Elizabeth Dunlap — Clinton 
Mike Dunlap — Madison 
Jonathan Richard Dunn — Jackson 
Melissa Kate Dunn — Canton 
Michael Excell Dunn — Vlcksburg 
William Wesley Dunn — Jackson 
Glenda Faye Dunnam — Jackson 
Wanda Michelle Dunnaway — Flowood 
Cora Lee Dupree — Jackson 
Deborah Jean Dupree — Vlcksburg 
Kendall Kay Dupree — Jackson 
Leigh Ellen Durant — Jackson 
James Marcus Duren — Edwards 
Corey Genard Durham — Jackson 
Vincent J. Durman — Vlcksburg 
Aletha Durr — New Hebron 
Dannon W. Durr — Clinton 
Faye E. Durr — Silver Creek 
Freddie A Durr Jr. — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Durr — Jackson 
Michael Duane Durst — Jackson 
Ruby Nell Dusek — Corinth 
Rita F, Duvall Boyki — Jackson 
Kenneth Martin Dye — Horn Lake 
Lisa Gibson Dye — Brandon 
Marshall Leon Dye Jr. — Morton 
Ralph E. Dyer — Jackson 
Steven Mearl Dyer — Tupelo 
Aremenla Dykes — Jackson 
Billy E. Dykes — Brandon 
Kevin Logan Dykes — Natchez 
Luclon Randolph Dykes — Clinton 
Marty Lynn Dykes — Jackson 
Peggy Thlrsteen Dykes — Jackson 
Robert Patrick Dykes — Raymond 
Tina Hazzlerlgg Dykes — Vlcksburg 
Tracy Lenore Dykes — Fayette 
Sheila Victoria Dyson — Jackson 

Paul Brltton Eads — Brentwood 
Robert R. Eady — Jackson 
Stacy Leigh Eady — Pearl 
Sunny Lynn Eady — Pearl 
Calvin K. Ealey Odom — Flora 
Linda Ealey — Flora 
Willie M. Ealey — Jackson 
Norma Jean Ealy — Jackson 
Andrew Christopher Eargle — 

Mary Mlchele Eargle Lea — Vlcksburg 
Wanda Lewis Earley — Pearl 
Gerald T. Easley — Vlcksburg 
Krlstella Easley — Terry 
Diane Denlta East — Braxton 
Sharon Melissa East — Mendenhall 
Christopher Scott Eastburn — Clinton 
Janice Sue Eastburn Murre — Clinton 
Annie Ruth Easterling — Pearl 
Arthur Easterling — Morton 
Beverly J. Easterling — Prentiss 
Brenda Sue Easterling — Lena 
David Bob Easterling — Rldgeland 
Sandy Michelle Easterling — Pearl 
Tracy Leigh Easterling — Brandon 
Dean Curtis Easterwood — Yazoo City 
Deborah Lynn Easterwood — 

Paula Dlanne Easterwood — Vlcksburg 
Miranda Abigail Eastland — Brandon 
Darryl Todd Eastman — Jackson 
Jeffrey Stone Eastwood — Pearl 
Raenora Leah Eaton — Clinton 
William Robert Eaton Jr. — Terry 
Irene Benton Eaves — Vlcksburg 
Mark Darrell Eaves — Florence 
Patricia Lynn Eaves — Jackson 
Royce C. Eaves — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly Ann Echols — Jackson 
Charles Dixon Ederlngton — Vlcksburg 
Peggy Marlonnea Ederlngton — 

Janet Michelle Edgar — Flora 
Angela Llnette Edley — Raymond 
Corliss Ann Edley — Vlcksburg 
Yolunda Ann Edley — Vlcksburg 
Cassandra Denlse Edmond — Canton 
Brenda Green Edmondson — Jackson 
Thomas Carl Edmonson — Braxton 
Ben Edwards Jr. — Jackson 
Bobble Beyers Edwards — Vlcksburg 
Bobble Burse Edwards — Bolton 
Charles Jason Edwards — D Lo 
Charlie Edwards Jr. — Jackson 
Cherle Lynne Edwards — Brandon 
Cynthia A. Edwards — Jackson 
David Lewis Edwards — Brandon 
Dixie Lee Edwards — Vlcksburg 
Earline Edwards — Jackson 
John David Edwards — Vlcksburg 
John Roy Edwards — Raymond 
Joseph Edwards — Jackson 
Joseph Brown Edwards — Rldgeland 
Joyce Gayden Edwards — Jackson 
Kathy Edwards — Jackson 
Linda Brown Edwards — Jackson 
Lisa Elaine Edwards — Brandon 
Lisa G. Edwards — Pelahatchle 
Marcus D. Edwards — Clinton 
Marcus Jay Edwards — Pearl 
Mark Edwards — Kosciusko 
Mary Henderson Edwards — Bolton 
Michael Stewart Edwards — Jackson 
Olivia Christine Edwards — Pearl 
Randolph Edwards — Edwards 
Robert L. Edwards — Vlcksburg 
Ronald Otho Edwards — Raymond 
Sonya S. Edwards — Florence 
Stephanie Anne Edwards — Jackson 
Stephen Lawrence Edwards — Terry 
Sybil C. Edwards — Pearl 
Tamatha Yvonne Edwards — Pearl 
Tina Marie Edwards — Jackson 
Tommle Asher Edwards — Jackson 
Tracy Edwards — Jackson 
Vera M. Edwards — Jackson 
Verdell Vaughn Edwards — Vlcksburg 
Victoria Lynn Edwards — Tallulah 
Walter Edwards Jr. — Jackson 
Steve G. Egger 

Ginger Strong Ehrhardt — Vlcksburg 
Karl Frederick Ehrhardt — Vlcksburg 
Carl Sedrlck Eichelberger — Jackson 
James B. Eichelberger — Jackson 
Vondell C. Elland — Pearl 
Mark Alan Elsenmenger — Vlcksburg 
Angela Leigh Eldridge — Florence 
Chris Neal Eldridge — Vlcksburg 
Debbie Shropshire Eldridge — Clinton 
Klmberley Anne Eldridge — Flora 
Martha Chunn Eldridge — Florence 
Robin Elizabeth Eldridge — Jackson 
Pamela Tracey Eley — Jackson 
Elizabeth Roberts Ellott — Clinton 
Betty Mills Ellington — Jackson 
Stephanie Joyce Elliot — Jackson 
Cathy Jean Elliott — Brandon 
Donna Ann Elliott — Jackson 
Jehosephat Elliott — Brandon 
Margaret Grace Elliott — Brandon 
Alma Coign Ellis — Flora 
Arvllle Ellis — Jackson 
Brldgett Renee Ellis — Brandon 
Cedrlc Leshun Ellis — Jackson 
David Ray Ellis — Vlcksburg 
Eldred Maurice Ellis — Jackson 
Harry Wayne Ellis — Jackson 
Kathy Hammons Ellis — Brandon 
Kelll Elaine Ellis — Pickens 
Mellnda Ann Ellis — Vlcksburg 

Pamela Ellis — Tougaloo 
Robert Earl Ellis — Jackson 
Spencer Ray Ellis — Terry 
Ulrica Chevon Ellis — Utlca 
Victoria Ellis — Vlcksburg 
Billle M. Ellison — Pearl 
Dave Edward Ellison — Pearl 
Michael E. Ellison — Utlca 
Emma Ruth Ellzey — Jackson 
Katryn Callahan Elmore — Jackson 
Brian Trey Elrod — Pass Christian 
Bart Charles Eltiste — Jackson 
Terrl Thomas Elward — Florence 
Linda Sue Elwell — Brandon 
Mary Ann Elwell — Jackson 
Teresa Belfour Elzle — Jackson 
Derek Young Emerson — Clinton 
E. June Emerson — Vlcksburg 
Francis Marion Emerson 111 — Clinton 
Johnle H Emerson — Brandon 
Juanlta Ballestros Emerson — Brandon 
Kevin Lee Emerson — Sherrills Ford 
Vickie M Emerson Danle — Pearl 
Gloria O. Emery — Vlcksburg 
Louis Odonnell Emery — Vlcksburg 
Ellen E. Emmlch — Vlcksburg 
Russell Wayne Emmons — Pearl 
Suzanne Leigh Emmons — Brandon 
Lisa Diane Engel — Brandon 
Robert McLure Engler — Vlcksburg 
Lauren Alene English — Jackson 
Ruthle Marie English — Forest 
Tim A. English — Jackson 
Sharon L. Enlow — Morton 
Dwayne E. Ensign — Madison 
Meade Entrekln — Pearl 
Alma Maria Epps — Vlcksburg 
Beverly Joyce Epting — Forest 
O. T. Epting — Morton 
Ronald W. Erewer — Crystal Springs 
Gregory Arthur Erickson — Pearl 
Renee Harklns Erickson — Yazoo City 
Barbara Renee Errington — Crystal 

Clinton Patrick Ertle — Clinton 
Janle Lynne Erves — Jackson 
Tonla Taylor Erves — Vlcksburg 
Bernadette Jasmine Ervln — Bolton 
Gerald Glen Ervln — Pearl 
Jimmy Ervln — Vlcksburg 
Joel Robert Ervln — Jackson 
Lee Nathan Ervln — Jackson 
Patricia Ervln — Jackson 
Audrey Teresa Erwln — Pearl 
Doris Jean Essary — Jackson 
Mark S. Essary — Jackson 
Winfred Katez Esslx — Jackson 
Brian Edwin Estes — Jackson 
James H. Estes — Clinton 
James Lawrence Estes — Jackson 
David Louis Estis — Raymond 
Stanley Duane Ethredge — Jackson 
Howard Mark Ettlnger — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Reglnla Eubanks — Jackson 
John Rodger Eubanks — Jackson 
Klmberly Patrlna Eubanks — Jackson 
Willard Brewnell Eure — Brandon 
Barbara Ann Evans — Vlcksburg 
Barbara Gall Evans — Jackson 
Barbara Landers Evans W — Jackson 
Ben V. Evans 111 — Jackson 
Betty M. Evans — Jackson 
Bobby Martin Evans — Jackson 
Brad Gilbert Evans — Jackson 
Carmen Denlse Evans — Vlcksburg 
Charles Joseph Evans — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia F. Evans — Jackson 
Gregory Lee Evans — Clinton 
James Patrick Evans — Carthage 
Jan Hegwood Evans — Jackson 
Janice Marie Evans — Crystal Springs 
Jeff Wayne Evans — Vlcksburg 
Jlmmle Dale Evans — Jackson 
John Calvin Evans — Mendenhall 
John S. Evans — Jackson 
Joyce H. Evans — Florence 
Katherlne Evans — Jackson 
Kathryn A. Evans — Vlcksburg 
Kevin Bernard Evans — Newton 
Kevin Wade Evans — Jackson 
Leslie Ann Evans — Jackson 
Nathaniel Evans — Jackson 
Phillip Wayne Evans — Jackson 
Sandra Alford Evans — Brandon 
Sandra Denlse Evans — Newton 
Scarlet Lorea Evans — Jackson 
Scotty H. Evans — Pearl 
Sharon Hampton Evans — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Lannett Evans — Carthage 
Shelby Catanya Evans — Vlcksburg 
Sheryl L. Evans — Jackson 
William George Evans — Jackson 
William Pierre Evans — Jackson 
Willie G. Evans — Jackson 
Angle Carlene Everett — Dh 31 1 2t 
Bobby Martin Everett — Jackson 
Chantel Crosby Everett — Vlcksburg 
Ferllnda Garay Everett — Brandon 
John David Everett — Pelahatchle 
Linda M. Everett — Puckett 
Timothy Wayne Everett — Braxton 
Kevin Lee Everman — Jackson 
Klmberly Edwards Ezell — Pearl 
Melody Jacqueline Ezell — Clinton 
Todd Glen Ezell — Vlcksburg 
Wesley Kurtz Ezell — Meadvllle 

Donald D Fail — Picayune 
Al Fredrick Falrley — Jackson 
Dana Paige Falrley — Jackson 
James Kerr Falrley — Richland 
Thomas C Falrley — Lucedale 
Patricia Lynn Falconer — Jackson 
Carole Hasty Falls — Vlcksburg 
Karl Emmett Falster — Jackson 
Lisa Falvey — Pearl 
Andy Lamont Fancher — Brandon 
Marjorle Goodsell Fanning — Madison 
Cynthia J. Fant — Jackson 
Melissa Jean Fant — Jackson 
Sylvia Fullllove Fant — Pearl 
Gary M Farlow — Jackson 
Anna Katherlne Farmer — Richland 
Anne Marie Farmer — Jackson 
Ben Warren Farmer — Jackson 
Bobble Jane Farmer — Jackson 
Dana Sheree Farmer — Brandon 
Freda McCarter Farmer — Vlcksburg 
Martha Anita Farmer — Hazelhurst 
Michael Sherwood Farmer — Vlcksburg 
Tammye Layne Farmer — Utlca 
Thomas Emory Farmer — Pearl 
Gregory Paul Farnsworth — Jackson 
George Edward Farrar — Jackson 
James Colvln Farrar Jr — Clinton 
Anthony Taylor Farrell — Roxle 
Betsy Howard Farrell — Vlcksburg 
Charles Harvey Farrell — Roxle 
Sadie Pllklngton Farrlor — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Nicole Farrlor — Utlca 
William Wyatt Farrlor Jr — Bolton 
Martha Farrls — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Michael Farrls — Gulfport 
Aubrey Patrick Faulk — Jackson 
John Aldred Faulk Jr — Vlcksburg 
John Alfred Faulk III — Vlcksburg 
Donna Renae Faulkner — Wesson 
Lonnie Ray Faulkner — Carthage 
Sandra L. Faulkner — Rldgeland 
Lea Michael Fava — Greenville 
Henry Michael Fayard Jr. — Clinton 
David Charles Fearn — Brookhaven 
Brad James Feaster — Clinton 
Robert Louis Federlck — Vlcksburg 
Jonathan W. Fedrlck — Jackson 
Stephen Monte Felth — Vlcksburg 
Charles Rlckle Felder — Jackson 
Robert Henry Felix — Vlcksburg 
Ernest Lance Felker — Jackson 
Jenl Cecilia Felker — Jackson 
Kevin Charles Felker — Jackson 
Sharron D. Fells Wlnfo — Jackson 
Edwin Cordell Felton — Jackson 
Leola Slater Felton — Jackson 
Holly Suzanne Felts — Pearl 
John R Femlnella — Vlcksburg 
James Coy Fendley — Clinton 
Paul William Ferfon — Clinton 
Ben Edwin Ferguson — Jackson 
Cade Drew Ferguson — Raymond 
David James Ferguson — Clinton 
David M. Ferguson — Clinton 
Frances Kay Ferguson — Terry 
Helen H. Ferguson — Vlcksburg 
Hugh L. Ferguson — Mendenhall 
James Robert Ferguson — Angullla 
Jennifer Leigh Ferguson — Raymond 
Juanlta Copeland Ferguson — Jackson 
Melissa Lee Ferguson — Philadelphia 
Michael Brian Ferguson — Brandon 
Patricia Ann Ferguson — Jackson 
Peggy Joy Ferguson — Rldgeland 
Sandy Lynn Ferguson — Vlcksburg 
Shawn Vernon Ferguson — Pearl 
Sherry Beth Ferguson — Clinton 
Tammy Chadwlck Ferguson — 

Theresa R. Ferguson — Raymond 
Tyrone Bernard Ferguson — Tuskegee 
Van Stevens Ferguson Jr. — Jackson 
Wallace Carl Ferguson — Jackson 
William C. Ferguson Jr — Florence 
James Bailey Feroben — Pearl 
Emma D. Ferrell — Edwards 
Samuel Eugene Ferrell III — Clinton 
Shana Yvonne Ferrell — Vlcksburg 
Gerald D. Ferrlll Jr. — Ocean Springs 
Connie Stuart Fewell — Pearl 
Mark Edward Field — Jackson 
William Floyd Field — Vlcksburg 
William Floyd Field Jr. — Redwood 
Daniel Clifford Fielder — Crystal 

David N. Fielder — Vlcksburg 
Paula Joyce Fielder — Vlcksburg 
Amy Louise Fields — Jackson 
Erlck Landon Fields — Vlcksburg 
Jeannie Riley Fields — Vlcksburg 
Evelyn Yvonne Flfer — Jackson 
Victoria Faye Figures — Jackson 
Helen Ruth File Neely — Jackson 
Kevin Leroy Flllebaum — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Faith Fllllngane — Hattlesburg 
David Edward Finch — Vlcksburg 
Mildred E. Finch Morrl — Jackson 

Arnold Flnchcr Jr. — Brandon 
Barbara Suzanne Flnklea — Jackson 
Shana J. Flnley — Crystal Springs 
Tammy Lyn Flnnegan — Florence 
Michael Wayne Finney — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn E. Flsackcrly — Vlcksburg 
Tarn title Faye Flsackcrly — Vlcksburg 
Nancy Jean Fischer Olive — McCall 

Wendy Duthu Fischer — Jackson 
Deaniia Ann Fish — Clinton 
Dorothy Fisher — Vlcksburg 
Elease Fisher — Vlcksburg 
Katherlne Michelle Fisher — Clinton 
Kenneth Lamar Fisher — Jackson 
Larry David Fisher — Jackson 
Lyntie Elizabeth Fisher — Rldgeland 
Michael Kenneth Fisher — Jackson 
Steve Todd Fisher — Brandon 
Thomas Posey Fisher — Yazoo City 
Willie Russell Fisher — llermanvlllc 
Travis Earl Fisk — Brandon 
Janet Fltts — Vlcksburg 
Paul Thomas Fitzgerald — Pearl 
Robin Renee Fitzgerald — Jackson 
John Pat Fltzglbbon — Pearl 
Paul Brian Fltzpatrlck — Raymond 
Beverly Ann Fltzroy — Clinton 
Kellle Jean Fltzroy — Clinton 
Delores Flaggs — Vlcksburg 
Kate M. Flake — Meridian 
Bobby Luke Flanagan — Vlcksburg 
Elaine Harris Flanagan — Pelahatchie 
Lawrence Gregory Flanagan — 

Robert Allen Flanagan — Jackson 
Connie Layton Flanagln — Jackson 
Mike Wayne Flannlgan — Jackson 
Cora Leigh Flatt — Clinton 
Tolly I. Flatt III — Clinton 
James Harold Fleming — Jackson 
Joseph Paul Fleming — Vlcksburg 
Norfleet C. Fleming — Jackson 
Rena Hand Fleming — Jackson 
Robert Lonnie Fleming — Vlcksburg 
Theodore Fleming — Jackson 
Wanda Hope Fleming — Morton 
Berter Mae Fletcher — Mendenhall 
Donna Jo Fletcher — Pearl 
Edward Low Fletcher — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth E. Fletcher — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Michelle Fletcher — Flowood 
Lynn Michelle Fletcher — D'Lo 
Michael Ewlng Fletcher — Jackson 
Pattle Moore Fletcher — Jackson 
Sharon Rene Fletcher — Vlcksburg 
Laurie Banes Flickner — Pelahatchie 
Linda King Fllppen — Brandon 
Ruby Thompson Florence — Jackson 
Bryan L. Flournoy — Clinton 
Rita Marie Flowerday — Clinton 
David Kenneth Flowers — Vlcksburg 
Deborah G. Flowers — Jackson 
Donald David Flowers — Vlcksburg 
Edna Jackson Flowers — Jackson 
Erron Flowers — Vlcksburg 
Jane Lauderdale Flowers — Vlcksburg 
Mary Ellen Flowers — Vlcksburg 
Maude Elizabeth Flowers — Jackson 
Pamela B. Flowers — Jackson 
Patricia Slay Flowers — Jackson 
Renee Michelle Flowers — Utlca 
Stacy M. Flowers — Pearl 
Steven C. Flowers — Vlcksburg 
Carla Jean Floyd — Jackson 
Devln Lane Floyd — Clinton 
James E. Floyd — Vlcksburg 
Jason Talmage Floyd — Jackson 
Jeffrey Eugene Floyd — Greenville 
Kathleen Pendleton Floyd — Jackson 
Kerl Lynn Floyd — Jackson 
Lee Ann Floyd — Rldgeland 
Brian Wayne Flynt — Pearl 
Henry Guy Folman — Madison 
Darnell Lomant Folsom — Brandon 
Gloria J Fontan — Brandon 
Ramona Mannlno Fontenot — Madison 
Mary L. Fonvllle — Mound Bayou 
Mellnda Odom Foote — Brandon 
Robert D. Forbes — Vlcksburg 
Stacey Ann Forbes — Jackson 
Michael Allen Force — Jackson 
Christina Elizabeth Ford — Florence 
Donna Christine Ford — Jackson 
Elbert George Ford — Chicago 
Linda Kaye Ford — Jackson 
Lisa Luanne Ford — Jackson 
Manish Ford — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Shellayne Ford — Jackson 
Robert Bell Ford — Jackson 
Steven Craig Ford — Pearl 
Brenda Phlpps Foreman — Pulaski 
Delores J. Foreman — Lake 
Sharron W. Forks — Jackson 
Charles Fielding Forman — McComb 
Mary Taylor Forman — Jackson 
Alfred L. Forrest — Edwards 
Jeffrey Mark Forster — Jackson 
Austin Forte Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Denlse Fortenberry — Jackson 
Donna Carol Fortenberry — Jackson 
Erma Dell Fortenberry — Pelahatchie 
Judith Cheryl Fortenberry — Jackson 
Marlon Benita Fortenberry — 

Milton Andrew Fortenberry — Jackson 
Randy Scott Fortenberry — Canton 
Shane Fortenberry — Jackson 
Stephanie N. Fortenberry — Jackson 
Steven Ralph Fortenberry — Jackson 

Terry Olen Forlenberry — Pearl 
Almce Nicole Fortlnberry — Jackson 
Anna Mlchele Fortlnberry — Jackson 
Brian Keith Fortner — Grace 
James E. Fortner Jr. — Angullla 
Marte Ann Fortner — Jackson 
Robert T. Fortner — Jackson 
James Richard Fortune — Brandon 
Ronald Scott Fortune — Brandon 
Carmen Angela Foshee — Madison 
Anthony Alvln Foster — Brandon 
Dana Lynn Foster — Montlcello 
Donald Wesley Foster — Prentiss 
Felicia Annette Foster — Plnola 
Gwen Rorex Foster — Vlcksburg 
Hattle Estelle Foster — Vlcksburg 
Julius Kenyattaa Foster — Jackson 
Lori Leigh Foster — Jackson 
Lorl Phillips Foster — Jackson 
Marilyn Sue Foster — Yazoo City 
Mlckle Michelle Foster — Morton 
Olivia Katrlce Foster — Kosciusko 
Paul Jerome Foster — Plnola 
Pauline W. Foster — Natchez 
James Ray Fountain Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Judy W. Fountain — Vlcksburg 
Tewonda Smith Fountain — Tallulah 
Barbara Weaver Fowler — Vlcksburg 
Brian Jarratt Fowler — Vlcksburg 
Chrlstl G. Fowler — Brandon 
Eric Fowler — Vlcksburg 
Glenda Carol Fowler — Pearl 
Jack Fowler — Vlcksburg 
Mary M. Fowler — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Anita Fowler — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth Talberl Fox — Jackson 
Gary David Fox — Brandon 
John A Fox — Clinton 
Kenneth Ray Fox — Jackson 
Mary Ella Fox — Kosciusko 
Peter Christian Fox — Jackson 
Phylls Robertson Fralser — Florence 
Abel Lee Francis — Jackson 
Dot Walker Franck — Jackson 
Samuel Franco — Vlcksburg 
Sheila E. Franco — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Ann Frank — Jackson 
Emily R. Frank — Jackson 
Charles E. Franklin III — Jackson 
Chery Denlse Franklin — Bolton 
Cindy Ann Franklin — Jackson 
Ethel Thomas Franklin — Vlcksburg 
Glna Anita Franklin — Richland 
Gwendolyn Franklin — Vlcksburg 
Harry Lee Franklin — Brandon 
Hilda Jane Franklin — Brandon 
Jonathan Marcel Franklin — Jackson 
Lardelle McLaurln Franklin — Florence 
Michelle Franklin — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Anderson Franklin — Pearl 
Rose Mary Franklin — Rldgeland 
Stephanie Renee Franklin — Vlcksburg 
Tonl Marie Franklin — Pascagoula 
Virginia B. Franklin — Pearl 
Amy Lynn Franks — Starkvllle 
Anthony N. Franks — Ozark 
Jerri Michelle Franks — Magee 
Christopher E. Frantz — Canton 
Julllette Frasier — Vlcksburg 
William Anthony Frasier — 

Jesus Rlcardo Frayde — Crystal 

Raymundo E. Frayde — Crystal Springs 
Albert Earl Frazier — Raymond 
Arthur James Frazier — Raymond 
Btllle J. Frazier — Jackson 
Bryan Todd Frazier — Jackson 
Charles Edward Frazier — Jackson 
Clementine W. Frazier — Utlca 
David Lee Frazier — Utlca 
Deandra Michelle Frazier — Jackson 
Robert Phares Frazier — Jackson 
Tanya J. Frazier — Vlcksburg 
Terry Tonette Frazier — Jackson 
Travis Wade Frazier — Jackson 
Virginia Parkman Frazier — Richland 
Dwlght David Frederick — Brandon 
Tina Maria Frederick — Vldalla 
Raymond Kerry Fredrick — Pearl 
Holly J. Free — Jackson 
Marjorle N. Free — Brandon 
John Allen Freels — Crystal Springs 
Angela Freeman — Jackson 
Christopher Odell Freeman — Jackson 
Claiborne C. Freeman — Jackson 
Crushell Derrell Freeman — Raymond 
Donald Ray Freeman — Forest 
Elaine Thornton Freeman — Raymond 
Harriet Mauney Freeman — Rldgeland 
Larry Kennlth Freeman — Pelahatchie 
Samuel Wyatt Freeman — Morton 
Sandra Catherine Freeman — Forest 
Melody Marie Freemyer — Brandon 
Marcla McElhenney Freeny — Brandon 
Margo Lynn Freeny — Jackson 
Ben David French — Jackson 
Charles Gary French — Vlcksburg 
Kathy Varner French — Clinton 
L. Richard French — Jackson 
Lisa Marie French — Jackson 
Lorl Elizabeth French — Jackson 
Robert Scott French — Jackson 
Willie French — Utlca 
Lester Flurry Frerlchs — Clinton 
Kathryn B. Friar — Vlcksburg 
Kena Llnette Friday — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Friday — Jackson 
Raymond Helton Friley — Vlcksburg 
Carol Alford Frith — Morton 

Jason W Fritz — Madison 
Beverly House Frosl — Jackson 
Tiffany Lea Frosl — Clinton 
Stephen Kent Fryery - Philadelphia 
Chrlstl Kelll Fulcher — Louisville 
Daniel Lee Fulcher — Pearl 
Joe Anthony Fulcher — Brandon 
Sharon Grace Fulcher — Mt. Olive 
Thomas Fulcher — Jackson 
Sadie Williams Fulgham — Jackson 
Able Gall Fuller — Pearl 
Bobble Raynette Fuller — Jackson 
Bobby Joe Fuller — Vlcksburg 
Mack Fuller II — Vlcksburg 
Mike Andrew Fuller — Terry 
Shirley Scott Fuller — Jackson 
Andy F Fulllngton — Jackson 
Allred Daniel Fulton — Philadelphia 
Ellen Green Fulton — Clinton 
Lee Thayer Fulton — Jackson 
Robet Larry Fulton — Brandon 
Stephanie Anne Fulton — Louisville 
Yumetrlce Mashea Fulton — Jackson 
Jimmy Moore Eurobanks — Vlcksburg 
Marrlo Derrell Funches — Jackson 
Patricia Lanell Funches — Jackson 
Paula Lynette Funches — Jackson 
Percy Funches — Vlcksburg 
Theresa Marche Funches — Jackson 
Heidi Lynn Funderburke — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynn Furrer — Pearl 
Debbie Chandler Fyke — Pearl 

Jerry S. Gable — Raleigh 
Teresa Aust Gable — Brandon 
Kim Michelle Gadd — Brandon 
Dan M. Gaddls — Sylacauga 
Lewis Calvin Gaddls — Edwards 
Nanette Reshell Gaddls — Mlze 
Arlette E. Gaddy — Jackson 
Sherry Lynn Gaddy Gough — Crystal 

Stephen Perry Gaddy — Crystal 

Jeffrey B. Gagneaux — Clinton 
Therissa Christine Gagnon — Clinton 
Deborah L. Gala — Pearl 
Tom George Gain — Vlcksburg 
Ethel Louise Gaines — Jackson 
Jewel Perez Gaines — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Ray Gaines — Madison 
Phyllis Michelle Gaines — Jackson 
Preston Hammer Gaines — Vlcksburg 
Tina Louise Gaines — Jackson 
Sherrle Mllner Galther — Florence 
Darryl C. Gallaway — Jackson 
Shirley Vaughan Gallert — Vlcksburg 
John Barton Galloway — Jackson 
Linda Cowan Galloway — Yazoo City 
Mary W. Galloway — Vlcksburg 
Yvette Diana Galloway — Jackson 
Angela Rachelle Galtney — Jackson 
Audrey Renee Galtney — Jackson 
Roslynn Michelle Galtney — Jackson 
Ernestine Gamage — Jackson 
Norman Bradly Gambtll — Jackson 
Tammy Wynette Gambrel — Jackson 
Wanda Kay Gandy — Flowood 
Virginia Allen Gann — Vlcksburg 
Cheryl Laverne Gant — Vlcksburg 
Donald Paul Ganzerla — Raymond 
John Thomas Ganzerla — Jackson 
Michael Clyde Ganzerla — Jackson 
Amy Catherine Gardner — Brandon 
Angela Olivia Gardner — Jackson 
Benjamin Franklin Gardner — Jackson 
Christian Thomas Gardner — 

Christy Annette Gardner — Jackson 
Davina Dlanne Gardner — Florence 
Howard Klppy Gardner — Florence 
James C. Gardner Jr. — Jackson 
Klmberly Shea Gardner — Pearl 
L. J. Gardner — Vlcksburg 
Linda Hendrlx Gardner — Jackson 
Lyndell Crawford Gardner — Jackson 
Melanle J. Gardner — Brandon 
Olen Charles Gardner — Jackson 
S. J. Gardner — Jackson 
Sarah Jane Gardner — Walnut Grove 
Richard Todd Garley — Clinton 
Cheryl Ronet Garner — Starkvllle 
Daniel K. Garner — Oakland 
David Dewltt Garner — Pearl 
David Jerry Garner — Magee 
Delorles Lee Garner — Bolton 
Elizabeth Ashley Garner — Jackson 
Eric Jerome Garner — Jackson 
Evelyn Silvia Garner — Jackson 
Helen R. Garner — Jackson 
Jackie A. Garner — Jackson 
Luretha Garner — Jackson 
Marilyn Jean Garner — Florence 
Myra Ford Garner — Brandon 
Rusty Hlnton Garner — Vlcksburg 
Linda H. Garrard — Vlcksburg 
Angella Faith Garrett — Richland 

Directory / 30 1 

Bobby Dean Garrett — Jackson 
Conerla Maxine Garrett — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth Claire Garrett — Florence 
James F. Garrett — Jackson 
Jimmy Shelton Garrett — Florence 
Kenneth Leroy Garrett — Raymond 
Lisa Marlene Garrett — Winona 
Maria Dianne Garrett — Harrlsvllle 
Nancy E. Garrett — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Garrett — Philadelphia 
Raymond Charles Garrett — 

Susan Chamblee Garrett — RIdgeland 
Wendell E Garrett Jr — Clinton 
William C. Garrett — RIdgeland 
Faye Saucier Garrlga — Pearl 
Barbara B. Garrison — Raymond 
Franklin Alan Garrison — Jackson 
Robert R Garrison — Brandon 
Martha Steadham Garver — Brandon 
Alandre Kordla Garvls — Jackson 
Melonle Yvette Garvis — Jackson 
Kenneth Eugene Gary — Yazoo City 
Sarah Lalanal Gary — Jackson 
Linda Faye Gaskln Mache — Florence 
Thomas Gaskln — Vlcksburg 
Karen Gaston — RIdgeland 
L. V. Gater Jr — Jackson 
Angela Stevens Gates — Jackson 
Bruce Gates — Jackson 
Janice Ruth Gates — Jackson 
Rickey Gates — Jackson 
Eric Lamar Gatewood — Gary 
Jeffery Jerome Gatlln — Terry 
Wendy Frances Gatlln — Clinton 
Joe L. Gatz — Vlcksburg 
Glna Merle Gaubert — Brandon 
Carey Brent Gaughf — Jackson 
Brian Gauthler — Clifton Park 
Kris Gautler — Brandon 
Christine Michelle Gavette — Jackson 
Melissa Renee Gavette — Jackson 
Chanln M. Gay — Independence 
Chandra Sklffer Gayden — Florence 
James Earl Gayden — Florence 
James Dewltt Gayle — RIdgeland 
John London Gayles — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Lee Gazaway — Jackson 
Eleanor Wade Geary — Vlcksburg 
Marilyn R. Geary — Vlcksburg 
Joseph James Gee IV — Carrollton 
Susanna Parkinson Gee — Carrollton 
Elodle Patricia Geoghegan — Fayette 
Gwendolyn Kelly George — Vlcksburg 
Julia Ann George — Jackson 
Troyon Montlque George — Canton 
Roger Ray Georghegan — Natchez 
Bryan Keith Gerdes — Vlcksburg 
Fredrick German — Edwards 
Carla Sue Germany — Jackson 
Leeann Rogers Germany — Vlcksburg 
Wanda L. Geter — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Gayle Gettlnger — Vlcksburg 
Michael David Gettlnger — Vlcksburg 
Stephen C. Geyer — Lllburn 
Tina Dean Gholston S. — Madison 
Lorraine F Ghrlgsby — Vlcksburg 
Betty H Glardlna — Jackson 
William H. Glardlna — Jackson 
Jennifer Dianne Gibbon — Newton 
Glna Lynn Gibbons — Jackson 
Michael Duane Gibbons — Jackson 
Danny Ray Glbbs — Pearl 
Eugene Glbbs Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Ira Glbbs — Utlca 
James Daryll Glbbs — Morton 
Joanne Glbbs — Vlcksburg 
Abraham Gibson — Jackson 
Angela C. Gibson — Magee 
Annie Gibson — Vlcksburg 
Elaine Gibson — Jackson 
George David Gibson — Philadelphia 
James Russell Gibson — Jackson 
Jeff Scott Gibson — Clinton 
Joan Elizabeth Gibson — Pearl 
Linda Faye Gibson — Jackson 
Marl A. Gibson — Pelahatchle 
Marvin P. Gibson III — Jackson 
Paqulta Evette Gibson — Brandon 
Patricia June Gibson McKee — 

Reglna Moore Gibson — Jackson 
Roan Gibson — Vlcksburg 
Shonula Doretta Gibson — Florence 
Trennla Gibson — Jackson 
Claudia Ervln Glddlngs — Jackson 
Trlcla G. Glebltz — Clinton 
Aaron Matthew Gilbert — Crystal 

B. Janette Gilbert — Jackson 
James Gregory Gilbert — Jackson 
Mlnne L. Gilbert — Jackson 
Regenla Rena Gilbert — Jackson 
Robert Todd Gilbert — Canton 
Sonya Z Gilbert — Utlca 
Tammy Mason Gilbert — Lena 
Thomas B. Gilbert — Pearl 
Zoe Mozee Gilbert — Jackson 
Sheryl Christy Gllbreath — Brandon 
Angle Marie Giles — Vlcksburg 
Brandon Hall Giles — Mobile 
Susan Gllfoll — Vlcksburg 
Cheryl Diane Gill — Vlcksburg 
Jerome Gill — Philadelphia 
Mary Jennifer Gill — Jackson 
Sallle W. Gill — Pearl 
Trad Wynelle Gill — Brandon 
Yolanda Marie Gill — Walnut Grove 
Eric Scott Glllaspy — Prentiss 
John Philip Gillespie — Jackson 

Marlah Meade Gillespie — Vlcksburg 
Cozell Gilliam — Vlcksburg 
Michael Gearld Gilliam — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Wayne Glllls — Vlcksburg 
Luke Ralph Glllls — Pearl 
Kathy Ann Glllum — Yazoo City 
Gary Alan Gllly — Clinton 
Brenda Clayborne Gilmer — Brandon 
Gloria Jean Gilmer — Utlca 
MacArthur Gilmer — Edwards 
Bridget Ann Gllmore — Pearl 
Jennifer Leigh Gllmore — Brandon 
Kevin Francis Gllmore — Hazlehurst 
Loree Ferguson Gllmore — Vlcksburg 
M Frances Gllmore — Raymond 
Michael Scott Gllmore — Brandon 
Sabrevlan L. Gllmore Jones — Jackson 
M Francle Gtlmore-dunn — Jackson 
Martha Louise Ginn — Jackson 
Mary Christina Giordano — Jackson 
Larrle McLendon Glpson — Jackson 
Major Louise Glpson Walke — Jackson 
Roderick Demond Glpson — Jackson 
Suzanne Marie Glrard — Jackson 
Kathy Dawn Glrault — Jackson 
John Logan Given Jr. — Clinton 
Joseph Paul Given — Vlcksburg 
Ruby Sanders Given — Clinton 
Steve Patrick Given — Clinton 
Tabitha Shows Given — Clinton 
Dorcas Verllcier Glvens — Jackson 
Mary Jane Glvens Tyler — Jackson 
Melba E. Glvens Smith — Jackson 
Rhonda Ellen Glvens — Clinton 
James Henry Gladney — Bolton 
Marva L. Gladney — Jackson 
Patrick Dewayne Gladney — Bolton 
Tracy Lee Gladney — Kosciusko 
Henrietta Glasco — Redwood 
Deanna Lynn Glascoe — Jackson 
Willie Luke Glasper — Vlcksburg 
Ava Glass — Raleigh 
Gerard K. Glass — Jackson 
Janet Ramsey Glatt — Vlcksburg 
Robert Jackson Glaze — Jackson 
Lynn Carol Gleason — Jackson 
Patrick Martin Gleason — Jackson 
Jerrad Cornelius Gleese — Vlcksburg 
David Raymond Glenn — Yazoo City 
Vivian Lynn Glenn — Taylorsvllle 
Donald Eric Glldden — Natchez 
Dolores Glovanna Gllonna — Vlcksburg 
Kelly Roberts Glorioso — Clinton 
Michelle Lee Glotfelty — Brandon 
Sherry Renee Glover — Jackson 
Samuel David Goad — Jackson 
Angela Miller Gobar — Jackson 
Anthony Gobar — Jackson 
Floyd Lee Gober Jr. — Jackson 
Michael Ryan Gober — Clinton 
Raymond Todd Godbey — Florence 
Theresa llene Godbold — McCall Creek 
Thomas C. Godbold — Jackson 
Larry L. Godfrey — Clinton 
Ida Louise Goff — Pattlson 
Christopher Edward Goggan — 

Jerry Wayne Goings — Vlcksburg 
Newton Arnold Goings Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Jessica A. Coins — Grenada 
John Edwin Coins — Jackson 
Michael Golns — Jackson 
Linda Roundtree Golden — Jackson 
Lorl Ann Golden C. — Jackson 
Billy Bruce Goldman — Pelahatchle 
Gregory Wayne Goldman — Jackson 
John Wesley Goldman — Brandon 
Yvonne Lane Goldman — Jackson 
Greta Gail Golson — Hammond 
C. Lorraine Gonzales — Jackson 
Clppy E. Gonzalez — Clinton 
Frank Virgil Gonzalez — Jackson 
Conl Jo Gooch Easte — Jackson 
Barry G Goode — Columbus 
Sheryll J. Goode — Clinton 
Daniel Andrew Goodln — Clinton 
Kevin Scott Goodln — Vlcksburg 
Marcus Glen Goodloe — Canton 
Betty Jean Goodman — Pearl 
Edwlna McDuffle Goodman — Jackson 
Gloria J. Goodman — Vlcksburg 
Fowler Lamar Goodowens — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Shea Goodson — Brandon 
Schaun Lee Goodson — Jackson 
Jim Gordon Goodwill — Jackson 
Sandra Lynn Goodwill — Jackson 
Jeffery Floyde Goodwin — Jackson 
Russell E. Goodwin — Vlcksburg 
Scott Mitchell Goodwin — Brandon 
Sharon Lynn Goodwin — Jackson 
Shlela Carol Goodwin — Jackson 
Susan Renee Goodwin — Brandon 
Mary Virginia Gorday — Jackson 
Crystal Dawn Gordineer — Florence 
Audrey Gall Gordon — Vlcksburg 
Brian Cole Gordon — Morton 
Carol Calvin Gordon — Braxton 
Christopher Lee Gordon — Vlcksburg 
Evelyn Rena Gordon — Jackson 
Judy Anderson Gordon — Clinton 
Mary Gladys Gordon — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Gordon — Clinton 
Morris Fields Gordon — Florence 
Pamela Kay Gordon — Holly Bluff 
Robert Nathan Gordon Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Scott Thomas Gordon — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie L. Gordon — Jackson 
Vanessa Ann Gordon — Jackson 
Kenneth Gore — Pearl 
Rachael Gorenflo — Jackson 

Alice Gibson Gorman — Clinton 
Conetta Gosa — Jackson 
Krlstal Lea Gosa — Jackson 
Jerry Dwayne Goss — Forest 
Patricia Johnson Goss — Morton 
William Burl Goss — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Gail Goudelock — Vlcksburg 
Theresa Kirby Gould — Clinton 
George Joseph Gousset Jr. — Natchez 
Jason Roger Govan — Jackson 
Phyllis Shanta Gowdy — Jackson 
Twiggy Yvette Gowdy — Flora 
Cynthia Allyson Goza — Jackson 
Lou Virginia Gozdeckl — Jackson 
Cathlin Ann Grace — Vlcksburg 
Edward Aldren Grace — Jackson 
Mary Renee Grace Young — Jackson 
Michael Lavon Grace — Jackson 
Rosanna Maria Grace — Jackson 
William C. Grace II — Jackson 
Kevin Vincent Graef — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Gragg — Pearl 
Amy Jean Graham — Clinton 
Angela Renee Graham — Jackson 
David William Graham — Jackson 
Deleslle Payne Graham — Jackson 
Durk Pope Graham — Raymond 
Jason Todd Graham — Brandon 
Kenneth Tracy Graham — Vlcksburg 
Lettle Geneva Graham — Brandon 
Mickle Mlcheal Graham — Carthage 
Nanett Graham — Harpervllle 
Nicole Anqulenette Graham — Gautler 
Patricia Ann Graham — Jackson 
Patrick Sean Graham — Jackson 
Retha Cumberland Graham — Jackson 
Richard Paul Graham — Jackson 
Tamye Sekul Graham — Madison 
Tracy Michelle Graham — Raymond 
Vivian A. Graham — Clinton 
Vickl B. Grammer — Jackson 
Mary Lister Grandberry — Jackson 
Jacqueline Harris Granger — Jackson 
Kimberly Diane Granger — Pearl 
Teresa Pauline Granger — Hazlehurst 
Angela Denise Grant — Pelahatchle 
Chelette Charlse Grant — Pearl 
David Grant — Canton 
Dot Grant — Vlcksburg 
Eugene Grant — Pelahatchle 
Frances M. Grant L, — Canton 
Gregory Charles Grant — RIdgeland 
Janice L. Grant — Jackson 
Jeff Alan Grant — Vlcksburg 
Letha Grant — Jackson 
Noel J. Grant III — Indlanola 
Sharon S Grant — Lena 
Thomas Kenneth Grant — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Kenneth Grant II — Vlcksburg 
Annette L. Grantham — Clinton 
Billy Lynn Grantham — Richland 
Debra Combs Grantham — Hattiesburg 
James Terrell Grantham — Pearl 
Jerry Allen Grantham — Clinton 
Joseph Scott Grantham — Braxton 
Margaret E. Grantham — Florence 
Marjorle W. Grantham — Madison 
Pam Biddle Grantham — Florence 
Patricia Ann Grantham — Clinton 
Robert Allen Grantham — Florence 
Sharon Denise Grantham — Clinton 
Tamara Marie Grantham — Terry 
Traci Leigh Grantham — Vlcksburg 
Wendy Mlchele Grau — Vlcksburg 
Aneice Boyce Graves — Vlcksburg 
Ernest Jackson Graves — Morton 
Glenda Joy Graves — Bolton 
Mary Ellis Graves — Jackson 
Melvin Dewayne Graves — Jackson 
Ronald Bennett Graves — Jackson 
Vidaya Latundra Graves — Clinton 
Wanda Kay Graves Allen — Jackson 
Angela Lora Gray Lee — Jackson 
Cassandra Denise Gray — Jackson 
Charestene Gray — Jackson 
Charles Brian Gray — Jackson 
Charles E. Gray — Jackson 
Charles Raymond Gray III — Jackson 
Cheryl Salers Gray — Carthage 
Cindy Lynn Gray — Jackson 
Clara H. Gray Rabon — Jackson 
Craig B. Gray — Jackson 
Curtis Gray Jr. — Jackson 
Dennis Russell Gray — Edwards 
Donna Ruth Gray — Jackson 
Freda Mae Gray Clark — Raymond 
Garry Edwin Gray — Jackson 
Geraldine White Gray — Vlcksburg 
Hazel Verdean Gray — Clinton 
James Hubert Gray Jr. — Jackson 
Karen Elizabeth Gray — Pearl 
Karen Lynn Gray — Pearl 
Lisa Gray — Mt. Olive 
Luther Wayne Gray — Vlcksburg 
Martin Terry Gray Jr. — Utlca 
Michael Jasper Gray — Utlca 
Mlllnda Stewart Gray — Lake 
Nanette Gray — Carthage 
Richard Curtis Gray — Pearl 
Ruble Elton Gray — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Freeman Gray — Jackson 
Sara Smith Gray — Raymond 
Shannon W. Gray — Utlca 
Sheila Lynette Gray — Jackson 
Stpehanie Arleen Gray — Jackson 
Willie Earl Gray — Carthage 
Pamela R. Grayer — Starkvllle 
Shawna L. Grayer — Starkvllle 
Barbara Jo Grayson — Yazoo City 
Betty Shanell Grayson — Forest 

Robyn Michelle Grayson — Brandon 
Stephen Wayne Grayson — Brandon 
Yolanda Kay Grayson — Yazoo City 
Betty Jean Green — Jackson 
Charles Keith Green — Vlcksburg 
Charlotte Ann Green Kemp — Jackson 
Dawn Marie Green — Clinton 
Diane Lacey Green — Vlcksburg 
Donyale Denise Green — Jackson 
Emma J. Green — Jackson 
Flora Kyles Green — Jackson 
Gabriel B Green — Jackson 
Gary Devon Green — Jackson 
Jason Farris Green — Yazoo City 
Jennifer Dalne Green — Edwards 
John T. Green — Canton 
Johnnie Smith Green — Jackson 
Jonlta Green — Edwards 
Josle Leon Green — Vlcksburg 
Joy M. Green — Jackson 
Lauveta Evelyn Green — Jackson 
Patricia Dianne Green — Flora 
Paxton Green — Jackson 
Peggy Lynn Green — Jackson 
Pia Chlketa Green — Terry 
Richard Green — Colllnsvllle 
Ronnie Lee Green — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Ann Green — Vlcksburg 
Sarah E. Green Holli — Jackson 
Tammle T. Green — Jackson 
Terrl Renee Green — Jackson 
Terry Green — Jackson 
William John Green — Vlcksburg 
Willie Green — Jackson 
Woodfln Grady Green II — Jackson 
Catherine W. Greene — Hermanvllle 
Hope Renea Greene — Vlcksburg 
Marlon K. Greene — MendenhalT 
Nancy Renee Greene — Jackson 
Sarah L. Greene — Pearl 
William Russell Greene — Jackson 
Linda Kaye Greenfield — Jackson 
Sandra Renae Greenfield — Jackson 
Jeffery Thomas Greenlee — Jackson 
Keith Allen Greenlee — Columbia 
Angela Lynn Greenwaldt — Florence 
Emogene Daniels Greenwood — 

Bonnie Lou Greer — Brandon 
Donna Lynn Greer — Vlcksburg 
Homer Brock Greer — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline Daniels Greer — Vlcksburg 
Karen Renee Greer — Clinton 
Kathy Greer — Raymond 
Mary Louise Greer Rosel — Flora 
Melissa Gayle Greer — Brandon 
Sharon Denise Greer — Jackson 
Valerie D. Greer Foste — Brandon 
Wilbourn Brady Greer — Jackson 
Leigh Ann Gregg — Jackson 
Celia Ann Gregor — Brandon 
Heather Lynn Gregor — Brandon 
John Mark Gregory — Jackson 
Maxine Elizabeth Gregson — Jackson 
Robert Andrew Greltzer — Pearl 
Amy Cecila Gremilllon — Crystal 

Sheri Ann Gremilllon — Jackson 
Aline Elizabeth Griffin — Vlcksburg 
Angela Kaye Griffin — Jackson 
Anita Suslanna Griffin — Vlcksburg 
Arlene Griffin — Jackson 
Christine Kay Griffin — Vlcksburg 
Edwlna C. Griffin Campb — Jackson 
Felicia F. Griffin — Jackson 
Glenn E. Griffin — Clinton 
Helen C. Griffin — Jackson 
Isaac L. Griffin — Jackson 
Jan Elizabeth Griffin — Mendenhall 
Jennifer E. Griffin — Canton 
Jessie L. Griffin — Jackson 
Judith Elaine Griffin — Jackson 
Lee Andrew Griffin — Vlcksburg 
Lenoula R. Griffin — Brandon 
M. L. Griffin — Clinton 
Martha Williams Griffin — Jackson 
Melissa Dawn Griffin — Lena 
Peggy J. Griffin — Port Gibson 
Rose Ann Griffin Patrl — Jackson 
Sharon Denise Griffin — Rollng Fork 
Thomas D. Griffin — Pearl 
Willie James Griffin — Vlcksburg 
Nancy Hall Grlfflng — Brandon 
Warren Tyron Grlfflng — RIdgeland 
Andrea Christine Griffith — Florence 
Christopher S. Griffith — Brandon 
Imogene P. Griffith — Jackson 
Linda Burrage Griffith — Jackson 
Marcus Antonio Griffith — Jackson 
Melissa Griffith — Jackson 
Michael Shane Griffith — Florence 
N. Michelle Griffith — Magee 
Tabitha Rena Griffith — Oakvale 
Becky Lynn Grigsby — Raymond 
David Wesley Grimes — Raymond 
John Terrell Grimes — Pearl 
Sandra Boykln Grimes — Florence 
Tammy Michelle Grimes — Florence 
Tonl Ellen Grimes — Brandon 
Scott C. Grimme — Vlcksburg 
Vickl Gayle Grlmsley — Morton 
Iris Renel! Grlshby — Jackson 
Rondel Hugh Grlssom — Brandon 
Ruby Lee Grlssom — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Kyle Groebe — Jackson 
Sam Wesley Grogan — Vlcksburg 
Charles Lloyd Grosche II — Brandon 
Paul Jason Grosche — Brandon 
Alison Leigh Gross — Lake 
Gregory Tyrone Gross — Jackson 

Hlldrich Gross — Flora 
Joenathan Gross — Jackson 
Tammy Myrea Gross — Brandon 
Carol Anne Grove — Raymond 
James Ronald Grove — Blloxl 
Anita Leigh Groves — Jackson 
Kwesl L. Groves — Jackson 
Bridget Herlard Grubbs — Magee 
Linda Gall Grubbs — Jackson 
Mark F. Grubbs — Magee 
Michael Allen Grubbs — Magee 
Sharon Valentlna Grubbs — Magee 
Steven Lee Grubbs — Jackson 
Paul Thaddeus Guerrlero — Monroe 
Cynthia Kay Guest — Vlcksburg 
Gwendolyn Diane Guest — Vlcksburg 
Lucy Jansen Guest — Canton 
Mardra Jennifer Guest — Vlcksburg 
Carol Joy Gugert — Vlcksburg 
Mark J. Gugert — Vlcksburg 
Alvln Mendell Gulce — Raymond 
Frederick J. Gulce — Edwards 
Moncia Renee Guldry — Jackson 
Mark William Gulllory — Clinton 
Mary Cecilia Gulllory — Jackson 
Robert Allen Gulllory — Clinton 
Stephan Douglas Gulllory — Clinton 
Gregory Joseph Gulllot — Raymond 
Theresa Sims Gulllot — Raymond 
Sean Christopher Gulllotte — Pearl 
Carla Vonjoyce Gulmbellot — 

Danea Michelle Gulmbellot — 

Paul Guln — Vlcksburg 
Denlse Elaine Gulnn — Raymond 
Jason Duan Gulnn — Braxton 
Katharine Allyson Gulledge — Clinton 
Armand Dr. Gumpert Jr. — Harahan 
Sandra A Gunn — Jackson 
Shelley Lynn Gunn — Forest 
Jack Thomas Gunter — Rldgeland 
Manju Gupta — Clinton 
Bob Gurram — Pearl 
Royest J. Gustavls — Crystal Springs 
David Bryan Guthrie — Jackson 
Gretchen Denlse Guthrie — Port 

Marlene Guthrie — Vlcksburg 
Teresa I. Guthrie — Brandon 
Chino Gutierrez — Jackson 
Lori Lynch Guy — Tallulah 
Selwyn Wallace Guy — Vlcksburg 
Ruth Gangawere Guyton — Brandon 

Melissa Allen Haas — Vlcksburg 
Alana K. Haase — Jackson 
Mary B. Habeeb — Vlcksburg 
Roosevelt Hackett — Jackson 
Clifton Scott Hackler — Raymond 
Timothy Mark Hackler — Utlca 
Edna Caldwell Hadad — Vlcksburg 
Linda Bovay Hadala — Vlcksburg 
Shanna Kaye Haddox — Jackson 
Tonya Nelcole Haden — Brandon 
Donna Rae Hagen Werne — Brandon 
Amanda P. Haggard — Vlcksburg 
Larry Joe Haggard — Edwards 
Dedrla June Haguewood — Jackson 
Sam Edward Halley — Florence 
Jeffery James Hair — Taylorsvllle 
Wanda L. Halre Musgr — Brandon 
John Anthony Halat — Brandon 
Denlse Marlene Halbach — Raymond 
Donald Glynn Hale — Raymond 
Estella Hale — Vlcksburg 
Herschel Lamar Hale — Redwood 
Landrum Hale — Montgomery 
Melissa Gooch Hale — Jackson 
Randy Lamar Hale — Redwood 
Archie Meashan Hales — Morton 
Jimmy Ray Hales — Camden 
Margena Dawn Hales — Flora 
Steven Mark Hales — Edwards 
Eric Thomas Hallburton — Vlcksburg 
Alice Ferguson Hall — Pelahatchle 
Barbara A. Hall — Pearl 
Bertha S. Hall — Vlcksburg 
Betty Marie Hall — Pearl 
Cynthia P. Hall Hodge — Jackson 
David Wayne Hall — Jackson 
Deborah Moore Hall — Clinton 
Donald Richard Hall — Jackson 
Donna J. Hall McDon — Clinton 
Erlcka Lashonda Hall — Jackson 
Heath Alan Hall — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline Denlce Hall — Jackson 
James Thomas Hall — Mendenhall 
Janice M. Hall — Vlcksburg 
Jimmy E. Hall — Dlo 
Judy Lynn Hall — Pearl 
Linda Johnson Hall — Vlcksburg 
Mattle McGee Hall — Vlcksburg 
Myrtls Michelle Hall — Rolling Fork 
Nina Ruth Hall Adams — Jackson 
Paula Chambers Hall — Jackson 
Perry Earl Hall — Redwood 
Rebecca J. Hall — Pearl 

Richard W. Hall — Brandon 
Robert E. Hall — Vlcksburg 
Ruth Ann Hall Logga — Jackson 
Stephen N. Hall — Pearl 
Sue E. Hall — Rldgeland 
Travis Steven Hall — Braxton 
Virginia Lynn Hall — Jackson 
Vonda K. Hall Cox — Jackson 
Sharon Delane Hallman — Vlcksburg 
Marlann Cartwrlght Halpln — 

Beverly Ann Hambrlght — Vlcksburg 
Julie G. Hambrlght — Vlcksburg 
Sherry Hambrlgnt — Vlcksburg 
Lydia K. Hamby — Pearl 
Gary Lamar Hamll Jr. — Jackson 
Mary Katherene Hamll — Jackson 
Sonya Lea Hamlll — Jackson 
Dwayne Mark Hamilton — Jackson 
Frances L. Hamilton — Jackson 
Gary L. Hamilton — Jackson 
Glenda Vlnzant Hamilton — Jackson 
Jerri Lynn Hamilton — Jackson 
Nancy Colleen Hamilton — Clinton 
Trevor Ernest Hamilton — Pearl 
Vera A. Hamilton Kenne — Pearl 
Veronica Hamilton — Jackson 
Iva M. Hammack Cltbu — Clinton 
David B. Hammes — Jackson 
Terrl Dawn Hammett — Lexington 
Michael Martin Hammltt — Vlcksburg 
Doug Anthony Hammond — Brandon 
Jeremiah David Hammond — Brandon 
Lana Kay Hammond — Jackson 
Stacle Marie Hammond — Pearl 
Sandy Watklns Hammons — Jackson 
Sheila Darlene Hammons — Brandon 
Cynthia Roberts Hamnlng — Terry 
Charles Edward Hampton — Jackson 
Cindy Yvette Hampton — Florence 
Jill Marie Hampton — Natchez 
Kenneth Hampton — Yazoo City 
Mary A. Hampton Lower — Vlcksburg 
Rosalind Lashawn Hampton — 

Rose V. Hampton — Vlcksburg 
Jean A. Hancock — Vlcksburg 
Mary Ann Hancock — Richland 
Stephanie Grace Hancock — Florence 
Cynthia Renee Hand — Terry 
Martha D. Hand — Terry 
Michael Wesley Hand — Terry 
Robert Jeffrey Hand — Terry 
Marcella Whelan Handley — Pearl 
Shirley Gwendolyn Handley — 

Jessie M. Handy — Canton 
Joseph Christopher Handy — Jackson 
Pamela Ann Hanes — Vlcksburg 
Heather R. Haney — Clinton 
Sammte Eloulse Haney — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Cravens Haney — Brandon 
Clinton Shane Hanklns — Jackson 
Emma Jean Hanklns — Jackson 
Katrlna R. Hanklns — Jackson 
Mark D. Hanklns — Magee 
Wendy Watts Hanklns — Jackson 
Brian Chris Hanks — Redwood 
David H. Hanks — Clinton 
Maudle Elizabeth Hanks — Vlcksburg 
Richard T. Hanks — Vlcksburg 
Richard Thomas Hanks — Vlcksburg 
Robert Benjamin Hanks — Redwood 
Terrl Lamonlca Hanks — Vlcksburg 
David Edward Hanna — Gulfport 
Helen J. Hanna — Yazoo City 
Richard Abla Hanna — Jackson 
Sherrl J. Hanna — Jackson 
Michael Charles Hannis — Carthage 
Tamra Lynn Hannon — Raymond 
Matthew Hansen — Vlcksburg 
Yuml Nagal Hansen — Jackson 
Lorna Harrell Hanson — Pearl 
Michelle M. Hanson — Pelahatchle 
Margaret Smith Harber — Bentonla 
Vickie Denlse Harbin — Grenada 
Gilbert Edward Hardaway — 

Wanderllsh Kashl Hardaway — 

Carla Demetrlss Harden — Jackson 
Edwlna F. Harden — Jackson 
Joyce Ray Harden — Vlcksburg 
Letha D. Harden — Flora 
Dennis Jay Hardin — Brandon 
Jeff Scott Hardin — Brandon 
Kristy Michelle Hardin — Florence 
Laura Plum Hardin — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Hardin — Pearl 
Ronnie A. Hardin — Jackson 
Sheree Ann Hardin — Jackson 
Carla G. Hardlson — Jackson 
Patty Saliba Hardwlck — Brandon 
Betty S. Hardy — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Diane Hardy — Raymond 
Lan Arnold Hardy — Rome 
Meda Rebecca Hardy Byrd — Rldgeland 
Thomas Carroll Hardy — Pearl 
Jackie Hare — Brandon 
Michael Lee Hargro — Port Gibson 
Marsha Marie Harkey — Pearl 
Cecilia Ann Harklns — Clinton 
Michelle Queen Harklns — Jackson 
Henry P. Harlan — Florence 
John Eric Harmon — Vlcksburg 
Linda Carol Harmon — Prentiss 
Steven Kyle Harmon — Vlcksburg 
Thomas S. Harmon Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Valerie Moody Harmon — Vlcksburg 
Vickie Carole Harmon — Jackson 

Wade Russell Harmon — Vlcksburg 
Willie Dyann Harmount — Jackson 
Jack Arthur Harpe — Pelahatchle 
Alvln Marvin Harper — Jackson 
Anthony D. Harper — Louisville 
Argustus Harper Jr. — Clinton 
Diane Baker Harper — Clinton 
Edgar Lee Harper Jr. — Jackson 
Jackquellne Katherl Harper — Florence 
Jared D. Harper — Brandon 
Katherlne Elizabeth Harper — 

Kenneth Juan Harper — Bolton 
Klmberlyn Lltarshla Harper — Jackson 
Lawrence W. Harper — Jackson 
Linda C. Harper — Vlcksburg 
Patricia McKenzie Harper — Brandon 
Paula D. Harper — Pearl 
Preston Troy Harper — Jackson 
Roy Talmage Harper — Pearl 
Sandra Denlse Harper — Raleigh 
Saundra Lytrls Harper — Jackson 
Sharon Turner Harper — Jackson 
Sheila Teresa Harper — Florence 
Thad R. Harper — Clinton 
Ruth E. Harrel Jamls — Vlcksburg 
Wilson Arrlngton Harreld — Canton 
Belva Lee Harrell — Pearl 
Ben D. Harrell — Clinton 
Brldgette Capathla Harrell — Jackson 
Judy Faye Harrell — Flowood 
Karen Frances Harrell — Clinton 
Ty Whitney Harrell — Canton 
David L. Harrigill — Vlcksburg 
John R. Harrigill — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia A. Harrington — Jackson 
Karla Germalre Harrion — Jackson 
Adrian Bonetla Harris — Jackson 
Almee Kathryn Harris — Jackson 
Amy Lynn Harris — Vlcksburg 
Ann Hoxle Harris — Oxford 
Annette Harris — Vlcksburg 
Barbara Jean Harris — Rldgeland 
Bennle Wayne Harris — Jackson 
Bill Harris Jr. — Benton 
Brunette Denise Harris — Louisville 
Christopher Darell Harris — Vlcksburg 
Clyde Harris Sr. — Vlcksburg 
Craig Stephen Harris — Jackson 
Dawn Mechele Harris — Vlcksburg 
Delyndrla Joy Harris — Jackson 
Dextral L. Harris — Rldgeland 
Diana Harris — Jackson 
Doris Magee Harris — Jackson 
Dorothy Harris — Edwards 
Edna Faye Harris — Jackson 
Eula W. Harris — Vlcksburg 
Francene Harris — Louisville 
Ictavla Darden Harris — Vlcksburg 
James Gregory Harris — Raymond 
James Matthew Harris Jr. — Jackson 
James Tyrone Harris — Crystal 

Janet Denise Harris — Pearl 
Joe Mlcheal Harris — Vlcksburg 
John R. Harris — Vlcksburg 
John W. Harris HI — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Harris — Vlcksburg 
Joseph D. Harris — Vlcksburg 
Joseph Lee Harris — Jackson 
Kaneva Harris — Hazlehurst 
Kathy Partridge Harris — Jackson 
Kimberly Y. Harris Mllto — Jackson 
Larry V. Harris — Jackson 
Legertha Harris — Tchula 
Lorlanne Lelaloha Harris — Jackson 
Mlchele Allen Harris — Jackson 
Mitchell Lee Harris — Brandon 
Myron N. Harris — Clinton 
Paula Lynn Harris — Vlcksburg 
Randall D. Harris — Raymond 
Randy Harris — Jackson 
Reglna Michelle Harris — Yazoo City 
Rochelle Delynn Harris — Moss Point 
Ronnie Lee Harris — Jackson 
Sheila Lynette Harris — Jackson 
Sherrlon Lafaye Harris — Jackson 
Stacey Hudson Harris — Raymond 
Tina Harris — Jackson 
Tom Harris — Vlcksburg 
Valencia Danette Harris — Jackson 
Vollemer Harris — Bolton 
William Lester Harris Jr. — Jackson 
Wilma J. Harris Lane — Crystal 

Alangernette Harrison — Jackson 
Benjamin Brent Harrison — Jackson 
Carolyn W. Harrison — Vlcksburg 
Charles William Harrison — Baton 

Danny Earl Harrison — Vlcksburg 
Daryl I. Harrison — Jackson 
Denlse L. Harrison — Florence 
Gregory Leon Harrison — Vlcksburg 
Janice Marie Harrison Kemp — 

Jeffrey R. Harrison — Clinton 
Jeffrey Todd Harrison — Mlze 
John B. Harrison — Richland 
Kimberly Lavette Harrison — Jackson 
Matthew Scott Harrison — Brandon 
Pamela Ruff Harrison — Richland 
Patricia Darlene Harrison — Brandon 
Ramona Dell Harrison — Pearl 
Tanya Jones Harrison — Brandon 
Timothy Lennat Harrist — Brandon 
John Jason Harry — Jackson 
David Eugene Hart — Jackson 
Dedra D. Hart — Jackson 
Douglas Michael Hart — Jackson 

Erma Jean Hart — Sharon 
Julie Carneal Hart — Clinton 
Rebecca Ann Hart — Jackson 
Wendy Anne Hart — Brandon 
Zenobla Okanawan Hart — Brandon 
Aaron Franklin liarthcock — Pearl 
Brad Gerald liarthcock — Richland 
James Edmund liarthcock — Raymond 
Sandra Lynn liarthcock — Brandon 
Janet Waller Hartln — Rldgeland 
Davl Lynn Hartley — Vlcksburg 
Lollta D. Hartley — Terry 
Claude H. Hartness — Clinton 
Susan Cerise Hartness — Clinton 
Shirley M. Hartsfleld — Jackson 
Matthew Ralph Hartsock — Vlcksburg 
James Brad Hartzog — Jackson 
Janice M. Hartzog Nelso — Jackson 
Victor Richmond Hartzog — Jackson 
Altrlch Cornelius Harvey — Terry 
Amanda Chrlstandra Harvey — 

Ava Sanchez Harvey — Brandon 
Bobble A. Harvey — Jackson 
David R. Harvey — Jackson 
Deirdre Ann Harvey — Jackson 
Demetrla F. Harvey — Jackson 
Grady R. Harvey — Jackson 
James N. Harvey — Jackson 
Kathy M. Harvey — Utlca 
Lawrence T. Harvey — Pearl 
Marilyn D. Harvey — Brandon 
Mary Harvey — Jackson 
Patrick Shane Harvey — Montlcello 
Spence Harvey Jr. — Richland 
Willie Harvey — Terry 
James Evaughn Harwell — Jackson 
Heather Ann Harwood — Jackson 
Jennifer Mae Harwood — Jackson 
Cynthia Carol Hasklns — Raymond 
David Harold Hasklns — Florence 
Thad Watklns Hasklns Jr. — Brandon 
Chris Matthew Haslob — Flowood 
Elizabeth K. Hastings — Brandon 
Robert E. Hataway — Vlcksburg 
Robert Anthony Hatch — Pearl 
Brandy Paige Hatcher — Vlcksburg 
Donna Kelly Hatcher — Vlcksburg 
Jonithan Paul Hatcher — Vlcksburg 
Sheila Rand Hatchett — Jackson 
Stacle Michelle Hatchett — Jackson 
Charles Howard Hathaway — Clinton 
Tracye Diane Hathorn — Prentiss 
Susan Denlse Hattaway — Vlcksburg 
Abb Louis Hatten — Jackson 
Forrest Don Hatter — Jackson 
David R. Haulman — Vlcksburg 
Walter Lee Havard — Natchez 
Gary Alton Haven — Rldgeland 
Jerl A. Haver — Gore Springs 
Darthy Roberts Hawkins — Vlcksburg 
Frances Booth Hawkins — Vlcksburg 
Fredia Jean Hawkins — Jackson 
Karen Jeanne Hawkins — Jackson 
Lisa Lambert Hawkins — Clinton 
Lyrla A. Hawkins — Jackson 
Mary Jane Hawkins — Clinton 
Melissa McDanlel Hawkins — Raleigh 
Ramona D. Hawkins — Terry 
Robert T. Hawkins — Clinton 
Sheila Hawkins — Jackson 
Shirley Hawkins — Harrlsvllle 
Susan Rene Hawkins — Rldgeland 
Victoria Smith Hawkins — Pulaski 
Virginia L. Hawkins — Jackson 
W. Gary Hawkins — Jackson 
Angela Denlse Hawthorne — Brandon 
Mike Eugene Hawthorne — Clinton 
Suzanne Hawthorne — Edwards 
Tabltha Lourlann Hawthorne — 

Leona Wanda Hay — Vlcksburg 
Tina M. Hay — Port Gibson 
Joan Herndon Hayden — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Trlchell Hayes — Vlcksburg 
Brett A. Hayes — Vlcksburg 
Cherrle Anita Hayes — Jackson 
David Allen Hayes — Vlcksburg 
Felicia Demetrla Hayes — Jackson 
George James Hayes — Pearl 
Gloria Jean Hayes — Jackson 
Gregory E. Hayes — Vlcksburg 
James D. Hayes — Jackson 
Kimberly Rachael Hayes — Jackson 
Leonard Hayes — Sand Hook 
Michael Irvln Hayes - Jackson 
Teresa Lynn Hayes — Vlcksburg 
Edwin Ford Hayman — Clinton 
James Richard Hayman — Jackson 
Joseph Michael Hayman — Terry 
Elizabeth A. Haynes — Jackson 
George Peterson Haynes — Vlcksburg 
Kevin Bernard Haynes — Jackson 
Mellody Rashaunn Haynes — Bolton 
Tracy Mashell Haynes — Tougaloo 
Teresa D. Hays — Pearl 
Carl Anthony Hayward — Jackson 
Rosalind V. Haywood — Florence 
Dawn Rochelle Hazel — Pearl 
Alice Head — Jackson 
Joseph Gerard Head — Vlcksburg 
Josephine C. Head — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Hammack Head — Brandon 
Thera E. Head Sosle — Jackson 
Rosalind Smith Headley — Clinton 
Ellen Leigh Healy Vanza — Jackson 
Hollle Elizabeth Heard — Vlcksburg 
Marlon Berch Heard Jr. — Pearl 
Mary H. Heard — Pearl 
Milton Heard — Vlcksburg 

Nancy Heard — Vicksburg 
Sheila Marie Heard — West Point 
Betty Catherine Hearn — Vicksburg 
Carl Lee Hearn — Vicksburg 
Clara Faye Hearn — Vicksburg 
Deanna Lea Hearn — Vicksburg 
Hilda Faye Hearn — Vicksburg 
James E. Hearn — Vicksburg 
James William Hearn II — Vicksburg 
Jeanette Hearn — Vicksburg 
Linda R. Hearn — Vicksburg 
Nell Farrar Hearn — Vicksburg 
Pablo Cortez Hearn — Jackson 
Sam T. Hearn — Pearl 
Timothy Wayne Hearn — Vicksburg 
Eunice Dlanne Hearron — Vicksburg 
Sammle Lee Hearron Jacks — 

Cas Edgar Heath III — Brandon 
Everett Austin Heath — Pearl 
Jim Austin Heath — Pearl 
Mark Douglas Heathcock — Jackson 
Emelle Annie Hebert Byrne — Madison 
Betty Willis Hedrick — ' Jackson 
Beaulah B. Hedrick White — Port 

Kelvin E Hedrick — Jackson 
Ray Lamar Heliner — Vicksburg 
Pattle Shedd Heflln — Jackson 
Sheryl Lynn Hetlln — Jackson 
Celeste Jones Heidelberg — Jackson 
Judith Helder — Jackson 
Gregory Steven Helmburger — Clinton 
Paula Smith Heller — Vicksburg 
Jeffrey Y. Helm — Southaven 
Wanda Faye Helm — Jackson 
Tammy Carol Helms — Pearl 
Craig Lee Helmuth — Vicksburg 
Charles Kevin Helton — Yazoo City 
Jody Horton Hemby — Brandon 
Derrick Demetrls Hemphill — Jackson 
Diane Hemphill — Prentiss 
Elizabeth M. Hemsley Z — Clinton 
James Michael Hemsley — Clinton 
Angele Galliano Henderson — Brandon 
Anita Louise Henderson — Carthage 
Carl Lee Henderson — Pelahatchle 
Carolyn Annette Henderson — Jackson 
Charles William Henderson — Clinton 
Charlotte Henderson — Flora 
Claudette Jones Henderson — 

Connie Lue Henderson — Jackson 
Craig Henderson — Jackson 
Cynthia Henderson — Raymond 
Darryl Benjamin Henderson — 

Edward Stanley Henderson J — 

Essie Marshall Henderson — Flora 
Gwendolyn Denlse Henderson — Bolton 
Gwendolyn L. Henderson — Jackson 
Harvey J. Henderson — Jackson 
Joyce Darlene Henderson — Bolton 
Patricia Ann Henderson — Pearl 
Patricia H Henderson — Jackson 
Randall Ashley Henderson — 

Rickey Renell Henderson 
Ronnie Henderson — Jackson 
Vonda Rae Henderson — Clinton 
Wendy K Henderson — Brandon 
Anthony Ray Hendon — Vicksburg 
Fleasha M. Hendricks — Jackson 
John C. Hendricks — Vicksburg 
Stephen D. Hendricks — Pearl 
Tammy Kathleen Hendricks — 

Jan D. Hendrlx — Vicksburg 
Alice Lynn Henegan — Jackson 
Randolph Bruce Hengst — Cary 
Tyann Peterson Hengst — Cary 
Chester Abraham Henley III — Brandon 
Linda Ann Henne — Vicksburg 
Sharon Lavelle Hennlng — Terry 
Amy Lynn Henry — Jackson 
Jennifer Sue Henry — Florence 
Lisa Carole Henry — Jackson 
Richard John Henry — Madison 
William Edward Henry — Jackson 
Yulunda Dawnee Henry — Raymond 
Scott Preston Hensley — Clinton 
Ann Brent Henson — Jackson 
Gregory Van Henson — Vicksburg 
Talmadge Lamar Henson — Star 
Marlon Helberg Herllhy — Jackson 
Thomas Eugene Hernandez — Pearl 
Rodney D. Herndon — Pearl 
Sybil Jean Herndon — Amory 
Anthony Davis Herrln — Braxton 
Charles W. Herrln — Hattlesburg 
Jeffery Bern Herrln — Braxton 
Bonlta Beavers Herring — Brandon 
Diane Herring — Clinton 
John Timothy Herring — Poplarvllle 
Tabatha Faye Herring — Jackson 
Amy Machelle Herrlngton — Jackson 
Jayne McFall Herrlngton — Florence 
Michael W. Herrlngton — Rldgeland 
Mlstl Renee Herrlngton — Rldgeland 
Sharon Manning Herrlngton — 

Stacey Leigh Herrlngton — Magee 
John Benjamin Herrod — Vicksburg 
Dana Dayne Hester — Jackson 
Danny K. Hester — Clinton 
Debra King Hester — Clinton 
Edward Wayne Hester — Roxle 
Harry Lee Hester — Pearl 
Henry Daniel Hester — Pearl 

James Karl Hester — Pearl 
Janette Llndsey Hester — Jackson 
Mattle Ann Hester — Pearl 
Paul Douglas Hester — Jackson 
Sandra Dell Hester — Jackson 
George P. Hewes — Jackson 
Larry Joe Hewitt — Jackson 
Victor Terrell Hewitt — Yazoo City 
Rosle Lee Hlbbler Thoma — Louisville 
Greg Scott Hlckerson — Jackson 
Troy D. Hickey — Utlca 
Jimmy C. Hickman — Florence 
Melanle Martin Hickman — Clinton 
Dennis Jerome Hicks — Vicksburg 
George Ralph Hicks — Brandon 
Joseph Hicks — Florence 
Keith F. Hicks — Jackson 
Lynda A. Hicks — Vicksburg 
Marilyn Maxlne Hicks • Vicksburg 
Murllne Llzette Hicks — Jackson 
Sheila King Hicks — Raymond 
Susan D. Hicks — Vicksburg 
Susan T. Hicks Zucca — Jackson 
Tabatha Delane Hicks — Jackson 
Tlmmy Dwlght Hicks — Jackson 
Michael Andrew Hlgbee — Jackson 
Timothy Wayne Hlgbee — Jackson 
Laura Marie Hlgginbotham — Jackson 
Joseph Hlgglns — Jackson 
Laurie Michelle Hlgglns — Jackson 
Holly Antoinette High — Brandon 
Muriel Gernall Hlghtower — Sallls 
Eddie L. Hilburn — Pearl 
Amber Celeste Hllderbrand — Jackson 
Melanle Hllderbrand — Vicksburg 
Angela Michelle Hill — Vicksburg 
Brian Hill — Edwards 
Bruce Irwin Hill — Jackson 
Calvin James Hill — Brandon 
Charles E. Hill — Vicksburg 
Charles Leon Hill — Clinton 
Charles William Hill — Vicksburg 
Charlie Hill — Brandon 
Charolette Diane Hill — Jackson 
Cheryl Lynn Hill — Clinton 
Doris L. Hill — Crystal Springs 
Emily Lucille Hill Boggs — Florence 
Erma McClaln Hill — Vicksburg 
Fred Michael Hill — Pearl 
Gayle Renee Hill — Jackson 
Gloria Dawn Hill — Vicksburg 
Hoshlna Yuvetta Hill — Jackson 
Jane A. Hill — Vicksburg 
John C. Hill — Vicksburg 
John Melvln Hill — Pearl 
Jr. James Hill — Hermanvllle 
Kimberly Renee Hill — Florence 
Latrlna Denlse Hill — Jackson 
Laurel Simmons Hill — Jackson 
Martha G. Hill — Clinton 
Michelle Rene Hill — Clinton 
Richard Wilson Hill — Kosciusko 
Rose Marie Hill McMul — Edwards 
Rosle Lena Hill — Raymond 
Scott Hill — Vicksburg 
Sheila Washington Hill — Jackson 
Tawana Anecla Hill — Durant 
Veronica Hill — Crystal Springs 
Paul Monroe Hlllard — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Y. Hllllard — Jackson 
James Ardys Hlllman — Jackson 
William A Hlllman Rusty — Clinton 
Christy Lee Hills — Jackson 
Christopher Allen Hilton — Byram 
Dawn Marie Hilton — Jackson 
Era Lee Hilton — D Lo 
John Edward Hilton — Terry 
Margaret Jordan Hilton — Jackson 
William O. Hilton — Jackson 
Michael Lane Hlndman — Jackson 
Joel Hinds — Tougaloo 
Dorllsa Loretta Hlnes — Richland 
James V. Hlnes III — Vicksburg 
Roger Dale Hlnes — Raymond 
Shana Rena Hlnes — Florence 
Vernessla Alene Hlnes — Jackson 
Chandra Denlta Hlnkle E — Vicksburg 
Tammle Renee Hlnson — Pearl 
Agnes W. Hlnton — Jackson 
Tonya Michelle Hlnton — Pelahatchle 
Carolyn S. Hlrsch — Canton 
Kosett Hlsaw — Jackson 
Elizabeth Rivers Hlse — Jackson 
Scott H. Hltt — Pearl 
Katherlne Harrison Hlxson — Raymond 
Lisa Nicole Hlavac — Brandon 
John William Hoatland — Raymond 
Robin Jennifer Hoban — Vicksburg 
Bettina Leigh Hobbs — Jackson 
Thomas Jay Hobbs — Clinton 
William Monroe Hobbs — Jackson 
Brian James Hobby — Brandon 
James Todd Hoben — Vicksburg 
Janice E. Hobklrk — Vicksburg 
Dlanne Hobson — Tougaloo 
Gregory Fitzgerald Hobson — Jackson 
Pamela Terry Hobson — Pearl 
Patricia Gall Hobson — Pearl 
Randy Lamar Hobson — Brandon 
Ray Douglas Hobson — Pearl 
Vlrgle Mae Hobson — Jackson 
Vivian Michelle Hobson — Brandon 
Angele Carol Hodge — Sandersvllle 
Eugene Hodge — Edwards 
John A. Hodge — Edwards 
Letlcla D. Hodge — Utlca 
Pearlle M. Hodge Lynn — Jackson 
Shandra Felice Hodge — Jackson 
Ada B. Hodges — Jackson 
Benny Edwin Hodges — Jackson 

Bradley Delain Hodges — Jackson 
David Patrick Hodges — Jackson 
Jeanette A. Hodges — Vicksburg 
John Jordan Hodges — Jackson 
Kalhy Ward Hodges — Jackson 
Shanna Alethia Hodges — Clinton 
Shirley Hodges — Raymond 
Donnle Vanderford Hodum — 

Samantha Holly Hoff — Vicksburg 
Owen Lee Hoffman — Vicksburg 
James Henry Hoffmann — Clinton 
Autumn Chantel Hogan — Clinton 
Michael Duane Hogan — Jackson 
Robert Jeffrey Hogan — Brandon 
Patricia Gall Hoggatt — Pearl 
Allene Doty Hogue — Hattlesburg 
Ann Marie Hogue — Vicksburg 
Elizabeth Josey Hoke — Brandon 
William Todd Holbrooks — Flowood 
Albert H. Holcomb — Raymond 
Nancy B. Holcomb — Senatobla 
Thomas Conrad Holcomb — Raymond 
Tiffany Sheila Holcomb — Raymond 
Troy C Holcomb — Raymond 
Cheryl Ann Holcombe — Hazlehurst 
Betty Roebuck Holden — Clinton 
Charles William Holden — Pearl 
Laura Ann Holden — Jackson 
Willie Tyrone Holden — Vicksburg 
Bryan Allen Holder — Jackson 
Judy Morgan Holdlness — Vicksburg 
Maria Ann Holdlness — Vicksburg 
William Ellis Holdlness — Clinton 
Charlotte Brewer Holeman — 

William G. Holeman — Rldgeland 
Gregory Scott Holiday — Tylertown 
Ramona Leigh Holiday — Tylertown 
Heather Ellzabet Hollfleld — Vicksburg 
Lilly T. Hollfleld — Vicksburg 
Jesse Marlon Holiman — Florence 
Charles Edwin Holladay Jr. — Clinton 
Steven William Holland — Jackson 
Thomas Joseph Holley — Jackson 
Davada Johnson Holllday — Jackson 
John Robert Holllday — Florence 
Edna Faye Hollle — Jackson 
Cheryl Lynn Holllngsworth — Jackson 
Donna M Holllngsworth — Clinton 
Kent William Holllngsworth — 

Shelley Rane Holllngsworth — Clinton 
William Paul Holllngsworth — Terry 
Sharon Elizabeth Holllns — 

Shonda Roshell Holllns — Jackson 
Christopher Scott Hollls — Brandon 
Mildred M. Hollls — Vicksburg 
Bonnie M. Holloarn — Jackson 
Carla Demetrla Holloway — Oakvale 
Elizabeth Marie Holloway — BUoxi 
Erica Lois Holloway — Hattlesburg 
Jacqueline Vernlc Holloway — 

Karen Marie Holloway — Jackson 
Melissa D. Holloway — Jackson 
Melody Holloway — Jackson 
Stephanie Diane Holloway — 

Bruce Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Bryan L. Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Christie Anne Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Grady Allen Hollowell — Vicksburg 
John Russell Hollowell — Rldgeland 
Sherl Robertson Hollowell — Vicksburg 
Paul David Holly — Pearl 
Richard Lee Holly — Clinton 
Erika Camllle Holman — Jackson 
Mary B. Holman — Vicksburg 
Thomas Duane Holman — Jackson 
Flora McNalre Holmberg — Vicksburg 
Anthony Orlando Holmes — Greenville 
Brldgette B. Holmes — Vicksburg 
Cheryl R. Holmes — Jackson 
Cynthia Ann Holmes — Crystal Springs 
Danita Danielle Holmes — Jackson 
Deborah Thomas Holmes — Morton 
Dlanne Hogan Holmes — Crystal 

Edwin Holmes — Jackson 
Elliott Holmes — Jackson 
Greg L. Holmes — Brandon 
Joy Overton Holmes — Jackson 
Kimberly Paige Holmes — Jackson 
Krlstl Delols Holmes — Brandon 
Larry T. Holmes — McComb 
Lionel F. Holmes — Vicksburg 
Mary Bass Holmes — Jackson 
Pat Marie Holmes — Jackson 
Renae Glpson Holmes — Jackson 
Roy 9. Holmes Jr. — Pearl 
Stpehanle Yvonne Holmes — Jackson 
Symanthony Smith Holmes — Jackson 
Susan Rachelle Honea — Jackson 
Lisa Maria Honeycutt — Jackson 
Alan Robert Honeysucker — Tougaloo 
Harold Lafayette Hood — Utlca 
James Lewis Hood — Yazoo City 
Jennifer Ann Hood — Jackson 
Jlmmle Carnell Hood Jr. — Jackson 
Steven Leslie Hood — Yazoo City 
W. Edwin Hood II — Utlca 
Matthew Hooker Jr. — Mendenhall 
Patricia Suzzane Hooker — Prentiss 
Teresa Hooker — Lexington 
Hollle Deanne Hooks - Mendenhall 
Jaml Lyne Hooper — Vicksburg 
Susan Marie Hooper — Jackson 
Thomas Earl Hooper — Jackson 

Andrea M. Hootsell — Jackson 
Althea Dawnette Hoover — Jackson 
Brltton Allison Hoover — Pickens 
Hubert E. Hoover — Brandon 
Ida Pearl Hoover — Jackson 
Martha Ann Hoover — Florence 
Brian I. Hopkins — Vicksburg 
Frederick Fritz Hopkins — Bolton 
Melissa D. Hopkins — Pearl 
Patrick Lane Hopkins — Vicksburg 
Persephiney L Hopkins — Jackson 
Sherrle S. Hopkins — Brandon 
Stuart Charles Hopkins — Brandon 
Sylvia Hopkins — Jackson 
Martha Williams Hopper — Jackson 
Suzanne Cllne Hopper — Jackson 
Bryan Foree Hopping — Jackson 
Cara Lynn Hopson — Raymond 
Dayna Clanton Hopton — Jackson 
Angel F Horn — Vicksburg 
Belinda N. Horn — Raymond 
Fatle N. Horn — Carthage 
Jonl Annlece Horn — Jackson 
Joseph Daron Horn — Raymond 
Kevin Horn — Jackson 
Thomas Stephen Horn — Vicksburg 
Elfrlde Berry Home — Pearl 
Hans Thomas Home — Clinton 
Virginia Blnns Home — Jackson 
Merrl A. Hortman — Jackson 
Bettye F Horton — Brandon 
Charles Reagan Horton — Jackson 
Detrlck Earl Horton — Jackson 
Eddie B. Horton — Pearl 
Irene Clarissa Horton — Terry 
Jane A. Horton — Richland 
Joey Douglas Horton — Pearl 
Sandra J. Horton — Lake 
Terrl Annette Horton — Jackson 
Willie Horton — Jackson 
Scott Kelly Hosemann — Vicksburg 
Tabltha Desha Hosey — Pearl 
Adrlon Lamarcus Hoskins — Moss 

Vernell Hoskins — Clinton 
Linda Marie Hossle — Clinton 
Albert Tucker Hossley Jr. — Vicksburg 
John Houchen — Brandon 
Heather Lenne Houck — Richland 
Jack Hourquettes — Clinton 
Trenda Carolette House — Carthage 
Jimmy Levon Houskin — Raymond 
Bettye Brackwell Housley — Florence 
Ana Michelle Houston — Jackson 
Bonnie Moore Houston — Jackson 
Carl E. Houston — Vicksburg 
Christopher Alan Houston — Jackson 
Johnny Duane Houston — Vicksburg 
Nell Reese Houston — Bolton 
Steven Allan Houston — Bolton 
Anita Lynn Howard — Florence 
Billy Ray Howard — Vicksburg 
Bradley T. Howard — Jackson 
Christopher Michael Howard — 

Deborah Graves Howard — Brandon 
Dwayne Anthony Howard — Jackson 
Gary Howard — Vicksburg 
Kathryn W. Howard — Lorman 
Mldrey Lee Howard — Florence 
Ronald Eric Howard — Hermanvllle 
Vernon S. Howard — Richland 
Blake B. Howe — Jackson 
Angela Krlstlne Howell — Jackson 
Betty M. Howell — Cleveland 
Buddy Howell — Crystal Springs 
James W. Howell — Brandon 
Leslie Diane Howell Willi — Florence 
Linda Darden Howell — Brandon 
Mary Kathryn Howell — Rldgeland 
Rhonda Lane Howell — Brandon 
Stacy Elizabeth Howell — Jackson 
Chris M. Howie — Brandon 
C. Keith Howie — Jackson 
Robert J. Howie — Brandon 
David Howze — Terry 
Sandra Hoye — Jackson 
Monroe Huband — Vicksburg 
Angela Hubbard — Jackson 
David Jerome Hubbard — Jackson 
Earnestlne R. Hubbard — Raymond 
Genella Marie Hubbard — Mendenhall 
Jerry Lee Hubbard — Clarksdale 
John C. Hubbard — Jackson 
Josette Michelle Hubbard — Jackson 
Llllle Elizabeth Hubbard E. — Clinton 
Mary Jean Hubbard — Mendenhall 
Robert Nelll Hubbard — Jackson 
Tammy M. Hubbard — Edwards 
Wendy E. Hubbard — Jackson 
Galda J. Hubbs — Jackson 
Rebekah Leigh Huckabee — Jackson 
Gerald Demond Huddleston — Jackson 
John C. Huddleston — Clinton 
Llna Conerly Huddleston — Jackson 
Sabrlna Walker Huddleston — Florence 
Becky Hawkins Hudgens — Jackson 
James Douglass Hudgens — Brandon 
James Mike Hudgens — Brandon 
Jeffery Dale Hudglns — Kenner 
Charles Robert Hudson — Rldgeland 
Clay Newton Hudson — Jackson 
Cynthia Darlene Hudson — Natchez 
Cynthia Leigh Hudson — Jackson 
Don T. Hudson — Jackson 
Michael Fred Hudson — Vicksburg 
Michelle Rena Hudson — Jackson 
Richard D. Hudson — Brandon 
Richard James Hudson — Brandon 
Sandy Hudson — Jackson 

Welton Torres Hudson — Vlcksburg 
William Lewis Hudson — Jackson 
Nafle Salk Hudspeth — Clinton 
Derrick Duane Huell — Vlcksburg 
Edward Lee Huell — Vlcksburg 
Linda Wilson Huell — Vlcksburg 
Gary R Huff — Jackson 
Janice Marie Huff — Crystal Springs 
Jefferson David Huff II — Brandon 
Jonathan Ray Huff — Brandon 
Lance A. Huff — Forest 
Laura Ann Huff Langf — Brandon 
Linda Gall Huff Tager — Pelahatchle 
Matthew Allen Huff — Jackson 
Minnie Pearl Huff — Jackson 
Dawn Marie Huffman — Pearl 
Rhonda Jo Huffman — Brandon 
Robert E. Huffman — Mathiston 
Stacl Charllse Huffman — Jackson 
Patricia Huffstetler — Clinton 
Mlchele Ryan Hugghlns — Brandon 
Darlene Lawrence Hugglns — Morton 
James Damlan Hugglns — Jackson 
Wanda Francis Hugglns — Jackson 
Michael Lynn Huggs — Jackson 
Barbara F. Hughes — Jackson 
Charles B. Hughes — Jackson 
Cynthia Denlece Hughes — Lake 
Fannie Marie Hughes — Jackson 
Gerome Hughes — Forest 
Jacqueline D. Hughes — Harrlston 
Janet Hughes — Raymond 
Jennifer Lee Hughes — Pearl 
Loralne L. Hughes — Rldgeland 
Matthew Alan Hughes — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Ann Hughes — Clinton 
Michael L. Hughes — Raymond 
Reglna Prtne Hughes — Terry 
Theresa Rosha Hughes — Ethel 
Linda Neal Hughey — Vlcksburg 
Joan GUbreath Hughley — Vlcksburg 
Steve Gregory Hugley — Vlcksburg 
Shannon Kay Hule — Vlcksburg 
Steve Howard Hule — Vlcksburg 
Shane Randall Hulett — Vlcksburg 
Dustln Carl Hull — Vlcksburg 
James Edgar Hullum — Vlcksburg 
Tony Lee Hulsey — West Memphis 
Harold Bailey Humphrey — Jackson 
Robert Price Humphrey — Jackson 
Derek Andrew Humphries — Brandon 
John Stuart Humphries Jr. — Jackson 
Rachel Ann Humphries — Clinton 
Sheaffer C. Humphries — Fulton 
William Robert Humphries — 

Carmen Gonzalez Hunn — Brandon 
Benny L. Hunt — Brandon 
Carolyn Sue Hunt — Jackson 
Donna Faye Hunt — Pearl 
Jacqueline Hunt — Jackson 
Karen Elaine Hunt — Greenville 
Patricia Jackson Hunt — Vlcksburg 
Torrle Steven Hunt — Vlcksburg 
Armentra Owens Hunter — Utlca 
Bobble Jean Hunter — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Faye Hunter — Canton 
Carlos R. Hunter — Forest 
Charlotte Denlse Hunter — Jackson 
Cynthia Janell Hunter — Pearl 
David Eric Hunter — Clinton 
Ernestine Hunter — Vlcksburg 
Jon Erik Hunter — Rldgeland 
Katherlne Annette Hunter — Canton 
Lola Clara Hunter — Jackson 
Marilyn Elaine Hunter — Jackson 
Marvin Fitzgerald Hunter — Vlcksburg 
Mary Hunter — Vlcksburg 
Timothy Hunter — Vlcksburg 
Steve Charles Hupperlch — Jackson 
Kevin Hurley — Terry 
Michael Hurley — Vlcksburg 
Suzanne Lynn Hurley — Vlcksburg 
Thomas David Hurley — Clinton 
Lucy Mabry Hurst — Hickory 
Thomas E. Hurst — Pearl 
Jennifer Lyn Hurt — Brandon 
Sharon B. Hurt — Brandon 
Mary Allen Husband — Jackson 
Deanna Kay Husbands — Florence 
Timothy Warren Husbands — Jackson 
Jon L. Hust — Rldgeland 
Horace Robinson Hutchlns — Jackson 
Jake Burnett Hutchlns — Utlca 
Mary Dlckerson Hutchlns 
Robert Hutchlns — Pearl 
Sonya Renee Hutchlns — Jackson 
Ronald Lee Hutchinson — Vlcksburg 
Tony Kent Hutchison — Vlcksburg 
David Michael Hutson — Jackson 
Michael Charles Hutson Jr. — Pearl 
Altrechlea Wall Hutto — Vlcksburg 
James Garland Hutto — Jackson 
Bethany Laurel Hutton — Pearl 
Curtis Earl Hutton — Raymond 
Rosa A. Hutton S. — Jackson 
Mary Barnett Hyde — Jackson 
Elizabeth Payne Hynum — Port Gibson 
George Brian Hynum — Jackson 
Judy Lynn Hynum — Vlcksburg 
William M. Hynum — Vlcksburg 

Levle Mae Ickom — Lake 
Trina Rachclle ikerd — Rldgeland 
Eric Linden Ingebretsen — Jackson 
Kyzar Sherry Ingle Lea — Terry 
Liz Langdon Ingle — Florence 
Gloria Diana Ingram — Yazoo CItv 
Gregory W. Ingram — Jackson 
James Edward Ingram — Clinton 
Janet M. Ingram Parke — Forest 
John C. Ingram — Clinton 
Joseph Kelly Ingram — Raymond 
Ketla Kelel Ingram — Jackson 
Klmberly Kerr Ingram — Jackson 
Mlklte Ingram — Louisville 
Robert Kevin Ingram — Pearl 
Saadla Santayla Ingram — Jackson 
Thomas Clyde Ingram — Vlcksburg 
Phyllis Darby Inman — Jackson 
Shart Lynn Inman — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Louise Irby — Brandon 
Karen Lynda Irby — Vlcksburg 
Kathryn Paige Irby — Jackson 
Thomas Wayne Irby — Brandon 
Christopher Todd Ireland — Crystal 

Sandra Smith Irons — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie D. Irvln — Jackson 
Hazel Lee Irving Harri — Jackson 
Franklin Wayne Irwin — Vlcksburg 
Candlce Mechelle Isaac — McComb 
Corlnthla Ross Isaac — Tallulah 
Julia Ann Isaac — Jackson 
Tom Isaac — Rldgeland 
James Mitchell Ishee — Rldgeland 
Lisa Ann Isonhood — Yazoo City 
Donna Rachelle Israel — Pearl 
Barry Wayne Ivers — Terry 
Beverly Lynn Ivers — Terry 
Christopher Malcolm Ivey — Clinton 
Tammala Annettee lvey — Port Gibson 
Beatrice Ivory — Rolling Fork 
Angela D. Ivy — Jackson 
Mike Oneal Ivy — Clinton 
Robert Clinton Ivy — Jackson 
Stacle Earnest Ivy — Jackson 

Robert Wlllrose Jackman — Vlcksburg 
Alrcula Donnell Jackson — Lawrence 
Alice Charleston Jackson — Jackson 
Angela Juanlta Jackson — Jackson 
Beverly D. Jackson — Jackson 
Brenda Kay Jackson — Pearl 
Canda Renee Jackson — Pearl 
Cathy L. Jackson — Crystal Springs 
Charles Earl Jackson — Jackson 
Christopher David Jackson — Clinton 
Clifford Justin Jackson — Jackson 
Clifton Jerome Jackson — Jackson 
Dana Mlllcent Jackson — Lorman 
Deborah C. Jackson — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Renae Jackson — Jackson 
Deborah Venessa Jackson — Jackson 
Debra Jane Jackson — Epps 
Delrdre Ruth Jackson — Jackson 
Dennis Eugene Jackson — Vlcksburg 
Dewayne Tyrees Jackson — Vlcksburg 
Dlanne Everett Jackson — Jackson 
Edwin Harold Jackson — Jayess 
Ella Garner Jackson — Jackson 
Erlck Jackson — Jackson 
Erlck E. Jackson — Terry 
Eurea Gennetha Jackson — McComb 
Francis Norman Jackson — Vlcksburg 
Franklin O. Jackson — Vlcksburg 
Gloria Jean Jackson — Jackson 
Jackie Elaine Jackson — Madison 
James William Jackson — Clinton 
Joann Holden Jackson — Smlthdale 
Jodl Elizabeth Jackson — Jackson 
John Daniel Jackson — Jackson 
Josephine Butler Jackson — Jackson 
Kenneth Larenzo Jackson — Clinton 
Lallta Matrlce Jackson — Hattlesburg 
Leslie Jean Jackson — Jackson 
Lollta Rochele Jackson — Jackson 
Martha Jackson — Morton 
Nlta S. Jackson — Ms 
Norman Talbert Jackson — Crystal 

Pamela L. Jackson Banks — Vlcksburg 
Roderick Wayne Jackson — Ruston 
Rosa Lena Jackson — Jackson 
Shana Jackson — Jackson 
Sheila Gale Jackson Taylo — Pearl 
Sherrl Yvonne Jackson — Clinton 
Shirley Smith Jackson — Jackson 

Sonja Latese Jackson — Pearl 
Stacy L. Jackson — Flora 
Stephanie Lavon Jackson — Jackson 
Terry Glyn Jackson — Brookhaven 
Tracy Styron Jackson — Vlcksburg 
Trena Lashell Jackson — Crystal 

Vivian M. Jackson — Clinton 
Wiley W. Jackson — Jackson 
William Ivan Jackson — Jackson 
Amy Michelle Jacob — Greenville 
Cheryl Jeanne Jacob McClu — Jackson 
Doris Laverne Jacobs — Jackson 
Jennifer Lane Jacobs — Clinton 
Karl Gregory Jacobs — Jackson 
Patricia Lee Jacobs — Jackson 
Raymond Scott Jacobs — Richland 
Sandra K. Jacobs — Pearl 
Roston Joseph Jacque — Tougaloo 
Anthony James — Vlcksburg 
Barbara Anderson James — Tallulah 
Betty Mae James Andre — Jackson 
Carolyn James — Jackson 
Charles Ray James — Vlcksburg 
Danny L. James — Bay Springs 
Deborah Jean James — Jackson 
Denisa Jeanette James — Jackson 
Edward Raymond James III — Jackson 
Ethel Berry James — Vlcksburg 
F. Darlene James — Clinton 
George Michael James — Jackson 
Gloria Dean James — Tallulah 
Judy Breland James — Jackson 
Lee James — Jackson 
Mack E. James — Clinton 
Rena Yolanda James — Canton 
Robbie Marie James — Raleigh 
Robert Welmore James Jr. — 

Shirley Ann James Marie — Jackson 
Tiffany L. James — Jackson 
Trudy Hall James — Vlcksburg 
Dwayne D. Jamison — Vlcksburg 
Keith Tyrell Jamison — Kosciusko 
Roger O. Jamison III — Jackson 
Suchrltra Roy Jana — Clinton 
John Martin Janotta Sr. — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Ann Janson — Richland 
Jerry Lee Jantz — Bolton 
Josephine Taylor Jarrett — Vlcksburg 
Dean Alan Jarvls — Jackson 
Scott D. Jasper — Jackson 
Shennetta A. Jaynes — Braxton 
Ashley E. Jefcoat — Jackson 
Daniel Dean Jefcoat — Jackson 
Steve H. Jefcoat — Jackson 
Billy Dale Jeffers — Vlcksburg 
R. Lavon Jeffers — Vlcksburg 
Alice J. Jeffferson Johns — Jackson 
Alonzo N. Jefferson — Hermanvllle 
Christopher C. Jefferson — Jackson 
Contrenla Roshel Jefferson — Jackson 
Lenzle George Jefferson — Jackson 
Mable Lee Jefferson — Jackson 
Sherry Teresa Jefferson — Hazelhurst 
Thomas Jefferson — Vlcksburg 
Helen Nabors Jeffries — Jackson 
Shannon Mlchele Jeffries — Jackson 
Kathleen Jelks — Clinton 
Loretta Jelks — Clinton 
Adam D. Jenkins — Pearl 
Benny Lewis Jenkins — Jackson 
Bobby Earl Jenkins — Jackson 
Brand Lee Jenkins — Beaumont 
Christopher Jenkins — Starkvllle 
Darell Jenkins — Jackson 
Deotls Brown Jenkins — Jackson 
Diana Lynn Jenkins — Jackson 
Edmond Allen Jenkins Jr. — Utlca 
Elbert J. Jenkins — Jackson 
Howard Lee Jenkins — Pearl 
Janice Lowery Jenkins — Brandon 
Johnnie Lynn Jenkins — Pearl 
Joseph Jackson Jenkins — Vlcksburg 
Joseph K. Jenkins — Jackson 
Kenneth John Jenkins — Jackson 
Margaree Gordon Jenkins — Utlca 
Martha Body Jenkins — Jackson 
Mary Robinson Jenkins — Jackson 
Michael Lafayetta Jenkins — Jackson 
Norman Eugene Jenkins — Morton 
Patricia Ann Jenkins — Jackson 
Reginald Jenkins — Pearl 
Rochelle Jenkins — Braxton 
Stephanie Kay Jenkins — Pearl 
Steven Wade Jenkins — Brandon 
Tammy Redd Jenkins — Brandon 
Terrl Gwenette Jenkins — Jackson 
Thomas Porter Jenkins — Brandon 
Timothy Hollls Jenkins — Clinton 
Timothy L. Jenkins — Pearl 
Todd Wayne Jenkins — Terry 
Willie Mae Jenkins — Jackson 
Carolyn P. Jennings — Harrlsvllle 
Jeffery Dixon Jennings — Mendenhall 
Jo Anne Jennings Denne — Jackson 
Reglna Kaye Jennings — Florence 
Stephen Perry Jennings — Brandon 
Teressa Faye Jennings W. — Raymond 
Velree Gray Jennings — Jackson 
Ingrid Yvonne Jensen — Florence 
Tawanna Sabrlna Jerdlne — Jackson 
Julie Denlse Jernlgan — Pearl 
Rebecca Rowland Jernlgan — 

Charles Walter Jett — Jackson 
Jacqueline Jlmerson — Jackson 
Sally Laverne Jlmmerson — Jackson 
Cindy Ann Jines — Jackson 
Bonnie M. Jinkins — Vlcksburg 

Jeanna Christine Jinks — Port Gibson 
Sherry Lee Jlttanoonta — Raymond 
Patricia R. Jobe — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Carolyn Jobe — Florence 
Timothy Oliver Jobe — Tallulah 
Mary Beth Joeb — Pearl 
Alma Jeffries Johns — Jackson 
Heather Marie Johns — Clinton 
Jeffrey D. Johns — Jackson 
Jeffrey Eugene Johns — Jackson 
Tiff Namar Johns — Jackson 
Alfredla Vanellle Johnson — 

Andrea Johnson — Pearl 
Andrew N. Johnson — Jackson 
Annette Johnson — Raymond 
Anthony Johnson — Jackson 
Belinda A. Johnson — Jackson 
Bertha Mae Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Billy Johnson — Pearl 
Bob Tom Johnson — Forest 
Brad Johnson — Rldgeland 
Brenda J. Johnson — Jackson 
Brenda Mason Johnson Ja< kson 
Brenda V. Johnson — Woodvllle 
Calen Stokes Johnson — Edwards 
Calvin B. Johnson — Canton 
Carlton Russell Johnson — Raymond 
Carolyn Boyd Johnson — Rldgeland 
Carolyn D. Johnson — Clinton 
Carolyn Diane Johnson — Jackson 
Charlsse Shuntel Johnson — 

Charles Edward Johnson — Braxton 
Charles F. Johnson — West Point 
Charles Kevin Johnson — Meridian 
Christine Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Claude K. Johnson — Hazlehurst 
D. Mary Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Dana Rachelle Johnson — Yazoo City 
Daphne Diane Johnson — Jackson 
David Leslie Johnson — Jackson 
Deborah Johnson — Pearl 
Deborah Lynn Johnson — Clinton 
Delorlse Johnson — Raymond 
Demetrlce Johnson — Raymond 
Dexter Lamone Johnson — Jackson 
Diane Pasek Johnson — Jackson 
Dianne Johnson — Jackson 
Donald Earl Johnson — Pearl 
Donnle Reynolds Johnson — Jackson 
Doris Marie Johnson — Yazoo City 
Dorothy Myles Johnson — Brandon 
Eddie Lee Johnson — Harrlsvllle 
Eddie Tab Johnson — Flowood 
Eileen Loralne Johnson — Jackson 
Elanda Wyvette Johnson — Jackson 
Elizabeth Johnson — Jackson 
Era Thompson Johnson — Jackson 
Fannie A. Johnson Parrl — Vlcksburg 
Gayle Patricia Johnson — Jackson 
Georgia Lewis Johnson — Bentonia 
Gloria Jean Johnson — Jackson 
Greta Cantrlce Johnson — Jackson 
Harry Wayne Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Hollls Morgan Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline Annette Johnson — 

Jacques Keith Johnson — Jackson 
James Brady Johnson — Brandon 
Joslln Martin Johnson — Jackson 
Juanlta Johnson — Prentiss 
Julian Dexter Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly Ann Johnson — Meridian 
Lee F. Johnson — Jackson 
Leigh Ann Johnson — Brandon 
Lelghton Anton Johnson — Bolton 
Lenora D. Johnson — Jackson 
Leroy Johnson — Edwards 
Linda Carol Johnson — Jackson 
Lurean Johnson — Gallman 
Margaret Ann Johnson — Jackson 
Marie Johnson — Canton 
Martin L. Johnson II — Jackson 
Matthew C. Johnson — Florence 
Melissa Gail Johnson — Lena 
Michael Johnson — Jackson 
Michelle Eva Johnson T. — Jackson 
Pamela Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Grey Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Ann Johnson — Jackson 
Patricia Snider Johnson — Jackson 
Paulette Rudd Johnson — Brandon 
Perry Lamar Johnson — Jackson 
Randy Glyn Johnson — Carthage 
Raymond Scott Johnson — Jackson 
Reglna Faye Johnson — Jackson 
Rhonda Kaye Johnson — Tallulah 
Richard Cooper Johnson — Flora 
Rita Daniel Johnson — Richland 
Rita McTlgrlt Johnson — Clinton 
Robert L. Johnson — Jackson 
Russell W. Johnson — Meridian 
Ruth Llndqutst Johnson — Jackson 
Ruth Riptoe Johnson — Jackson 
Sally Louise Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Lynn Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Sheila Macheall Johnson — Florence 
Shirley Jean Johnson — Canton 
Shonda Denlse Johnson — Jackson 
Sonja Brendetta Johnson — Terry 
Stacy Haley Johnson — Jackson 
Thomas Brandon Johnson — 

Tim L. Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Timothy Edward Johnson — Brandon 
Tonle McGee Johnson — Jackson 
Tonya Lashun Johnson — Brandon 
Tonya Monlque Johnson — Newton 
Treslna Lynett Johnson — Jackson 

Directory / 305 

Ursular Johnson — Jackson 
Vernetta R. Johnson — Natchez 
Vickie Lynn Johnson — Natchez 
Victoria Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Wanda Carol Johnson — Jackson 
William Joseph Johnson — Crystal 

William Robert Johnson — Jackson 
Willie L. Johnson — Prentiss 
Willie Lee Johnson — Vlcksburg 
Willie Mae Johnson — Yazoo City 
Zabrlna Johnson — Natchez 
Carol Anne Johnston — Brandon 
Catherine Ellzabe Johnston — Jackson 
Chase Lamar Johnston — Clinton 
Cynthia Anne Johnston — Clinton 
Edward Boteler Johnston — Pearl 
Jean Thomason Johnston — Vlcksburg 
Leigh Anne Johnston — Jackson 
Richard Larry Johnston — Yazoo City 
Sandra Kaye Johnston — Vlcksburg 
William Ed Johnston Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Evelyn Ann Joiner - Raymond 
Gall Evans Joiner — Jackson 
Joshunda Nanpoll' Joiner — Jackson 
Marcus Cornel Joiner — Raymond 
Stravellla A. Joiner — Raymond 
Tangee Renay Joiner — Raymond 
Everett Jerome Jolley — Brandon 
Deborah Lethoy Jolly — Pearl 
James Eric Jolly — Florence 
Kent Michael Jolly — Jackson 
Mark E Jolly — Utlca 
Sara Rebecca Jolly — Vlcksburg 
Timothy James Jolly — Jackson 
Adolph Jones — Jackson 
Almee Allen Jones — Terry 
Alison Marie Jones — Baton Rouge 
Alma M. Jones — Vlcksburg 
Alonzo Jones — Vlcksburg 
Amanda Ashley Jones — Clinton 
Amy Oglesby Jones — Vlcksburg 
Anlssa Renay Jones — Brandon 
Ann B. Jones — Vlcksburg 
Anna J. Jones — Vlcksburg 
Anthony Jones — Jackson 
Anthony Lawrence Jones — Jackson 
Asa B. Jones — Jackson 
Audrey De Jones Ann — Vlcksburg 
Barbara A. Jones — Jackson 
Barbara Ann Jones — Jackson 
Bobble Jo Jones — Jackson 
Bobby E. Jones — Pearl 
Bobby Earl Jones — Jackson 
Brian M. Jones — Clinton 
Cerllda Latlsha Jones — Jackson 
Charles Jones Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Charlotte Elizabeth Jones — Terry 
Chris Allen Jones — Liberty 
Chris Brian Jones — Clinton 
D. Scott Jones — Flora 
Dana Ogle Jones — Vlcksburg 
Daniel B. Jones — Raymond 
Daphne Shavers Jones — Jackson 
Daryl Terrell Jones — Jackson 
David Allen Jones Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Debbie Faye Jones — Jackson 
Deborah Lynn Jones — Terry 
Deborah W. Jones — Florence 
Debra Dlanne Jones — Jackson 
Dena Amanda Jones — Yazoo 
Derek Christopher Jones — Jackson 
Dlanna Lynn Jones — Jackson 
Donal Ray Jones — Pearl 
Donna Smith Jones — Richland 
Doris Jones — Flora 
Dorothy Gaughf Jones — Brandon 
Dorothyette Cherell Jones — Jackson 
Doyle Leon Jones — Clinton 
Drlck Dejone Jones — Clinton 
Eddie Jones — Jackson 
Edith Katherlne Jones — Jackson 
Elaine Jones — Jackson 
Elbert Ray Jones — Grenada 
Ella R. Jones — Jackson 
Erlka Chonell Jones — Jackson 
Fayblen Evette Jones — Jackson 
Felicia A. Jones — Jackson 
Felicia Renee Jones — Jackson 
Gall Delores Jones — Vlcksburg 
George Phllmore Jones Jr. — Petal 
George William Jones — Jackson 
Gerald Wayne Jones — Jackson 
Glen Carleton Jones — Vlcksburg 
Glen David Jones — Harrlsvllle 
Glenda Carol Jones — Mendenhall 
Gloria Demby Jones — Vlcksburg 
Gwendolyn Ann Jones — Brandon 
Hazel Ingram Jones — Jackson 
Helen Melton Jones — Brandon 
Horace Brent Jones — Pearl 
Isaac Maurice Jones — Jackson 
Jack Seale Jones — Flowood 
Jacqueline Hollls Jones — Terry 
James Jones — Vlcksburg 
James M. Jones — Jackson 
Janice M. Jones — Jackson 
Jeffrey Joseph Jones — Mendenhall 
Jim Arthur Jones — Raymond 
Jimmy Donald Jones Jr. — Clinton 
Jody Shannon Jones — Clinton 
John Gregory Jones — Jackson 
John Patrick Jones — Brandon 
Jonathan Kyle Jones — Gautler 
Jonell Jones — Jackson 
Juanlta Thomas Jones — Jackson 
Karen F. Jones — Carthage 
Kathy Garrett Jones — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Ray Jones — Terry 
Klmberly Mellene Jones — Crystal 

Kretonla Marie Jones — Vlcksburg 
Krlstle Renee Jones — Clinton 
Lakysha Chontal Jones — Bolton 
Larry Daniel Jones Jr. — Harrlsvllle 
Larry Undra Jones — Jackson 
Laura Lynn Jones — Jackson 
Leodls Jones — Jackson 
Lesa Porter Jones — Jackson 
Lisa Michelle Jones — Mt. Olive 
Lukitla Nina Jones — Brandon 
Malcolm Dewayne Jones — Jackson 
Maria Nella Jones Rose — Raymond 
Mary Ann Jones — Jackson 
Mary Ann Jones Minor — Jackson 
Mary D. Jones — Rldgeland 
Mary Edna Jones — Hattlesburg 
Mary L. Jones — Jackson 
Mary Louise Jones — Flora 
Mary Sheila Jones — Pearl 
Max Jonathan Jones — Jackson 
Melissa Anne Jones — Jackson 
Michael Bryan Jones — Brandon 
Michael Curtis Jones — Clinton 
Michael W. Jones — Jackson 
Nathaniel Jones — Pearl 
Neal Chapman Jones — Jackson 
Nedra R. Jones — Rolling Fork 
Pamela Ann Jones — Morton 
Paul Hilary Jones Jr. — Jackson 
Qulntus Jones III — Jackson 
Rhonda Christy Jones — Raymond 
Richard Broderlck Jones — Carlisle 
Robert Anthony Jones — Aberdeen 
Roberta Jordan Jones — Brandon 
Roderick Suron Jones — Jackson 
Ryan Daniel Jones — Natchez 
Samuel Jones — Foley 
Sandra D. Jones — Yazoo City 
Seth Laird Jones — Pelahatchle 
Shannon L. Jones M. — Jackson 
Sheila G. Jones — Florence 
Stacey S. Jones — Jackson 
Stacy Jones — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Noel Jones — Clinton 
Stephen Paul Jones — Pearl 
Tammy B. Jones — Pearl 
Thomas C. Jones — Mendenhall 
Tina Kay Jones — Jackson 
Tommle Jones — Vlcksburg 
Toney A. Jones — Jackson 
Tonla Yvette Jones — Jackson 
Tonya M. Jones T. — Rldgeland 
Valerie Denlse Jones — Jackson 
Victor Dywane Jones — Brandon 
W. Hamp Jones — Jackson 
Wanda Smith Jones — Florence 
Willis Jones Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Winnie Ann Jones — Jackson 
Albert Jordan — Vlcksburg 
Catherine Marie Jordan — Jackson 
David Curtis Jordan — Florence 
Diane May Jordan — Vlcksburg 
Jacqueline Yvette Jordan — Jackson 
Janet Denton Jordan — Raymond 
Janet Elizabeth Jordan — Louisville 
Jay N. Jordan — Pearl 
Jeff Hoyte Jordan — Florence 
Jennifer Rochell Jordan — Petal 
Klmberly Murray Jordan — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Jordan — Vlcksburg 
Llssa Taylor Jordan — Pelahatchle 
Matthew Jordan — Jackson 
Natalie Dlanne Jordan — Madison 
Patricia D. Jordan Klrkw — Jackson 
Robin Peavy Jordan — Florence 
Sherrie Leigh Jordan — Jackson 
Sherry Bland Jordan — Clinton 
Stacey D. Jordan — Jackson 
Tommy B. Jordan — Harrlsvllle 
Tracey Lenora Jordan Rosh — Flora 
Valerie Jordan — Terry 
Walter Vernon Jordan — Edwards 
Cheryl L. Jordy — Utlca 
Cheryl Reed Joseph — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Hope Joseph — Vlcksburg 
Poonam Ravi Josl — Rldgeland 
Casandra Joy — Water Valley 
James Marlon Joyner — Pearl 
Robert Alex Joyner — Jackson 
Mary Jean Judge — Vlcksburg 
Sharron Walker Jurden — Jackson 
Pamela F. Jurgens — Jackson 
Wavel Lee Justice — Vlcksburg 

Deborah Shlers Kackley — Vlcksburg 
Kathy Jones Kahl — Florence 
Carolyn Michelle Kaln — Satartla 
M. Amy Kaiser — Brandon 
Sunula Gay Kanenglser Bynu — Pearl 
Kevin P. Kantor — Rldgeland 
Bertha Jean Kappler — Vlcksburg 
Frank William Kappler — Vlcksburg 
Frank William Kappler Sr. — 

Lea Klssimmee Karges — Sandhill 
Tammy Shay Karnes — Brandon 

Fritz A. Katzenmeyer — Pearl 
Hardy Mike Katzenmeyer — Vlcksburg 
Robin Tracey Kavanaugh — Jackson 
Farshld Kazemlnezhad — Jackson 
Thomas B. Kean — Vlcksburg 
Wanda D. Kean — Vlcksburg 
Robert H. Kearney — Jackson 
Cynthia Laminack Keating — Brandon 
Charles Thomas Kee — Jackson 
Florlne Mabry Keeler — Jackson 
Claudette Denlse Keeley — Jackson 
Justin Wade Keeley — Vlcksburg 
James Montgomery Keen — Florence 
Joyce 1. Keen — Mount Olive 
Karen Sue Keen — Richland 
Laura K. Keen — Jackson 
Charles Alexander Keene — Clinton 
Marie Lynnette Keene — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Denlse Kelrn — Vlcksburg 
John P. Keith — Rldgeland 
David M. Keller — Meridian 
Dorothy E. Keller Snell — Jackson 
Joann Whitehead Keller — Vlcksburg 
Mary Keller — Vlcksburg 
Alice Ann Kelley — Jackson 
Charles Ritchie Kelley Jr. — Clinton 
Cressie Mae Kelley — Starkville 
Janet Herrington Kelley — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Renea' Kelley — Jackson 
Katie M. Kelley — Magee 
Krlstl Carol Kelley — Pelahatchle 
Susan Lynn Kelley — Jackson 
Bridgett Ann Kellum — Pearl 
Cynthia Kaye Kellum — Jackson 
Joseph Arthur Kellum Jr. — Clinton 
Rose Akers Kellum — Vlcksburg 
William Christopher Kellum — Jackson 
William Park Kellum Jr. — Greenville 
Allen Jacob Kelly — Jackson 
Amanda Prlne Kelly — Raymond 
Andrew Kelly — Bolton 
Annie Foley Kelly — Vlcksburg 
Anthony Kelly — Canton 
Barbara Gall Kelly — Bolton 
Cameron Lee Kelly — Clinton 
Caroline Swttzer Kelly — Jackson 
Christine Warner Kelly — Jackson 
Christopher Manllus Kelly — Rldgeland 
David Mitchell Kelly Jr — Crystal 

Dennis M. Kelly — Canton 
Elizabeth Jane Kelly — Raymond 
Freshae Leshun Kelly — Jackson 
Glenda Faye Kelly — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Kelly — Jackson 
Howard Earl Kelly — Raymond 
llllad Luverne Kelly — Raymond 
James Henry Kelly — Bolton 
Jerome Kelly — Raymond 
Julia Douglass Kelly — Jackson 
Klmberly Ann Kelly — Jackson 
Levella Kelly — Edwards 
Margaret Reddltt Kelly — Learned 
Marilyn L. Kelly — Jackson 
Mellnda Ann Kelly — Jackson 
Michael Erble Kelly — Pearl 
Robin Kelly — Vlcksburg 
Russell Lamar Kelly — Richland 
Sharon M. Kelly — Edwards 
Steve Anthony Kelly — Raymond 
Tina Yates Kelly — Utlca 
William Patrick Kelly — Clinton 
William H. Kemp — Clinton 
Willie Shorts Kemp — Lorman 
Mark Steven Kemper — Clinton 
Jeanne Karen Kemppalnen — Brandon 
Alice Kendrlck — Jackson 
Llllie Maynor Kendrlck — Clinton 
Prlscllla Ann Kendrlck — Jackson 
Terry Elizabeth Kendrlck — Jackson 
Edward James Kennard III — Clinton 
Jonathan D. Kennard — Clinton 
Laura Lyn Kennard — Clinton 
Barbara Ann Kennebrew S. — Jackson 
Frank James Kennebrew Jr. — 

Brldgette Lee Kennedy — Magee 
Charles M. Kennedy — Jackson 
Dana C. Kennedy — Clinton 
David W. Kennedy — Braxton 
Gordon Kennedy — Jackson 
Jean Ann Kennedy — Jackson 
Karla Ann Kennedy — Jackson 
Katherlne Muirhead Kennedy — 

M. Malone Kennedy Jr. — Flowood 
Phillip Brad Kennedy — Anchorage 
Teresa Lynn Kennedy — Mendenhall 
Dana Marie Kennedy — Vlcksburg 
Kathryn Ann Kennington — Jackson 
Mary Summers Kennard — Clinton 
Jean Thurman Kenny — Madison 
Anthony Maurice Kent — Jackson 
Loretta Kent — Clinton 
Willie Joe Kent — Clinton 
Malcolm Price Keown — Vlcksburg 
Carl Ray Kerr — Clinton 
Diane Marie Kerr — Brandon 
Eric Stephen Kerr — Rldgeland 
Marllynn Kay Kerr — Rolling Fork 
Pamela Carol Kerr — Jackson 
Janice Leigh Kersh — Brandon 
Leroy Kersh — Brandon 
Klmberly Ann Kessler — Clinton 
Cynthia D. Ketchum McDon — Pearl 
J. T. Ketchum III — Yazoo City 
Debra Westbrook Kette — Vlcksburg 
Rebecca D. Kettle — Jackson 
Andy E. Key — Jackson 
Joseph Arnold Key — Vlcksburg 

Joseph Parrlsh Key — Canton 
Krlsty Michelle Key — Jackson 
Anna Christina Keyes — Brandon 
Helen Doris Keyes — Pearl 
Kennon Moore Keyes — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Keyes Hobso — Pearl 
Tanya Michelle Keyes — Brandon 
Alvln Delane Keys — Florence 
Margie Laverne Keys — Mendenhall 
guanda Leshann Keys — Brandon 
Richard Frank Keys Jr. — Clinton 
Parvlz Klanl — Terry 
James David Kiddy — Vlcksburg 
Wanda June Kiddy — Vlcksburg 
Garry Russell Kiefer — Jackson 
Debra Jo Kight — Jackson 
Steven Ray Klght — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Dale KUbourn — Clinton 
Virginia M. Kllby — Raymond 
Drental James Kllcrease — Port Gibson 
Clara Covey Kllgore — Brandon 
Mltze Harrison Kllgore — Jackson 
Daniel Edward Klllan — Jefferson 
Lisa Renee Klllan — Hazlehurst 
Betty Klllebrew — Vlcksburg 
Tracl Leigh Klllebrew — Vlcksburg 
Dawn Michelle KUlen — Jackson 
Patricia Delorls Klllgore — Clinton 
Krlstal Ktllingsworth — Prentiss 
Edward Wayne Killough — Jackson 
J. Carol Kllpatrlck — Mendenhall 
Keu W. Kim — Vlcksburg 
Sylvia Ann Kim Hanna — Clinton 
Lester Price Kimbrough Jr. — Ocean 

David Alan Klmes — Jackson 
Durden Mary Klmes — Vlcksburg 
Sherrie Ann Klnard — Jackson 
Corey Lee Klndhart — Vlcksburg 
Michelle K. Klndhart — Vlcksburg 
Bennle Klnes — Bolton 
Teresa Bernlce Klnes — Crystal 

Andrea Monlque King — Jackson 
Anthony Tyrone King — Jackson 
Beverly Everett King — Clinton 
Brenda Gay King — Pearl 
Charles Marcus King — Carthage 
Clark King — McComb 
Colon Edward King — Pearl 
David Wayne King — Pelahatchle 
Dlanne King — Vlcksburg 
Donzla Louise King — Vlcksburg 
Elaine D. King Reed — Jackson 
Jennifer Jane King — Clinton 
Jerl Rebecca King — Jackson 
Justin Ralph King — Jackson 
Klmberly Lynn King — Raleigh 
Lance Alan King — Brandon 
Linda M. King — Florence 
Lisa Hollaway King — Clinton 
Louann King — Clinton 
Marcus Neal King — Wlnnsboro 
Michael Allen King — Jackson 
Michael Sam King — Pearl 
Norma Irving King — Vlcksburg 
Norman H. King — Raymond 
Peggy J. King — Vlcksburg 
Robert E. King — Raymond 
Sonya Hammack King — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Jeff King — Rldgeland 
Thomas Paul King — Vlcksburg 
Tiffany Lynn King — Clinton 
Tracy D. King — Jackson 
Connie Louise Klnley — Vlcksburg 
Brandl Anne Klnnebrew — Vlcksburg 
Brian Ronald Kinsey — Clinton 
Diane Roberts Kinsey — Clinton 
Cynthia Kaye Klrby — Brandon 
Tina Elizabeth Klrby — Pearl 
Lenaee Hope Kirk — Clinton 
Marjorlne R. Kirk — Jackson 
Annie Harris Klrkham — Jackson 
Keela Melessa Klrkland — Philadelphia 
Kellye Annette Klrkland — Jackson 
Kyle Lee Klrkland — Clinton 
Charles Glenn Klrklln — Vlcksburg 
Natalie Paige Klrkpatrlck — Brandon 
William Paul Klrkpatrlck — Madison 
Chrlstene Ktrkwood — Jackson 
Carol Homes Klrtley — Jackson 
Marcelle Lorilse Klrtley — Jackson 
Melanle Carol Klrton — Terry 
Richard E. Klser Jr. — Pearl 
Johnnie Lee Kitchen — Florence 
Boble Jo Kitchens — Florence 
Jimmy Roger Kitchens — Florence 
John T. Kitchens — Epps 
Shane Clinton Kitchens — Utlca 
Stacey L. Kitchens — Jackson 
Suzy Kitchens — Crystal Springs 
Amy McDanlel Klttrell — Clinton 
Scott Alan Klttrell — Clinton 
Max K. Klaus — Vlcksburg 
Max Kenneth Klaus — Vlcksburg 
Marc Thomas Kleiman — Richland 
Mark Nils Klein Ander — Jackson 
Sherry Lynrt Klein — Edwards 
Stefan R. Klein — Jackson 
Gloria Londen Kline — Vlcksburg 
Richard Kline II — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Elizabeth Kllnger — Crystal 

Pamela J. Kloha — Jackson 
Barbara Bunkley Knabb — Magee 
Brett Alan Knight — Jackson 
Catherine Hibbler Knight — Jackson 
Connie Dlanne Knight — Vlcksburg 
Dana Marie Knight — Brandon 
Donna Stanley Knight — Pelahatchle 

Dwlght Knight — Pearl 
Gregory A Knight — Pearl 
Joann Knight — Pearl 
John Keith Knight — Magee 
Kenneth L. Knight — Jackson 
Kris Laurence Knight — Jackson 
Krlsty Roachelle Knight — Jackson 
Marcus Lane Knight — Jackson 
Marlon Earl Knight — Collins 
Mary J. Knight — Florence 
Michael Eric Knight — Clinton 
Perrln J. Knight — Pearl 
Tiffany Anne Knight — Edwards 
Sheila Knlghten — Jackson 
Sherry D. Knlghten Spike — Braxton 
Charles Allen Knott III — Hazlehurst 
Donna Recal Knott — Jackson 
Jerry J. Knott — Jackson 
Lakltshla Renea Knott — Jackson 
Melissa Renee Knott — Pearl 
Cassandra Lynn Knotts — Pearl 
Chrystal Michelle Knouse — Clinton 
Donna May Knowles — Jackson 
Sukey Lou Knowles Venla — Jackson 
Dawn Maria Knox — Pelahatchle 
Edna Mae Knox — Vlcksburg 
Georgia Turner Knox — Vlcksburg 
Lea Krlstlna Knox — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Gore Knox — Vlcksburg 
Karl Krlstofer Koenlg — Jackson 
Laqulta Rose Koenlg H. — Jackson 
Leo Vlck Koestler III — Vlcksburg 
Scott Downing Koestler — Greenville 
Donna Phillips Kolb — Vlcksburg 
James David Koon — Jackson 
Virginia Faye Kopf — Pearl 
Arthur William Kotch — Ceiba 
Betty J. Kotsonaros — Pearl 
Tonl Renee Kowen — Vlcksburg 
Steve J. Krapek — Downers Grove 
Monte Charles Kraus — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Gonzales Kreger — 

Peter N. Kreger — Brandon 
Ernest J. Krenek — Rldgeland 
Heather Krlstine Krenzke — Jackson 
Betsy Ann Krlchbaum — Terry 
Ellis L. Krlnltzsky — Vlcksburg 
Huey D. Krohn — Jackson 
Alison Denlse Krueger — Vlcksburg 
Cindy Marie Krueger — Vlcksburg 
Alice Gray Kulper — Edwards 
Jennifer Leigh Kullman — Jackson 
Shawn Christopher Kurtz — Vlcksburg 
Arrle Lee Kyles — Raymond 
Mlcheal Andre Kyles — Jackson 
Peregrine Lorenzo Kyles — Jackson 
Betty Lynn Kyzar Sessu — Lena 
David Wesley Kyzer — Jackson 

Blanche Bernlce Lacey — Jackson 
Carlynette Mayfleld Lacey — Jackson 
Dlanne L. Lacey — Vlcksburg 
Douglas Earl Lacey — Jackson 
Jackie Monroe Lacey — Jackson 
Larry D. Lacey — Vlcksburg 
Lashana Yvette Lacey — Jackson 
James Kevin Lack — Crystal Springs 
Pamela Kaye Lack — Jackson 
Cathy Tankesly Lackey — Jackson 
Roberta Ann Lackey — Crystal Springs 
Tiffany Ann Lacoste — Kenner 
Sallle Mae Lacy — Jackson 
Terrye Nichols Lacy — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Lynn Ladd — Jackson 
Steven Ladd — Vlcksburg 
Geoffrey Shane Ladner — Florence 
Mark William Ladner — Clinton 
Kimberly Ann Lagrassa — Pearl 
Harold K. Lahr — Jackson 
Chris Dean Laird — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Kaye Laird — Rldgeland 
J. T. Laird — Pearl 
Jo Ann Laird Butle — Pearl 
Ronda Reglna Laird — Jackson 
Thembl Klshana Lake — Jackson 
Stephanie Paige Lamar — Crystal 

Anita Pierce Lamb — Clinton 
Judy Kaye Lamb — Jackson 
Kobl Lynn Lamb — Jackson 
Tonl Martin Lamb — Brandon 
Christine Renee Lambert — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Renee Lambert — Natchez 
Gary D. Lambert — Pearl 
Janice R. Lambert — Jackson 
Zora Ellen Lambert — Brandon 
Nancy M. Lamparty — Florence 
Connie Frances Lampkln — Vlcksburg 
Sherry Dlanne Lampkln — Jackson 
Latonya Yvette Lampley — 

Angela Newman Lancaster — Clinton 
Brenda Sue Lancaster — Jackson 
Joy Jean Lancaster — Raymond 
Richard Douglas Lancaster — Clinton 
George E. Landfalr — Raymond 
Hugh Scott Landreth — Crystal Springs 

Hollls Taylor Landrum Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Lanny Scott Landrum — Clinton 
Vlckl Watklns Landrum — Vlcksburg 
Angela Marie Landry — Bolton 
Charlotte Lane — Jackson 
Christina D. Lane — Flora 
Delores Vernlta Lane — Rolling Fork 
Judl P. Lane — Brandon 
Leigh Carolyn Lane — Clinton 
Maria Ragan Lane — Brandon 
Kenneth Lee Lanford — Vlcksburg 
Christine Lang — Jackson 
Faye Runnels Lang — Braxton 
Holly Grace Lang — Magee 
Robert A. Langdon — Florence 
Leslie Marie Lange — Clinton 
Janice Serlo Langford — Carthage 
Leigh Roberts Langford — Madison 
Tammle Cessna Langford — Vlcksburg 
Virginia Callahan Langford — Jackson 
Herman Weaver Langham — Jackson 
Jeff Thomas Langham — Magee 
Pamela Diane Langham Jones — D'Lo 
Judith Hemphill Langley — Raymond 
Laura Dlanne Langley — Vlcksburg 
Christie Lea Langston — Clinton 
Larry Heath Langston — Pearl 
Sandra Louise Langston — Pearl 
Janls Claire Lanier — Vlcksburg 
James A. Lapeze — Baton Rouge 
Christian R. Larlos — Clinton 
Fellsa Jeannette Larkln — Prentiss 
Robert James Larkln Jr. — Prentiss 
William Bruick Larkln III — Bude 
Eddie Dewayne Larklns — Jackson 
Debbie Larr — Vlcksburg 
Nathan F. Larsen — Vlcksburg 
Michael John Larson — Vlcksburg 
Tracy Lynn Larson — Vlcksburg 
Jon David Lashlee — Vlcksburg 
Lawrence Scott Lasley — Jackson 
Stephanie H. Lasslter — Jackson 
Brenda Gerald Laster — Jackson 
Louise Laster — Canton 
Steve Lee Laster — Pelahatchle 
Arthur Y. Latham Al — Jackson 
Hays Latham — Vlcksburg 
Huey Latham — Jackson 
Ramona Simmons Latham — 

Lisa J. Lathem — Jackson 
Sandra Leigh Laumeyer — Brandon 
Becky Barrltt Launias — Brandon 
Charles Leander Launlus Jr. — 

Kevin Andrew Launlus — Brandon 
Michael Robert Lavery — Valparaiso 
Elizabeth Ann Lawler Parks — 

Susan Rader Lawler — Clinton 
Wendy Boyd Lawless — Brandon 
Candlce Lawrence — Jackson 
David P. Lawrence — Pearl 
Donna Lawrence — Vlcksburg 
James Christopher Lawrence — 

James Richard Lawrence — Pearl 
Jerry Lee Lawrence — Vlcksburg 
Larry Raymond Lawrence — Vlcksburg 
Margaret Darnell Lawrence — Brandon 
Mervln Lawrence Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Mltzl Adell Lawrence — Lena 
Paul Ervln Lawrence — Terry 
Robert Wayne Lawrence Jr. — 

Roger Dale Lawrence — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Ruth Lawson — Jackson 
Gary Allen Lawson — Jackson 
Karen Grimm Lawson — Pearl 
Llllle Faye Lawson — Jackson 
Patricia J. Lawson — Vlcksburg 
Ronald L. Lawyer — Vlcksburg 
Kimberly Renee Lay — Pearl 
Richard C. Lay — Clinton 
Dawn Ellsworth Layton — Rldgeland 
Rebecca Lynn Layton — Mendenhall 
Darren Ray Lazarus — Meadvllle 
Truong Van Le — Jackson 
Billle Boggs Lea — Jackson 
Paul E. Lea — Jackson 
Arln Kay Leach — Jackson 
James Daniel Leach — Lake 
John Scott Leach — Lake Providence 
Bettle Jeanette Leamous — Jackson 
Kenneth L. Leamous — Jackson 
Carla Jean Leavell — Jackson 
Pat A. Lebaron — Pearl 
April J. Ledbetter — Pearl 
Thomas Lee Ledbetter — Jackson 
Angela K. Lee — Florence 
Betty Jean Lee — Jackson 
Brenda Anne Lee — Jackson 
Charles Isaac Lee — Braxton 
Cynthia Diane Lee — Jackson 
Daryl Leman Lee — Jackson 
Debra Marie Lee — Vlcksburg 
Dorothy C. Lee — Jackson 
Doyle Devon Lee — Vlcksburg 
Floyd Davis Lee — Mendenhall 
Frances Mae Lee — Vlcksburg 
Gloria Jean Lee — Jackson 
Ivory D. Lee — Jackson 
Jammle M. Lee — Jackson 
Janice Delores Lee — Clinton 
Jerry Benard Lee — Florence 
John Patrick Lee — Vlcksburg 
Jonlta Ruth Lee — Louln 
Josle Alexander Lee — Jackson 
Larry James Lee Jr. — Flora 
Larry O. Lee Neal — Pascagoula 

Lillian Lee — Jackson 
Mark Gordon Lee — Pearl 
Marshall Earl Lee — Jackson 
Mathew Lee Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Michael Gaines Lee — Hernando 
Mike S. Lee — Crystal Springs 
Nancy Giles Lee — Vlcksburg 
Olivia Trochessett Lee — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Michelle Lee — Jackson 
Patricia Dlanne Lee — Jackson 
Paul E. Lee — Vlcksburg 
Phillip Douglas Lee — Vlcksburg 
Robbln Jean Lee — Brandon 
Robert E. Lee — Jackson 
Robert Everette Lee — Jackson 
Robert Marco Lee — Florence 
Sammy Wal Lee Kit — Pearl 
Sharon Lynn Lee Cumbe — Brandon 
Stephen Bret Lee — Clinton 
Stephen Demone Lee — Jackson 
Steven Ray Lee — Vlcksburg 
Tera Lynn Lee — Jackson 
Wayne D. Lee — Vlcksburg 
Willie Ruth Lee — Clinton 
Belinda Ann Leflore — Jackson 
Doretha McKlnzle Leflore — Jackson 
Evelyn Canlse Leflore — Carthage 
Kimberly White Leflore — Brandon 
Shlngy B. Leflore — Jackson 
Tinie Jenkins Leflore — Jackson 
Cynthia Gayle Legate — Brandon 
Stacl Lynn Legg — New Hebron 
Gerald Wayne Legge Jr. — Batesvtlle 
Mark Anthony Leggett — Pearl 
Paul Lennon Leggett — Jackson 
Sharon Parkman Leggett — Raymond 
Wendy Lynn Leggett — Pearl 
Carol A. Lehman — Jackson 
Paul A. Lelst — Brandon 
Sidney J. Lelst Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Joel Philip Lejeune — Jackson 
Helen Marie Leming — Jackson 
Robert Edward Lentz Jr. — Jackson 
Stacy Arnold Lentz — Jackson 
Patricia Reglna Leonard — Vlcksburg 
Shawn Kesel Leonard — Tylertown 
Walter G. Leonard — Pearl 
Angela Letchworth — Utica 
Vickey Mlley Letchworth — Brandon 
Marian Katharine Lever — Vlcksburg 
Martha Mayfleld Lever — Vlcksburg 
Cassandra Rena Levi — Jackson 
Theodore Levi — Vlcksburg 
Edwin David Levy — Jackson 
Gregory B. Levy — Jackson 
Leroy Levy — Pickens 
Alfonso Lewis Jr. — Macon 
Ann Henderson Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Annie Cheerle Lewis — Jackson 
Barrett Laroy Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Bert N. Lewis — Madison 
Brad Lewis — Jackson 
Byron Keith Lewis — Bolton 
Calvetla Rankin Lewis — Florence 
Christopher Dean Lewis — Washington 
Cynthia Jane Lewis — Glen Allen 
Deborah Ann Lewis Russe — Jackson 
Dellcla D. Lewis — Florence 
Donna Sue Lewis — Brandon 
Dorlstlne Carr Lewis — Jackson 
Ellsa Nicole Lewis — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Lewis — Florence 
Elnora Lewis — Edwards 
Ethel Lee Lewis — Jackson 
Greg P. Lewis — Jackson 
Gregory Earl Lewis — Tylertown 
Jeff M. Lewis — Terry 
Jerry L. Lewis — Florence 
Jesse H. Lewis Lee — Brandon 
Joanna Harris Lewis — Bolton 
Joe Lewis — Jackson 
Joseph Robert Lewis — Jackson 
Joseph Rogers Lewis — Jackson 
K. Payne Lewis — Raymond 
Karen Elizabeth Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Kathryn Louise Lewis — Utlca 
Kenyarder Lewis — Jackson 
Kimberly Scott Lewis — Pearl 
Krlstie Lee Lewis — Jackson 
Lesley Raye Lewis — Utica 
Linda Stokes Lewis — Jackson 
Lisa Gale Lewis Varne — Terry 
Loree Ball Lewis — Leakesvllle 
Mack Lewis Jr. — Jackson 
Marilynn Kitchen Lewis — Jackson 
Marion Lois Lewis — Clinton 
Martha Williams Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Mary Ann Lewis — Edwards 
Norman Lynn Lewis — Edwards 
Odell Lewis — Jackson 
Ora Gall Lewis — Jackson 
Paul Andrew Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Paula Michele Lewis — Jackson 
Paulette Ann Lewis — Brandon 
Penny Hudson Lewis — Jackson 
Priscilla Lewis — Florence 
Raymond Steve Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Regenla Carrol Lewis — Jackson 
Richard D. Lewis — Vlcksburg 
Rosellne Kagonya Lewis — Jackson 
Russell D. Lewis — Canton 
Stacy Jeanette Lewis — Jackson 
Teresa Lewis — Jackson 
Tina Louise Lewis — Florence 
Tracy Renee Lewis — Jackson 
William Eugene Lewis — Jackson 
William Christopher Llbbey — 

Otis G. Llchlyter — Pearl 
Melba Dollar Llchte — Florence 

Arlene Lofton Llddell — Jackson 
John Charles Lledke — Jackson 
Helga J. Llentscher — Raymond 
Carol Margaret Light — Tallulah 
Vickie Ann Llghtle — Pearl 
Bryan Christopher Liles — Jackson 
Rita Galney Llles — Canton 
Barbara Joyce Lllley — Jackson 
Dlanne Llmbaugh — Clinton 
Ronald Rashane Llmbaugh — Clinton 
David Randall Llndlgrln — Vlcksburg 
Jellery Scott Lindsay — Jackson 
Paul Allen Lindsay — Jackson 
Amber Lynn Llndsey — Jackson 
Anita Llndsey — Starkvllle 
Ethel Williams Llndsey — Jackson 
Gregory Alan Llndsey — Jackson 
Jennifer Llndsey — Edwards 
Jody Lee Llndsey — Jackson 
Ramona Lynch Llndsey — Jackson 
Robert Lee Llndsey — Jackson 
Shannon D. Llndsey — Jackson 
Vincent K. Llndsey — Jackson 
Lacey Rae Llnebarler — Raymond 
Amy Michelle Llnebaugh — Brandon 
Brandon Heth Llngerfelt — Pearl 
Benita C. Link — Crystal Springs 
Karen Dale Linton — Brookhaven 
Landa Mae Llnzy — Pearl 
Angela Blackwell Llolllo — Brandon 
Elizabeth Cole Llpe — Clinton 
Jimmle Walters Llpe — Clinton 
Jill Noel Llpplatt — Nashville 
Joseph Marlon Lipscomb — Jackson 
Victoria Marrese List — Jackson 
Angela Renee Little — Jackson 
Bobby Little — Utlca 
Daniel R. Little — Magee 
Douglas Ray Little — Utlca 
George D. Little — Jackson 
Jennifer Renee Little — Brandon 
Joe L. Little — Jackson 
John Roger Little — Madison 
Kimberly Cooke Little — Vlcksburg 
Leigh Christian Little — Jackson 
Loi I Mignon Little — Magee 
Margaret Ganelle Little Sc — Florence 
Melissa Dlanne Little — Brandon 
Nelda J. Little — Mendenhall 
Paul Alan Little — Clinton 
Sandra Kazery Little — Jackson 
Steven Wayne Little — Pearl 
Wilton A. Little — Jackson 
Leontyne Littleton — Jackson 
Marshall R. Littleton — Rldgeland 
Amy Nicole Litton — Jackson 
Stanley John Lltwln — Jackson 
Auburn Rachel Lively — Brandon 
Avery Patrick Llvlneston — Vlcksburg 
Candance Livingston — Jackson 
Lenetha Yvonne Livingston — Jackson 
Lonzo Bruce Livingston — Pearl 
Bobby Gene Lloyd Jr. — Pearl 
Cheryl Frlcke Lloyd — Brandon 
Jan S. Lloyd — Kosciusko 
Steven Ray Lloyd — Vlcksburg 
William Michael Lloyd — Vlcksburg 
Dorrls Iona Lobo — Jackson 
Marianne Ponder Lobo — Pearl 
Jason Thomas Lockett — Jackson 
Lacy Juanlta Lockhart — Laurel 
Lavalre Lockhart — Rldgeland 
Sherrl Ann Lockhart — Pelahatchle 
Vanessa Meeks Lockhart — Rldgeland 
Johnny Ray Lodge — Edwards 
Bonnie Jean Loftln — Pearl 
Madelene Loftln — Jackson 
Jenifer K. Lofton Masse — Port Gibson 
Larry Ford Lofton — Clinton 
Ledon Maurice Lofton — Jackson 
Lee Anna Lofton — Carthage 
Paula I. Lofton — Jackson 
Robby Monroe Lofton — Jackson 
Robert Lee Lofton Sr. — Jackson 
Tracy Ann Lofton — Vlcksburg 
Angela Jean Logan — Pearl 
Freddie Lee Logan — Jackson 
James C. Logan — Jackson 
James Jone Logan IV — Clinton 
Juan D'angelo Logan — Magee 
Linda F. Logan — Pearl 
Stephanie L. Logan — Brandon 
Vlckl Mitchell Logan — Jackson 
Virginia Gall Logan — Vlcksburg 
Marc Christopher Logazlno — Jackson 
Omar Christopher Logue — Vlcksburg 
Mike Shayne Lohman — Jackson 
Melaney Diane Lollar — Clinton 
Evelyn Louise Lomax — Jackson 
Armand Anthony Lombardo — 

Bobble Jean Long — Jackson 
Darlene Long — Jackson 
Darlene Kay Long — Jackson 
Donald Wayne Long — Jackson 
Jason Warren Long — Morton 
Joseph Kenneth Long — Clinton 
Lavaughn Bowen Long — Florence 
Paul Abraham Long — Clinton 
Wllmore Jack Long — Clayton 
O. C. Longlne — Jackson 
Delores Brabham Longmlre — Jackson 
Tamera Dlahn Longmlre — Jackson 
Anita Tldwell Longo — Vlcksburg 
David T. Longstreet — Jackson 
Vera K. Loose — Brandon 
Donna Grant Loper — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Lord — Jackson 
Noah William Lord — Jackson 
April Shonta Lott — Mt. Olive 

Billy H. Lott III — Jackson 
Heather Lynn Lott — Magee 
Jeff Michael Lott — Richland 
Kerry Charisse Lott — Clinton 
Linda M. Lott — Sharon 
Mary Elizabeth Lott — Pearl 
Tung-keang Ea Lott — Vlcksburg 
Zelda D. Lott — Jackson 
Cecilia Louisville — Jackson 
Bobble Lee Love — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn S Love Shaw — Jackson 
Dennis Wayne Love — Jackson 
Edmund Dink Love — Raymond 
Jacob Love — Vlcksburg 
Jaquelyn Cole Love — Brandon 
John Dale Love — Jackson 
Richard Love — Raymond 
Shannon N Love — Florence 
Tera K. Love — Jackson 
Shannon Denlse Lovelace — Brandon 
Keith Wayne Lovell — Boonevllle 
Bethany Yvonne Lovett — Jackson 
Carolyn J. Lovett — Yazoo City 
Cathy Barr Lovett — Raymond 
Lisa Lynn Lovett — Jackson 
Walter Alan Loving — Brandon 
Doris W Lowe — Hazlehurst 
Edward H Lowe — Clinton 
James M. Lowe — Jackson 
Jonella Homer Lowe — Jackson 
Kecla Dehaven Lowe — Jackson 
Lynda Freeman Lowe — Greenville 
Stephany Denlse Lowe — Port Gibson 
Tracey Magnorla Lowe — Vlcksburg 
Charity Lynn Lowery Allen — Pearl 
Charles Bradley Lowery — West 
Dlanne Catledge Lowery — Flowood 
Ricky Russell Lowery — Vlcksburg 
Roy Lee Lowery — Vlcksburg 
Jason Kees Lowman — Brandon 
Florence Cage Loyd — Port Gibson 
Michelle Jeneen Loyd — Pattlson 
Nettle Loyd — Jackson 
Vernon Earl Loyd — Pattlson 
Cynthia R Luby Lovel — Brandon 
Stephanie Lazette Luby — Brandon 
Ethel Thomas Lucas — Jackson 
Heather Danette Lucas — Prentiss 
Pamela A. Lucas — Hollandale 
Paul Fred Lucas — Raymond 
Sandra Lyon Lucas — Pearl 
Kerry Murray Luclous — Jackson 
Yourlander Roshew Luclous — Jackson 
Lacy Leigh Luckett — Jackson 
Linda D Luckett — Brandon 
Lisa M. Luckett — Rldgeland 
Louis Granvlle Luckett — Carthage 
Patricia A. Luckett — Canton 
William Joseph Luckett — Jackson 
Christopher Earl Luckey — Jackson 
Sabrlna Trlnette Lucus — Terry 
Karyn J. Ludlngton — Jackson 
Anita M Ludovlcl — Gulfport 
Wendy Lynn Luft — Raymond 
Susan Gladys Luger — Jackson 
Allan Geoffrey Lugo — Jackson 
Barbara Purvis Luke — Vlcksburg 
Billy Brooks Luke — Brandon 
Leigh Anne Luke — Columbus 
Robert Glenn Luke — Pearl 
Betty Anne Lum — Vlcksburg 
Cathy R Lum — Morton 
Kenneth Ray Lumbley — Vlcksburg 
Ernest E. Lumpkin — Jackson 
Hattle Bunch Lumpkin — Vlcksburg 
Jesse Lumpklns — Jackson 
Alexander Anthony Luna — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Luna — Jackson 
Cynthia East Lundstrom — Jackson 
Frances Genevieve Lundy — Jackson 
Lea Ann Lundy — Florence 
Valerie Denlse Lunkln Clay — Jackson 
Debra Kim Lunsford — Jackson 
Pamela Melissa Luper Kldd — Crystal 

Benjamin Hal Lupo — Clinton 
Jo Ann Lurk Curtl — Port Gibson 
Lela Cupstld Luster — Edwards 
Tracy Rene Lute — Tupelo 
Jerl Michelle Lutrlck — Wesson 
Richard J. Lutton — Vlcksburg 
Turner Albert Luttrell Jr. — Jackson 
Catherine Smith Lutz — Rldgeland 
Marlln T. Lutz — Vlcksburg 
Tlch Canh Ly — Jackson 
Dana Krlstlne Lyall — Clinton 
Lorl Janlne Lycette — Jackson 
Christy Barrier Lyle — Morton 
James Arthur Lyle — Pearl 
Tammy Rolanda Lyle — Hlllsboro 
Thomas Ray Lyle — Pelahatchle 
Bobble Ann Lyles — Jackson 
George Alexander Lyles — New Orleans 
Patricia Ann Lyles — Jackson 
Ronald Lyles — Jackson 
Frances Elizabeth Lymberls — Jackson 
Allyson Holman Lynch — Vlcksburg 
Betty Ann Lynch — Clinton 
James Milton Lynch — Vlcksburg 
Donna Grove Lynn — Vlcksburg 
Jo Ann Lynn — Vlcksburg 
Kelly Kay Lynn — Vlcksburg 
John Moss Lyon — Jackson 
Doris C. Lyons — Vlcksburg 
Eugene Carter Lyons — Vlcksburg 
Frances Amelia Lyons — Crystal 

Merry H. Lyons — Learned 
William Stacy Lyons — Florence 

Donna Lorraine MeCalltster — Natchez 
Dorothy Jean Mabry — Rldgeland 
E. Dawn Mabry — Jackson 
Jon W. Mabry — Jackson 
Martha Mellnda Mabry — Clinton 
Michael Jason Mabry — Jackson 
Ronald Maxle Mabry — Jackson 
Tonya Paige Mabry — Brandon 
Walter Mabry — Jackson 
Sandra Gall MacDonald — Rldgeland 
James David Mace — Florence 
Janice Ester Mace — Vlcksburg 
Dwayne Lynard Mack — Jackson 
Katrlna Mack — Bloomlngton 
Linda Phillips Mack — Jackson 
Marlon Keith Mack — Rolling Fork 
Ned Mack — Bolton 
Pamela Denlse Mack — Pearl 
Roxanne Mack — Crystal Springs 
Jim A Macke — Clinton 
Sean Anthony Macke — Clinton 
Charles Arnold Macko — Brandon 
Karen D. Macon — Brandon 
John Stanley Madden — Jackson 
Sylvia A. Madden — Sumrall 
Davie Michael Maddox — Clinton 
Jeff W. Maddox — Pearl 
Jon Howard Maddox — Jackson 
Ralph Gerald Maddox Jr. — Jackson 
Treena Faye Maddox — Brandon 
Karlos Madison — Rolling Fork 
Leslie Faye Madison — Vlcksburg 
Quana Quanette Madison — Jackson 
Betty F. Madsen — Vlcksburg 
Daphne Darlene Magee — Mendenhall 
David Kevin Magee — Jackson 
Dorothy M. Magee — Jackson 
James Robert Magee — Magee 
Karen Denlse Magee — Jackson 
Kenneth Earl Magee — Jackson 
Kenneth Lavon Magee — Brandon 
Lawrence Magee — Jackson 
Mary Krlsti Magee — Prentiss 
Michelle S. Magee — Pearl 
Patsy Lee Magee — Jackson 
Shannon Defaye Magee — Jackson 
Tammy M. Magee — Jackson 
Theresa Ann Magee — Jackson 
Timothy Glyn Magee — Jackson 
Angela Chlarlna Magglano — Raymond 
Barbara Anne Magruder — Jackson 
Rahul Sundaram Mahadevan — 

Uttlra Mahadevan — Brandon 
Marcle Anne Mahaffey — Jackson 
Oletha Mahaffey — Jackson 
Timothy G. Mahan — Rldgeland 
Charles Edward Maher III — Clinton 
Karen Patricia Maher — Pearl 
Sheridan Wendell Maiden — Jackson 
Sandra Jean Maldonado — Jackson 
Allison Dorlne Mallard — Jackson 
Bettye Jean Mallard — Jackson 
Joel Watson Mallery — Brandon 
Jacqueline Elolse Mallett — Jackson 
Lisa Lambert Mallett — Brandon 
Thomas Michael Malley — Florence 
Allison Delynn Malone — Carthage 
Betty Lou Malone — Jackson 
Christy M. Malone — Jackson 
Donna Ruth Malone — Vlcksburg 
Gwendolyn Denlse Malone — Jackson 
Kevin Wade Malone — Raymond 
Krlsti Lynn Malone — Carthage 
Mary Hopper Malone — Jackson 
Peggy L. Malone — Jackson 
Teresa Massey Malone — Pearl 
William Sidney Malone — Rldgeland 
Mlchele Jones Maloney — Rldgeland 
Christopher Scott Malpass — Jackson 
Stacy Marie Malpass — Jackson 
George Taylor Malvaney — Jackson 
Candace Mamourleh — Jackson 
Veronica Reglna Mance — Jackson 
Dan D. Manche — Brandon 
Dawn Sharyl Manche Fox — Brandon 
Charles Edward Mangum — Jackson 
Darryl Lee Mangum — Florence 
Dawn Anntreal Mangum — Braxton 
Edward Earl Mangum — Jackson 
Janlne gulck Mangum — Star 
Jessie Jones Mangum — Pearl 
Mildred D. Mangum — Magee 
Shell Chevon Mangum — Florence 
Trenton Earl Mangum — Brandon 
Lawrence Michael Manley — Raymond 
Michael E. Mann — Brandon 
Richard David Mann — Jackson 
Sue T. Mann — Jackson 
Tyrone Mann — Lena 
Mildred Lavette Mannery — Jackson 
Denlse Renee Manning — Pearl 
Linda Rae Manning — Terry 
Suzanne Marie Manning — Jackson 
Louie Sanders Manor Jr. — Jackson 
Michael Shane Manor — Yazoo City 
Steven Wayne Manor — Yazoo City 
Tina Michelle Manor — Yazoo City 
John Patrick Mansell — Pearl 

Darryal Fletcher Mansfield — 

Lynda Lovell Mantooth — Jackson 
Armanda Smith Manuel — Rldgeland 
Eric Shane Manuel — Brandon 
Andrew Manyfleld — Clinton 
Lynda Turnage Manyfleld — Jackson 
Thomas Hastings Maples — Vlcksburg 
David Allen Mapp — Brandon 
John Allen Mapp — Brooksville 
Corol Anne Marble — Vlcksburg 
Edwin Blair Marble — Terry 
Johnnie Johnson Marble — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Jordan Marble — Brandon 
Curtlss L. Marbury — Richland 
Barbara Ester March Ellis — West 
Anita M. Marcoon — Rldgeland 
Kathleen Morris Mardick — Jackson 
Jason Todd Mardls — Terry 
Anthony Clark Marlon — Waterford 
Karen Catlett Marlon — Jackson 
Demos P. Markos Jr — Vlcksburg 
Frances Barker Marler — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth Mike Marodls — Jackson 
Shawn Andrea Marquez — Vlcksburg 
Crystal Dawn Mars — Jackson 
David Charles Marsalis — Jackson 
Gay Watson Marsalis — Clinton 
Susan Denlse Marsalis — Edwards 
Ronda McPhall Marsh — Brandon 
Annie Bell Marshall Hill — Clinton 
Carmen Theresa Marshall — Jackson 
Cassle Denlse Marshall — Jackson 
Elsie Marie Marshall Price — Vlcksburg 
Felix Andra Marshall — Raymond 
Jennifer Lea Marshall — Jackson 
Linda Fay Marshall — Jackson 
Martha Anne Marshall — Pearl 
Marvin Danny Marshall — Vlcksburg 
Michael Thomas Marshall — Vlcksburg 
Paul Elliott Marshall — Clinton 
Paul Mitchell Marshall — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Lavonne Marshall — Flora 
Tracy Lynn Marshall — Jackson 
Valerie Yvette Marshall — Flora 
Virginia Gay Marshall — Clinton 
Wanda Travis Marshall — Vlcksburg 
William Philip Marshall — Brandon 
Angela Mlchele Martella — Brandon 
Sean Mitchell Martella — Brandon 
Anita Rushing Martin — Jackson 
Bradford A. Martin — Vlcksburg 
Bradford S. Martin — Jackson 
Brian Dwayne Martin — Utica 
Candice O'neal Martin — Brandon 
Charles Bryant Martin — Jackson 
Cherle Kazan Martin T. — Harrisvllle 
Cheryl A. Martin — Utlca 
Chris Hollis Martin — Clinton 
Constance Laverde Martin — Jackson 
Daisy Martin — Vlcksburg 
Debra K. Martin — Florence 
Delores M. Martin — Jackson 
Donald Cardale Martin — Jackson 
Frances Denlse Martin — Raymond 
Hubert Anthony Martin — Jackson 
llydla Putnam Martin — Forest 
James A. Martin Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Jeffrey Scott Martin — Crystal Springs 
Jody E. Martin — Jackson 
John Hill Martin Jr. — Vlcksburg 
John Thomas Martin — Jackson 
Kathy B. Martin — Angullla 
Kwesl Kalonjl Martin — Jackson 
Laura Ann Martin — Raymond 
Lavonne H. Martin — Vlcksburg 
Lesly Rene Martin — Jackson 
Malynda Kaye Martin — Pelahatchle 
Mary Brlster Martin — Vlcksburg 
Melanle Jean Martin — Pelahatchle 
Michael Charles Martin — Jackson 
Michael David Martin — Vlcksburg 
Michelle Martin — Terry 
Minnie Lee Martin — Vlcksburg 
Nancy Carol Martin — Brandon 
Patricia Dlanne Martin — Morton 
Paul Christopher Martin — Jackson 
Rechell Martin — Clinton 
Richard Sidney Martin — Jackson 
Rickey Lee Martin — Pearl 
Rita Teasley Martin — Florence 
Sandra Pettis Martin — Florence 
Stacey Allen Martin — Bolton 
Stanley A. Martin — Clinton 
Stephania R. Martin — Jackson 
Stephen Lee Martin — Jackson 
Susan Oresta Martin — Jackson 
Tabltha Martin — Vlcksburg 
Tabltha Hope Martin — Crystal Springs 
Timothy Lewis Martin — Jackson 
Toni Gall Martin — Redwood 
Traci Bess Martin — Jackson 
Walter L. Martin — Rldgeland 
William Taylor Martin Jr. — Yazoo City 
Andrea Leigh Marx — Jackson 
James Marx — Clinton 
Gerry Myron Mashaw — Jackson 
Ernest Eugene Mashburn — Raymond 
Carey McGuire Mask — Vlcksburg 
Mark Bernard Maslauka — Jackson 
C. Denlse Mason — Pearl 
Carol Kelley Mason — Raymond 
Chip Reed Mason — Clinton 
Deborah Ann Mason — Jackson 
Eddie Leon Mason — Jackson 
Gall Lanier Mason — Vlcksburg 
Hazel Ree Mason — Vlcksburg 
Jane Dunn Mason — Jackson 
Janet O. Mason Hawki — Jackson 
Klmberly Dawn Mason — Jackson 

Louis W. Mason — Vlcksburg 
Richard Kevin Mason — Jackson 
Robert Eugene Mason Jr. — Raymond 
Ruth Hughes Mason — Pearl 
Scott Daniel Mason — Flora 
Brenda Sue Massey — Jackson 
James Dennis Massey — Carthage 
James W. Massey — Pearl 
Ladona C. Massey — Jackson 
Lynn Noel Massey — Vlcksburg 
Paul A. Massey — Vlcksburg 
Samuel W. Massey — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Perkins Massey — Morton 
Teresa Brewer Massey — Clinton 
Thomas Jay Massey — Raleigh 
Bertha Lynn Masslnglll — Jackson 
David Keith Massingill — Terry 
Scott Aaron Masters — Jackson 
Darrell Lee Masterson — Jackson 
Gregory Alan Matheny — Terry 
Dennis Wade Mathes — Utica 
Robert Milton Mathes — Vlcksburg 
Robert Milton Mathes Jr. — Vlcksburg 
John Robert Mathew — Jackson 
James Vincent Mathews — Brandon 
Jennifer Nicholson Mathews — Utica 
Sarah Leann Mathews — Vlcksburg 
Douglas Kevin Mathls — Quitman 
Joyce S. Mathls — Tupelo 
Kenneth George Matljevlch — Clinton 
Margaret Ann Matney — Raymond 
Russell Harold Matrlck — Jackson 
Bradley Clark Matthews — Florence 
Cindy Carol Matthews — Richland 
Doris D. Matthews — Jackson 
Kelly Paige Matthews — Florence 
Mardl C. Matthews — Jackson 
Marie Matthews — Jackson 
June Mattlson — Utica 
Leanda Perez Mattlx — Jackson 
Walter J. Matts — Jackson 
Clifton Tracy Mauldlng — Terry 
Clarence C. Maxey — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly L. Maxey — Grenada 
Pamela Maxle — Bolton 
Faye Harvey Maxwell — Tallulah 
Richard L. Maxwell — Vlcksburg 
Angella Lejeane May — Mendenhall 
Barbara Anne May — Vlcksburg 
Carl R. May, Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Claude Edwin May — Summit 
Deanna Michelle May — Florence 
Diana Joyce May — Brandon 
Dorothy B. May — Vlcksburg 
Doug Patrick May — Clinton 
H. Gregory May — Brandon 
James Richard May — Brandon 
Janet Elizabeth May — Brandon 
Jason B. May — Clinton 
Jason Douglas May — Brandon 
Jewel D. May — Vlcksburg 
Jon Coby May — Terry 
Michael Edward May — Mendenhall 
Mitchell David May — Terry 
Patricia Lynn May Tew — Florence 
Richard Eric May — Pearl 
Richard Eugene May — Edwards 
Robert Steve May — Clinton 
Robin L. May — Jackson 
Sabrena Allison May — Jackson 
Andrea Nlccole Mayberry — Florence 
Dixie Lee Mayberry Mllle — Jackson 
Mattle Craln Mayers — Mendenhall 
Jacqueline Denlse Mayes — Florence 
Tanya Susanne Mayes — Brandon 
Betty Jean Mayfleld — Vlcksburg 
Gregory Mayfleld — Vlcksburg 
Jerold Lamechric Mayfleld — Jackson 
Joseph Ray Mayfleld — Jackson 
Josephine Mayfleld — Vlcksburg 
Larry Glen Mayfleld — Brandon 
Patricia Lynn Mayfleld — Clinton 
Rachel Faye Mayfleld — Brandon 
Teresa B. Mayne — Florence 
Debbie M. Mayo — Jackson 
Lawrence Patrick Mayo — Crystal 

William Ray Mayo — Pearl 
Annette Mays — Vlcksburg 
Nanette Mays — Vlcksburg 
Shirley G. Mays — Raymond 
Sam M. Mazahari — Jackson 
Joyce Ann McAfee — Magee 
Kathle Graves McAlexander — Clinton 
Guy H. McAllster Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Tammle Mlchele McAllister — Jackson 
James Rodney McAlpln — Jackson 
Lisa Michelle McAlpln — Brandon 
William David McAlpln — Pelahatchle 
Colin Cromble McAneny — Vlcksburg 
Reiko McBeath — Philadelphia 
Vicky Delorice McBeath — Forest 
Robert Wayne McBeth — Lena 
Tammy McBeth — Lena 
Thomas George McBraln — Clinton 
Alfred Lee McBride — Vlcksburg 
Douglas Richmond McBride — Jackson 
George K. McBride — Vlcksburg 
John Michael McBride — Natchez 
Tiny Melvln McBride — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth W. McBroom — Brandon 
Sherry Lynn McCabe — Clinton 
Thomas Allen McCabe — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Renee McCaffrey — Jackson 
Conn Kenneth McCalip — Raymond 
Nicklas E. McCalip — Brandon 
Shannan Rushing McCalip — Raymond 
Shelethla Yvette McCalip — Florence 
Jennifer Leigh McCall — Jackson 
Brever K. McCallum — Jackson 

308 / Directory 

John Gordon McCandllsh — Jackson 
Klmberly Ranae McCann — Clinton 
Melanee Lynn McCann — Pearl 
Robert Drake McCann — Vlcksburg 
Lee Ann McCardle May — Rldgeland 
James Kendrlck McCarley — Pearl 
Erin Colleen McCarthy — Brandon 
Terry J. McCarthy — Brandon 
Jason Wade McCarty — Clinton 
Christopher Owen McCarver — 

Danny Boyd McCaughan — Pearl 
Doris Moody McClaln — Jackson 
Rowena McClaln — Pearl 
Sarah Ann McClaln — Raymond 
Tina Colleen McClellan — Jackson 
Angelio Hughes McClendon — Morton 
Michael A. McClendon — Jackson 
Virginia Ann McCllndon — Prentiss 
Georganna McCllntock — Yazoo City 
Rufus McClodden Jr. — Tallulah 
Allan McCluer — Raymond 
Derez Darnell McClure — Jackson 
Faye P. McClure — Vlcksburg 
Steven Travis McClure — Florence 
Amy Llnnette McClurg — Vlcksburg 
Dana Marie McClurg — Vlcksburg 
Janice Arleen McCluskey — Flowood 
Lisa Ballenger McCollum — Clinton 
Tom McCollum — Raymond 
Willie James McCollum — Brandon 
Phyllis Gant McCombs — Madison 
Annie Delols McConnell — Jackson 
James Bert McConnell III — Natchez 
Steven Fletcher McCool — Jackson 
Anthony Blake McCorkle — Clinton 
Cindy Carol McCorkle — Winona 
Joseph Ray McCormlek — Vlcksburg 
Susan Carol McCormlek — Long Beach 
James G. McCown Jr. — Brandon 
George McCoy — Vlcksburg 
James Randolf McCoy — Jackson 
Patricia Ladner McCoy — Brandon 
Robbie Rodgers McCoy — Bolton 
Ruthle Gray McCoy — Vlcksburg 
Terry William McCralne — Vlcksburg 
Huey L. McCralney — Natchez 
Stephen Craig McCraney — Raymond 
Catherine Mynette McCraw — Brandon 
Deborah Iola McCraw — Jackson 
Lola H. McCraw — Pearl 
Jerry L. McCray — Brandon 
David Patrick McCrea — Vlcksburg 
Donna L. McCreary — Pulaski 
Diana McCree — Jackson 
Jamie Kay McCrlght — Pearl 
Angela Carol McCrlllls — Crystal 

John Charles McCrory — Brandon 
Mary Margarettl McCrory — Morton 
Nancy Chestlne McCrory — Terry 
Jerry Alan McCue — Pelahatchle 
Arils M. McCullah — North Little Rock 
Carla Jean McCulloch — Plnola 
Alan Clayton McCullough — Jackson 
Bob Lee McCullough — Jackson 
Jill M. McCullough Ulmer — Jackson 
William David McCurley — Natchez 
Valena Rochelle McCurty — 

John Michael McDade — Clinton 
Kenneth A. McDade — Clinton 
Sandra D. McDade — Clinton 
Susan Louise McDade — Clinton 
Brian Wayne McDanlel — Tylertown 
Cheryl Renee McDanlel — Terry 
Curtis McDanlel Jr. — Fort Payne 
David Charles McDanlel — Brandon 
Jena Kaye McDanlel — Richland 
Kevin Rae McDanlel — Terry 
Laurie Wallace McDanlel — Summit 
Lena Michelle McDanlel — Vlcksburg 
Lorl Nix McDanlel — Rldgeland 
Sidney A. McDanlel — Magee 
Elizabeth Ann McDevltt — Vlcksburg 
Henry Sproul McDevltt — Vlcksburg 
Blllie Johnson McDill — Jackson 
Kathryn Elizabeth McDill — Pearl 
Dennis Lamar McDonald — Canton 
James Edward McDonald — Clinton 
Llndsey McDonald — Jackson 
Margaret D. McDonald Knlgh — Crystal 

Matt Steven McDonald — Pearl 
Michael Steven McDonald — Jackson 
Prlscllla Ann McDonald — Jackson 
Randy Michael McDonald — Clinton 
Sally Ann McDonald — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Mlze McDonald — Vlcksburg 
Steve Leslie McDonald — Clinton 
Vivian Mack McDonald — Bolton 
Wynee McDonald — Mendenhall 
Marshall McDougal — Jackson 
Emma L. McDowell — Tallulah 
A. J. McDuff — Vlcksburg 
Denlse McDuffey — Jackson 
Diane Gates McEachern — Vlcksburg 
Stacy Alan McEachern — Vlcksburg 
Bobby Glenn McElroy — Jackson 
Carey Devon McElroy — Jackson 
Durrell Alexander McElroy — Jackson 
Charles V. McElwee 111 — Vlcksburg 
Allsa J. McEwen — Yazoo City 
Jamie Lynn McFarland — Terry 
Luverta Maree McFarland — Jackson 
Charles William McGaughy — Brandon 
Bradley Wade McGee — Bogue Chltto 
Brian Seavey McGee — Brookhaven 
Carolyn S. McGee — Rldgeland 
Charles L. McGee — Braxton 

Howard W. McGee Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Jacquallne Denlse McGee — Brandon 
Jeffry Andrew McGee — Brandon 
Kathy Annellc McGee Goss — Brandon 
Marvin Marcus McGee — Jackson 
Minnie Elizabeth McGee — Terry 
Patty Delorls McGee — Clinton 
gueen E. McGee Rober — Jackson 
Richard Amos McGee — Pearl 
Sandra Anita McGee — Carthage 
Tamara L. McGee — Richland 
Theaortres McGee Jr. — Jackson 
Thurman McGee — Vlcksburg 
Tolan Perez McGee — Terry 
Valerie Lousle McGee — Jackson 
Clyde McGehee — Vlcksburg 
Kim Wynne McGhee — Terry 
Vanetta Elizabeth McGhee — Morton 
Darius Ronnye McGlll — Clinton 
Irma Faye McGllvery — Jackson 
Charles Adam McGinn — Jackson 
John Everett McGinn — Jackson 
Garry M. McGlnty — Clinton 
Alice Ruth McGlaston — Jackson 
Kelly Scott McGlocklin — Puckett 
Patricia Leigh McGlocklin — Puckett 
Angela Ann McGovern — Florence 
Charmalne Henley McGowan — 

Edward Lee McGowan — Clinton 
James Robert McGowan — Jackson 
Jim Lamar McGowan — Vlcksburg 
John A. McGowan — Madison 
Virginia McGowan — Jackson 
Carolyn Whatley McGraw — Brandon 
Charllne Martin McGraw — Yazoo City 
Charlotte Mlchall McGraw — Bolton 
Lawrence Neal McGraw — Canton 
Lynn Allyn McGraw — Bentonla 
Michael C. McGraw — Vlcksburg 
Mary Edmond McGregor — Vlcksburg 
Shawn Patrick McGregor — Vlcksburg 
Sharon B. McGrlff — Clinton 
Kenny Leon McGruder — Sharon 
Sheretha Lashawn McGruder — 

Cheryl Alnsworth McGuffee — Clinton 
Durwood E. McGuffee — Brandon 
Renee Smith McGuffee — Vlcksburg 
Johnny W. McGuffle — Vlcksburg 
Monty Frank McGuffle — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Ann McGulre Tehra — 

Linda Thomson McHan — Vlcksburg 
William David McHan — Vlcksburg 
LUlle Ann McHann Hopkl — Vlcksburg 
Shelley McHardy — Jackson 
John Preston McHenry — Pearl 
James Stephen Mcllwaln — Clinton 
Bobby Earl Mclnnls — Jackson 
Clifton J. Mclnnls — Vlcksburg 
Dorothy B. Mclnnls — Vlcksburg 
Glen Edward Mclnnls — Wesson 
Kenneth Bryan Mclnnls — Raymond 
Mary Shanelle Mclnnls — Brandon 
Portia F. Mclnnls — Clinton 
Robert Francis Mclnnls — Jackson 
Robert Paul Mclnnls — Raymond 
Shanett Mclnnls — Jackson 
Sean C. Mcintosh — Jackson 
Vickl Gall Mcintosh — Pearl 
James G. Mclntyre — Jackson 
Kala Denlse Mclntyre — Pearl 
Melissa Lynn Mclntyre — Clinton 
Ronald Lee Mclntyre — Clinton 
Stephanie Ann Mclntyre — Clinton 
Tammle Gadson Mclntyre — Jackson 
William Gregory Mclntyre — Jackson 
Bridgett Denlse McKay — Jackson 
Jennifer Anne McKay — Jackson 
Klmberly Jane McKay — Brandon 
Krlsty Denlse McKay — Rldgeland 
Laura Beth McKay — Jackson 
Bonnie G. McKee — Terry 
Chris D. McKee — Crystal Springs 
Richard Edward McKee — Brandon 
Vicky Lynn McKee — Jackson 
Vivian Leigh McKell — Starkvllle 
Cody Dewltt McKellar — Vlcksburg 
Jason Cody McKellar — Vlcksburg 
Matthew Brady McKellar — Vlcksburg 
Wayne P. McKellar — Jackson 
Necole McKennls — Jackson 
Gerald Wayne McKenzle — Vlcksburg 
J. Darrell McKenzle — Sandy Hook 
Jo Ann McKenzle — Vlcksburg 
Juanlta McKenzle — Vlcksburg 
Willie Earl McKenzle — Jackson 
Beverly Frances McKlnlon — Brandon 
Johnny Lamar McKlnlon — Brandon 
Andrew Kelly McKlnley — Jackson 
Natalie J. McKlnley — Jackson 
Paula Faye McKlnley — Jackson 
Barbara Jo McKlnney — Jackson 
Dan R. McKlnney — Roxle 
Felicia B. McKlnney — Jackson 
Scott Samuel McKlnney — Raymond 
Tanya Faye McKlnnon — Florence 
William D. McKlnnon — Jackson 
Clara Jean McKlssack — Rldgeland 
Richard McKlssack — Jackson 
Jeremy Douglas McKlemurry — Crystal 

Fredrlca L. McKnlght — Bogue Chltto 
Gloria L. McKnlght — Jackson 
Gregory Neal McKnlght — Jackson 
Jody Dale McKoln — Monroe 
Billy Dan McLaln — Jackson 
Teresa Annette McLaln — Rldgeland 
Shawn Michael McLamore — Jackson 

Anthony D. McLaurln — Jackson 
Arnethla K McLaurln — Terry 
Edna Louise McLaurln — Jackson 
Gloria S. McLaurln — Jackson 
Leola Brown McLaurln — Brandon 
Linda C. McLaurln — Flowood 
Lon Day McLaurln — Brandon 
Lorraine Johnson McLaurln — Jackson 
Marlene A. McLaurln — Vlcksburg 
Mary Elizabeth McLaurln — Braxton 
Sean A. McLaurln — Jackson 
Tondelay McLaurln — Jackson 
Karen B. McLellan — Brandon 
Sherrl McLellan — Brandon 
Todd Knight McLellan — Brandon 
Cheryl Pauline McLemore — Jackson 
Dorothy K. McLemore — Morton 
Brad Wayne McLendon — Mendenhall 
Charles William McLendon — Richland 
James Marcus McLendon — Pearl 
Lisa A. McLendon — Jackson 
Needum Carroll McLendon Jr. — 

Crystal Springs 
Tonya Denlse McLendon — Pearl 
Charles William McLeod — Brandon 
Dan McLeod — Richland 
Shirley McLeod — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Faye McLeod — Jackson 
Dana Dlann McLln — Jackson 
Wendy demons McMaln — Jackson 
Kim Stafford McMasters — Jackson 
James Hubert McMlchael — Yazoo City 
Klmberly Denlse McMlchael — 

Cecil W. McMillan — Meadvllle 
Labarron Okeefe McMillan — Moss 

Andrea Leigh McMUlln — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Ellse McMlnn — Jackson 
Irwin Vincent McMlnn Jr. — Pearl 
William Edward McMullen — Redwood 
William Andrew McMullln — Vlcksburg 
Douglas Keith McMurry — Sandy Hook 
Katherlne A. McMurtray — Bolton 
Katherlne E. McMurtrey — Jackson 
Kathy Lynette McMurtry — Jackson 
Kelly Marie McNabb — Brandon 
Dedrlck McNalr — Jackson 
Eunice Evans McNalr — Jackson 
Martha Faye McNalr — Brandon 
Nltchka Shavonna McNalr — Crystal 

Pamela Joyce McNalr — Jackson 
Patrick Wendell McNalr — Jackson 
Sandra William McNalr — Jackson 
Sheila Ann McNalr — Jackson 
Stacy Dawn McNalr — Jackson 
Sylvia Shennetta McNalr — Jackson 
Tamara Lynn McNalr — Jackson 
Tedrlck McNalr — Jackson 
Terry Alan McNalr — Jackson 
William D. McNalr — Jackson 
Albert Leray McNamara — Vlcksburg 
Krlstlne O. McNamara — Vlcksburg 
Patrick Joseph McNamara — 

Duncan Scott McNamee — Jackson 
Keell Erlcka McNeely — Pearl 
Amanda Lafaye McNeer — Lexington 
Linda S. McNeese — Pearl 
Stephen Anthony McNeese — 

William Felton McNeese — Whitfield 
Alex McNeil II — Yazoo City 
Delores McNeil — Vlcksburg 
Faye Hester McNeil — Clinton 
James Thompson McNeil — Jackson 
Richard D. McNeil — Clinton 
Bedford Jeremey McNeill — Canton 
Debbie Rolllson McPhall — Raymond 
Herbert F. McPhall — Raymond 
James Matthew McPhall — Mendenhall 
Michael Ray McPhall — Pearl 
Brldgette Jenon McPhearson — 

Christian Avery McPhearson — 

Michael Ray McPherson — Pearl 
William Clayton McPherson — 

Erma Jean McQuarter — Jackson 
Chrlstey Mellnda McQueen — Raymond 
Judy S. McQueen — Raymond 
Steven Paul McQueen — Pearl 
Vlckey Lynn McQueen — Jackson 
Alison Paige McRae — Jackson 
Angela Carol McRae — Lucedale 
Hilda Grafton McRaney — Raymond 
Marilyn Dolan McRaney — Prentiss 
Mellnda Sheetz McRaney — Collins 
Robert Allen McRaney — Jackson 
Sonja Nell McRaney — Prentiss 
Sean McRavin — Vlcksburg 
Evelyn Lorene McRee — Jackson 
Theresa Edwards McReynolds — 

Robert Morrison McSherry — Jackson 
Michael Arthur McSwaln — Rldgeland 
Mllford McVay — St. Joseph 
Otha Ray McVay — Newellton 
Steven James McWhorter — Pearl 
Donna Faye McWIlliams — Florence 
Holly Kaye McWIlliams — Jackson 
Janet M. McWIlliams Hoyt — Brandon 
Lisa Nicole McWIlliams — Pearl 
Richard Allen McWIlliams — Magee 
William D. McWIlliams — Magee 
Giles Wendell Meacham Jr. — 

Chic Douglas Meador — Hattiesburg 

D. Christopher Meador — Brandon 
Brad Harold Meadows — Jackson 
Carol Ann Meadows — Clinton 
Heather T'rece Meadows — Jackson 
Holly Elizabeth Meadows — Everton 
Jacquelyn B. Meadows — Jackson 
Mary Michelle Meadows — Colllnsvllle 
Sheila Ann Meadows East — Clinton 
Tabltha A. Meadows — Jackson 
Vaughn Alan Meadows — Jackson 
Virginia Christine Meadows — Jackson 
William Allen Meadows — Clinton 
Cynthia Lynn Means — Jackson 
Jerry Gene Means — Morton 
Michael Shaun Medders — Brandon 
Sherry Lynn Medina — Hermanvllle 
James Michael Medlock — Clinton 
Sonya Diane Meek — Pelahatchle 
Stacy V. Meek — Brandon 
Arnlsha Meeks — Jackson 
Joan Rena Meeks — Vlcksburg 
Donna O. Meeler — Brandon 
Adanech Ada Mekonen — Jackson 
Victor Scott Mellon — Clinton 
Robert Ross Melshelmer — Jackson 
Dale Jerome Melton — Pearl 
L. Katrlna Melton — West Point 
Travis Lavern Melton — Vlcksburg 
Carol Mlchele Melvln — Brandon 
Jannle Stapleton Melvln — Brandon 
Kattle Mae Melvln Hobso — Brandon 
Lawrence Christopher Mency — 

Lynne Kulper Mendrop — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Cooksey Mente — Vlcksburg 
John Neal Mercer — Clinton 
Aaron Lewis Merchant — Jackson 
Amy Lee Merchant — Morton 
Rhonda Darlene Merchant — Flora 
Charles J. Merldeth Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Connie M. Merldeth — Vlcksburg 
Katherlne Edgerto Merithew — 

Walter Scott Merrell — Brookhaven 
Robert K. Merrill — Jackson 
Elizabeth S. Merrltt — Pearl 
Jo Stringer Merrltt — Jackson 
Robin Maria Merrltt — Pearl 
Tanlka Machella Merrltt — Winona 
Billy Ray Messemore — Clinton 
George E. Metrolls — Colllnsvllle 
William Christopher Mety — Baton 

Christopher A. Meuser — Jackson 
Adelaide Devendel Meyers — Jackson 
Emma Jenkins Michael — Jackson 
Laura Nicole Michael — Pearl 
Mayfleld Michael — Vlcksburg 
Norma Jane Michael — Jackson 
Debra D. Michaels — Yazoo 
Sterling Paige Michel — West Point 
Jeannlne Lynn Mlckelberg — Jackson 
Alan Louis Mlddleton — Vlcksburg 
America Dell Mlddleton — Port Gibson 
Angela Dawn Mlddleton — Jackson 
Ann Wlllette Mlddleton — Vlcksburg 
Charles Vail Mlddleton — Clinton 
Dawn Diane Mlddleton — Jackson 
Johnny Baxter Mlddleton — Jackson 
Paul Michael Mlddleton — Carthage 
Tracl Marie Mlddleton — Jackson 
Wllladean Gaskln Mlddleton — 

Michael Mlggins — Jackson 
Joy Hill Mihalyka — Vlcksburg 
Kimoshl Contrell Mlkell — New Hebron 
Michael Durae Milan — Gary 
Stuart D. Milan — Brandon 
Joe Hutton Mllano — Bolton 
Bobby Joe Miles — Morton 
Debbie Ann Miles — Jackson 
Edwin Leroy Miles — Richland 
Jo Ann Miles Vance — Jackson 
John Thomas Miles — Morton 
Kenneth Ray Miles — Jackson 
Percy P. Miles — Tchula 
Stephanie Shee Miles — Clinton 
Tammy Aldrldge Miles — Pearl 
Annette Miley — Florence 
Benjamin Harold Miley — Clinton 
Sherry Jones Miley — Brandon 
Howard Thomas MUhorn III — Jackson 
Andrew Martin Miller — Vlcksburg 
Angela Darlene Miller — Pearl 
Angela Michelle Miller — Pearl 
Ashley G. Miller - Brandon 
Brian Allen Miller — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Marie Miller — Port Gibson 
Catherine Graham Miller — Edwards 
Cahd Miller — Florence 
Charles Ray Miller Jr. — Tupelo 
David Lee Miller — Jackson 
David Wlnfleld Miller — Jackson 
Debbie Ivy Miller — Utlca 
Deborah Gall Miller — Florence 
Dennis M. Miller — Jackson 
Donna Shows Miller — Pearl 
Faye Vaughn Miller — Vlcksburg 
Frances Zorn Miller — Vlcksburg 
Fredie Padget Miller — Jackson 
GUda Shurden Miller — Vlcksburg 
Gregory Charles Miller — Jackson 
Jackie Ann Miller — Yazoo City 
James Clayton Miller — Brandon 
James E. Miller — Clinton 
Jessie P. Miller — Jackson 
Joanna M. Miller — Prentiss 
John Samuel Miller — Clinton 
Jon Charles Miller — Vlcksburg 
Jonathan Scott Miller — Clinton 

Katrlna Marie Miller — Jackson 
Larry Dee Miller — Pearl 
Latasha Denise Miller — Jackson 
Lenward Shane Miller — Rolling Fork 
Lisa M. Miller — Vlcksburg 
Lois Beaslev Miller — Clinton 
Mark Monroe Miller — Jackson 
Mark Steven Miller — Vlcksburg 
Marlln Allan Miller Sr. — Pearl 
Marlin Allen Miller Jr. — Pearl 
Mary L. Miller — Jackson 
Melanie Ann Miller — Clinton 
Michael Ray Miller — Rldgeland 
Michele Elaine Miller — Pearl 
Misty Michelle Miller — Jackson 
Ogden Jeffrey Miller — Clinton 
Pam Miller — Frankllnton 
Rhonda Lynn Miller — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Michelle Miller — Rldgeland 
Robert Craig Miller — Jackson 
Salome T. Miller - Clinton 
Sene Shane Miller - Flora 
Shannon Leigh Miller — Florence 
Shirley Jo Miller — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Anne Miller — Jackson 
Susan Lea Miller — Florence 
Susan Singer Miller — Vlcksburg 
Tamatha Michele Miller — Raymond 
Tami Lynn Miller — Rldgeland 
Terry Wayne Miller — Pearl 
Todd William Miller — Jackson 
Victor Mendell Miller — Jackson 
William Charles Miller — Jackson 
Willie B. Miller — Jackson 
Robert James Mlllette — Clinton 
Tamara Katrlce Milllken — Flowood 
Jlmmle White Milling — Florence 
Eric Percell Mills — Vaughan 
James Jeffrey Mills — Pearl 
Lisa Michele Mills — Brandon 
Lorl Susan Mills — Jackson 
Marty Clinton Mills — Jackson 
Paul Mills — Eupora 
Qulney T Mills — Jackson 
RobinD Mills — Pearl 
Tawanda Lachelle Mills — Jackson 
Robert Christoher Mlllsaps- — Pearl 
Adele Harris Millwood — Brandon 
Tanya Lynn Milne — Florence 
Brenda Fay MUner Ross — Vlcksburg 
lnda Reynolds Mllner — Jackson 
Terri Dawn Mllner — Pearl 
Vanessa Swanner Mllner — Sandhill 
Marcus R. Miloy — Columbus 
Debra E. Mllstead Ganno — Brandon 
Cynthia Fountain Milton — Clinton 
H. Lane Milton — Clinton 
Trena Mlms — Fayette 
Harvey Dave Miner Jr. — Jackson 
Jennie Thomas Miner — Jackson 
James Douglas Ming — Brandon 
Pauline Mingo — Lexington 
Mickey Cox Mlnnerly — Vlcksburg 
Tracy Larone Mlnnlfleld -- Alexander 

Ann O'neal Minor — Brandon 
David B. Minor — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Dianne Minor — Yazoo City 
John W. Minor — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Wayne Mlnter Jr. — Pearl 
Roger Harold Mlnter — Pearl 
Erma Lois Mlnton — Morton 
Kathy Lynn Mlnton — Clinton 
Tawanda Ann Mlnton — Morton 
Joel Lee Mlnyard — Clinton 
Trlcla Jeane Mlnyard — Jackson 
Allan guentln Mitchell — Greenville 
Benjamin Grant Mitchell — Terry 
Catrlna Mitchell — Jackson 
Christy Gale Mitchell — Winona 
David Earl Mitchell — Jackson 
Debbie Carolyn Mitchell — Canton 
Deborah Deanne Mitchell — Clinton 
Dorothy Butler Mitchell — Richland 
Edwin Mitchell — Vlcksburg 
Emily Gary Mitchell — Port Gibson 
Felicia Jean Mitchell — Brandon 
Jacqueline Renee Mitchell — Jackson 
James Kelly Mitchell — Jackson 
James Wesley Mitchell — Jackson 
Jon Dean Mitchell — Rldgeland 
Joseph Anthony Mitchell Jr. — 

Kesher L. Mitchell — Jackson 
Krlstle Renee Mitchell - Jackson 
Leigh Ann Mitchell — Jackson 
Mary Ann Mitchell — Canton 
Michael Chad Mitchell - Brandon 
Michelle Ann Mitchell — Raymond 
Pamela M. Mitchell — Edwards 
Ronald K. Mitchell — Crystal Springs 
Shawn S. Mitchell — Jackson 
Shelby Wilson Mitchell — Clinton 
Teresa Carol Mitchell — Jackson 
Willie Mitchell — Vlcksburg 
Yolanda Rochelle Mitchell — Vlcksburg 
Alice Michele Mltchim — Madison 
Kin Mlxon — Rldgeland 
Margaret B. Mlxon — Grenada 
Sherna Fay Mlxon — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Mlze — Jackson 
Patricia Summers Mlze — Madison 
Robert Louis Mize — Jackson 
Bettl Loyce Moak — Bogue Chltto 
Bridget Renee Moak — Tallulah 
Lorl L. Moak Graha — Pearl 
Michael David Moak — Crystal Springs 
David Norman Mobley Sr. — Vlcksburg 
Lashun Mobley — Jackson 
Llbby Diane Mobley — Pearl 

Patricia Kay Mobley — Clinton 
Douglas Todd Mock — Jackson 
Dlann Moffett — Vlcksburg 
Frances Marie Moffett — Jackson 
Penny Lynn Moffett — Vlcksburg 
Timothy Lynn Moffett — Pearl 
Hattle Sue Moler — Pearl 
Diana L. Momberg — Jackson 
P Kurt Monaghan — Jackson 
Angela Christine Monahan — Pearl 
Freddie L. Moncrlef — Jackson 
Rick L. Moncrlef — Clinton 
Wanda S. Moncrlef — Jackson 
Donnle Moncure — Jackson 
Essie 9 Moncure — Jackson 
B. Tim Mong M. — Pearl 
Thomas Earl Monger — Jackson 
Tim Wayne Monlstere — Clinton 
Ladd Daniel Monk — Magee 
Jessie Clifton Monroe — Jackson 
Patricia Brent Monsour — Madison 
Sandra Kay Monsour — Vlcksburg 
Casey Ivan Montague — Pearl 
Joe G. Montalbano — Vlcksburg 
Marllou Montesl — Jackson 
Annette Montgomery — Jackson 
Bettye Jean Montgomery C. — Jackson 
Cynthia Lyn Montgomery — Clinton 
Deborah Tucker Montgomery — 

Dewery Montgomery — Jackson 
Jeannette Montgomery — Jackson 
Keith L. Montgomery — Jackson 
Ricky T. Montgomery — Jackson 
Starlln G. Montgomery — Jackson 
Melanie Ann Montour — Jackson 
Shala Moody — Richland 
Thomas Everett Moody — Clinton 
Wendy Gall Moody Ivey — Port Gibson 
Jodl Lyn Moon — Port Gibson 
William H. Moon — Blloxi 
William R Moon — Brandon 
William Richard Moon Jr. — Brandon 
Charlotte Michelle Mooney — Richland 
Holly Leigh Mooney — Clinton 
Jamie Faith Mooney — Jackson 
Shawnette M. Mooney Dalgl — Clinton 
Stephen S. Mooney — Clinton 
Thomas Mike Mooney Jr. — Jackson 
Adeline Moore - Jackson 
Amla Vontrlcia Moore — Jackson 
Angella Leigh Moore — Jackson 
Anissa S. Moore — Jackson 
Annette Moore — Oakvale 
Annie Mae Moore — Jackson 
Avis Melissa Moore — Jackson 
Beatrice Stewart Moore — Vlcksburg 
Bobby Lonzell Moore — Jackson 
Brad Mitchel Moore — Clinton 
Christopher Michael Moore — Florence 
Daphne C. Moore — Jackson 
David Bob Moore — Jackson 
Deborah Deel Moore — Lena 
Delton Montle Moore Jr. — Terry 
Donald Ray Moore — Jackson 
Eddy Huey Moore — Brandon 
Eleanor M. Moore — Jackson 
Essie 9. Moore — Jackson 
George Bradley Moore — Jackson 
Hal V. Moore — Vlcksburg 
James Christopher Moore — Raymond 
James Edward Moore — Bentonla 
James Harper Moore — Jackson 
James W. Moore — Vlcksburg 
Jane Suzanne Moore Stuck — Port 

Jason M. Moore — Pulaski 
Jeff Dualne Moore — Pattison 
Jerry Moore — Jackson 
Jlmmle G. Moore Jr. — Florence 
Johnny B. Moore — Angullla 
Jon Christopher Moore — Madison 
Judith Ervin Moore — Raymond 
Kasandra Marie Moore — Yazoo City 
Kathy Moore — Bentonla 
Kathylean J. Moore — Jackson 
Kay Ktllam Moore — Clinton 
L. C. Moore — Vlcksburg 
Laura Christine Moore — Jackson 
Leslie Ann Moore Willi — Jackson 
Leslie Renee Moore — Jackson 
Linda Lee Moore Thomp — Jackson 
Lorl Jean Moore — Richland 
Marc Anthony Moore — Madison 
Mary Ann Moore — Jackson 
Mary H. Moore — Crystal Springs 
Mary L. Moore — Pearl 
Melissa D. Moore — Vlcksburg 
Mynlka Shontae Moore — Brandon 
Nita C. Moore — Morton 
Nola D. Moore — Pocahontas 
Peggy Dodd Moore — Terry 
Rebecca Olean Moore — Brandon 
Richard Alan Moore — Clinton 
Roger Alvln Moore — Brandon 
Sarah K. Moore Lovet — Rldgeland 
Shirley Lyvette Moore — Jackson 
Slade Patrick Moore — Jackson 
Sonja Ann Moore — Jackson 
Tanya Lynn Moore — Pearl 
Tina Marie Moore — Carthage 
Tracy Machelle Moore — Jackson 
Val M. Moore — Jackson 
Valerie Gay Moore — Jackson 
Veronica Jo Moore — Pearl 
Vickie Ann Moore — Vaughan 
William Allen Moore — Clinton 
William Shane Moore — Brandon 
Stephanie Benlta Moorehead — 


Donald Keith Moorhead — Florence 
John Erroll Morales — Pearl 
Scott Mark Morales — Pearl 
Michael Jay Morall — Clinton 
Patricia Carol Morall — Clinton 
Melissa Leigh Moran — Raymond 
Linda Carol Mordecal — Vlcksburg 
Carl Allan Moree — Flowood 
Michelle Lynn Moree — Pearl 
Derrick Moreland — Utlca 
Klmberly Chlnessa Moret — 

Belinda Watkins Morgan — Vlcksburg 
Bernard Morgan — Terry 
Billle Kay Morgan — Florence 
Denesha Leigh Morgan — Vlcksburg 
Elols P. Morgan — Jackson 
Emanuel Morgan — Jackson 
Harold D. Morgan Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Jeffrey M. Morgan — Jayess 
John Clark Morgan — Jackson 
John Joseph Morgan — D'Lo 
Kevin R. Morgan — Pearl 
Leigh Suzanne Morgan — Brandon 
Leslie Mlrande Morgan — Pearl 
Mallory Elisabeth Morgan — Clinton 
Michelle D. Morgan — Vlcksburg 
Robert Carlos Morgan — Mount Olive 
Robert Ellard Morgan Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Robert Eugene Morgan — Jackson 
Sachiko Susie Morgan — Clinton 
Samantha Lynn Morgan — Clinton 
Sheri Brown Morgan — Tallulah 
Sherry Lynne Morgan — Jackson 
Tracy Ann Morgan — Pattison 
Catherine L. Morglgno — Pearl 
Raymond C. Morglgno — Pearl 
Janls Blanks Morick — Jackson 
Michelle A. Morock — Clinton 
Alvln Bernard Morris — Brandon 
Barbara Ann Morris — Magee 
Belinda Ann Morris — Magee 
Christopher Wayne Morris — Clinton 
Cynthia S. Morris — Jackson 
Demarla Maylelgh Morris — Clinton 
Emmett Paul Morris — Jackson 
Laurence Wayne Morris Jr. — Jackson 
Marcus Antonio Morris — Madison 
Maurice A. Morris — Jackson 
Melanie Ann Morris — Philadelphia 
Mellnda Jones Morris — Jackson 
Missy Renae Morris — Vlcksburg 
Patricia M. Morris — Florence 
Paul Michael Morris — Jackson 
Rhonda Lynn Morris — Florence 
Rosmarle Stuckl Morris — Jackson 
Tammle Morris — Nltta Yuma 
Tonya Grlsham Morris — Crystal 

Tracey M. Morris — Florence 
Vernetta Womack Morris — Magee 
Xavlan Nortilllan Morris — Jackson 
Dorothy J. Morrison Barro — Raymond 
Klmberly Morrison — Jackson 
Michael Thomas Morrlssey — Clinton 
Agnes Belinda Morrow — Edwards 
Angela Dawn Morrow — Union 
Bobble Ann Morrow Blngh — 

Christopher W. Morrow — Jackson 
Diana Lynn Morrow — Florence 
Johnny Morrow — Edwards 
Mary E. Morson — Vlcksburg 
August Glffln Morton — Vlcksburg 
Chuckle Andre Morton — Jackson 
Lesley Whitten Morton — Raymond 
Margaret O'keefe Morton — Brandon 
Rhonda Michelle Morton — Clinton 
Robin Anne Morton Robin — Clinton 
Taylor Noble Morton — Nlcevllle 
Teresa Lynn Morton — Jackson 
Timothy Morton — Vlcksburg 
Virginia Robinson Morton — Clinton 
William L. Morton — Clinton 
Yvonne Morton — Pearl 
Tonya Jones Mosal — Canton 
Lonnle B. Moseley — Florence 
Matthew Sean Moses — Jackson 
Cheryl A. Mosley — Jackson 
Janle Lewis Mosley — Jackson 
Meachelle F. Mosley — Jackson 
Sharon Mosley — Jackson 
Beverly Kaye Moss — Lena 
Carol M. Moss — Florence 
Daniel Eugene Moss — Vlcksburg 
Dean Courtney Moss — Jackson 
Joseph Wilson Moss — Canton 
Joyce Payton Moss — Jackson 
Katrlna Ann Moss — Lake 
Pat Algood Moss — Pearl 
Jason Wayne Moulder — Clinton 
John Dan Moulder Jr. — Jackson 
Dana E. Moulton Prest — Clinton 
Alana L. Mounger — Minneapolis 
Randy Leon Mounger — Bolton 
Sharon Marie Mounger — Jackson 
Estella L. Mouzon Caper — Walnut 

Llllle Ollle Mozee — Jackson 
Patrlna Lenlse Mozee — Jackson 
Tammy Brannon Mraz — Jackson 
Carolyn Llndsey Mulrhead — Pearl 
Darla Ann Mulrhead — Vlcksburg 
Darlene Blackmon Mulrhead — 

Donald Albert Mulrhead II — Vlcksburg 
Henry Crlsler Mulrhead 111 — Vlcksburg 
Rosa Maria Mulrhead — Vlcksburg 
W. Winona Mulrhead Simps — 


John Jason Mulholland — Brandon 
Herman Lester Mullen — Vlcksburg 
Margaret K. Mullen — Clinton 
Wanda Williams Mullen — Vicksburg 
Earnie Hugh Mulllns . — Prentiss 
Helen Leigh Mulllns Anne — Vlcksburg 
Kell Mia Mulllns — Clinton 
Kenneth Ray Mulllns — Vicksburg 
Theresa Ann Mulllns — Jackson 
Ronald Wayne Munden — Jackson 
Angela M Munn — Jackson 
Klmberly Michelle Munn — Jackson 
Tammey Down Munyon — Jackson 
John Arthur Murdauch — Indlanola 
Gerald D. Murdoff — Flowood 
Blanche Brown Murff — Jackson 
Mary J. Murks — Rldgeland 
Susan Haddon Murphree — Brandon 
Gerald W. Murphy — Pearl 
Jayne Racheal Murphy — Canton 
Jerry Wayne Murphy — Jackson 
Kathy A. Murphy — Florence 
Mary Bernice Murphy — Jackson 
Mike Scott Murphy — Clinton 
Robert Wayne Murphy — Blountsvllle 
Ryan James Murphy — Pearl 
Thomas E. Murphy Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Vernon Murphy — Clinton 
Samuel Murpphy — Clinton 
Christy Rae Murray — Pearl 
George Allendar Murray — Jackson 
Janet Murray — Jackson 
Mary Christen Murray — Tupelo 
Michael Duane Murray — Clinton 
Mildred L. Murray — Mendenhall 
Nlchole Denise Murray — Clinton 
Sylvia Braboy Murray — Jackson 
Teresa Kaye Murray — Vlcksburg 
Tonl Romona Murray — Hazlehurst 
Tonya Cheree Murray — Jackson 
Bobby Jean Murrell Shear — Jackson 
Ezell Murriel Jr. — Jackson 
Marcla D. Murry — Noxapater 
David A. Murtagh — Rldgeland 
Allison Kay Myers — Prentiss 
Angel L. Myers — Morton 
Chris Michael Myers — Vlcksburg 
Dante Gabriel Myers — Brandon 
Daphne R. Myers — Florence 
Glenn Krlstopher Myers — Brandon 
James Allen Myers — Vlcksburg 
James Teddy Myers — Crystal Springs 
John D. Myers — Brandon 
Mary Lanette Myers — Jackson 
Melissa Faith Myers — Jackson 
Mitchell Daniel Myers — Prentiss 
Patricia Myers — Jackson 
Robbie E. Myers — Terry 
Rosemarie Wilson Myers — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Myers — Brandon 
Tracey Renee Myers — Jackson 
Ynetta Lampkln Myers — Raymond 
Hugh Myles — Vlcksburg 
Dixie J. Myrick — Jackson 
Elizabeth Barrett Myrick — Jackson 
Joseph Edward Myrick — Vicksburg 
Lee Ann Myrick — Clinton 
Llesl Myrick — Pearl 
Susan Karetta Myrick — Jackson 

Ronald W. Nabzdyk — Jackson 
Mary Etta Naftel Purvi — Raymond 
Ann Marie Nail — Richland 
Christopher Lowell Nail — Brandon 
Pamela Jo Nail — Rldgeland 
Patricia Rae Nail — Rldgeland 
Robert Danward Nail — Edwards 
Steven Scott Nail — Raymond 
Tammy Renee Nail — Clinton 
Matthew Gerald Nalker — Raymond 
Candus Rashae Nance — Philadelphia 
Sherry Keyes Nance — Jackson 
Robert J. Nanna — Columbus 
Betty Napollon — Vlcksburg 
Chris Napollon — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth Tohlll Nappler — Vlcksburg 
Lavell Keith Nappler — Vlcksburg 
Edward Francis Narvld Jr. — 

Rose Ann Narvld Blue — Vlcksburg 
Janice Davis Nash — Florence 
Janice Klnabrew Nash — Florence 
Jesse James Nash — Vlcksburg 
Vivian Montgomery Nash — Vlcksburg 
William Don Nash — Hazlehurst 
Charles Allen Nations — Yazoo 
Jonathan Davln Nations — Raymond 
Margaret Shelton Nations — Raymond 
Melissa Denise Nations — New Hebron 
Paul Edward Nations — Jackson 
Lisa Annette Naylor — Vlcksburg 
Fred Nazary — Canton 
Marilyn Delorls Nazary — Jackson 
Anderson Bailey Neal — Pearl 
Andrew Holllngsworth Neal — Jackson 
Barbara Hargett Neal — Vlcksburg 
Bart Anthony Neal — Vlcksburg 

310/ Directory 




Betty S. Neal — Jackson 
Brian L. Neal — Flowood 
Cedella Neal — Port Gibson 
Collie .Jerry Neal — Vlcksburg 
Darren Todd Neal — Clinton 
Essie C. Neal — Jackson 
Jean Magee Neal — Pearl 
Jeanne Anne Neal — Vlcksburg 
John Wayne Neal — Terry 
Julia Lee Neal — Vlcksburg 
Laura Michelle Neal — Jackson 
Laurl Celeste Neal — Jackson 
Melissa Faye Neal — Vlcksburg 
Otto Lewis Neal — Utlca 
Paula P. Neal — Pearl 
Phlllls Cooley Neal — Crystal Springs 
Randy Wade Neal — Pearl 
Raymond Neal — Clinton 
Sheelah Sharee Neal — Jackson 
Stephanie Leigh Neal — Florence 
Twana RaquelNeal — Flowood 
Wendl Denlse Neal — Jackson 
Willie Lee Neal — Vlcksburg 
Zelmarle Neal — Vlcksburg 
Vonee Neel — Jackson 
Chad Russell Neely — Jackson 
Danny Dale Neely Jr. — Jackson 
David Kella Neely — Terry 
Donnle Louis Neely — Jackson 
Lance Allan Neely — Braxton 
Robin Eustacla Neely — Brandon 
Thomas Allen Neely — Pearl 
Judy Wicker Neese — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Nelll Garrl — Vlcksburg 
Peggy B Nelll Harrl — Rldgeland 
Cynthia Renee Nell — Jackson 
Alan Mark Nelson — Crystal Springs 
Anita Shrell Nelson — Crystal Springs 
Bettye Wallace Nelson — Mendenhall 
Chris Allen Nelson — Clinton 
Christopher Demon Nelson — Jackson 
Clifton Daniel Nelson — Jackson 
Douglas M. Nelson — Florence 
Ethel McMahon Nelson — Jackson 
Ivle L. Nelson — Vlcksburg 
Jacky Aundrea Nelson — Jackson 
Jane Taylor Nelson — Clinton 
Janice Gee Nelson — Yazoo City 
Jessica Lea Nelson — Jackson 
John Christopher Nelson — Vlcksburg 
Mark Stanley Nelson — Jackson 
Meretta Nelson — Clinton 
Sheila Laverne Nelson — Crystal 

Thomas Alfred Nelson Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Tonya Collta Nelson — Magee 
Yvonne L. Nelson — Vlcksburg 
Vlckl Lynn Nesllne — Brandon 
Gregory Scott Nester — Jackson 
Karon Jean Netherland Morr — 

Nina Ceclle Netherland — Pearl 
Sandra Ann Nethero — Clinton 
Mary Louise Nettle Sims — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Leigh Nettles — Jackson 
Julia Leanne Nettles — Clinton 
Kelly Gwln Nevels — Jackson 
Larry Wayne Nevels — Vlcksburg 
Nancy Parks Nevels — Vlcksburg 
Xzlnthea Louise Nevels — Jackson 
James R. New — Hattlesburg 
Cathy Collins Newell — Rldgeland 
Charles Joseph Newell — Jackson 
David Edward Newell — Flora 
Dwlght Wilson Newell — Learned 
Jerry Andre Newell — Laurel 
Ruth Ann Newell — Raymond 
Tina Renee Newell — Flora 
Valerie Hope Newell — Hazlehurst 
Angela Patrice Newman — Wesson 
Brian Newman — Jackson 
Christopher Price Newman — Clinton 
Debbie L. Newman — Jackson 
Dorothy J. Newman — Jackson 
Jason A. Newman — Crystal Springs 
Jeffrey Dean Newman — Clinton 
Kelley Kay Newman — Jackson 
Klmberly D. Newman — Jackson 
Krlstlna Dyan Newman — Vlcksburg 
Lorl Diane Newman — Madison 
Mark Wayne Newman — Utlca 
Nicole Lynn Newman — Valley Park 
Angela Michelle Newsom — Glen Allan 
Denlce Christine Newsom — Jackson 
Luann Renae Newsom — Florence 
Stephanie Kay Newsom — Jackson 
Carolyn M. Newsome Davis — Jackson 
Clarence E. Newsome — Madison 
Kevin Andre Newsome — Jackson 
Mary Jean Newsome — New Hebron 
Rebecca Lynn Newsome — Jackson 
Donnle Earl Newson — Jackson 
Angela C. Newton Scott — Pearl 
Beverly Wlllbanks Newton — Jackson 
Klmberly D. Newton — Raymond 
Luduane E. Newton — Vlcksburg 
Shasta Necole Newton — Brookhaven 
Lam Van Nguyen — Thlbodaux 
Ngon Tan Nguyen — Jackson 
Thang Van Nguyen — Jackson 
Thanh Quoc Nguyen — Brandon 
Thuan Chi Nhan — Jackson 
Wanda McCraw Nlblett — Magee 
Bill Clyde Nicholas — Jackson 
Anthony Dwayne Nichols — Sharon 
Bobby L.Nichols — Jackson 
Cathi Elaine Nichols — Pearl 
Donna Campbell Nichols — Florence 
Eddie Nichols — Vlcksburg 
Ingrld Therese Nichols — Vlcksburg 

Jacqueline Renee Nichols — Canton 
James S. Nichols Powel — Clinton 
Kenneth M. Nichols — Woodland 
Linda Nichols — Pickens 
Linda Faye Nichols Byars — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Nichols — Magee 
Louis Ray Nichols — Magee 
Mattle Jean Nichols — Jackson 
Maureen McNamara Nichols — 

Monica Martin Nichols — Vlcksburg 
Murray E. Nichols — Florence 
Patricia Ann Nichols — Jackson 
Shirley McGaw Nichols — Clinton 
Tammy Joyce Nichols — Clinton 
Tanya Renee Nicholson — Clinton 
Lisa Anne Nlckens — Vlcksburg 
Paul R. Nlckens — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Lovelady Nlcoll — Oxford 
Brenda A. Nlehaus Gagne — Rldgeland 
Charles Richard III Nielsen — Clinton 
Stacle M. Nipper Towns — Jackson 
Brlon Alan Nlskala — Brandon 
Timothy Edward Nlsley — Florence 
Gloria L. Nixon — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Glen Noble — Jackson 
Llndsey Kemp Noble — Edwards 
Lisa Ann Noble — Vlcksburg 
Michael Earl Nobles — Vlcksburg 
Mark D. Noel — Clinton 
Sarah Lee Noel Jones — Utlca 
Evelyn A. Nolce McLem — Richland 
Concetta Ellzab Nolsworthy — 

Bartley Clay Nolan — Jackson 
Shelly Anne Noonan — Jackson 
Gerald Roderick Noone — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Ann Norbltt — Jackson 
Janice Roland Nordln — Florence 
Daniel Ashton Norman — Raymond 
Mattle K. Norman — Pelahatchle 
Rachel Elizabeth Norman — Rldgeland 
Tangela Janell Norman — Natchez 
Fred Lee Norrls — Jackson 
John Avon Norrls — Jackson 
Kevin C. Norrls — Glen Allen 
Renee Ingle Norrls — Vlcksburg 
Christopher M. Norsworthy — Jackson 
Jerl Lynn Norsworthy — Brandon 
Linda Elizabeth Norsworthy — 

Harry Andra North — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Hagwood Northam — 

Eva Pearl Norton — Hazelhurst 
Jerelyn R. Norton — Jackson 
Richard Lee Norton Jr. — Blloxl 
Tumutva Norton — Jackson 
Brenda Kaye Norwood — Florence 
Candra Mechelle Norwood — Florence 
Carl Jerome Norwood Jr. — Cleveland 
Carole Huffman Norwood — Yazoo City 
Eric Roche Norwood — Jackson 
Karen Neumann Norwood — Vlcksburg 
Mae B. Norwood — Brandon 
Marietta Norwood — Mendenhall 
Tabatha Lavette Norwood — Sunflower 
William Raymond Norwood — Redwood 
Shannon Nicole Novak — Natchez 
Klmberly Nowell — Vlcksburg 
Peggy Jean Nowell Ashle — Vlcksburg 
Karen Marie Nuckolls — Jackson 
Virginia Reeves Nugent — Jackson 
Linda Yvonne Nunley — Vlcksburg 
David Glen Nunnery — Summit 
Alex S. Nurse — Rldgeland 
Jeffrey S. Nutt — Raymond 

Lane Gamberine O'Brien — Brandon 
Arden Neal Oakes — Brandon 
David Christian Oakes — Vlcksburg 
Pat K. Oakes — Raymond 
F. Christian Oates — Jackson 
Kristin Marie Oatway — Brandon 
Herschel Lee Obannon — Hattlesburg 
Nancy Alexander Oberhausen — 

Nancy Melissa Oberhausen — 

Penny Renee Oberhausen — Raymond 
Grace Bufkln Oberhousen — Raymond 
Stephen Chad Oberhousen — Raymond 
Krlsten Kaye Obrlant — Brandon 
Gloria Ann Obrlenborst E. — Crystal 

Delores King Oby — Tallulah 
Ellse Ocaln D. — Jackson 
Mary Evelyn Oconner P. — Whitfield 
Lois Land Odell — Jackson 
Lorl Christine Odell — Vlcksburg 
Ora Yvette Odie Sheal — Clinton 
Kathy Pounds Odle — Pearl 
Adriane Diane Odom Laird — 

Aleta Diane Odom — Jackson 
Carol Fay Odom Kelly — Jackson 
Charles Brad Odom — Jackson 
Donna Rene Odom — Jackson 

Jerry Bradley Odom — Georgetown 
Larry Odom — Jackson 
Linda G. Odom — Bay Springs 
Mary Ella Odom Harrl — Hazlehurst 
Rebecca Odom — Forest 
Rebecca Lynn Odom — Richland 
Ronda A. Odom — Brandon 
Sharon Denlse Odom — Pearl 
Verna L Odom — Pearl 
Christie Michelle Oflarlty — Jackson 
Shannon L. Ogerly — Vlcksburg 
David Lee Ogle — Vlcksburg 
Scott Dewayne Ogletree — Jackson 
Robert Greg Ogwynn — Pearl 
Sentla Percell Ohara — Jackson 
Donna Purser Okeele — Clinton 
Michael W. Okeefe — Rldgeland 
Dinah Fortune Olagbegl — Walnut 

Rolland Wayne Oldenburg — 

John Clayton Oldham — Pearl 
Andrea Cheryl Oliver — Sontag 
Beverly Eaves Oliver — Jackson 
Christopher Earl Oliver — Sontag 
Daphne Diane Oliver — Greenville 
Elizabeth Marie Oliver — Pearl 
Michael Lynn Oliver — Brandon 
Mitchell Jason Oliver — Jackson 
E. C. Ollle — Jackson 
Karon Leigh Oltremarl — Pearl 
Barbara R. Omeara — Morton 
Mary Lynda O'Neal — Brandon 
Richard Earl O'Neal — vlcksburg 
Valeria L. O'Neal Bradf — Jackson 
Lorl Ann O'Nell — Metalrle 
Angela Brock Oplela — Clinton 
Jack Robert Opshlnsky — Rldgeland 
Felice Shoetae Oqulnn — Jackson 
Anita Lashon Orey — Hazelcrest 
Balerle Denlse Orey — Jackson 
April Lashaun Orman — Jackson 
Jeffery Wade Orr — Jackson 
William W. Orr — Brandon 
James Hilton Orsborn Jr. — Yazoo City 
Kizzle Janell Osborn — Vlcksburg 
Marilyn Osborn — Flora 
Mary Crisler Osborn — Utlca 
Stephen Douglas Osborn — Vlcksburg 
Billy Z. Osborne — Jackson 
Deborah Garrison Osborne — Jackson 
Edward Earl Osborne — Jackson 
Laura Louise Osborne — Richland 
Walter W. Osborne Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Bernlce W. Oscar — Jackson 
Carol Foskey Oshaughnessy — 

Helen Louise Ostberg — Brandon 
Tage Helge Ostberg — Brandon 
Christie Lynn Oswalt — Columbus 
Doris Oswalt C. — Florence 
Johnnie Doyle Oswalt — Jackson 
Tony Keith Oswalt — Jackson 
Mike W. Ott — Vlcksburg 
Debbie Morris Otwell — Pearl 
Frederick A. Ousley — Canton 
Gina Davlsse Ousley — Jackson 
Keisha Venne Ousley — Canton 
Charles D. Outlaw Jr. — Rldgeland 
Jarrett J. Outlaw — Clinton 
Connie Frances Overby — Pearl 
Kelll Ann Overcash — Jackson 
Rita L. Overcash — Jackson 
Brian Gray Overstreet — Clinton 
Bryant Elsworth Overstreet — Prentiss 
Geraldine King Overstreet — Jackson 
Kevin Douglas Overstreet — Pearl 
Shleton Gray Overstreet — Brandon 
Anthony Overton — Vlcksburg 
Aubrey David Overton — Yazoo City 
Klmberly Kay Owen — Clinton 
Linda Gall Owen — Magnolia 
Bobby Ray Owens — Jackson 
Danielle Sue Owens Ludol — Yazoo 

Dennis Owens — Florence 
George Dewey Owens — Brandon 
James Daryl Owens — Florence 
James Earl Owens Jr. — Kosciusko 
Joe E. Owens — Jackson 
Klmberely Dawne Owens — Clinton 
Mary Louise Owens — Jackson 
Michelle Nan Owens — Raymond 
Peggy Marie Owens — Jackson 
Shannon Yvonne Owens — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Rucker Owens — Jackson 
Terri Head Owens — Brandon 
Willie Thad Owens — Florence 

Carl Eugene Pace — Vlcksburg 
Christy Lynn Pace — Sandheimer 
Kenneth Samuel Pace — Jackson 
Lorl Ann Pace — Vlcksburg 
Nell Hall Pace — Pearl 
Paul Edwin Pace — Columbia 
Randy Keith Pace — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Nlchole Pace — Brandon 
Marshall E. Pack Jr. — Brandon 

Gwendolyn Mosley Page — Paltlson 
Angel Lafaye Paige — Jackson 
Cheryl Paige — Jackson 
"I helma Harris Paige — Pearl 
Rachel Marie Paine — Vlcksburg 
Frances N. Palermo — Vlcksburg 
Cawandra Venice Palmer — Jackson 
Chelsea Rena Palmer — Clinton 
Cliff Julius Palmer — Pearl 
Daphne Michelle Palmer — Louisville 
Derrick Leroy Palmer — Vlcksburg 
Edwin Palmer — Jackson 
Jc Palmer Jr. — Brandon 
Kecla Lasonla Palmer — Jackson 
Kim Yvette Palmer — Pearl 
Misty Gayle Palmer — Clinton 
Patrick James Palmer — Clinton 
Roshun Dwayne Palmer — Brandon 
Sean Wesley Palmer — Waveland 
Sharon Denlse Palmer — Jackson 
Sherrle Louise Palmer — Jackson 
Stephanie L. Palmer — Jackson 
Tamera Evette Palmer — Vlcksburg 
Barry Wilson Palmertree — Vlcksburg 
Candace Dlanne Palmertree — 

Vlckl Dawn Pannell — Brandon 
Paula Lynn Panquln — Jackson 
Robert Louis Paplneau II — Pearl 
Betty Sue Paplzan — Brandon 
Daniel Alan Paplzan — Crystal Springs 
Marilyn Joan Parazlne — Forest 
Larry Shannon Pardue — Monroe 
Phillip Tyrone Pardue — Clinton 
Tiffany Jean Pardue — Clinton 
Cynthia Denlse Parhm — Ludlow 
Drury Allen Parish — Pearl 
Lynn D. Parish — Jackson 
Richard Clyde Parish — Brandon 
Robin L. Parish — Jackson 
Trade Rena Parish — Flowood 
Diane H. Park — Canton 
Grade Beard Park — Vlcksburg 
Michael William Park — Vlcksburg 
Alan Wells Parker — Brandon 
Alton Byers Parker — Florence 
Billy C. Parker — Vlcksburg 
Bruce Parker — Pearl 
Caroline Parker — Jackson 
Douglas Bradley Parker — Brandon 
Dwayne Matthew Parker — Jackson 
Jeana M. Parker — Jackson 
Jerome Parker — Jackson 
John Wayne Parker — Pearl 
Keith Edward Parker — Magee 
Kelll Ann Parker — Clinton 
Kevin Jacob Parker — Jackson 
Krlsten E. Parker — Mendenhall 
Linda Williams Parker — Flora 
Maria Annlce Parker — Jackson 
Michael Scott Parker — Vlcksburg 
Mobrey K. Parker Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Gall Parker - Canton 
Roderick Parker — Jackson 
Sharon R. Parker Wrlgh — Rldgeland 
Steven Andrew Parker — Vlcksburg 
Tony Lamar Parker — Morton 
Tracy Karen Parker — Jackson 
Wanda Fay Parker — Duncan 
William Henry Parker — Pearl 
William Shane Parker — Jackson 
Charles Douglas Parkerson — Pearl 
Toni Kaye Parkes — Louisville 
Dana Lynn Parkman — Pearl 
Monica Rhea Parkman — Brandon 
Todd W Parkman — Jackson 
Deborah J. Parks — Jackson 
Dorothea Mae Parks — Brandon 
Gloria Parks — Canton 
James P. Parks Jr. — Clinton 
Janice Strong Parks — Bolton 
Jerry Parks — Jackson 
Pamela Jean Parks — Vlcksburg 
Richard O. Parnell — Jackson 
Stephen Martin Parnell — Brandon 
Vlckl Elaine Parnell — Brandon 
Carolyn R. Parr Hammo — Vlcksburg 
Brian Keely Parrett — Satratla 
Linda Parrett — Vlcksburg 
Carol Ann Parrlsh — Jackson 
Christina Leigh Parrlsh — Vlcksburg 
Christy D. Parrlsh — Clinton 
Teresa M. Parrlsh Gore — Crystal 

Vickie L. Parrlsh — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Ann Parsons — Vlcksburg 
Tammy Louise Parsons — Jackson 
Teresa L. Parsons — Jackson 
Michael Parten — Pearl 
Edgar Henderson Partridge — 

Micheal Partridge — Rldgeland 
Patrick Joseph Pasco — Magee 
Carmen Marie Passaro — Brandon 
Laurie Ann Passaro — Brandon 
Shantel Vaughn Passons — Florence 
M. Allison Pasvantls — Jackson 
David G. Pate — Clinton 
Donna Ann Pate — Vlcksburg 
Larry Ronnls Pate — Pearl 
Michael Walter Pate — Flowood 
Alpa Patel — Jackson 
Angela Kaye Patrick — Mendenhall 
Christy Leigh Patrick — Mendenhall 
Curtis Raymond Patrick Jr. — Jackson 
Darla Moody Patrick — Pearl 
David Lee Patrick — Hazelhurst 
Henry Earl Patrick — Jackson 
Jean Little Patrick — Jackson 
Kay B. Patrick — Mendenhall 

Directory / 3 1 1 

Leigh Patrick — Pearl 

Leslie Robblns Patrick — Vlcksburg 

Rita S. Patrick Moore — Braxton 

Roshae Patrick — Forest 

Sue Ellen Patrick — Rolling Fork 

Susie Vanderford Patrick — 

Wendy Carol Patrick — Pelahatchie 
Brad Allen Patrtdge — Jackson 
•Tina Michelle Patten — Sicily Island 
Bobble Thomas Patterson — Crystal 

Bret David Patterson — Florence 
Christine B. Patterson — Brookhaven 
Christopher Derr Patterson — Brandon 
Connie L. Patterson — Vlcksburg 
Dlanne Patterson — Jackson 
Dorothy Hughes Patterson — Terry 
James Edward Patterson — Pensacola 
Jerry Dean Patterson Jr. — Gore 

Joe Howard Patterson — Mendenhall 
Kevin Andrae Patterson — Jackson 
Lara Lynn Patterson — Brandon 
Mary Vandalene Patterson — Magee 
Mitzl Leigh Patterson — Clinton 
Peter Patterson — Jackson 
Robert R. Patterson — Jackson 
Rosemary Roberts Patterson — 

Russell Alan Patterson — Jackson 
Tracy M. Patterson — Vlcksburg 
Vincent Lee Patterson — Brandon 
Caroline Washington Patton — 

Catherine Patton — Jackson 
Charles Vincent Patton — Jackson 
Derrick Dewayne Patton — Clinton 
Joretha Patton — Clinton 
Meta Maxlne Patton — Jackson 
Mary Catherine Paul — Jackson 
Bettlna J. Pauline — Richland 
Paulette Christine Paull — Rldgeland 
Marianne Blair Pawlik — Jackson 
Michael Keith Paxton — Vlcksburg 
Anthony Charles Payment — Jackson 
Kathleen Corrigan Payment — 

Bettie June Payne — Vlcksburg 
Brandl Leigh Payne — Jackson 
Glna Jolle Payne — Jackson 
Harriette D. Payne — Lena 
Jeffrey Hunter Payne — Forest 
Joe T. Payne Jr. — Jackson 
Juanlta Lynett Payne — Pearl 
Kevin Jerome Payne — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Ann Payne — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Williamson Payne — Pearl 
Shirley Watkins Payne — Pearl 
Tammy Fletcher Payne — Vlcksburg 
Jackie Denlce Payton — Jackson 
Lee Edward Payton — Jackson 
Lizzie Payton — Canton 
Ellse Ann Paz — Jackson 
Jose Arnold Paz — Jackson 
Fellta Reene Peace — Clinton 
Tammy Lynn Peace — Clinton 
Latina Renea Peacock — Winona 
Rayburn Scott Peacock — Clinton 
Teres Marie Peacock — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Lynn Pead — Pearl 
Judy Ann Pearce — Mendenhall 
Richard Allen Pearce — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth Ann Pearson — Pearl 
Josephine Dorothy Pearson — 

Lisa R. Pearson — Vlcksburg 
Troy Wayne Pearson — Jackson 
Eric Oneal Peavey — Pearl 
Rose M. Peck — Vlcksburg 
Beverly Hill Peden — Brandon 
Twyla Mechelle Peden Bunch — Utlca 
Betty J. Peeples — Jackson 
Eldon Dunlap Peeples — Jackson 
Laurie Michelle Peeples — Deceased 
Pam D. Peeples — Terry 
Arnett C. Peery — Carthage 
Dewey Lee Peets Jr. — Jackson 
Theresa Lynn Peets — Florence 
Theresa McKlnnon Pegram — Florence 
Jeffrey W. Peltz — Vlcksburg 
Donna Lee Pemberton — Clinton 
Martha Lewis Pemberton — Jackson 
James Michael Pendarvls — Jackson 
Jim M. Pender — Jackson 
John Rand Pender — Jackson 
Kevin Wayne Pendergrass — Jackson 
Denise Rene Pendleton — Jackson 
Gladys Marie Pendleton — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Ann Pendleton — Jackson 
Sandra Fashun Pendleton — Canton 
Jayanne Prechtl Peninger — Jackson 
Tammy Delynn Penley — Vlcksburg 
William Everett Penley — Vlcksburg 
Donald James Penn — Richland 
Gall Marie Penn Steph — Richland 
Vallie B. Penn — Clinton 
Argle Pennington — Utlca 
Jay Howard Pennington — Pearl 
John Clark Pennington — Brandon 
KImberly D. Pennington — Pearl 
Sally C. Pennington — Utlca 
Michael Wayne Pennock Jr. — 

Clarice Denise Penquite — Jackson 
David Carl Penson — Raymond 
Laura L. Pentecost — Rldgeland 
Ardlth Leigh Peoples — Pearl 
Bennle Lee Peoples — Vlcksburg 
Sylvia W. Peoples — Jackson 

Christopher Henry Pepper — Rolling 

Linda Segrest Pepper Brown — 

Ginger Foose Perdue — Pearl 
John Charles Perez — Chicago 
Edward Lawrence Perkins — Jackson 
James Edward Perkins — Vlcksburg 
Janet Delols Perkins — Jackson 
Jo Ann Perkins — Jackson 
Lisa Mlchele Perkins — Clinton 
Loyd Anthony Perkins — Pearl 
Lucille Perkins — Jackson 
Nina Marie Perkins — Jackson 
Portis Enrique Perkins — Jackson 
Thelma Harris Perkins — Vlcksburg 
Shirley J. Perrett — Pearl 
Wanda Kathleen Perrett — Jackson 
Wanda Barfield Perrier — Vlcksburg 
Merita Gail Perrigin — Raymond 
Alicia Byrd Perry — Florence 
April Dawn Perry — Vlcksburg 
Delecla Ann Perry — Jackson 
Jalene L. Perry — Pelahatchie 
Jerry Carious Perry Jr. — Jackson 
John C. Perry — Brandon 
Karen Holcomb Perry — Clinton 
Katrlna Lashell Perry — Canton 
Lee Carrell Perry — Flora 
Meredith Winifred Perry — 

Mlcheal Shayne Perry — Terry 
Robin Renee Perry — Jackson 
Wilson Ray Perry — Carthage 
Elizabeth Anne Persons — Clinton 
James Neal Perteet — Jackson 
Phyllis Denise Perteet — Kosciusko 
Roberto Clemente Perteet — Sallls 
Judith Holmes Peszynski — Jackson 
Daphine Rowe Peters — Charleston 
George Edward Peters - Jackson 
Justin Davis Peters — Vlcksburg 
Sterling Joseph Peters — Clinton 
Amy Lynn Peterson — Clinton 
Audrey Lee Peterson C. — Clinton 
David Matthew Peterson — Jackson 
John Russell Peterson — Terry 
Kim Shaunca Peterson — Terry 
Mark Vincent Peterson — Vlcksburg 
Meralyn Evans Peterson — Clinton 
Terry Lyle Peterson — Terry 
William Barry Peterson — Clinton 
James Christian Petrovlch — Jackson 
Shelley Evans Pettlt — Jackson 
Cheryl Renea Pettway — Vlcksburg 
David K. Pevey — Clinton 
Jonl Jordan Pevey — Clinton 
Joycelyn Boykln Pevey — Clinton 
Vu Thanh Pham — Jackson 
Kaye Yvonne Phebus — Pearl 
Angle Genean Phelps — Batesvllle 
Roxle Ann Phelps McTag — Vlcksburg 
Tracey Lea Phlfer — Vlcksburg 
Alecla Dawn Phillips — Magee 
Anthony Whltaker Phillips — Brandon 
Cheryl Pilgrim Phillips — Clinton 
Christine Wilson Phillips — Jackson 
Christy Lynn Phillips — Florence 
Dena Lauren Phillips — Raymond 
Dlanne C. Phillips — Pearl 
George H. Phillips — Jackson 
Gibson Anthony Phillips — Richland 
Glna Christine Phillips — Jackson 
Ginger Merrl Phillips — Jackson 
James Timothy Phillips — Morton 
Jerry Wayne Phillips — Vlcksburg 
Joedda M. Phillips — Clinton 
John Lester Phillips Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Julie Dlanne Phillips Raws — Pearl 
Karen Marie Phillips — Pearl 
Kenneth Paul Phillips — Brandon 
Leslie Scott Phillips — Jackson 
Lisa Mlchele Phillips — Clinton 
Marvin D. Phillips — Pearl 
Mary Elizabeth Phillips — Clinton 
Mechelle Phillips — Star 
Victoria Michelle Phillips — Jackson 
Whitney Sloane Phillips — Clinton 
William Destry Phillips — Lena 
Donald Anthony Piazza — Vlcksburg 
John Francis Piazza — Vlcksburg 
Michael Anthony Piazza — Lorman 
Norma Pearce Piazza — Vlcksburg 
Billy E. Pickell — Florence 
James L. Pickens — Vlcksburg 
Garry M. Pickering — Wesson 
Ronnie J. Pickering Wells — Pearl 
Sharon Chiles Pickering C. — Flowood 
Mary Linda Pickett — Jackson 
Steven W. Pickett — Raymond 
Steven Brlce Pickle — Clinton 
Barbara Lewis Pierce — Vlcksburg 
Daniel D. Pierce — Vlcksburg 
Donna M. Pierce — Vlcksburg 
James D. Pierce — Vlcksburg 
Joanna M. Pierce — Brandon 
John Alton Pierce — Lucedale 
Patricia Hand Pierce — Vlcksburg 
Paul Williamson Pierce — Vlcksburg 
Susan Denise Pierce — Vlcksburg 
Darrell Wayne Plerson — Jackson 
KImberly S. Plerson Robin — Jackson 
Kevin Lawrence Plgg — Vlcksburg 
Richard Wurlen Pigott — Sandy Hook 
Susan K. Pigott Klncs — Jackson 
Heather Plkul — Vlcksburg 
Milton Anthony Pilate — Jackson 
Tammye Rochelle Pilate — Vlcksburg 
Jerl Olivia Pilgrim — Clinton 
James A. Pllklnton — New Orleans 

Reglna Ann Pinion — Jackson 
John Dean Plnn — Brandon 
Glenda Jackson Plnson — Clinton 
Jeffrey Glenn Pinter — Brandon 
Rusty Clinton Pinter — Pearl 
Annette Wren Pipkin — Florence 
William E. Plrle — Clinton 
William Emmett Plrle — Clinton 
Elizabeth L. Pitcher — Jackson 
Robert Byron Pitman — Brandon 
James Christophe Plttlnger — Jackson 
Beverly D. Plttman — Jackson 
Dawn Darene Plttman — Clinton 
Gary L. Plttman — Jackson 
Karen Renee Plttman — Flowood 
Kim Yvette Plttman — Jackson 
Laura Smith Plttman — Jackson 
Melissa Claire Plttman — Jackson 
Paige C. Plttman — Brandon 
Rockford Mlllis Plttman — Mendenhall 
Sylvia J. Plttman — Yazoo 
Tabatha Lorine Plttman — Raymond 
Darrell Ray Pitts — Pearl 
John Lewis Pitts — Jackson 
Jonna P. Pitts — Jackson 
Therese Lenore Placer — Vlcksburg 
Rebecca L. Piatt — Jackson 
Gary D. Plummer — Jackson 
Robin Nanette Plunkett — Carthage 
Scott Everett Poag — Clinton 
Laurie Lynn Poe — Jackson 
Wayne Trent Poe — Florence 
Iris Darlene Pogue — Pearl 
Amy Jean Pohlman — Jackson 
Byron Christoph Polndexter — Jackson 
Joeey Marcel Poltevln — Pascagoula 
Amanda Lee Polk — Prentiss 
Cherle Wyatt Polk — Clinton 
Eunice Polk — Vlcksburg 
James Calvin Polk — Prentiss 
Kevin Harold Polk — Prentiss 
Mildred L. Polk — Jackson 
Robert Bernard Polk — Jackson 
Robin Wall Polk — Pearl 
Tracy Lynn Polk — Vlcksburg 
William Alan Polk — Terry 
Marilyn Wright Pollard — Jackson 
Vanessa Michelle Pollard — Jackson 
Wesley Darrell Pollard — Florence 
Anastasla Crisoula Polles — Terry 
Michael Ray Pollock — Jackson 
Cynthia Ponder — Jackson 
Dana Michelle Ponder — Clinton 
Flossie Nora Ponder Ann — Vlcksburg 
Shirley A. Ponder — Jackson 
Curtis Lane Poole — Pearl 
Helde Mellnda Poole — Brandon 
Jennifer Gayle Poole — Natchez 
Jennifer Lane Poole — Pearl 
Lawerence Ray Poole — Vlcksburg 
Mark T. Poole — Tylertown 
Terrl Ann Poole — Brandon 
Barbara Ann Pope — Morton 
Chetossa Ann Pope — Jackson 
Diane Pope — Jackson 
Eartha M. Pope — Jackson 
Jhana Kate Pope Hardy — Pearl 
Joe Ted Pope — Terry 
Prlscllla Rae Pope — Brandon 
Sharron Myles Pope — Clinton 
James Clarence Porch Jr. — Richland 
Antonio Porter — Jackson 
David Drew Porter — Vlcksburg 
Dlan F. Porter — Vlcksburg 
James M. Porter Jr. — Hernando 
Jennifer Douglas Porter — Jackson 
Joseph Porter — Flora 
Karen Gayle Porter — Jackson 
Kristlna Suzanne Porter — Natchez 
Krushandra Porter — Bolton 
Leslie Ann Porter — Brandon 
Linda Carol Porter — Yazoo 
Linda Faye Porter — Bolton 
Margaret Holland Porter — Brandon 
Pamela Denise Porter — Brandon 
Sherry Ann Porter — Jackson 
Tanya Lackey Porter — Vlcksburg 
Terl Cecelia Porter — Jackson 
Tina Owens Porter — Pearl 
Toml Lynn Porter — Vlcksburg 
Verlena McLaurin Porter — Jackson 
Veronica Carletta Porter — Jackson 
Alice Guchereau Portwood — 

Candace Lea Posey — Clinton 
Willie Davis Posey — Mendenhall 
Janle Michelle Postley — Jackson 
Antonio F. Poston — Canton 
Elbert Potter — Rldgeland 
Willie Ruth Potter — Braxton 
Emma Jean Pough — Jackson 
Brenda Francis Pounds — Greenville 
Deborah Dunaway Pouns — 

Barbara S. Powell — Hattlesburg 
Carlos R. Powell — Jackson 
Christopher Ian Powell — Raymond 
Christopher Michael Powell — Tougaloo 
Denise Miller Powell — Jackson 
Doris Marie Powell — Jackson 
Ethel Lee Powell — Jackson 
George W. Powell — Jackson 
James Luckett Powell II — Jackson 
Joann H. Powell — Clinton 
Kathy Perryman Powell — Crystal 

Kenneth Ray Powell — Crystal Springs 
KImberly Denise Powell — Clinton 
Linda Marie Powell — Vicksburg 
Lynda Brown Powell — Jackson 

Robin Denise Powell — Jackson 
Sherry Isaac Powell — Jackson 
Stephanie Paige Powell — Pearl 
Tamml J. Powell — Port Gibson 
Timothy Craig Powell — Florence 
Christie Jeanlne Powers — Clinton 
Michael Allen Powers — Vicksburg 
Patty Tarver Powers — Jackson 
Susan Renee Powers — Vicksburg 
Gurly West Poynor — Rldgeland 
James Larry Poynor — Florence 
Connie Young Prentiss — Vicksburg 
Mary H. Preslar — Jackson 
Debby M. Presley — Brandon 
Louise Emma Presley - Vlcksburg 
Mark W. Presley — Vlcksburg 
Michelle Marie Presley — Florence 
Thomas Jenkins Presley — Florence 
Thomas Wayne Presley - Harrlsvllle 
Hal Greer Pressgrove — Jackson 
Stormie Lee Pressley — Terry 
Bryan Edward Presson — Clinton 
Edward Presswood — Brandon 
Anthony Lesley Prestage — Lena 
Barbara A. Prestage — Morton 
Donna Denson Prestage — Morton 
Robert Mitchell Preston — Pearl 
James William Prestrldge — Richland 
Angela Shae Prestwood — Raymond 
Gentry Heath Prestwood — Pearl 
Tabltha Darlene Prestwood — Brandon 
Maurice E. Preuss — Terry 
Teresa Mahecha Preuss — Terry 
Shelly M. Prewltt — Vlcksburg 
Trinda Rache Prewltt — Jackson 
Nawassl Dlonne Preyear — Moss Point 
Amy Mlchele Price — Heidelberg 
Cynthia Butler Price — Vicksburg 
Dawn H. Price — Jackson 
Deborah Lynn Price — Jackson 
Dorothy J. Price — Yazoo City 
Ernestine Buchanan Price — Vlcksburg 
Gregory K. Price — Clinton 
James F. Price — Clinton 
John Edward Price Jr. — Brandon 
John Hamilton Price — Jackson 
John Kevin Price — Sumrall 
Jonathan Gifford Price — Pearl 
Lori Suzanne Price — Clinton 
Mellsa Price — Pearl 
Meredith Jo Price — Raleigh 
Modenla Ramsey Price — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Price — Vicksburg 
Penni Leigh Price — Jackson 
Phyllis Lachelle Price — Oxford 
Robin Allna Price — Raymond 
Sharon D. Price — Morton 
Sharon S. Price — Jackson 
Sonya Saul Price — Rldgeland 
Terecia Jeanette Price — Vicksburg 
Theodore F. Price — Vicksburg 
Reglna A. Pride Store — Jackson 
Tracy A. Pride — Clinton 
Marty O. Pridgen — Ridgeland 
Craig H. Priest — Florence 
Sandra Dawn Priest — Jackson 
Ruby Mae Primer — Pickens 
Amy Elizabeth Prince — Brandon 
Bishop Ledale Prince — Clinton 
Caren Middleton Prince — Jackson 
Condy McKlnley Prince III — Brandon 
Joseph Lynwood Prine — Terry 
Scott David Pringle — Oxford 
Bobby Ray Prisock — Florence 
Teresa Bracken Prisock — Brandon 
Juanita Hill Pritchard — Edwards 
Melissa Jill Pritchard — Vlcksburg 
Peggy Joyce Pritchard Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Rebacca A. Pritchard — Jackson 
Rebecca Ann Pritchard — Jackson 
Deborah Bragg Prltchett — Jackson 
Bobbie Brown Proctor — Brandon 
Elizabeth B. Proctor — Jackson 
Georgia Proctor — Flowood 
Stuart D. Proctor — Vicksburg 
Allsa Lynn Pruden — Brandon 
Shonna Paige Pruitt — Brandon 
Angelia Michelle Pryor — Vlcksburg 
Dana Renee Puckett — Vicksburg 
Janle L. Puckett — Jackson 
Johnny Miller Puckett — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Michelle Puckett — Pearl 
Stephanie Lynn Puckett — Jackson 
Tammy Marie Puckett — Redwood 
Cabot Jace Pugh — Vicksburg 
Corine Screws Pugh — Vicksburg 
Joseph Todd Pugh — Hickory 
Mellnda F. Pugh — Vlcksburg 
Michael Tyrone Pugh — Jackson 
Ricky D. Pugh — Jackson 
Robert Mort Pugh — Jackson 
Sandra K. Pugh — Jackson 
Tina Lenore Pugh — Florence 
Lisa Donette Pullen — Jackson 
Ruth Irene Pullen Shulm — Terry 
Cheryl T. Pulliam — Clinton 
James Edward Pulliam Jr. — Clinton 
Delena Ann Pullin — Jackson 
John Stanley Purlfoy III — Crystal 

Thomas C. Purnell — Clinton 
Dale Alan Purser — Magee 
Darren Phillip Purser — Magee 
Joseph Crayton Purser — Brandon 
Paul Douglas Purser — Magee 
Suzette R. Purser — Brandon 
Edna Dukes Purvis — Morton 
James Anthony Purvis — Jackson 
Junius M. Purvis — Morton 
Linda Mischelle Purvis — Brandon 

31 2 /Directory 

Reglna Shows Purvis — Hickory 
Shannon Lorene Purvis — Brandon 
Sharron Belle Purvis — Jackson 
Vaughan J. Purvis — Jackson 
Carolyn Arlene Putnam — Rldgeland 
Hugh Davis Putnam — Leland 
Winston Hollls Putnam — Jackson 
Patricia Rene Pybas — Vlcksburg 
Melanle J. Pyle — Terry 
Mildred guarles Pyle — Vlcksburg 
David Wayne Pyron — Jackson 
Mary Frances Pyron — Jackson 

John Neal guarles — Whitfield 
Lisa Renee guarles — Clinton 
Mary Boutwell guarles — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Jean guarles — Jackson 
Nina Martin guattlebaum — Flora 
Kenneth Lemay guave — Jackson 
Chris L guayle — Jackson 
Alexander Lovell gueen — Vlcksburg 
Lorl Duke gulck — Clinton 
Robbie Lee gulck — Florence 
Timothy Dewayne gulck — Pearl 
Jo Ann gulllen — Florence 
Billy Joe gulmby — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Annette gulmby — Brandon 
Karen R. gulmby — Jackson 
Kevin Shane gulmby — Vlcksburg 
Philip C. guln — Jackson 
Cheryl Suzette gulnn — Jackson 
Cynthia Williams gulnn — Jackson 
Pamela C. gulnn — Jackson 
Victor Lapez gulnn — Natchez 
Stephanie Elizabeth gulst — Vlcksburg 

Kevin Michael Rabalals — Raymond 
Jennifer Rae Rabert — Clinton 
Julie Lynn Race — Vlcksburg 
Harriet K. Radcllffe — Jackson 
Erik John Rademacher — Brandon 
Fredrick Ragan Sr. — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Darlene Ragland — Crystal 

Teresa Denlse Ragland — Jackson 
Timothy Eugene Ragland — Jackson 
Judy Lois Ragsdale — Jackson 
Mike Kimble Ragsdale — Jackson 
Glenda Joyce Ralner — Vlcksburg 
James T. Ralner — Vlcksburg 
Reld L. Ralner — Vlcksburg 
Steve K. Raines — Vlcksburg 
Wallace Len Raines — Vlcksburg 
Anthony Tawayne Ralney — Bolton 
Jessie Franklin Ralney — Southaven 
Shirley S. Ralney — Jackson 
Jennifer Jackson Rains — Clinton 
Angela R. Rajab — Jackson 
Michael V. Rail — Pearl 
Christine Anne Ralston — Brandon 
Janice Herrington Rambo — Flowood 
Fernando Ramirez — Sterling 
Granville Parker Ramsay — Vlcksburg 
Bradley William Ramsey — Vlcksburg 
Deborah Dixon Ramsey — Jackson 
Doris Lavern Ramsey — Jackson 
Erma Calvert Ramsey — Jackson 
Amy Denlse Ramseyer — Vlcksburg 
Alvln Fitzgerald Randall — Jackson 
Georgia Potter Randall — Vlcksburg 
Mary Randall — Jackson 
Michael Ranee Randall — Terry 
Ralford Stlgler Randall — Jackson 
Calvin Randle Jr. — Tchula 
Renda Randle — Pearl 
John David Randolph — Vlcksburg 
Lennls Randolph Jr. — Brandon 
Perian Elizabeth Randolph — 

Brenda Kaye Rankin — Fayette 
David Rankin — Jackson 
Michael Angelo Rankin — Magee 
Nancy Sue Rankin — Canton 
Peggie Carter Rankin — Mendenhall 
Stacy Renea Rankin — Magee 
Alma Bennett Ransburg — Canton 
William M. Ransburg — Jackson 
Lorraine Ransom — Flora 
Melvin Donnell Ransom — Jackson 
Krishna K. Rao — Clinton 
Jason Stewart Rasberry — Jackson 
Sandra Mlzell Rasberry — Canton 
Janice Bockhorst Rasch — Vlcksburg 
Christl Jeanette Ratcllff — Florence 
Martlcla Lynn Ratcllff — Vldalla 

Michelle Lynn Ratcllff — jacKson 
Carolyn Beth Ratcllffe — Pearl 
Mark Thomas Ratcllffe — Pearl 
Anthony B. Ratllff — Raymond 
Jackie Denlse Ratllff — Raymond 
Jessie R. Ratllff — Jackson 
Kenneth Ratllff — Raymond 
Martha Lynn Ratllff — Jackson 
Robert Samuel Ratllff II — Jackson 
Willie Mae Rattler — Jackson 
Jarrod Wayne Ravencraft — Liberty 
Betty Ann Rawllngs — Vlcksburg 
Judith Karmell Rawls — Bogue Chltto 
Nekltta Michelle Rawls — Jackson 
Terrell Wayne Rawls — Hattlesburg 
Tanya Gall Rawson — Pearl 
Alma Nell Ray — Raymond 
Amanda Baxter Ray — Louisville 
Christine P. Ray — Pontatoc 
Emily Robinson Ray — Jackson 
Geneva Ray — Vlcksburg 
Hattle Marie Ray — Jackson 
James W. Ray — Vlcksburg 
Jamey William Ray — Pearl 
Joseph Corey Ray — McComb 
Joseph Gordon Ray — Madison 
Klplan Wayne Ray — Brandon 
Lawrence Murray Ray — Vlcksburg 
Mary Ann Ray Carr — Vlcksburg 
Paula Belinda Ray — Terry 
Richard Allen Ray — Richland 
Robert Eugene Ray Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Brown Ray — Vlcksburg 
Stacy Lanette Ray — Brookhaven 
Theresa Ann Ray — Vlcksburg 
Victoria Bakarlch Ray — Vlcksburg 
Wendy K. Ray — Jackson 
William Doug Ray — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Dawn Raybon — Clinton 
Angela Carpenter Rayborn — Jackson 
Sherilyn N. Rayburn — Clinton 
stoney X. gualls Dale — Utlca 
William C. Readman — Pearl 
Annie D. Readus — Jackson 
Dale J. Reames — Jackson 
Anne Marie Reaves — Vlcksburg 
Aline Hill Redd — Jackson 
Patricia Kaye Redd — Jackson 
Rebecca Lynn Redd — Madison 
Donald Eugene Redden — Brandon 
Tommy Joe Redden — Vlcksburg 
Jossle Knox Reddlck — Jackson 
Tammy Renee Redding — Vlcksburg 
Candyce Cox Reddltt — Vlcksburg 
Jason Brad Reddltt — Vlcksburg 
Karen S. Reddltt — Florence 
Martha Davidson Reddltt — Vlcksburg 
Herman Redlck — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth M. Redmann — Whitfield 
Melvin Earvln Redmond — Vlcksburg 
William Redmond — Lexington 
Adrienne Cecillia Reed — Vlcksburg 
Annie Jean Reed — Raymond 
Arlene J. Reed — Jackson 
Bontlne Reed — Jackson 
Brenda Lee Reed Brown — Vlcksburg 
Carl Reed — Raymond 
Christine Reed — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Reed — Vlcksburg 
Deanna Brown Reed — Brandon 
Frank L. Reed — Jackson 
Nancy D. Reed — Jackson 
Peggy L. Reed — Utlca 
Raymond Reed — Vlcksburg 
Robert Earl Reed — Vlcksburg 
Robin Clarette Reed — Vlcksburg 
Roddy D. Reed — Edwards 
Roy Henry Reed — Florence 
Shirley Ann Reed — Vlcksburg 
Van Henry Reed — Vlcksburg 
Walter Reed Jr. — Vlcksburg 
William David Reedy — Canton 
Loriann Frances Reep — Jackson 
Klmberly Ann Rees — Jackson 
Eugene Reese — Jackson 
Sheila Reese — Jackson 
Curtis M. Reeves — Vlcksburg 
Doris C. Reeves — Jackson 
Glynn E. Reeves Gunte — Pearl 
Juanlta Thompson Reeves — Yazoo 

Laura Elizabeth Reeves — Brandon 
Michael A. Reeves — Jackson 
Norma Wallace Reeves — Bogue Chltto 
Ronald Dale Reeves — Pearl 
Clayton Arledge Regan — Rldgeland 
Dylan Regan — Jackson 
Paula Ann Regan — Foxworth 
Jacqueline Loree Reglnal — Jackson 
Tommle Lee Reglnal — Jackson 
Sandra Denlse Regions — Pearl 
Susan Richardson Relchert — Jackson 
Anita Lynne Reld Daves — Flowood 
Ella Sue Reld Hill — Canton 
James Ray Reld — Flowood 
Barbara Michelle Rels — Florence 
Donna Lee Relss — Jackson 
Barry Neal Renfrow — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Noel Renfrow — Harrisvllle 
James Daniel Renfrow — Pearl 
Susan Renee Renfrow — Jackson 
Carolyn Elaine Reno — Pearl 
Joseph L. Reno — Jackson 
Mary Katherine Rentschler — Pearl 
Dawn Noelle Renz — Jackson 
Ben Talbot Rester — Brandon 
Christopher Reves — Jackson 
Robert Earl Rexford — Florence 
Jerry B. Reynolds — Vlcksburg 
Kathleen Bastonl Reynodls — Brandon 

Lisa Kaye Reynolds — Whitfield 
Michelle Andree Reynolds — Morton 
Pamela Ann Reynolds — Kosciusko 
Steven Thomas Reynolds — Natchez 
Robert James Rhoads — Rldgeland 
Jeffery Warren Rhoden — Brandon 
Alycla Jeanette Rhodes — Pelahatchle 
Carma Fallscla Rhodes — Jackson 
Deborah Ann Rhodes — Pearl 
Gregory Alton Rhodes — Pearl 
Karen Anne Rhodes — Jackson 
Peggy Shearer Rhodes — Pearl 
Renae Huff Rhodes — Brandon 
Robbie Mlshell Rhodes — Jackson 
Wendy L. Rhodes — Pelahatchle 
Ernest A. Rials — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Jean Rials — Georgetown 
Steven Arthur Rials — Jackson 
Larry Dean Rice — Jackson 
Lauranna Louise Rice — Terry 
Lisa Renee Rice Wesel — Jackson 
Nelson J. Richard — Lafayette 
Harvey Willis Richards — Columbus 
James David Richards — Vlcksburg 
Lorl Kay Richards Stewa — Lena 
Medina Newberry Richards — 

Patsy Hays Richards — Vlcksburg 
Vellssa Turner Richards — Pearl 
Willie F. Richards III — Griffin 
Alvln Lee Richardson — Jackson 
Christine Richardson — Florence 
Felecla Richardson — Jackson 
G. Ray Richardson Jr. — Richland 
Glna C. Richardson — Brandon 
J. Adelll Richardson — Starkvllle 
Jessie Richardson — Jackson 
Joseph M. Richardson Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Joshua Richardson — Vlcksburg 
Larry Eugene Richardson — Florence 
Mable Thomas Richardson — Jackson 
Mary G. Richardson — Edwards 
Predest Dwayne Richardson — 

Richard Richardson — Jackson 
Robert Edward Richardson — 

Shirley Lacy Richardson — Jackson 
Tonl Danette Richardson — Yazoo City 
Victor Tyrone Richardson — Jackson 
Wanda Bloodwort Richardson — Terry 
Willie R. Richardson — Pearl 
Dale Edward Richmond — Jackson 
Dorothy Marie Richmond — Pearl 
Gwendolyn Jeffers Richmond — 

Hugh Chadwlck Richmond — Madison 
Latlna Yvette Richmond — Lambert 
Mennle Mae Richmond — Pearl 
Suzanne Paige Richmond — Brandon 
Gary Allan Rlckles — Vlcksburg 
Clark David Rlckman — Pearl 
James Alton Rlckman — Florence 
Susan Claire Rlckman — Rldgeland 
Glenda Springer Riddle — Jackson 
Monnle Kaye Riddle — Vlcksburg 
Shelly Rldeout — Jackson 
Jamie Ellen Rider — Jackson 
Helen Garrison Rldgway — Jackson 
Louis E. Rldgway Jr. — Jackson 
Dennis Keith Rlecke — Rldgeland 
William Edward Rlecken — Jackson 
Erich Johann Rlede — Florence 
Iva B. Rlgby — Star 
James William Rlgby — Madison 
Charles Tim Rlgdon — Brandon 
Lisa M. Rlgdon — Brandon 
Karen Jenlce Rlggln — Learned 
Martha Johnson Rlgglns — Brandon 
Leslie Ann Rlggs — Jackson 
Michael Eric Rlggs — Brandon 
Rebecca Davidson Riggs — Vlcksburg 
Terizena A. Riles — Vlcksburg 
Angela Rachelle Riley — Crystal 

Jefferson Miles Riley — Clinton 
Patricia Cooper Riley — Vlcksburg 
Paul Allan Riley — Jackson 
Sarah Marie Riley — Vlcksburg 
Steven Edward Riley — Jackson 
Brian Keith Rimmer - Canton 
Zylavlan Rlppy — Jackson 
Henry Atwood Riser — Raymond 
Elizabeth Louise Rlsher — Jackson 
Perry Thickens Ritchie — Canton 
Anthony Charles Rltter — Jackson 
Robert Thomas Rivers — Vlcksburg 
Tyrone Rivers — Chicago 
Jennifer Patrice Roach — Jackson 
Nancy J. Roach — Vicksburg 
Sammy Joe Roach — Vicksburg 
Stanley Darnell Roach — Utlca 
Anna Marie Roan Therl — Pelahatchle 
Jerry Don Roan — Pelahatchle 
Dora Ann Robb — Jackson 
Gregory Scott Robblns — Vlcksburg 
Jason Bradley Robblns — Pelahatchle 
Jimmy Dale Robblns — Brandon 
John Hartwell Robblns — Greenwood 
Justin Scott Robbins — Pelahatchle 
Kelly Duncan Robblns — Brandon 
Lori Ann Robblns — Jackson 
Michael David Robblns — Brandon 
Shirley Maxlne Robblns — Jackson 
Tlsha R. Robbins — Rldgeland 
Tony R. Robblns — Jackson 
William Brian Robblns — Vlcksburg 
Barbara Roland Roberson — Madison 
Flore Roberson — Vlcksburg 
Jason Lamar Roberson — Clinton 

Jennifer Leigh Roberson — Clinton 
Lisa Renee Roberson — Pearl 
Roy Neal Roberson — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Marter Roberson — Florence 
Gary Curtis Roberston — Blloxl 
James Mitchell Robert — Pearl 
Albert Victor Roberts — Pearl 
Angela Delynn Roberts — Jackson 
Antoinette Roberts — Vlcksburg 
Barry Scott Roberts — Clinton 
Charles L. Roberts — Utlca 
Cheryl Crosby Roberts — Vlcksburg 
Danny Ray Roberts — Richland 
David Bradford Roberts — Liberty 
Debra Kaye Roberts — Pearl 
Gregory Dean Roberts — Clinton 
Hubert G. Roberts — Jackson 
James Joseph Roberts — Pearl 
Jeanette Roberts — Vlcksburg 
John D. Roberts Jr. — Jackson 
Julie Anne Roberts — Rldgeland 
Kenneth Ray Roberts — Jackson 
Margie S. Roberts — Jackson 
Mary Williams Roberts — Jackson 
Maude Ann Roberts — Jackson 
Pamela Ann Roberts — Pearl 
Patricia Roberts — Vicksburg 
Preston Keith Roberts — Brandon 
Reglna C. Roberts — Vlcksburg 
Roma Sue Roberts — Vicksburg 
Russell Scott Roberts — Brandon 
Sharon Denlse Roberts — Jackson 
Shelley Ann Roberts Womac — 

Sherry Lynette Roberts — Pearl 
Steven B. Roberts — Florence 
Stewart Sidney Roberts — Pearl 
Sue M. Roberts — Vlcksburg 
Tammle Stafford Roberts — Jackson 
Thomas Haymon Roberts — Edwards 
Timothy Edwin Roberts — Memphis 
Timothy M. Roberts — Clinton 
Tonya Rene Roberts — Florence 
Vickie E. Roberts — Jackson 
Walter Douglas Roberts — Terry 
Wayne Johnson Roberts — Vlcksburg 
William Scott Roberts — Jackson 
Andrew Morris Robertson — Reserve 
Bruce A. Robertson Jr. — Jackson 
Dlrkson E. Robertson — Jackson 
Donnle R. Robertson — Clinton 
Gayle J. Robertson — Brandon 
Hubert David Robertson — Sallls 
Isaac Mickey Robertson — Pearl 
James Alfred Robertson — Jackson 
Jennifer Elaine Robertson — Clinton 
Morris Clay Robertson — Brandon 
Robyn Rochelle Robertson — Crystal 

Shirley Aultman Robertson — Jackson 
Sonla Kaye Robertson — Jackson 
Sonya Ann Robertson — Pearl 
Vivian Leigh Robertson — Jackson 
Pamela Jean Robey — Vlcksburg 
Alice Lynn Robinson — Pearl 
April Marie Robinson — Vlcksburg 
Barbara Robinson — Jackson 
Barbara W. Robinson — Braxton 
Bonnie E. Robinson — Florence 
Carla Diane Robinson — Yazoo City 
Carolyn Joann Robinson — Jackson 
Chandra Renee Robinson — Jackson 
Charlie N. Robinson — Jackson 
Christopher Oneal Robinson — Bolton 
Darryl Keith Robinson — Jackson 
David Rea Robinson — Jackson 
Deborah Ramshur Robinson — 

Dwayne Anthony Robinson — Jackson 
Edward Louis Robinson — Jackson 
Edward Martin Robinson Jr. — 

Estella Louise Robinson — Jackson 
Frances Caroline Robinson — Jackson 
Gregory Scott Robinson — Vlcksburg 
Harold Dean Robinson — Brandon 
Harold Dean Robinson Jr. — Brandon 
Jacqueline Hunter Robinson — 

James Robinson Jr. — Clinton 
Janle Sue Robinson M. — Brandon 
Jannle Delores Robinson — Jackson 
Joel Warren Robinson — Vlcksburg 
John James Robinson — Clinton 
John Patrick Robinson — Clinton 
Johnny Tyrone Robinson — Jackson 
Kathleen Maria Robinson — Jackson 
Larry Earl Robinson — Jackson 
Larry Lee Robinson — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Kaye Robinson — Florence 
Marie Robinson — Pearl 
Marshall Necole Robinson — Gloster 
Melissa Dale Robinson — Brandon 
Monee Teresa Robinson — Jackson 
Rebecca Ann Robinson — Jackson 
Reglna Annette Robinson — Jackson 
Ricky Earl Robinson — Jackson 
Rita Racall Robinson — Jackson 
Ronald Fagan Robinson — Brandon 
Ruby Webster Robinson — Jackson 
Sue Robinson — Vlcksburg 
Susan Denlse Robinson — Brandon 
Tammy Barker Robinson — Jackson 
Tammy Marie Robinson — Raymond 
Tracy Neal Robinson — Jackson 
Velerie Clayborn Robinson — Yazoo 

Vickie Rochell Robinson — Jackson 
Vickie Watson Robinson — Bolton 
Willie Robinson III — Jackson 

Shearon Kent Robson — VIcksburg 
Steven Charles Robuek — Jackson 
Gretta Denlse Roby — Vieksburg 
Maxlne Denlse Roby — Raymond 
Patricia Ann Roby — Clinton 
Laren Christopher Rockett — Prentiss 
Jacqueline M. Rockette — Laurel 
Joyce A. Rockingham Furna — 

Peggy Roddey — VIcksburg 
Florence Rebecca Rodgers — Florence 
Latlka Dramese Rodgers — Jackson 
Lesley Donlta Rodgers — Pearl 
Sharon Marie Rodgers — Terry 
Sheila Foster Rodgers — Pearl 
Steve Lynn Rodgers — Pearl 
Suzanne Ophelia Rodgers — Jackson 
Elise Deann Rodriguez — Natchez 
Ann Claire Roesch — VIcksburg 
Charles Podesta Rogers — VIcksburg 
Connie Susanna Rogers — Jackson 
Doris Clark Rogers — Jackson 
Jannle Jean Rogers — Jackson 
Jlmmle E. Rogers White — Jackson 
Joe E. Rogers Jr. — Jackson 
Joseph Nicholas Rogers — Jackson 
Judith Doyce Rogers — Jackson 
Katherlne Renee Rogers — Jackson 
Kim Goodnight Rogers — Jackson 
Lenwood Rogers — Jackson 
Linda Brown Rogers — Jackson 
Lynn Donna Rogers — VIcksburg 
Mark Dane Rogers — Pearl 
Nancy Elizabeth Rogers — Jackson 
Patricia Jane Rogers — Clinton 
Paul C. Rogers — VIcksburg 
Ricky Rogers — Jackson 
Russell Arthur Rogers — Raymond 
Stephen Alan Rogers — VIcksburg 
Steve W. Rogers — Florence 
Timothy Neal Rogers — Florence 
Donna F. Rogllllo — VIcksburg 
Eugene W. Roland — Jackson 
Matthew Lane Roland — Mendenhall 
Sean C. Roland — Pearl 
Zula McCrory Roland — Jackson 
Terrence Lamont Rolle — Leesburg 
Willie Floyd Rolling — Edwards 
Katherlne Irene Rollins — Clinton 
Michael Kenton Rolph — Jackson 
Amanda Welch Roman — Jackson 
Juanlta Esplnoza Romero — Florence 
Marilyn Ann Romero Oden — Jackson 
Ricky Everett Romlnes — Pearl 
Jewell B. Rook — VIcksburg 
Shannon Rooks — VIcksburg 
Michael Anthony Root — Brandon 
Thomas Wayne Roots — Jackson 
John Clyde Roper — Pearl 
Stephen Jason Rosa — Jackson 
Stephanie Lynn Rosamond — Grenada 
Michael Jeffery Rose — Grayvllle 
Tara Elizabeth Rose — Clinton 
Todd Alan Roseberry — Purvis 
Howard Lyle Rosenbloom — Brandon 
Rlcardo Anthony Rosonet Jr. — 

Bobble Jean Ross — Magee 
Cheryl Monlque Ross — Jackson 
Dennis J. Ross — Pearl 
Diane Ross — Tallulah 
Dorothy J. Ross — Jackson 
Evelyn Faye Ros^ — VIcksburg 
Frederick Robert Ross — Utlca 
George Ross — VIcksburg 
James Ross — Jackson 
Jeffery R. Ross — VIcksburg 
Jerri Ray Ross — Jackson 
Jesse Lee Ross Jr. — Jackson 
Lenora J. Ross — Silver Creek 
Leslie Burk Ross — VIcksburg 
Mary Elizabeth Ross — Utlca 
Michael Leroy Ross — Lexington 
Patrick Thomas Ross — Clinton 
Runchy Ann Ross — Florence 
SUvanlus Lynn Ross — Florence 
Stacey Michelle Ross — Prentiss 
StacI Lynne Ross — Jackson 
Stanley Lamon Ross — Rolling Fork 
Tamara Martin Ross — Redwood 
Renee Brown Rosse — Brandon 
Ginger M. Rosser — VIcksburg 
Teresa Lashea Rosslgnol — Jackson 
Shelby Jean Roten — Jackson 
Tracey Ann Roth — Terry 
Vaughn M. Roth — Clinton 
Janet Marie Rotklewlcz — Raymond 
Guy G. Roumaln — Clinton 
Dana Michelle Roundtree — Clinton 
Holly Marie Rountree — Terry 
Kelly Gayle Rountree — Terry 
Klmberly Dawn Rouse — Richland 
Paul Stephen Rouse — Jackson 
Stephenla J. Rouse Mann — Madison 
William Scott Rouse — VIcksburg 
Eric William Roush — Jackson 
Rhonda M. Roush — Clinton 
Freddie Michael Rowell — Pelahatchle 
Mark Timothy Rowell — Brandon 
Steve P. Rowell — VIcksburg 
Tert Alllse Roy — Natchez 
Andrea Diane Royal — VIcksburg 
James Perez Rucker — Jackson 
Leon Alexander Rucker — Vaughan 
Mark Anthony Rucker — Carthage 
Tammle Lynn Rudd — Jackson 
Jessica Schilling Ruff — VIcksburg 
Pamela Michelle Ruffln — Jackson 
Patricia Gayle Ruffln — Jackson 
Bonnie June Rule — VIcksburg 

Mlchele Poag Rumbley — VIcksburg 
Robin Leigh Rumfelt — Jackson 
Jason Patrick Runnels — Jackson 
Heather Leigh Rush — Prentiss 
Jarvls Ray Rush — Philadelphia 
Jeptha Thomas Rush — Prentiss 
John Patrick Rush — Prentiss 
Klmberlyn Rush — Jackson 
Linda K. Rush Mayfl — VIcksburg 
Paul Lee Rush — VIcksburg 
William Edward Rush — Prentiss 
Amy Denlse Rushing — Brandon 
Beverly Dlanne Rushing — VIcksburg 
Brenda Lucille Rushing — Rldgeland 
Ira Alan Rushing — Meadvllle 
James Edward Rushing — McComb 
L. Michelle Rushing — Pearl 
Pamela Kris Rushing — Madison 
Shannon Lee Rushing — VIcksburg 
Shellle Jo Rushing — Jackson 
Tamara L. Rushing — Jackson 
Tonya Marie Rushing — VIcksburg 
Trade L. Rushing Runne — Crystal 

Veneda Delancey Rushing — Pearl 
Janet M. Rusllng — Jackson 
A. Remarque Russell — Pearl 
Daniel Jerome Russell — Jackson 
Douglas Gene Russell — VIcksburg 
Janice I. Russell — Raleigh 
Jlmmle Russell — Jackson 
John Richard Russell — Raymond 
Joyce Russell — Jackson 
Kathy Dinette Russell — Tougaloo 
Klmberly Ann Russell — VIcksburg 
Leann Russell — VIcksburg 
Michael Gerome Russell — Davlston 
Mike Henry Russell — Brandon 
Morlyn T. Russell — Jackson 
Nell Pete Russell — Magee 
Rhonda Rachelle Russell — Clinton 
Sarah Jean Russell — Jackson 
Shirley A. Russell — Lexington 
William Lance Russell — New Hebron 
Cella Renee Russum — Port Gibson 
Shelley Rutland — Montlcello 
Virginia H. Rutland — VIcksburg 
Elise Walden Rutter — Jackson 
Rita Renae Ryals — Braxton 
William Todd Rymer — Natchez 

Rustom Ishak Saad — Clinton 
Jill Marie Sadler — Forest 
John Darrell Sadler — Bentonla 
Pamela Jayn Sadler — Brandon 
Teresa D. Sager — Pearl 
Stephanie Renee Sago — Natchez 
Linda Faye Saik — Clinton 
Robert Saints — VIcksburg 
Nicole Marie Salassl — Clinton 
Naheed Saleh — Jackson 
Christopher Dean Salley — Yazoo City 
John M. Sallls — Jackson 
Phyllis G. Salmon — Pearl 
Kelly Knight Salmons — Rldgeland 
Teresa Spurlock Salter — Jackson 
Danny Wayne Sample — Tupelo 
Angela Lorraine Sampson — Jackson 
Sandra Anderson Sampson — Fayette 
Mary Louise Samuel — Canton 
Joseph B. Samuels — Jackson 
Joel David Sanch — Florence 
Karen Diane Sandell — Jackson 
Kathy Stlgall Sanderford — Rolling 

Mary Castella Sanderford — VIcksburg 
Melissa Lea Sanderford — VIcksburg 
Billy Martin Sanders — Jackson 
Charles Lamar Sanders Jr. — 

Dana R. Sanders — Utlca 
Delanlo Sanders — Jackson 
Doris Sanders — Canton 
Frances A. Sanders — Jackson 
Grace Sanders — Jackson 
Grace L. Sanders — Charleston 
Hattie Lee Sanders — Raymond 
Irene C. Sanders — VIcksburg 
Jacqueline Kay Sanders — Jackson 
James Edward Sanders — Canton 
Janice Renee Sanders — Flora 
John Christopher Sanders — 

Leester Osborne Sanders — Jackson 
Lewis C. Sanders — Rldgeland 
Lillle Denlse Sanders — Bolton 
Lisa M. Sanders — Morton 
Martha Ann Sanders — Yazoo City 
Michael Dewayne Sanders — Clinton 
Natalie Michelle Sanders — Pearl 
Rhonda L. Sanders — Jackson 
Richard Gale Sanders — VIcksburg 
Rosle Marie Sanders — VIcksburg 
Rosllllon Ureka Sanders — Jackson 
Shane James Sanders — Florence 
Stacy Edward Sanders — Morton 
Tamara Nettervllle Sanders — 


Theresa Lynn Sanders — VIcksburg 
Wilbur J. Sanders — Jackson 
Yolandra Danlta Sanders — Jackson 
Yvonne R. Sanders — Jackson 
Mitchell Scott Sandldge — Natchez 
Angl M. Sandlfer — Clinton 
Kelley Leigh Sandlfer — Pearl 
Lisa Ann Sandlfer — Pearl 
Cathy Diane Sanford — VIcksburg 
Nancy Mae Sanford — Courtland 
Luis A. Santana — Jackson 
Rhonda C. Santuccl — Brandon 
Rebecca Ruth Sanvllle — Jackson 
David Craig Sarrett — Jackson 
Christopher W. Sartin — Brandon 
James Andrew Sasser — Jackson 
Angela Dlonne Satcher — Jackson 
Maggie Jean Satcher — Jackson 
Krlsti A. Sathersmlth — Raymond 
Gaynell Satterfleld — VIcksburg 
Stanley Eugene Saucier — Jackson 
Susan Rene Saulsbury — Pearl 
Mona Lynn Saulters — Magee 
James T. Saunders Jr. — Vldalla 
Linda Shade — Carthage 
Deborah Ragsdale Shafer — VIcksburg 
Sommer Cherelle Shanahan — 

Timothy Earl Shanks — Jackson 
Charlotta Moore Shannon — 

Larry Shannon — Fayette 
Mary Ella Shannon — Raymond 
Stephen Stacy Shannon — Pattlson 
Beverly Pantall Sharp Mage — Clinton 
Catherine Sanders Sharp — Jackson 
Cephas Keith Sharp — Jackson 
Clyde Randall Sharp — VIcksburg 
Ezell Quartez Sharp — Jackson 
Latlna Jo Sharp — Philadelphia 
Lawrence Sharp — Valdosta 
Starr Lynn Sharplln — Jackson 
Kenneth Lerol Shavers — Jackson 
Mable L. Shavers — Jackson 
Tracey Lavette Shavers — Canton 
Bertha Webb Shaw — VIcksburg 
Cindy Lynn Shaw — Clinton 
David Anthony Shaw — Violet 
Geneva Shaw — Clinton 
Linda Steward Shaw — Jackson 
Mark Wayne Shaw — Pelahatchle 
Melissa Diana Shaw — Jackson 
Michael Dwayne Shaw — Jackson 
Randolph Todd Shaw — VIcksburg 
Russell Dale Shaw — Jackson 
Tess H. Shaw — Jackson 
Tony Orlando Shaw — Florence 
Luvenla Williams Shay — Jackson 
Talal Gerriese Shayeb — Jackson 
Alan J. Shealy — Jackson 
Ruth Avis Shealy — Jackson 
Billy O. Shearer — Jackson 
Daniel Donavan Shearer Jr. — 

Klmberly Ann Shearer — Jackson 
Marion Ann Shearry — Brandon 
Archie Mae Shears — Jackson 
Wanda Lavonne Shears — Jackson 
Jesse Wayne Shedd — Pearl 
Klmberly Dawn Shedd — Jackson 
Richard Daniel Shedd — VIcksburg 
Christopher Paul Sheffield — Jackson 
Julie Anne Sheffield — Pearl 
Lavlnla Caroline Sheffield — Clinton 
Lennle Morgan Sheffield Jr. — 

Linda Suzanne Sheffield — VIcksburg 
Sally Pauline Sheffield — VIcksburg 
Donnell Alan Shehane — Crystal 

Carnette Shelby — Bolton 
Clarence Shelby — VIcksburg 
Johnnie Mar Shelby — Jackson 
Julia Wynne Shelby — Terry 
Shannon Anlssa Shell — Jackson 
Tamara L. Shell — Braxton 
William Michael Shelly — VIcksburg 
Christopher Jay Shelton — Pearl 
Janice M. Shelton — Jackson 
Julia A. Shelton — Jackson 
Kristy Lynn Shelton — Florence 
Marrinla A. Shelton — Jackson 
Mary F. Shelton — Jackson 
Michael Blaine Shelton — Learned 
Robert James Shelton — Rldgeland 
Sheryl K. Shelton — Spring 
Taml Nicole Shelton — Jackson 
Tanla Renee Shelton — Yazoo City 
Linda Jean Shepard — Forest 
Peggy Suzanne Shepard — Jackson 
Robert Melton Shepard III — VIcksburg 
Patrick Joseph Sheppard — Clinton 
Paul Justin Sherer — Raymond 
Dorothy J. Sheriff — Jackson 
Kenneth Lurone Sheriff — Jackson 
Laura Jean Sheriff — Jackson 
Cynthia A. Sherman — Clinton 
Dene Sherman — Mendenhall 
Shannon Leigh Sherman — New 

Virginia Ashley Sherman — Clinton 
Dlanne Marie Sherrod Wedor — 

Houston S. Sherrod — Jackson 
Vallnca Shea Sherwood — Greenville 
Barbara Lee Shields — Jackson 
Roger L. Shields — Grenada 
Deborah Lelst Shlers — VIcksburg 
Donna Mae Shlers — VIcksburg 
Sandra Ann Shines — Jackson 

Von Tlree Shlnnle — Clinton 
Dana A. Shipp Neely — Bentonla 
Jason Avery Shlpp — Jackson 
Tammy 1. Shlpp — Jackson 
Sherry Ann Shlrey — VIcksburg 
Tracy Ladon Shlrey — VIcksburg 
Angela N. Shirley — Crystal Springs 
James Andrew Shirley — Jackson 
Martha Louise Shirley — Pearl 
Michael Todd Shirley — Brandon 
Carol Ann Shlve — Richland 
Annelle Shivers — Raymond 
Gary Weber Shivers — New Hebron 
Joyce C. Shivers — New Hebron 
Lynda P. Shivers — Magee 
Ronnie Chadwick Shivers — Prentiss 
Angela Pennington Shoemake — 

Gregory Wayne Shoemaker — Jackson 
Kathleen Susan Shorkey — Jackson 
John Mason Shorter — Brandon 
Linda Denise Shorter — VIcksburg 
Richard Lee Shoto — Pearl 
Wanda Shoto — Pearl 
Amanda Catherine Savage — Brandon 
Katie M. Savage — VIcksburg 
Wendy Malissa Savage — Tupelo 
Jocelyn Roshelle Savannah — 

Craig Stephen Savell — Clinton 
James Nell Savell — Lena 
Selena Inez Savell — Jackson 
Teresa Darlene Savell — Jackson 
Joann Sawyer — Pearl 
Betty S. Saxton — Jackson 
Ivy McGlnty Saxton — Yazoo City 
Amy Lynn Scales — Morton 
Renee McCain Scales — Madison 
Shannon H. Scharwath — Magee 
Tina Marie Scheafer — Jackson 
Jennifer Susanne Scheiman — 

Anastasia Schelllnger — Raymond 
Joyce Coke Schemmel — Jackson 
Fred L. Scherff — Pearl 
Kevin D. Schernayder — Kosciusko 
Lori Lynne Schevers — Jackson 
Suzanne Schilling — Summit 
Michelle R. Schllllnger — Jackson 
John Louis Schmidt — Brandon 
William H. Schmidt — Madison 
Edward Charles Schnell — Jackson 
Robin Herndon Scholtes — Pascagoula 
Alexa Jane Schraeder — Meridian 
Jane Christie Schuler — VIcksburg 
Martha Flowers Schuster — Brandon 
Barbara Ann Schwarzauer — Jackson 
Charles Andrew Scogglns — Magee 
Christy Ann Scogglns — Rldgeland 
Maude ClevelandScoggins — Florence 
Jeanne Ann Scoles — Brandon 
A. David Scott — Jackson 
Alice M. Scott — VIcksburg 
Amelia Scott — Vieksburg 
Barbara Dean Scott Atwoo — Jackson 
Barbara Nell Scott — Jackson 
Carolyn Rogers Scott — VIcksburg 
Clarence D. Scott — VIcksburg 
Cynthia Ann Scott — Clinton 
Delia Paulette Scott — VIcksburg 
Edwin Dean Scott — Jackson 
Gall Lynn Scott — Jackson 
Herman Scott — Raymond 
Iris Benltha Scott — Yazoo City 
Jeffery James Scott — VIcksburg 
Jellsa Yolanda Scott — Yazoo City 
Jennifer Leah Scott — Clinton 
Judith Herbert Scott — Jackson 
Kendra Michelle Scott — Jackson 
Ladana L. Scott — Terry 
Lisa F. Scott — Rldgeland 
Marilyn Lavorla Scott — Sondhelmer 
Martha Olivia Scott — VIcksburg 
Mary Scott — Canton 
Michael Wayne Scott — VIcksburg 
Pamela Scott — VIcksburg 
Richard Wayne Scott — VIcksburg 
Rita C. Scott — VIcksburg 
Roger Scott — Camden 
Terrance Terrlll Scott — Jackson 
Victoria Ann Scott — Yazoo City 
Wessle M. Scott Stubb — Brandon 
Willie Sylvester Scott — Raymond 
Yvette Scott — Vieksburg 
Barney Ray Scrogglns Jr. — Bentonla 
Roland B. Scrogglns — Brandon 
Connie Louise Scruggs — Jackson 
Dana Michelle Scudder — Florence 
Audrey Wright Scull — Jackson 
Melissa Susan Seal — Brandon 
Carolyn Sue Seale GUll — VIcksburg 
Gregory Lamar Seale — Jackson 
Mary Delolse Seals — Mendenhall 
Veronica Seals — Pearl 
Damon Edward Searcy — Jackson 
Graham Keith Searcy — Florence 
Larona Rachelle Searcy — Jackson 
Reglna Rae Searcy — Morton 
Lizzie Ricks Sears — Jackson 
Sarah Morgan Sears — Mississippi 

Fernando Allen Seaton — Rldgeland 
Lisa Johnson Seaton — Raymond 
Cheryl Jennette Sebren — Florence 
Norma Jean Sebren — Jackson 
Lynn H. Selden — Port Gibson 
Denlse Downing Self — Jackson 
Jan Self — Jackson 
Linda Diane Self Klnge — Jackson 
Oscar Martin Self — Jackson 

314 / Directory 


Diana Lynn Sellers — Utlca 
James R. Sellers — Vlcksburg 
Johnny Earl Sellers — Vlcksburg 
Kathy Holley Sellers — Clinton 
Richard Allen Sellers — Vlcksburg 
Sonla Sellers — Jackson 
Susan Elizabeth Sellers — Jackson 
Sherra Lynn Semple — Brandon 
Susan Bagent Senseman — Edwards 
Susan Michelle Sensing — Pearl 
Andre Justin Sentlf — Clinton 
Mark Stephen Seros — Brandon 
Joelee Duane Sessions — Terry 
Tammy Mlchele Sessions — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Denlse Sessum — Vlcksburg 
Gregory Allen Sessum — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Martin Sessums — Vlcksburg 
Leigh Ellen Setllff — Jackson 
Louise Nalley Setllff — Jackson 
Sandra Danette Sewell — Jackson 
Sheila D. Sewell — Jackson 
Gerald Mack Sexton — Walnut 
Gabriel Shack — Meridian 
Julie Ann Shackleford — Terry Ms 
James E. Shoulders Jr. — Jackson 
Jeffrey Brian Showah — Jackson 
Charles Lewis Shows — Magee 
Deborah C. Shows Hart — Brandon 
Ellen Calhoun Shows — Terry 
John Anthony Shows — Mendenhall 
Linda M. Shows — Vlcksburg 
Luther David Shows — Vlcksburg 
Renee Llngle Shows — Florence 
Kelly Lee Shreve — Jackson 
Phillip D. Shuffleld — Clinton 
Debra Taye Shurden — Brandon 
Susan Paul Shurlds — Brandon 
Sharon Chaney Slbert — Rldgeland 
Cheryl R. Sibley — Vlcksburg 
Jeffrey Dale Sibley — Jackson 
Donna E. Slegel — Jackson 
Karen Slegel — Brandon 
Mardlne Wall Slevers — Madison 
Susan Louise Slgler — Pearl 
Martha W. Signa — Vlcksburg 
Stephen Kyle Slgna — Vlcksburg 
Christie Pollock Slkes — Brandon 
Donald Eugene Slkes — Jackson 
Judy Anne Slkes — Jackson 
Kathy L. Slkes Harri — Clinton 
Frankle L. Silas — Jackson 
Karen Denlse Silence — Pearl 
Kevin Glynn Silence — Pearl 
Nan B. Sills — Clinton 
Lesley Koock Silver — Vlcksburg 
Steven Louis Slmbles — Jackson 
Debby Gall Simm — Brandon 
Ada Veronica Simmons — Jackson 
Charles E. Simmons — Rldgeland 
Chelle Rene Simmons — Pearl 
Cynthia Mangum Simmons — Jackson 
Elizabeth Lynn Simmons — Crystal 

Eugene Lee Simmons — Crystal 

Georgia McLaurln Simmons — Jackson 
Jimmy T. Simmons Jr. — Jackson 
Kathryn Merrell Simmons — Jackson 
Krlstle Lea Simmons — Pearl 
Levonne Fields Simmons — Pearl 
Lynda Faye Simmons — Brandon 
Mary Joyce Simmons — Jackson 
Nojanka R. Simmons Westm — 

Pamela Stone Simmons — Jackson 
Patricia Bullock Simmons — Florence 
Preston Lee Simmons — Jackson 
Sloane Diana Simmons — Jackson 
Sonya Faye Simmons — Jackson 
Tammie Bashell Simmons — Jackson 
Tammle Latrice Simmons — Jackson 
Tanya Torrill Simmons — Osyka 
William Edwin Simmons — Jackson 
Charles Rodney Simon — Pearl 
Jeremy Simon — Vlcksburg 
Hayward Matt Slmonton E. — Natchez 
David Lawrence Simpson — Clinton 
Deanna Lenlta Simpson — Clinton 
James Clayton Simpson — Morton 
Kristen Elane Simpson — Rldgeland 
Lldell M. Simpson — Jackson 
Willie Jean Simpson M. — Hattiesburg 
Demetra Lynn Slmrall — Vlcksburg 
Bryant Keith Sims — Jackson 
Carolyn M. Sims — Pearl 
Clint Davison Sims — Jackson 
David Lanier Sims — Jackson 
David Robert Sims — Florence 
Eric Rena Sims — Bentonla 
Evelyn Demetria Sims — Jackson 
Isabel Santa Sims Marqu — Merigold 
James Randal Sims — Jackson 
James Stpehen Sims — Jackson 
Joel Anthony Sims — Richland 
Levell Sims — Jackson 
Llllie Mae Sims — Jackson 
Paralee Sims — Jackson 
Ralph P. Sims — Rldgeland 
Ruth B. Sims — Pearl 
Wlnfred Gene Sims — Lawrencevllle 
Edythe Barganle Slngletary — Jackson 
Pamela Z. Slngletary — Richland 
Betornla Neri Singleton — Jackson 
Dorothy Dean Singleton — Tallulah 
Freddie Jean Singleton — Braxton 
Gene Wllford Singleton — Florence 
Georgle Mae Singleton — Pearl 
Marilyn Patricia Singleton — Jackson 
Reanetta Singleton — Vlcksburg 
Doris J. Slrgew — Jackson 

Ashley D. Slsk — Clinton 

David R. Sisson — Pearl 

Marlca Ann Sisson Dearm — Plney 

Crelghton Wayne Slstrunk L. — Prentis 
Jody Vernon Slstrunk — Jackson 
Lynn Vanlandlngham Slvlls — Jackson 
Stacy Miller Slzemore — Vlcksburg 
Jerry Dean Skelton — Utlca 
Krlstl Mlcheal Skelton — Oxford 
Alzean B. Sklffer — Mendenahll 
Avis Renea Skiffer — Mendenhall 
Benny Ray Skinner — Kosciusko 
Blllle H. Skinner — Vlcksburg 
Stephen Wesley Skinner — Vlcksburg 
William Louis Skinner — Jackson 
Barbara Ruth Skipworth — Redwood 
Jennifer H. Sklrtech — Jackson 
Patricia Ann Slack — Jackson 
Carolyn Jones Slade — Pearl 
Shannon Marie Slaton — Jackson 
Richard E. Slaughter — Canton 
William Alexande Slaughter — 

Jesse Otis Slaven — Clinton 
Candace Kaye Slawson — Jackson 
Cheryl Slawson — Pearl 
KImberly Kaye Slawson — Clinton 
Cathy Lynn Slay — Jackson 
Edith Carolyn Slay — Brandon 
Horace Scott Slay — Terry 
James Bruce Slay — Jackson 
Kaye Westbrook Slay — Pearl 
Rosalee M. Slay — Jackson 
Sheila Slay — Mendenhall 
Raymond Frederic Sledge — 

Darren Sloan — Yazoo City 
Jamie Ann Sloan — Clinton 
Blllle Faye Sly — Bolton 
Sylvia Maureen Smart — Vlcksburg 
Beth Webb Smlra — Florence 
Abe Smith — Vlcksburg 
Alfred T. Smith — Vlcksburg 
Alicia Diane Smith — Pelahatchie 
Allsa Darlene Smith — Jackson 
Alycla Rose Smith — Jackson 
Amelia Ann Smith — Jackson 
Andre Emll Smith — Jackson 
Angela R. Smith — Jackson 
Anita Magnolia Smith — Jackson 
Anna Katherine Smith — Terry 
Anthony Eric Smith — Sterlington 
Antonio Dewayne Smith — Jackson 
Arutha A. Smith Lundy — Bolton 
Aslee Smith — Jackson 
Audrey Laqulta Smith — Harrisvllle 
Barry Wilson Smith — Brandon 
Beatrice Marshall Smith — Vlcksburg 
Bennle Joe Smith — Vlcksburg 
Betty Jackson Smith — Jackson 
Betty King Smith — Vlcksburg 
Beverly McGee Smith — Clinton 
Billy Joe Smith — Vlcksburg 
Bobbye Windham Smith — Jackson 
Brad W. Smith — Brandon 
Brenda Carol Smith — Jackson 
Candl Janette Smith — Jackson 
Carolyn Gllkey Smith — Jackson 
Carolyn Theresa Smith — Clinton 
Cassle Alicia Smith — Jackson 
Cephus James Smith Jr. — Jackson 
Cera Norrell Smith — Jackson 
Chad Shannon Smith — Mendenhall 
Chanda Smith — Jackson 
Charles Brad Smith — Brandon 
Charles 9. Smith — Clinton 
Chiquita M. Smith Patte — Jackson 
Christ! Lynn Smith — Flowood 
Christy Florence Smith — Vlcksburg 
Clinton Bradley Smith — Florence 
Craig Dee Smith — Vlcksburg 
Dale Lamar Smith — Brandon 
Daniel David Smith — Brandon 
Darren Paul Smith — Pearl 
David Chad Smith — Florence 
David Glen Smith — Vlcksburg 
David Lamar Smith — Vlcksburg 
David R. Smith — Clinton 
Davlon Terrell Smith — Jackson 
Deldra Dlshell Smith — Vlcksburg 
Delbralean Fleming Smith — Yazoo 

Donald Lee Smith — Jackson 
Donald Paul Smith — Vlcksburg 
Donna E. Smith — Forest 
Donna Kay Smith — Clinton 
Dorothy Jean Smith — Jackson 
Dorothy Mae Smith T. — Jackson 
Dustin David Smith — Learned 
Edna Jean Smith Taylo — Jackson 
Ellen Buckley Smith — Prentiss 
Elmer Vernon Smith — Moss Point 
Elton Wayne Smith — Meridian 
Elva Aleta Smith — Vlcksburg 
Eric Eugene Smith — Florence 
Erica Lynn Smith — Jackson 
Eula Louise Smith Mack — Bolton 
Frank Andrew Smith — Jackson 
George S. Smith — Jackson 
Gerald Max Smith Jr. — Richland 
Ginger Smith — Jackson 
Glenn Smith — Jackson 
Graylyn Mills Smith — Vlcksburg 
Harold Lloyd Smith — Vlcksburg 
Harry M. Smith — Pearl 
Holly Alyssa Smith — Clinton 
Houston Allen Smith IV — Clinton 
Iris Janice Smith — Jackson 
Jackie Smith — Vlcksburg 

Jacqueline Smith — Jackson 
Jacqueline Denlse Smith — Jackson 
James Harrison Smith — Brandon 
James Kelly Smith — Vlcksburg 
Janet McWrlght Smith — Vlcksburg 
Jason Rentz Smith — Clinton 
Jay Robin Smith — Jackson 
Jean Clark Smith — Jackson 
Jean M. Smith — Vlcksburg 
Jeannle Tingle Smith — Vlcksburg 
Jeff N. Smith — Pelahatchie 
Jena Naomi Smith — Crystal Springs 
Jennifer Leigh Smith — Terry 
Jennifer P. Smith — Brandon 
Jerry Paul Smith Jr. — Mendenhall 
Jimmy Kevin Smith — Jackson 
John Carrolton Smith — Vlcksburg 
Johnnell Smith — Jackson 
Joseph Allen Smith — Vlcksburg 
Judle Bean Smith — Learned 
Judye Brooks Smith — Brandon 
Karen Ellse Smith — Pinola 
Karen R. Smith — Vlcksburg 
Keith Smith — Edwards 
Kellie Jean Smith — Clinton 
Kenneth King Smith — Vlcksburg 
Kenny J. Smith — Jackson 
KImberly Pode Smith — Jackson 
Klmela Delolse Smith — Jackson 
Klrby C. Smith — Florence 
Lafrance Demetrius Smith — Jackson 
Lee Edward Smith — Jackson 
Lee H. Smith — Jackson 
Lee Patrick Smith — Vlcksburg 
Leonard Wayne Smith — Vlcksburg 
Levertls Smith — Jackson 
Linda M. Smith — Terry 
Linda Rena Smith — Rldgeland 
Lisa Ann Smith — Jackson 
Lisa Katrenia Smith — Pearl 
Lisa Pope Smith — Braxton 
Lisel Anyanna Smith — Magee 
Lois Joan Smith — Vlcksburg 
Lorenzo Smith — Vlcksburg 
Lotte Lutzel Smith — Jackson 
Margaret Eckford Smith — Jackson 
Margaret F. Smith — Jackson 
Marlsa Kathleen Smith — Jackson 
Mark Ashton Smith — Jackson 
Mary E. Smith — Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Smith — Jackson 
Mary L. Smith King — Bentonla 
Mary R. Smith — Jackson 
Mary Ruth Smith — Jackson 
Mavis L. Smith — Crystal Springs 
Melissa Lee Smith — Morton 
Melody L. Smith — Jackson 
Michael Smith — Redwood 
Michael A. Smith — Jackson 
Michael Thomas Smith — Carthage 
Mlchele Bingham Smith — Vlcksburg 
Minnie P. Smith — Jackson 
Nancy Lynn Smith — Jackson 
Nathaniel Smith — Jackson 
Nelva Ceclla Smith — Moss Point 
Nettle Y. Smith — Jackson 
Nlklcha Lashon Smith — Oakvale 
Omega Ann Smith — Brandon 
Ondre Smith — Canton 
Pamela Kay Smith — Jackson 
Patricia Smith — Jackson 
Patrick B. Smith — Jackson 
Patrick Lynn Smith — Utica 
Patrick Raymond Smith — Vlcksburg 
Patrick Rene Smith — Jackson 
Peggy J. Smith — Jackson 
Philip Gerald Smith — Pearl 
Randall Eric Smith — Florence 
Randall Mark Smith — Brandon 
Rebecca Ann Smith — Vlcksburg 
Rebecca Gale Smith — Bentonla 
Redlc Nathanlal Smith — Jackson 
Reglna Jeanette Smith — Yazoo City 
Richard David Smith — Jackson 
Robert Alton Smith — Vlcksburg 
Robert C. Smith — Pearl 
Robin B. Smith — Jackson 
Robin Mlchele Smith — Natchez 
Rodney Wendall Smith — Clinton 
Ronnie E. Smith — Pearl 
Ronnie Weslle Smith — Pearl 
Rubye M. Smith — Jackson 
Russell Smith — Jackson 
Russell Lydell Smith — Jackson 
Russell Renard Smith — Bolton 
Ruth N. Smith — Jackson 
Ryan Anthony Smith — Clinton 
S. Michael Smith — Terry 
Samuel D. Smith Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Smith — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Jean Smith — Jackson 
Scott Lee Smith — Clinton 
Shantaye D. Smith — Jackson 
Sharetta Lynette Smith — Brandon 
Sharon Denlse Smith — Pinola 
Shelley Fay Smith Fauve — Braxton 
Shelley Renee Smith — Clinton 
Shonda Felicia Smith — Jackson 
Sophia S. Smith — Jackson 
Stacey Lynne Smith — Pearl 
Steven Doyle Smith — Vlcksburg 
Susan Dene Smith — Yazoo City 
Sylvia R. Smith Shott — Mendenhall 
Tamara Denlse Smith — Jackson 
Tammara Gayle Smith — Whitfield 
Tammy A. Smith — Jackson 
Taurra L. Smith — Vlcksburg 
Teresa Dlanne Smith — Jackson 
Teresa Frances Smith — Philadelphia 
Terrence Gregory Smith — Jackson 

Theresa Fahey Smith — Pearl 
Thomas Marlon Smith — Crystal 

Thomas Ray Smith — Vlcksburg 
Timothy Mlers Smith — Vlcksburg 
Togo Smith III — Jackson 
Tonya Michelle Smith — Moss Point 
Trade Lynn Smith — Brandon 
Tracy Lee Smith — Jackson 
Troy Lee Smith — Vlcksburg 
Verna Rena Smith — Jackson 
Veronica Denson Smith — Brandon 
Vickie Lee Smith — Vlcksburg 
Vincent Keith Smith — Brandon 
Walter Berry Smith Jr. — Jackson 
William Gerald Smith — Clinton 
Willie Maurice Smith — Brandon 
Anthony Keith Smlthey — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Davis Smlthhart — Yazoo City 
Paula Ann Smlthhart Barne — 

Tosha Leigh Smlthvanlz — Jackson 
Cynthia Elolse Smothers — Jackson 
Delolse Smothers — Jackson 
Inez Smothers — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Craig Smylle — Brandon 
Sonya Campbell Snell — Jackson 
David Harold Snodgrass — Clinton 
Mary Hayes Snow — Vlcksburg 
Rodney Lydell Snow — Edwards 
Stephanie Ann Snowden — Pearl 
Diana Sodachanh — Yazoo City 
Somphet Sodachanh — Yazoo City 
Barbara Young Sojourner — Jackson 
Rebecca Ann Sojourner — Brandon 
Shelley Denlse Sojourner — 

Duane Eric Soke — Jackson 
Alejandro Mendlas Soils — BUoxl 
Aurora Elizabeth Soils — Vlcksburg 
Janet L. Soils — Richland 
Lisa Marie Solomon — Jackson 
Philip L. Solomon — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Rene Solomon — Vlcksburg 
Richard Theodore Somers — Jackson 
Jeffrey Clark Sones — Brandon 
Denlse Dawn Sorells — Vlcksburg 
Scott Nells Sorensen — Raymond 
Jon Douglas Sorey — Pearl 
Mary Jean Sorrell — Pearl 
James Davis Sorrels Jr. — Brandon 
Leroy P. Sorrels — Rolling Fork 
Roy William Sorrels — Flowood 
Therelsa P. Sorrels — Rolling Fork 
Susan M. Sosebee — Clinton 
Marcle Tanner Southerland — 

Amy Dlann Southern — Rldgeland 
Tracl Blackwell Sowell — Brandon 
Barbara Annette Spann — Brandon 
Barbara Carter Spann — Raymond 
Cassandra Burch Spann — Brandon 
Cynthia Rene Spann — Brandon 
Daryl Spann — Clinton 
Debra Spann — Bolton 
Kathy L. Spann — Raymond 
Linda Anthony Spann — Jackson 
Lucille Jenkins Spann — Vlcksburg 
Monica Trechele Spann — Clinton 
Tora Raschelle Spann — Jackson 
Linda Vlcks Sparks — Vlcksburg 
Henrietta Mayfleld Spates — Vlcksburg 
Rosle Lee Spates — Vlcksburg 
John Benjamin Speake — Jackson 
KImberly Maureen Speakes — Yazoo 

Chris Shane Spears — Lena 
Joy Langston Spears — Jackson 
Melissa Sheppard Spears — Jackson 
Rodney Steven Spears — Meridian 
Stephen Talmage Spears — Magnolia 
Sandra W. Speed — Meridian 
Edward Michael Speights — Vlcksburg 
Jerry W. Speights Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Rick J. Speights — Brandon 
Charles Stephen Spell — Jackson 
Laura Lowry Spell - Jackson 
Jane Breazeale Spence — Jackson 
Eddie C. Spencer — Jackson 
Evelyn Diane Spencer — Bentonla 
Kathy Patricia Spencer — Forest 
Lane Clayton Spencer — Jackson 
Marcus Randall Spencer — Rldgeland 
Reglna Lynn Spencer — Pearl 
Brian Loren Spikes — Jackson 
Ersklne T. Spiller — Jackson 
Wondalon M. Splvey — Philadelphia 
Laura Jane Splaln — Clinton 
Brian Ernest Spong — Jackson 
Kevin Barrett Spong — Puckett 
Melanle Dawn Spong — Jackson 
Doris Thearon Sprouse — Vlcksburg 
Thomas Robertson Stabler — 

Dorothy Lauria Staer — Port Gibson 
Clark Daniel Stafford — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Dyne Stafford — Brandon 
Rhonda Sheree Staggs — Vlcksburg 
Robin Paige Stalllngs - Florence 
Valarie G. Stallworth Evans — Jackson 
Christy K. Stamper — Clinton 
Floyce Annette Stamper — Brandon 
Richard David Stamper — Jackson 
Annie W. Stamps — Edwards 
Charlie Stamps Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Ezzard Charles Stamps — Jackson 
Franz Stamps — Jackson 
Gloristlne Stamps — Edwards 
Issac Donald Stamps — Vlcksburg 
Kelvin Lashawn Stamps — Edwards 

Lutlcla D. Stamps — Edwards 
Monica Sue Stamps — Jackson 
Pamala Misha Stamps — Jackson 
Stephanie Jeanne Stamps — Jackson 
Victoria Denlse Stamps — Cary 
James Mark Stanflll — Philadelphia 
Susan Gal! Stanflll — Philadelphia 
Cory Thomas Stanford — Brandon 
Linda Joyce Stanford — Pickens 
Phillip Eugene Stankewltz — Jackson 
Angela Kay Stanley — Jackson 
Martha Ann Stanley Purvl — Florence 
Shannon Leigh Stanley — Sandhill 
Linda Veronica Stansbury — Magee 
Janice King Stansell — Pearl 
Artlmese Elizabeth Stanton — Jackson 
Raecheal Elizabeth Stanton — Jackson 
Tlffiney D. Staples — Brandon 
Shauna Ketrice Stapleton — Pearl 
Glenn Houston Stapp Jr. — Terry 
James Houston Staring — Jackson 
Brian Douglas Starks — Clinton 
Ivan Craig Starks — Jackson 
Melody Velvet Starks — Jackson 
Cella F. Starnes — Port Gibson 
Dawn Marie Starnes — Jackson 
Jean D. Starnes — Vlcksburg 
John Wesley Starnes — Vlcksburg 
Michael Dale Starnes — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Dlynn Starnes — Vlcksburg 
Suzanne Celeste Staten — Hattlesburg 
Kathl Keen Statham — Jackson 
James Kenneth Staton — Brandon 
David Lee Stauts — Vlcksburg 
Sherry Lynn Stcyr Gloss — Clinton 
Ethellne Thrasher Steed — Florence 
Kathy Marie Steed — Vlcksburg 
Nancy Poole Steed — Brandon 
Pat Lynn Steed — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Hughes Steed — Raymond 
Richard W. Steed — Florence 
Sarah Louise Steed — Vlcksburg 
Teresa A. Steed — Edwards 
Wilbur Steed — Vlcksburg 
Yvonne Ralner Steel — Jackson 
Jeff Scott Steele — Jackson 
Loretta Steele — Utlca 
James Robbln Steen — Jackson 
Kathy Johnson Steen — Jackson 
Ken Michael Steen — Richland 
Linda Roark Steen — Yazoo City 
Ricky Alan Steen — Richland 
Sandra Laverne Steen — Brandon 
Estelle Phillips Stegall — Crystal 

Victoria Lynn Stell — Brandon 
Jon Chrlstin Stelts — Jackson 
Mary Lee Stemler McMau — Clinton 
Crystal Shivers Stennett — Jackson 
Jon D. Stephen — Brandon 
Angella Michelle Stephens — 

James M. Stephens — Jackson 
Jamie Jenkins Stephens — Clinton 
Laura Rather Stephens — Vlcksburg 
Mae Catherine Stephens — Prentiss 
Susan Lundqulst Stephens — Pearl 
Carole Jean Stephenson — Vlcksburg 
Jeffery Wade Stephenson — Florence 
Margaret Bruce Stephenson — Glen 

Sean Joseph Sterling — New Orleans 
Brian Kirk Stevens — Brandon 
Cheryl Dawn Stevens — Carthage 
Cheryl Faye Stevens — Jackson 
Dawn Ellse Stevens — Jackson 
Gween Ella Stevens — Jackson 
John A. Stevens — Vlcksburg 
Joy Lynn Stevens — Forest 
Karlynne Jennifer Stevens — Jackson 
Klmberly Sue Stevens — Jackson 
Linda S. Stevens — Jackson 
Louis Chuck Stevens — Braxton 
Michael Ray Stevens — Vlcksburg 
Rhoda A. Stevens — Richland 
Steve Hamilton Stevens — Forest 
V. O. Stevens — Vlcksburg 
Brian R. Stevenson — Vlcksburg 
Cheryl A. Stevenson — Brandon 
Cindy Elaine Stevenson — Jackson 
Craig Alan Stevenson — Bolton 
Debra Elaine Stevenson — Pearl 
Julia Stevenson — Vlcksburg 
Latanya Reena Stevenson — Pearl 
Linda Warnock Stevenson — 

Lorlta Walker Stevenson — Jackson 
Nathan Ray Stevenson — Pearl 
Terrle Ann Stevenson — Jackson 
Krlsti Rachell Steverson — New Hebron 
Alyssa Dlone Stewart — Sallls 
Angela M. Stewart — Jackson 
Anthony Stewart — Jackson 
Beverly Reglna Stewart — Braxton 
Bill Wayne Stewart — Grand Cane 
Brenda Elizabeth Stewart — Pearl 
Dlantha Hodges Stewart — Clinton 
Gordon Gerard Stewart — Rldgeland 
John Roger Stewart — Yazoo City 
Max Bryan Stewart — Jackson 
Merry Brooklyn Stewart — Greenwood 
Robert E. Stewart — Jackson 
Rosamay Smith Stewart — Jackson 
Sheila Meeks Stewart — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Ann Stewart — Rolling Fork 
Stephanie DInese Stewart — Florence 
Thomas J. Stewart — Clinton 
Tina Berryhlll Stewart — Vlcksburg 
Van Edwin Stewart Sr. — Vlcksburg 
Verna Jean Stewart — Jackson 

Wanda G. Stewart — Jackson 
Gregory Mauarlce Stiff — Jackson 
Richard D. Stiff — Jackson 
Anna Crechale Stiglets — Clinton 
Joel Morris Still — Pearl 
Pamela D. Still — Clinton 
William George Stlmac — Vlcksburg 
Rachel Phillips Stlnson — Morton 
Sandi Franclne Stlnson — Jackson 
Michelle Renee Stmarie — Clinton 
Chad Lamar Stocks — Raymond 
David Antwan Stocks — Rockmart 
Margaret Shirley Stocks — Vlcksburg 
Ettle Dean Stoddard — Vlcksburg 
David Lee Stokes — Camden 
Donna Sue Stokes Trlch — Vlcksburg 
Glenn Stokes — Jackson 
Janet Levette Stokes — Utlca 
Michael Troy Stokes — Pearl 
Paul H. Stokes — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Short Stokes — Vlcksburg 
Sonya Latreshia Stokes — Carthage 
Teresa Thompson Stokes — Jackson 
Thomas Fredrick Stokes — Meridian 
Cindy M. Stoll — Raymond 
Winona L. Stoltzfus — Jackson 
Suzanne Marie Stone — Brandon 
Sandra S. Stonecypher — Brandon 
Elizabeth Suzanne Stout — Vlcksburg 
George Lee Stovall — Jackson 
Jill Merrltt Stover — Brandon 
Scott Philip Stover — Jackson 
Richard Lewis Stowe — Clinton 
Deete Stuart Stowers — Clinton 
Loretta Hill Stowers — Jackson 
Katherlne M. Strack — Hattlesburg 
Deborah Wllmeld Straughter — 

Shirley Miller Straughter — Vlcksburg 
Lydla Lea Strayer — Rldgeland 
Patricia Ann Street — Pearl 
Scott Lewis Street — Clinton 
John Michael Strlbllng — Brandon 
Laura P. Strickland — Rldgeland 
Robert Charles Strickland — Brandon 
Russell Kevin Stricklln — Jackson 
Darlene Stringer — Crystal Springs 
Doris Stringer — Raymond 
Downle Lee Stringer — Raymond 
Gregory F. Stringer — Terry 
Leona Barnes Stringer — Vlcksburg 
Brenda Denise Strong — Jackson 
Cathy Jo Strong — Pearl 
Charles Anthony Strong — Morton 
Clifford Eugene Strong — Utlca 
Clifton Strong — Edwards 
Ellen Humphrey Strong — Utlca 
Elsie Clifton Strong — Utlca 
Jennifer Lynn Strong — Utlca 
Sondra Rose Strong — Jackson 
Virginia Wagner Strong — Clinton 
Gwendolyn Donnell Stroud — 

Jerry Lynn Stroud — Vlcksburg 
Joel Dwayne Stroud — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly Ann Stroud — Natchez 
Billy Wayne Strum — Clinton 
James Kevin Stuart — Vlcksburg 
Richard L. Stuart — Pearl 
Dawn Renee Stubblefleld — Raymond 
Russell Perry Stubblefleld — Pearl 
Helga I. Stubbs — Vlcksburg 
Hugh C. Stubbs Jr. — Brandon 
Karen Eaton Stubbs — Mt. Olive 
Laura M. Stubbs — Magee 
Linda Hambrlght Stubbs — Vlcksburg 
Randy Lee Stubbs — Vlcksburg 
Margaret Letisha Stuckey — Florence 
Phyllis Johnson Stuckey — 

Michael Andre Studaway — Jackson 
Sandy Allen Studdard — Jackson 
Kelly Lane Stull — Jackson 
Christopher Tod Sturdlvant — Jackson 
Christine Byrd Sturgeon — Jackson 
Hiram Evan Sturgeon — Jackson 
Pamela D. Sturgls — Jackson 
Sheila Renee Sturgls — Jackson 
Todd Maxwell Sturgls — Clinton 
Caroll Mangum Stutts — Jackson 
Clarence R. Styron III — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth W. Styron — Jackson 
Robert Leonard Styron — Jackson 
Cheryl Ann Sudbeck — Pearl 
Larry Burks Sudbeck — Rldgeland 
Barbara Garner Sullivan — Mt. Olive 
Barry Scott Sullivan — Jackson 
Benjamin R. Sullivan — Mount Olive 
Brenda Roby Sullivan — Clinton 
Charmane Sullivan — Brandon 
Christina Lynn Sullivan — Jackson 
David K. Sullivan — Brandon 
Donna Kaye Sullivan — Mendenhall 
Donna M. Sullivan — Florence 
Fred Michael Sullivan — Jackson 
Jack Sullivan Jr. — Mendenhall 
Joseph Warren Sullivan — Clinton 
Judy S. Sullivan — Brandon 
Kathy Grifflng Sullivan — Jackson 
Lady Margaret Sullivan — Jackson 
Mary Estell Sullivan Bryan — Mt. Olive 
Nanette Jorgenson Sullivan — Jackson 
Sandra L. Sullivan — Clinton 
Shirley Ann Sullivan — Brandon 
Stanley Dale Sullivan — Pearl 
Stephanie Loyce Sullivan — 

Tammle Rhena Sullivan — Pearl 
William Shane Sullivan — Vlcksburg 
Marlln Keith Summerlin — Jackson 

Todd Lee Summerlin — Jackson 
Jewelen Summers — Vicksburg 
Jo Dlann Summers Welch — Jackson 
Sheila Garver Summers — Brandon 
Johnny B. Summervllle — Jackson 
Laura E. Summervllle — Rldgeland 
Linda Sumners — Vlcksburg 
Susan Rene Summers — Vlcksburg 
Angela Dennis Sumrall — Richland 
Bradley Wade Sumrall — Edwards 
John K. Sumrall — Clinton 
Shelley Anne Sumrall — Raymond 
Christine Tanya Surcouf — Raymond 
Holanne Surghnor — Jackson 
Connie Lou Suse — Brandon 
Cathy Lynn Sutherland — Jackson 
Elizabeth L. Sutherland — Jackson 
Jennifer Maria Suthoff — Jackson 
Leah Burton Sutterfleld — Raymond 
Barbara Lynn Sutton — Jackson 
Brenda J. Sutton — Pearl 
James Ray Sutton — Pearl 
Lisa Terrell Sutton — Jackson 
Odessa Singleton Sutton — Brandon 
Sheri L. Sutton — Jackson 
Bertha Raynes Swan — Jackson 
Mario VanTlmothy Swan — Jackson 
Blllle Jo Swann — Jackson 
Cindy M. Swanner Craft — Jackson 
Scott Daniel Swanner — Jackson 
Angela Edwards Swartz — Jackson 
Phillemeon Demby Swartz — 

Shirley G. Swartz — Vicksburg 
Joycelyn R. Swearington — Jackson 
Kevin Luke Sweeney — Edwards 
Robert Ray Sweeney — Vlcksburg 
Daniel Clayton Swllley — Bentonia 
Mattle R. Swllley — Jackson 
Lynda Johnson Swims — Jackson 
Alice Saulter Swindle — Jackson 
Wendy Gail Swlndoll — Carrollton 
Dennis Larone Swisher — Clinton 
Danny Hall Swltzer — Florence 
Jesse Lamar Swltzer — Jackson 
Mlckettrlc Cary Swltzer — Metalrie 
Mike Duane Swltzer — Rldgeland 
Harold Lee Sykes — Vicksburg 
Levarnzell Sykes — Jackson 
Russell Carl Sykes — 025 
Thomas Ralph Sykes — Jackson 
Herman Lee Sylvester — Jackson 
Julie Kay Sylvester — Madison 
Tandy Michael Sylvester — Pearl 

Mary Annette Tadlock Huff — Morton 
Dalton Lee Tagert — Morton 
Michael Dale Tagert — Pearl 
Adra Nicole Taggart — Brandon 
Brian Joseph Taggart — Brandon 
Andy Talelsnik — Jackson 
Rodney Dale Taliaferro — Jackson 
Amy Louise Talley — Jackson 
Mahalla Talton — Jackson 
Jovonda Lynette Tangle — Jackson 
Tom Wayne Tanguay — Brandon 
Kuniko Taniguchl — Vlcksburg 
Glenn Allen Tannehlll — Jackson 
Jeffrey Alan Tannehlll — Monroe 
Dana Ann Tanner — Pearl 
Dixie Donna Tanner — Jackson 
Eric Wilson Tanner — Brandon 
Klmberly Challse Tanner — Jackson 
Marsha Craft Tanner — Jackson 
Richard Flynn Tanner — Brandon 
Michelle Cobb Tapp — Vlcksburg 
Larry Tarnabllne — Vlcksburg 
Denlse Russell Tart — Vicksburg 
James Ray Tart — Vlcksburg 
Candy Merlday Tarver — Jackson 
Jimmy D. Tarver — Vlcksburg 
Kimberly Michelle Tarver — Jackson 
Bonnie Walker Tate — Sldon 
Charlene Tate — Carthage 
Charlotte Tate — Jackson 
Lee Tate — Tougaloo 
Sandra Elaine Tate — Jackson 
Sharon Verna Tate — Jackson 
Stephen E. Tate — Vlcksburg 
Katherlne Janan Tatum — Brandon 
Michael Tatum — Vlcksburg 
Paul G. Tatum — Rolling Fork 
Sherry Kelly Tatum — Florence 
Silvester Tatum — Jackson 
Albert Dean Taylor — Jackson 
Anthony Taylor — Rldgeland 
Barbara J. Taylor Gardn — Vlcksburg 
Bertinna Rochel Taylor — Jackson 
Betty Cleveland Taylor — Pearl 
Betty Royston Taylor — Satartla 
Beverly M. Taylor — Jackson 
Carolyn Ann Taylor — Jackson 
Carolyn Applewhite Taylor — Jackson 
Catherine Wilson Taylor — Jackson 
Cathy Diane Taylor — D'Lo 
Christie B. Taylor — Braxton 
Clinton A. Taylor — Richland 

Clyde Edwin Taylor Jr. — Jackson 
Connie Delean Taylor — Jackson 
Cynthia Denlse Taylor — Jackson 
Daisy Denlse Taylor — Jackson 
Darlene Taylor — Jackson 
David Scot Taylor — Clinton 
Dawn Lemetra Taylor — Jackson 
Deborah Stokes Taylor — Utica 
Deirdre Lynn Taylor — Florence 
Denlse Ann Taylor — Georgetown 
Denon Duray Taylor — Pearl 
Frederick Dejuan Taylor — Jackson 
George W. Taylor — Jackson 
Gwendolyn Simona Taylor — 

Herman Taylor Jr. — Pearl 
Jacqueline Taylor — Yazoo City 
James S. Taylor — Flora 
James Wesley Taylor — Vlcksburg 
John Klrkland Taylor — Jackson 
Kimberly Jean Taylor — Rldgeland 
Larry Noble Taylor — Brandon 
Larry Wayne Taylor Jr. — Braxton 
Lauren Anderson Taylor — Vlcksburg 
Lizzie Taylor — Jackson 
Lola Jones Taylor — Vicksburg 
Mariea Taylor — Jackson 
Marilyn Beach Taylor — Mendenhall 
Matrlvee Taylor — Flora 
Mavis McCoy Taylor — Brandon 
Michael Joe Taylor — Jackson 
Natalye Karlysa Taylor — Jackson 
Nathan Earl Taylor — Jackson 
Pamela Taylor — Clinton 
Randy Lee Taylor — Vlcksburg 
Reginald A. Taylor — Jackson 
Reginald Lynn Taylor — Pearl 
Rubin N. Taylor — Jackson 
Samuel Lamar Taylor — Jackson 
Sheila Rochelle Taylor — Jackson 
Sherry Yvonne Taylor — Clinton 
Shirley Michelle Taylor — Crystal 

Stephanie M. Taylor — Jackson 
Suzanne Waren Taylor — Jackson 
Suzy K. Taylor — Jackson 
Tammy Terry Taylor — Vlcksburg 
Tonya Yvett Taylor — Crystal Springs 
Valerie Denene Taylor — Brandon 
Velma Louise Taylor — Raymond 
Willie E. Taylor — Brandon 
Gary Ellison Teasley — Clinton 
Debra Burnham Tebo — Brandon 
Linda Vasquez Tedder — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Ann Tedder — Vicksburg 
Nancy Anderson Tedder — Vicksburg 
Danyelle Dee Tedford — Raymond 
Robin Michelle Temkovlts — Clinton 
Jackie F. Temple — Rldgeland 
Jonathan Guyton Temple — Clinton 
Marjorie Janet Temple — Brandon 
Norma M. Temple — Jackson 
Pamela Newman Temple — Vlcksburg 
Samuel Lamar Temple — Vlcksburg 
Sean Glen Temple — Vlcksburg 
Priscllla Ann Tenner — Vlcksburg 
Towanta Rena Tennessee — Jackson 
David Michael Tenney — Raymond 
Gloria Darlene Tenney — Raymond 
Latham Tenort — Jackson 
Derek Eugene Terrell — Pearl 
James Carlton Terrell — Vlcksburg 
Onnle Denise Terrell — Jackson 
Derek Wayne Terry — Jackson 
Donald Ray Terry — Terry 
Eva Renee Terry — Bolton 
J. C. Terry — Raymond 
Julian Anthony Terry — Brandon 
Larry James Terry — Bolton 
Martha G. Terry — Bolton 
Maurlta Necole Terry — Jackson 
Sharon Denlse Terry — Jackson 
Shirley Jean Terry — Greenwood 
Thomas Randall Terry — Natchez 
Martha Beasley Terwllllger — Terry 
Kenneth David Tew — Jackson 
Tracl Renee Tew — Vlcksburg 
Michael Scott Thaggard — Wayside 
Alicia Ann Thames — Mendenhall 
Bruce A. Thames — Philadelphia 
Gerald Thames — Brandon 
Ivory Kitchens Thames — Florence 
Kim Mathls Thames — Magee 
Raymond Earl Thames — Jackson 
Sandra Cox Thames — Brandon 
Sharon J. Tharp Vaugh — Rldgeland 
Camille Ferguson Tharpe — Brandon 
Jeffrey David Tharpe — Pearl 
Krlsty Anne Tharpe — Jackson 
Thomas H. Thedford — Wesson 
Marlon Bernadette Theobald — 

Jeanlne Marie Thesslng — Brandon 
Dalton James Thlbodeaux — Jackson 
Laura Christie Thlbodeaux — Jackson 
Connie Louise Thlgpen — Florence 
Johnny Ray Thlgpen — Jackson 
Ronnie D. Thlgpen — Puckett 
Thomas Stanley Thlgpen — Redwood 
Agazlne Renee Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Allen Jeff Thomas — Redwood 
Alton Kirk Thomas — Jackson 
Angela J. Thomas — Jackson 
Annie Jean Thomas — Jackson 
Barbara J. Thomas Washl — Jackson 
Barry Lee Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Ben Hill Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Bethany Lynnette Thomas — Jackson 
Brent Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Carol Ann Thomas — Jackson 

316 /Directory 


Charles Darrell Thomas — Florence 
Christopher O. Thomas — Ruston 
Craig Leonardo Thomas — Jackson 
Diane Meeklns Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Donnle Wayne Thomas — Edward 
Dorthy L. Thomas — Jackson 
Douglas Eugene Thomas — Whitfield 
Elolse H. Thomas — Greenwood 
Gerald Ray Thomas — Pearl 
Henry D. Thomas — Jackson 
Jacqueline Demetrls Thomas — 

James Robert Thomas — Canton 
Jebba Thomas — Edwards 
Jeffrey Scott Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Jennifer Lynae Thomas — Florence 
Jerry A. Thomas — Terry 
Jerry Wayne Thomas — Mayersvllle 
Johnnie Earl Thomas — Jackson 
Jonathn C. Thomas — Bolton 
Josle Brock Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Tyrone Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly A. Thomas — Jackson 
Klmberly L. Thomas — Jackson 
Laura Ann Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Laura Karon Thomas — Pearl 
Lester G Thomas — Jackson 
Linda Sue Thomas Smith — Brandon 
Lutrenda Tarlta Thomas — Jackson 
Marshall Prince Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Mary Gall Thomas — Jackson 
Pamala Renee Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Jenkins Thomas — Jackson 
Renetta Miller Thomas — Edwards 
Rhonda Douglas Thomas — Braxton 
Ronnie Wyatt Thomas — Edwards 
Rosle Lee Thomas Davis — Jackson 
Ruby Jewel Thomas — Jackson 
Sammle Leon Thomas — Pearl 
Sandra D. Thomas — Jackson 
Sandra Lynn Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Schelerrle A. Thomas — Jackson 
Shellsa Chantee Thomas — Jackson 
Sherman Thomas — Edwards 
Shirley Ann Thomas — Jackson 
Shirley Evonne Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Mays Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Stacy Dewayne Thomas — Raymond 
Stephanie Ann Thomas — Jackson 
Stephanie Jutoa Thomas — Jackson 
Tammy Mlchele Thomas — Terry 
Teresa Thomas — Jackson 
Terry Eugene Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Theartlc B. Thomas — Clinton 
Valarle D Thomas — Jackson 
William C. Thomas — Port Gibson 
Willie Herman Thomas — Vlcksburg 
Zandra Denise Thomas — Vlcksburg 
John Robert Thomason — Vlcksburg 
Ladonna Allison Thomason — 

Pamela Diane Thomason — Clinton 
Angela Perrault Thomburg — Natchez 
Lamar Arthur Thomley Jr. — Brandon 
Amy G. Thompson — Brandon 
Angela Denise Thompson — Jackson 
Ashton Clarke Thompson Jr. — 

Billy Gene Thompson — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn McElroy Thompson — Madison 
Cassandra Denise Thompson — 

Charles Nathaniel Thompson — 

Clara Jean Thompson — Edwards 
Clarissa Rena Thompson — Jackson 
Constance Susanne Thompson — 

Denise Thompson — West 
Don R. Thompson — Vlcksburg 
Douglas Ray Thompson — Brandon 
Herman Thompson — Richland 
Hezetlne Thompson — Magee 
Jacqueline Thompson — Flora 
Jacqueline Denise Thompson — 

Jacquelyn D. Thompson — Pearl 
Jlmmle L. Thompson — Jackson 
John Chris Thompson — Jackson 
Juanlta Butler Thompson — Jackson 
Judy Gale Thompson — Vlcksburg 
Justin Thompson — Jackson 
Karen Elaine Thompson — Mendenhall 
Lynda Adams Thompson — Jackson 
Marcla Lynette Thompson — Jackson 
Mary Henry Thompson — Jackson 
Mellnda Elaine Thompson — Jackson 
Natalie Louise Thompson — Natchez 
Pam G. Thompson — Morton 
Patricia A. Thompson — Pelahatchle 
Phellsa Antorla Thompson — Jackson 
Rex Norman Thompson — Flora 
Robert Lee Thompson — Pearl 
Sandra Myers Thompson — Jackson 
Shirley Stewart Thompson — Jackson 
Sonla Danette Thompson — Jackson 
Stephen P. Thompson — Jackson 
Tarshall Shree Thompson — Prentiss 
Terrl Michelle Thompson — Clinton 
Timothy L. Thompson — Jackson 
Todd J. Thompson — Russellvllle 
Tracy Denise Thompson — Vlcksburg 
Tracy Lavette Thompson — Jackson 
Walter L. Thompson — Clinton 
Wanda Sue Thompson — Pelahatchle 
Portia Lea Thomson — Laurel 
Dorothy Brewer Thorne — Vlcksburg 
Stephanie Lynn Thorne — Jackson 
Robert Curtis Thornhlll — Jackson 
Cassandra Ann Thornton — Brandon 

Donald Franklin Thornton — Pearl 
Florene Sutton Thornton — Jackson 
Gary Thomas Thornton — Natchez 
Hope Trade Thornton — Jackson 
Isaiah Thornton — Vlcksburg 
James Ruel Thornton — Crystal 

Joe Allen Thornton — Pearl 
John Edward Thornton — Pearl 
Margie Jean Thornton — Jackson 
Mona Lisa Thornton — Pearl 
Peggy Speed Thornton — Pearl 
ReDecca Davis Thornton — Vlcksburg 
Robert C. Thornton — Jackson 
Robert D. Thornton — Jackson 
Rodney Scott Thornton — Vlcksburg 
Tanya L. Thornton — Pearl 
Tiffany Nicole Thornton — Clinton 
Tommy Gene Thornton — Pearl 
Jospeh Earl Thorpe — Vlcksburg 
Cheryl Lynn Thrash — Pearl 
Annie Areola Thrasher — Jackson 
Albert Keith Thurman — Pearl 
Glenda Smith Thurman — Pearl 
Jennifer Joy Thurman — Montlcello 
Jessie Thurman — Florence 
Muriel Ineta Thurman — Clinton 
B. Jane Tldwell — Rldgeland 
Robert Gregory Tierce — Richland 
Martha Blaylock Tlgrett — Brandon 
Vlckl Williamson Tiller — Jackson 
Wallace Wayne Tiller Jr. — Jackson 
Charles Franklin Tillman — Florence 
Crystal Denise Tillman — Jackson 
Donna Llnson Tillman — Hazlehurst 
Jennifer Marie Tillman — Crystal 

Laura Ann Tillman — Brandon 
Lawrence Daniel Tillman — Florence 
Linda Diane Tillman — Vlcksburg 
Loretta M. Tillman — Jackson 
Nora Lee Tillman — Jackson 
Rickey Tillman — Jackson 
Teresa Ann Tillman — Crystal Springs 
William Rodney Tillman — Clinton 
Carolyn Fay Tlllotson Jone — Jackson 
Chrlstophher Todd Tlllotson — 

Tammy Kay Tlllotson — Vlcksburg 
Trudy Tlmmons — Florence 
John Tlndall — Rldgeland 
David Dewight Tindoll — Vlcksburg 
Kasee Tindoll — Vlcksburg 
Debra Lynn Tingle — Vlcksburg 
Jeb Stuart Tingle — Vlcksburg 
Jenny Marie Tingle — Vlcksburg 
Sean David Tinsley — Crystal Springs 
Trudy Griffin Tinsley — Utlca 
Kathleen May Tipton — Jackson 
Gregory Allen Tlsdale — Jackson 
John Alan Tlsdale — Clinton 
Robyn Lou Tlsdale — Vlcksburg 
John Peter Tltre — Vlcksburg 
Hoa Ngoc to — Jackson 
Hong Thorn to — Jackson 
Eddie Toaster — Jackson 
Katherine Lynette Tobias — Jackson 
Cecilia Stuart Todd — Jackson 
Charles Anthony Todd — Jackson 
Iris T. Todd — Pearl 
Mltzy J. Todd — Clinton 
Janice Luedke Tohlll — Vlcksburg 
Dennis Wayne Tolar — Pearl 
Jacque A. Tolbert — Brandon 
Linda Bounds Tolbert — Pearl 
James Richard Toler — Clinton 
Barbara Ann Tolleson — Pearl 
Kelly Tomlln — Vlcksburg 
Melonle Alford Tomllnson — Clinton 
Paul Walker Tomllnson — Jackson 
Linda Darlene Tompkins — Utlca 
Patricia Ann Tompkins — Vlcksburg 
Annie Jewel Toney Cotto — Jackson 
Edith Charlene Toney — Vlcksburg 
Stephen Burnette Toney — Vlcksburg 
Fannie M. Tonth — Vlcksburg 
Melanle Jo Toole — Enid 
Alice Faye Toombs — Jackson 
Pam W. Toombs — Florence 
Stacy E. Toppln — Crystal Springs 
Amanda R. Torrence — Jackson 
Shawn G. Torrence — Jackson 
Sonya Marie Torrence — Florence 
Tanya Ann Torrence — Clinton 
Joseph Edward Torres — Jackson 
Alena Rosenell Torrey — Canton 
Shirley Yvette Torrey — Canton 
Albert Lee Torry — Jackson 
Hamilton Leroy Tory — Hermanvtlle 
Debra Gall Toth Fortn — Clinton 
Shelley Desha Toth Ellis — Brandon 
Russell Todd Touchton — Clinton 
Loretta Tovan — Jackson 
Dale Stegall Townsend — Pelahatchle 
Klmberly G. Townsend — Jackson 
Latreece Townsend — Lena 
Newton Wade Townsend — Rolling 

Ray Wood Townsend — Pelahatchle 
Robert C. Townsend — Clinton 
Yolanda Katrlna Townsend — Jackson 
Gloria Presley Tramel — Jackson 
Ruby Lynn Tramell — Raymond 
James Stephen Trammell Jr. — Crystal 

Joseph Christophe Trammell — Yazoo 

Thanh Lap Tran — Jackson 
Mary Dickson Transue — Vlcksburg 
Howard Travis — Jackson 

Klmberly Travis — Canton 
May Grant Travis — Jackson 
Nettle Ruth Travis — Canton 
Shantel Denise Travis — Jackson 
Yvonne Lomax Travis — Jackson 
Elizabeth Ann Traweek — Raymond 
James Alton Trawlck — Jackson 
Jon Douglas Traxler — Vlcksburg 
Melaney Kay Traxler — Morton 
Virginia Leigh Traylor — Vlcksburg 
Annette H. Treadway — Pearl 
Barry Leon Trest — Rldgeland 
James Gil Trest — Pearl 
Stephanie Suzanne Trest — Jackson 
Eric Brlon Treubel — Vlcksburg 
Ryon Jon Treubel — Vlcksburg 
Renee Trevllllon — Vlcksburg 
Thomaslne Trevllllon — Clinton 
Althela Franclne Trlbble — Jackson 
Kenne Burdette Trlbble — Jackson 
Sheila Trlbble — Vlcksburg 
Clifton Lee Trigg — Raymond 
Mellnda Darlene Trigg — Raymond 
Radley Delwln Trigg — Brandon 
Shirley Elaine Trigg — Jackson 
Alice P. Trim — Jackson 
Ricky Lee Trim — Vlcksburg 
Kenneth Lewayne Trimble — Jackson 
Connie Piper Triplett — Jackson 
Edna Triplett — Vlcksburg 
Lutrlcla Armstron Triplett — Jackson 
Margo Yvette Triplett — Jackson 
Mark L. Triplett — Clinton 
Mary M. Triplett — Jackson 
Mildred Grace Triplett — Clinton 
Oliver B. Triplett — Forest 
Yolanda Yvette Triplett — Carthage 
Mae Francis Tripp — Jackson 
Willie Gene Tripp — Jackson 
Cade Jonathon Trlsler — Vlcksburg 
Jeane Frost Trlsler — Vlcksburg 
Bernardlne Trotter — Jackson 
Sandra Joan Truelove — Vlcksburg 
Melody Whatley Truesdell — Vlcksburg 
Mary Thomas Trultt — Port Gibson 
Melanle Seward Trull — Rldgeland 
Frances Vaughn Trunnel — Jackson 
Christine V. Trunnell — Jackson 
Phuong T. Truong — Pearl 
Robert Kelly Trussell — Vlcksburg 
Travis M. Trussell — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Dlanne Tshlhamba — 

Persephonl Tsui Tsln Ping — Raymond 
Vincent Mansuen Tsln — Raymond 
Deborah Jean Tubbs — Jackson 
DIJuana Kay Tubbs — Yazoo City 
Lee Tubbs — Jackson 
Rebecca S. Tubbs — Rldgeland 
Ambrose James Tucker - Jackson 
Billy Franklin Tucker — Florence 
Carolyn Pennington Tucker — Jackson 
Cheryl Lavern Tucker — Brandon 
Elizabeth Denelle Tucker — Jackson 
Eric D. Tucker — Edwards 
Justin Edward Tucker — Jackson 
Klmberly Dlonne Tucker — Brandon 
Lisa Denna Tucker — Vlcksburg 
Mable J. Tucker — Brandon 
Patricia Neal Tucker — Jackson 
Ricky L. Tucker — Edwards 
Rosle Michelle Tucker — Vlcksburg 
Shanta N. Tucker — Jackson 
William Scott Tucker — Jackson 
Klmberly Nicole Tudor — Raymond 
Tara Renae Tudor — Brandon 
Cynthia Campbell Tuggle — Vlcksburg 
Byron Douglas Tullos — Pelahatchle 
Cynthia Carol Tullos — Jackson 
Trad Ann Tullos — Jackson 
Carol Tucker Tumbleston — Jackson 
Steven J. Tummlnelo — Vlcksburg 
Julie Mitchell Tunnello — Brandon 
Susan L. Turbeville — Jackson 
Jeff Ken Turbvllle — Florence 
Scott Daniel Turnage — Jackson 
Allean Richardson Turner — Jackson 
Bonnie Elaine Turner — Raymond 
Claudia Olivia Turner — Canton 
David William Turner — Clinton 
Donald Lynn Turner — Vlcksburg 
Ellen Renee Turner — Jackson 
Elolse Marie Turner — Jackson 
Gloria Ann Turner Bates — Morton 
Jacqueline Rhea Turner — Jackson 
James Warren Turner — Clinton 
Janet Jean Turner — Vlcksburg 
John Alexander Turner — Raymond 
John Ed Turner — Clinton 
Johnnie Wayne Turner — Richland 
Joseph Tate Turner — Rldgeland 
Karen Susette Turner — Edwards 
Leslye Dawn Turner — Rldgeland 
Veronica Jean Turner — Jackson 
William A. Turner — Stonewall 
Zachary L. Turner — Jackson 
Freddie Charles Turpln — Jackson 
Michael Douglas Tutor — Batesvllle 
Stephen Larue Tuttle — Vlcksburg 
William Ashley Tweedle — Vlcksburg 
Stacey Lamar Twiner — Clinton 
Tammy Dawn Twiner — Yazoo City 
Charles Todd Tyer — Bentonla 
Chad Russell Tyler — Jackson 
Inocla Annlse Tyler — Harrisvllle 
Joyce H. Tyler — Jackson 
Nathaniel Tyler Sr. — Vlcksburg 
Wanda J. Tyler — Madison 
Chris C. Tyner — Brandon 
Fred Lewis Tyner — Clinton 

George Will Tyner — Rldgeland 
Ruby McBrlde Tyner — Brandon 
Klmberly Michelle Tyrone — New 

Nelda R. Tyson — Clinton 
Pamela Evon Tyson — Jackson 
Steven George Tzotzolas — Vlcksburg 

Kevin B. Ukele — Utlca 
Susan Claire Ulery — Vlcksburg 
Mary Ulmer — Vlcksburg 
Robert Glenn Ulmer — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Carol Ulp — Brandon 
Charles Ambrose Underdown — 

Margaretta Underwood — Jackson 
Steven G. Underwood — Vlcksburg 
Jayne Ungaro — Long Beach 
Belinda Ann Upchurch — Vlcksburg 
Janet Carol Upchurch — Pearl 
Craig William Upton — Vlcksburg 
Krlstlna Mlley Upton — Clinton 
Mary A. Upton — Jackson 
Nlckle Dell Upton — Jackson 
Wanda Ann Upton — Jackson 
Lynn Catherine Use — Baton Rouge 
Carolyn Rose Usry — Jackson 
Corby Lee Usry Jr. — Pearl 
Gregory Coleman Utz — Vlcksburg 
Sheila Baker Uzzle — Crystal Springs 

Danny Glen Vail — Crystal Springs 
Tammle June Valllancourt — 

Sarah Katherine Valadle — Jackson 
Corlna Sue Valdez — Pelahatchle 
Lorl Lynn Valentine — Vlcksburg 
Percy Lee Valentine — Vlcksburg 
Lisa Amelia VanBuren — Jackson 
Billy Dean Vance — Pearl 
Cheryl D. Vance — Raymond 
Klmberly MacDayle Vance — Brandon 
Mlchele Rene Vance Grigs — Raymond 
Tonya Nlchole Vance — Raymond 
Craig Dennis Vanderford — 

Rhonda Renee Vanderford — Brandon 
Charles Henry Vanderhoff — Rldgeland 
Laura Susan Van Devender M. — 

Eddie B. Vandlver — Jackson 
Lisa Dlann Vanevery — Jackson 
Tina Goff Vangordon — Florence 
Matthew E. Vanlandingham — 

Bharatl Bhlkhu Vanmall — Vlcksburg 
Jane W. Vannorman — Vlcksburg 
Dawn E. Vanpurnell — Jackson 
James Foster Vantrease — Jackson 
Rebecca C. Vanwormer — Clinton 
Wendy Carol Vardaman — Hermanvllle 
Ludlvina Varela — Pearl 
Olivas Juana Varela — Clinton 
Martha M. Varga — Brandon 
Ellcia Ann Varnado — New Orleans 
Mark Vincent Varnado — Fernwood 
Christl James Varner — Florence 
Earl R. Varner — Pelahatchle 
Joe Steven Varner — Brandon 
Jonathan Lane Varner — Terry 
Ray Tony Varner Jr. — Rldgeland 
Karen Irene Varney — Brandon 
Joyce Marie VattlkutI — Jackson 
Krishna P. VattlkutI — Jackson 
Donna Michelle Vaughan — Pearl 
Robert Lee Vaughan — Port Gibson 
Allison M. Vaughn R. — Jackson 
Amelia B. Vaughn — Jackson 
Annette Vaughn — Jackson 
Calvin Earl Vaughn — Jackson 
Christine Ruth Vaughn — Vlcksburg 
Desonna Lynette Vaughn — Cleveland 
Janet Denese Vaughn — Jackson 
John Phillip Vaughn — Jackson 
Martha St. Vaughn John 
Martin Allen Vaughn — Pearl 
Pearine Vaughn — Vlcksburg 
Suzanne Michelle Vaughn — 

Terry Tyrone Vaughn — Jackson 
Vernada D. Vaughn — Jackson 
Victor Roy Vaughn — Rldgeland 
Daisy Lee Veal — Jackson 
Mildred S. Veal Davis — Jackson 
Edison Francisco Velasquez — Jackson 


Directory / 317 

Jezy Jacob Verghese — Jackson 
Jeffrey Scott Vernon — Richland 
Timothy Alan Vernon — Jackson 
Alisa Renee Versell — Vicksburg 
Dorothy Marie Vessell — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Michelle Vick — Terry 
Laura Brown Vlckers — Jackson 
Tracy Hegar Vickers — Edwards 
Lisa Michelle Vlescas — Forest 
Tammy Lyn Viescas — Ridgeland 
Diana Davidson Vihelius — Vicksburg 
Tracy Miles Vince — Prentiss 
Michael Bradley Vincent — Ridgeland 
Michelle Wanda Vinchwater — 

Angela Kay Vines — Jackson 
Donna L. Vines — Vicksburg 
Kathy Ann Vines — Vicksburg 
Danny Vining — Vicksburg 
Mischelle C. Vining Ross — Brandon 
Linda Dees Vinson — Pearl 
Penny Rene Vinson — Jackson 
Sheila Ann Vinson Smith — Raymond 
Stephen Thomas Vinson — Pearl 
Wanda Thornton Vinson — Brandon 
Patricia Michelle Vlnz — Jackson 
Judith Lynn Viola — Start 
Udom Malida Vitaya — Vicksburg 
Heatherly Dawn Vollar — Vicksburg 
Timothy Wayne Vollor Jr. — Vicksburg 
James Robert Volz Jr. — Jackson 
Michael Peeler Voorhls — Clinton 
Shirley Jo Vowell — Brandon 

Mary Alice Wachtstetter — Clinton 
Larry Lee Waddell — Louisville 
Sherry Ann Waddell — Clinton 
Stephen Douglas Waddell — Jackson 
Ceesha Ettawan Wade — Jackson 
Crystal Douglas Wade — Jackson 
Helena Barros Wade — Raymond 
J. Michelle Wade — Clinton 
Joseph Wade — Terry 
Mistl L. Wade — Canton 
Renee Rheldfornette Wade — Crystal 

Sandra Lynette Wade — Jackson 
Teresa Kennedy Wade — Magee 
Tracey Lenore Wade — Jackson 
Travis Damon Wade — Vicksburg 
Walter Wayne Wade — Raymond 
Jim E. Wadlington III — Magee 
Thomas Powell Wadlington — Jackson 
Jay Brian Wadsworth — Jackson 
Perry Clifford Waggener — Canton 
Gregory Brian Waggoner — Carthage 
Kerry S. Waggoner — Brandon 
Lewis D. Waggoner — Pearl 
Melissa Ann Waggoner — Florence 
Stephen Bennett Waggoner — Jackson 
Adolph Wagner — Church Hill 
Adolph Wagner III — Church Hill 
Corrine Elaine Wagner — Brandon 
Jennifer Benton Wagner — Pearl 
Miriam P. Wahl — Vicksburg 
Wendell Walnwrlght — Vicksburg 
Kathryn Beth Wakeam — Jackson 
Donleta Gaye Wakefield — Pearl 
Geraldlne A. Walden — Jackson 
Carl F. Walderson — Hazelhurst 
Lori Prewltt Waldon — Vicksburg 
Carolyn Alford Waldrop — Jackson 
Michelle L. Waldrop — Ridgeland 
Roger W. Waldrop — Jackson 
Angela Gayle Walk — Jackson 
Anastasla Louise Walker — Pearl 
Angela D. Walker — Jackson 
Arlene Walker — Prentiss 
Aron Clayton Walker — Terry 
Bart E. Walker — Vicksburg 
Bennle M. Walker — Jackson 
Beulah Crumedy Walker — Florence 
Bobby Lee Walker — Pelahatchle 
C. Joe Walker Jr. — Crystal Springs 
Carolyn Jean Walker — New Hebron 
Carroll David Walker — Brookhaven 
Cathy Sue Walker — Jackson 
Charlene Smith Walker — Jackson 
Charlotte Beth Walker — Vicksburg 
Christina C. Walker — Raymond 
Deanna Claire Walker — Jackson 
Deborah Boyd Walker — Jackson 
Delanls Earl Walker — Jackson 
Dorothy Barlow Walker — Pearl 
Elaine Walker — Pearl 
Evelyn Delorls Walker Hate — Jackson 
Frank Daniel Walker — Florence 
Gloria N. Walker — Magee 
Gregory Ned Walker — Terry 
Gwendolyn Walker — Jackson 
James Daniel Walker — Morton 
James David Walker — Mendenhall 
Jeromy Gene Walker — Vicksburg 
Jessie L. Walker - Jackson 
John Curtis Walker — Florence 
Joyce G. Walker — Jackson 
Kecla Lynette Walker — Brandon 
Kenneth Ray Walker — Madison 

Klmberly Sloan Walker — Clinton 
Lamlchael D. Walker — Jackson 
Laura Dlonne Walker — Jackson 
Linda Gale Walker Sande — Hazlehurst 
Lisa A. Walker — Jackson 
Llvla Romona Walker — Jackson 
Lynn Marie Walker — Brandon 
Mallnda Carol Walker — Clinton 
Mamie Ruth Walker — Jackson 
Marcus B. Walker — Jackson 
Margaret Ann Walker — Corinth 
Marlene Spires Walker — Jackson 
Mary Lee Walker — Oakvale 
Mary M. Walker — Crystal Springs 
Mary Teresa Walker Welch — Crystal 

Mattle Lene Walker - Mendenhall 
Michael Lewis Walker — Vicksburg 
Randy Craig Walker — Jackson 
Rebecca Kaye Walker — Clinton 
Ritchie Walker — Jackson 
Robert Walker — Vicksburg 
Ronald Sean Walker — Brandon 
Jon David Warren — Terry 
Keith Laneil Warren — Forest 
Kelley Frances Warren — Vicksburg 
Mike David Warren — Ridgeland 
Nicole Suzanne Warren — Carthage 
Patricia Ann Warren — Ridgeland 
Rory Allen Warren — Ridgeland 
Spencer Dale Warren — Jackson 
Stephanie Lucinda Warren — Clinton 
Susan Keene Warren — Yazoo City 
Terry Dwayne Warren — Jackson 
Theresa Kay Warren — Clinton 
Tracy G. Warren — Clinton 
Tracy Lee Warren — Brandon 
Wanda Hurt Warren — Vicksburg 
Wlnfield Scott Warren — Pelahatchle 
Michael David Warriner — Brandon 
Sharyl Leigh Warrington — Clinton 
Barbara Frances Wash — Jackson 
Wanda Chlorlsa Wash — Forest 
Christy Slusser Washburn — Rolling 

Bessie J. Washington — Jackson 
Bobble Jean Washington — Utica 
Bobby Ray Washington — Wesson 
Carolyn D. Washington — Vicksburg 
Charlotte Denis Washington — Utica 
Diann Banks Washington — Jackson 
Jeannette Washington — Jackson 
Lolita Washington — Utica 
Mary Sutherland Washington — Yazoo 

Rita Brown Washington — Jackson 
Robin Dee Washington — Terry 
Sonya Michelle Washington — 

Tammy Wynette Washington — 

Walter Jeffrey Washington — 

Yvonne Denlse Washington — Crystal 

Kathy Ann Waterbury — Jackson 
Tlmtlco Carnell Waterman — Jackson 
Doris Wilson Waters — Bentonla 
Glen Jerome Waters — Vicksburg 
Amy Elizabeth Watklns — Jackson 
Christina C. Watklns — Vicksburg 
Francis Stewart Watklns — Jackson 
Jack Keith Watklns — Clinton 
Joan Sistrunk Watklns — Pearl 
Jody Michael Watklns — Cleveland 
John Parham Watklns — Port Gibson 
Klley Daryl Watklns — Pearl 
Lester L. Watklns — Ridgeland 
Michael Wayne Watklns — Vicksburg 
guentln Ramon Watklns — Jackson 
Sheila Watklns — Canton 
Shelll Joan Watkins — Pearl 
Tammy Gall Watklns — Jackson 
Wanda A. Watklns — Flowood 
Sandra Watkins Landry — Jackson 
Augusta Watson Jr. — Jackson 
Beatrice Webb Watson — Vicksburg 
Catherine Watson — Brandon 
Cedric Dewayne Watson — Jackson 
Dianne Darnell Watson — Clinton 
Eddie R. Watson — Jackson 
Felicia C. Watson — Jackson 
Herman Andrew Watson — Florence 
James Ghlee Watson — Brandon 
Jimmy E. Watson — Areola 
Joann Ford Watson — Jackson 
Joseph Watson Jr. — Vicksburg 
Kelll Jo Watson — Brandon 
Kevin W. Watson — Vicksburg 
Nathan Watson — Jackson 
Owen Watson III — Clinton 
Robert Daniel Watson — Jackson 
Samantha Arlene Watson — Jackson 
Taheti M. Watson — Clinton 
Trade Elizabeth Watson — Clinton 
Troy Edward Watson — Flowood 
Valeria Gezell Watson — Hazlehurst 
Henry Watters — Jackson 
Barry Dean Watts — Morton 
Cristle Lynn Watts — Richland 
Dorether L. Watts Crape — Canton 
Edward Glenn Watts — Jackson 
Garland L. Watts — Pelahatchle 
George W. Watts Jr. — Vicksburg 
Karla Bayhi Watts — Brandon 
Lawander Ann Watts — Jackson 
Penny Dorene Watts Aycoc — Morton 
Rebecca Ann Watts — Jackson 
Shannon Dale Watts — Brandon 
Wendell Everette Watts — Jackson 

Angela Carroll Way — Vicksburg 
Diana Bridgltte Way — Florence 
Kenneth Owens Weathers — Jackson 
Margaret Burks Weathers — Jackson 
Terry L. Weathers — Port Gibson 
Theresa Walker Weathers — Vicksburg 
Allison Lea Weathersby — Jackson 
Stephanie Dawn Weathersby — 

Vanessa Marie Weatherspoon — 

Marcla Adams Weaver — Vicksburg 
Andrew Alton Webb — Brandon 
Dledre Draffen Webb — Jackson 
Elizabeth Buehrle Webb — Florence 
Kelly Dawn Webb — Jackson 
Kelly Gene Webb — Florene 
Kenneth Bernard Webb — Jackson 
Marvin Webb — Jackson 
Marvin Louis Webb — Jackson 
Pattl Crum Webb — Vicksburg 
Sheldon Magruder Webb Jr. — Pearl 
Steven Wesley Webb — Richland 
Rudolph Walker — Vicksburg 
Sandra L. Walker Thoma — Vicksburg 
Steven N. Walker — Crystal Springs 
Susan Wlnstead Walker — Florence 
Sylvia L. Walker Stall — Vicksburg 
Tammie Lynn Walker — Crystal 

Terrell Anthony Walker — Carthage 
Tony Jerome Walker — Jackson 
Tracey M. Walker — Jackson 
Vanessa McDonald Walker — 

Virgie Lee Walker Scott — Terry 
Wendl Walker — Terry 
William Mark Walker — Clinton 
William Shane Walker — Crystal 

Woodrow Lester Walker — Yazoo City 
James Alan Wall — Jackson 
Marguerite Hossley Wall — Raymond 
Nancy H. Wall — Jackson 
Bennle Cassell Wallace — Jackson 
Daniel Wade Wallace — Smlthdale 
Elizabeth Anne Wallace — Ridgeland 
Grade Wallace — Terry 
Jacquelyn Ann Wallace — Brandon 
Larry Bert Wallace — Jackson 
Merelene Harding Wallace — Jackson 
Mildred Owens Wallace — Jackson 
Pamela R. Wallace — Vicksburg 
Robert Chad Wallace — Flora 
Robert Eugene Wallace — Clinton 
Robin Kelly Wallace — Clinton 
Roland Bradford Wallace — 

Sarlta M. Wallace — Jackson 
Scott Wayne Wallace — Magee 
Sherry Lois Wallace — Jackson 
Thelma Kelly Wallace — Bolton 
Tony Dwlght Wallace — Mendenhall 
Isaac Ray Waller — Richland 
Reglna Faye Waller — Pearl 
Carolyn Stokes Walley — Vicksburg 
Dawn Marie Walley — Utica 
Donald Ray Walley — Brookhaven 
Robin Hillman Walley — Jackson 
Bettle J. Walls — Jackson 
Shahla Elaine Walls — Tougaloo 
Dennis Michael Walsh — Jackson 
Douglas Ray Walsh Jr. — Jackson 
Thomas Bryant Walter — Vicksburg 
Debbie M. Walters — Jackson 
Jeffrey Lee Walters — Brandon 
Michael Todd Walters — Clinton 
Rhonda Kay Walters — Pelahatchle 
Roger Clifton Walters — Pearl 
Thomas Mark Walters — Pearl 
William Douglas Walters — Jackson 
Gary G. Waltman Jr. — Vicksburg 
Klmberly C. Waltman — Pearl 
Rlchlynn Falre Waltman — Jackson 
Cheryl Jeanette Walton — Jackson 
Cynthia Lyna Walton — Jackson 
Otis Bernard Walton — Columbus 
Patrick Terrence Walton — Vicksburg 
Tamara Snyder Walton — Ridgeland 
Tammy Burks Walton — Tougaloo 
Melissa Wang — Vicksburg 
Anthony Wansley — Florence 
David S. Wansley — Rolling Fork 
Jacquelyn Thompson Wansley — 

Michael David Wansley — Jackson 
April Shante Ward — Jackson 
Barbara Jean Ward — Jackson 
Charlotte Krushette Ward — Bolton 
Dwlght Marvin Ward — Jackson 
Evelina Williams Ward — Jackson 
Irene Ward — Canton 
James Eugene Ward — Vicksburg 
Kelly Fielder Ward — Yazoo City 
Leslie Marie Ward — Vicksburg 
Lisa Diane Ward — Jackson 
Melvln Ward — Jackson 
Michael V. Ward — Clinton 
Rhonda Kay Ward — Jackson 
Richard Allen Ward — Pearl 
Roberta Montgomery Ward — Bolton 
Robin Meed Ward — Brandon 
Sebrlna Yolanda Ward — Jackson 
Timothy Deyan Ward — Bolton 
William Randall Ward — Jackson 
Yolanda Ward — Jackson 
Pamela Cates Wardlaw — Clinton 
Betty C. Ware Swann — Jackson 
Bobby Lee Ware Jr. — Rulevllle 
Chet Stlnson Ware — Ridgeland 

Debbie Inlce Ware — Canton 
Michael Lewis Ware — Jackson 
Patrina Anita Ware — Canton 
Rudy Leonard Ware — Jackson 
Stephanie D. Ware — Meridian 
Shirley Beckham Waring — Vicksburg 
William G. Warmack — Louisville 
Gregg Preston Warner — Prentiss 
Pamela Dawn Warnock — Vicksburg 
Shera Lynette Warnock — Vicksburg 
Antonnlna Warren — Jackson 
Benjamin Casey Warren — Pearl 
Brooke Denene Warren — Edwards 
Cassandra Kyles Warren — Jackson 
Charles Robert Warren — Brandon 
Cynthia Williams Warren — Jackson 
Danlta Leigh Warren — Jackson 
Davis E. Warren — Vicksburg 
Helen W. Warren — Brandon 
Jamie Bailey Warren — Jackson 
Jason R. Warren — Jackson 
John Darin Warren — Pearl 
John Vincent Warren — Terry 
Terrie Elizabeth Webb — Jackson 
Tracl Lamar Webb — Jackson 
Charles H. Weber — Vicksburg 
Jonathan A. Weber — Vicksburg 
Mark F. Weber — Jackson 
Addle Haralson Webster — Jackson 
Robert A. Wedgeworth — Florence 
James C. Weekly — Vicksburg 
Clayborn Harold Weeks Jr. — Brandon 
Crelghton Augustus Weeks — Clinton 
Kerry Ann Weeks — Vicksburg 
Mary Elizabeth Weeks — Hazlehurst 
Sandra Herrington Weeks — 

Nancle R. Weems — Jackson 
Cella Kyle Weldner — Pearl 
Mark M. Wellenman — Jackson 
Roger M. Weill — Jackson 
Patricia Weir — Terry 
Stephanie Lynn Weir — Philadelphia 
John Richard Welsenberger — Clinton 
William Louis Welsenberger — Canton 
Lisa Renee Welborn — Utica 
Melanle H. Welborn — Raymond 
Bryan Ray Welch — Prentiss 
Carol Tyson Welch — Crystal Springs 
Charles M. Welch — Clinton 
Cynthia Leigh Welch — Vicksburg 
Deborah Ann Welch — Mendenhall 
Donna M. Welch — Brandon 
Elizabeth Dufresne Welch — Jackson 
Hazel Berry Welch — Mendenhall 
Ida Thomas Welch — Jackson 
Joann Welch — Vicksburg 
Joel Alan Welch — Clinton 
Johnny Joseph Welch — Harrisvllle 
Julia Kay Welch — Brandon 
Katherine Welch — Jackson 
Paula Jean Welch — Jackson 
Sondra Lee Welch — Jackson 
Jlmmie Evaloyd Weldon — Pearl 
Bettle M. Wells — Florence 
Bobbl Leigh Wells — Yazoo City 
Bobby Glynn Wells — Smlthdale 
Brandi E. Wells — Jackson 
Christopher Craig Wells — Jackson 
Diane Hathorn Wells — Jackson 
Jeraldlne Wells — Vicksburg 
Kenneth Wells — Jackson 
Laura Allen Wells — Ridgeland 
Laura Roberts Wells — Brandon 
Linda Robinson Wells — Jackson 
Lisa Ellen Wells — Jackson 
Lou Ann Wells Lee — Jackson 
Marsha E. Wells Engle — Edwards 
Marvin Earl Wells — Brandon 
Melvln Carl Wells — Jackson 
Michael Lovent Wells — Port Gibson 
Molly Gray Wells — Meridian 
Porter Wells — Jackson 
Reva Collete Wells — Jackson 
Robert Mitchell Wells — Raleigh 
Ronald H. Wells Jr. — Florence 
Sandra D. Wells Sutto — Jackson 
Tiffany Michelle Wells — Jackson 
Troy Allen Wells — Jackson 
Warren Davis Wells - Raleigh 
William David Welshans — Vicksburg 
Tienpao Wen — Brandon 
Diana Alyne Wendland — Jackson 
Scarlet R. Wentworth Blege — Clinton 
Thomas Brian Werner — Madison 
Amanda Ann West — Pearl 
Andria Brassfleld West — Brandon 
Caroline West — Jackson 
Charles S. West — Jackson 
Cindy Smith West — Brandon 
June Arlene West — Raymond 
Larry Vardaman West — Jackson 
Leonard Douglas West — Hernando 
Lisa Michelle West — D'Lo 
Melissa Lynn West — Vicksburg 
Plez West Jr. — Natchez 
Queen E. West — Jackson 
Raymond Anthony West — Florence 
Ronald Douglas West Jr. — Aberdeen 
Peggy Ann Westberry — Morton 
Brenda Langley Westbrook — 

Brian Hilary Westbrook — Vicksburg 
Dee Ann Westbrook — Jackson 
Douglas Adam Westbrook — Forest 
Gayle Vanderford Westbrook — 

Kevin Westbrook — Vicksburg 
Lorrie Ann Westbrook — Pearl 
Robert Lynn Westbrook — Brandon 

Jlmmle Westbyglbson — Jackson 
Scott D. Westcott — Vlcksburg 
Terry Lee Westcott Weddl — Vlcksburg 
Katie G. Westerfleld — Florence 
Lort Ann Westllng — Jackson 
John Thomas Westmoreland — 

Laura Ann Westmoreland — Natchez 
Kesha Monet Weston — Jackson 
Timothy Earl Weston — Jackson 
Vallle M. Westrope — Lorman 
Johnny William Wever Jr. — Clinton 
Mark Fitzgerald Whalen — Vlcksburg 
Paula Frances Whalen — Vlcksburg 
Charles Laurendean Whatley — 

Cindy Lee Whatley — Raymond 
Eva Maria Whatley Hlckn — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly Ann Whatley — Brandon 
Sandra K. Whatley — Braxton 
Steven W. Whatley — Jackson 
William Harrison Whatley — Carthage 
Sherman Anthony Wheat — Gonzales 
Kenneth Richard Wheatley — 

Mary Elaine Wheatley — Jackson 
Charles W. Wheeler — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Alford Wheeler — Pearl 
Linda Marie Wheeler — Vlcksburg 
Melissa Lynette Wheeler — Crosby 
Warren Mike Wheeler — Vlcksburg 
Ann H. Wheeless — Vlcksburg 
Douglas R. Wheeless — Pearl 
Helen Graham Wheells — Jackson 
Marlene Whelan — Jackson 
Christie Suzanne Whlrlow — Jackson 
Cynthia Lynne Whlrlow — Jackson 
Carla Bass Whltaker — Vlcksburg 
Dan George Whltaker — Clinton 
Lester Benjamin Whltaker — Redwood 
Melissa Lynn Whltaker — Vlcksburg 
Dawn Rene Whitby — Jackson 
Allsa Machelle White — Jackson 
Amy Annette White — Pelahatchle 
Angela Michelle White — Taylorsvllle 
Angella Christine White — Pearl 
Barbara Ann White Coope — Jackson 
Bendel Ray White — Redwood 
Betlna Shanta White — Edwards 
Beverly Barnes White — Jackson 
Beverly Gall White — Vlcksburg 
Bonita A. White — Florence 
Carol A. White — Florence 
Carolyn Hutton White — Raymond 
Cassandra Louise White — Jackson 
Douglas M. White — Vlcksburg 
Earl Lee White — Raymond 
Ernest Wayne White — Jackson 
Gall Annlce White — Crystal Springs 
Gay Nell White — Vlcksburg 
Greg Stephen White — Bolton 
Gwendolyn K. White — Jackson 
James L. White — Vlcksburg 
Joe Eddie White — Jackson 
John H. White III — Jackson 
John Wesley White — Harrisvllle 
Johnnie Laverne White — Jackson 
Julie Ann White — Florence 
Karen Gable White — Jackson 
Kathryn Glaze White — Jackson 
Kelly J. White — Edwards 
Lisa Michelle White — Florence 
Martin Allan White — Jackson 
Mary Kay White — Vlcksburg 
Michael David White — Clinton 
Mickey C. White — Yazoo City 
Miltonya Elizabeth White — Jackson 
Nellie Jean White — Pearl 
Pamela W. White — Vlcksburg 
Patricia A. White — Jackson 
Patricia Klrby White — Clinton 
Percy Lee White — Jackson 
Precla Ann White — Jackson 
Rayfus Onell White — Prentiss 
Richard White Jr. — Jackson 
Ronnie White — Jackson 
Sanchez Thomas White — Jackson 
Sharon Felicia White — Jackson 
Sherree Trizette White — Jackson 
Stacey L. White — Jackson 
Stacy Lynn White — Jackson 
Stephen Bradley White — Pelahatchle 
Terrence Leonard White — Terry 
Valorie Barber White — Vlcksburg 
Victoria White — Jackson 
Virginia Lee White — Pelahatchle 
Vonnie R. White — Brandon 
Willie Lee White — Jackson 
David Roy Whitehead — Vlcksburg 
Henry J. Whitehead — Bolton 
Katria Ann Whitehead — Vlcksburg 
Pamela Earlene Whitehead — Jackson 
Sandra McNeil Whitehead — Yazoo 

Steve John Whitehead — Vlcksburg 
William Henry Whitehead — Sibley 
Brenda Joyce Whitley — Vlcksburg 
Elizabeth White Whitley — Vlcksburg 
Debbie Whitlock — Jackson 
Pamela Gray Whitlock — Jackson 
Tanya Leigh Whitmlre — Brandon 
Hugh V. Whltten Jr. — Jackson 
Martha Charlene Whltten — Vlcksburg 
Raymond Glenn Whltten Jr. — 

Bart Lamon Whittington — Jackson 
Jeff Kyle Whittington — Pearl 
Kevin Calatan Whittington — Pearl 
Scott Keith Whittington — Pearl 
William Clay Whittington — Richland 

Julie Lynn Whyte — Clinton 
Alfred Frederick Wlcke — Brandon 
Charles Henry Wicker — Clinton 
Gerald Ford Wicker - Smlthdale 
Frances G. Wlddlg — Clinton 
Scott Alexander Wleehers — Jackson 
Rhonda Elayne Wiggins — Vlcksburg 
Richard K Wiggins — Raleigh 
Tony Marcel Wiggins — Jackson 
Billy Ray Wlgley — Vlcksburg 
Jr. Ralford Wlgley D. — Vlcksburg 
Sherry Jenkins Wllbanks — Carthage 
Heather Dawn Wllbourn — Brandon 
Zerllna Faye Wllburn — Jackson 
Pamela Haralson Wllcher — Walnut 

Richard Wlldee III — Vlcksburg 
Andrew Gordon Wilder — Jackson 
Odessle Wilder — Jackson 
Shirley Ann Wilder — Jackson 
Trade Delon Wilder — Canton 
Mary Coburn Wiley — Jackson 
Ryan Duane Wiley — Canton 
Vernon O. Wiley — Jackson 
Lisa R. Wllhlte — Mangham 
Bertha Rena Wllkerson — Terry 
Cora L. Wllkerson — Terry 
Dlanne D. Wllkerson — Vlcksburg 
Douglas B. Wllkerson — Pearl 
Dye Ann Wllkerson — Jackson 
Helen Wllkerson — Terry 
Joseph Kevin Wllkerson — Vlcksburg 
Lara Candlce Wllkerson — Vlcksburg 
Patricia Kay Wllkerson — Vlcksburg 
Sarah Louise Wllkerson — Vlcksburg 
Susan Carol Wllkerson — Vlcksburg 
Dan Watt Wilkes Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Eric Shinall Wilkes — Jackson 
Stacey Wilkes — Brandon 
Charlotte Denette Wilklns — Brandon 
Jessica Jo Wllkins — Pearl 
Angela Marie Wilkinson — Vlcksburg 
Hugh Everett Wilkinson — Vlcksburg 
John A. Wilkinson — Vlcksburg 
John C. Wilkinson — Vlcksburg 
Karen Leigh Wilkinson — Jackson 
Betty Jean William — Vlcksburg 
Aaron Lerone Williams — Jackson 
Alfred Williams — Redwood 
Alice V. Williams — Jackson 
Allen Donnell Williams — Vaughan 
Alonzo Williams — Greenville 
Aloyslus Bernard Williams — Clinton 
Andrea Williams — Jackson 
Angela Dorene Williams — Clinton 
Angela Kay Williams — Jackson 
Annie L. Williams Ellis — Flora 
Brenda Faye Williams — Brandon 
Brenda Kaye Williams — Hazlehurst 
Bridgett Fay Williams — Pelahatchle 
Bridgette Yvette Williams — Vlcksburg 
Calvin Lee Williams — Pearl 
Carl Williams — Vlcksburg 
Carolyn Jean Williams — Vlcksburg 
Carrie Lou Williams — Jackson 
Charles Williams — Vlcksburg 
Charlottle Marie Williams — Jackson 
Chris Christopher Williams — 

Christopher Aiken Williams — Clinton 
Christopher C. Williams — Vlcksburg 
Clarence L. Williams — Jackson 
Colisa Renee Williams — Jackson 
Cornelius Williams — Jackson 
Cynthia S. Williams — Brandon 
Darryl H. Williams — Jackson 
David Williams — Vicksburg 
Deborah Denise Williams — Vicksburg 
Debra Barlow Williams — Brandon 
Deidra Nicole Williams — Vlcksburg 
Dejuan Roosevelt Williams — Jackson 
Derick L. Williams — Jackson 
Dlanne Wood Williams — Jackson 
Dorla Brannlng Williams — Richland 
Douglas Dewayne Williams — Jackson 
Ellen Fox Williams — Ridgeland 
Emma Jean Williams — Jackson 
Frances Sanders Williams — Florence 
George R. Williams — Clinton 
Gloria L. Williams Morri — Magee 
Gordon B. Williams Jr. — Vlcksburg 
Gregory Levon Williams — Bolton 
Gwendolyn Louise Williams — 

Hallle Marie Williams Weat — Plnola 
Harold James Williams — Garyvllle 
Harry Marcell Williams — Braxton 
Helen Hamburg Williams — Jackson 
Henry Williams — Vlcksburg 
Henry Lee Williams — Vlcksburg 
Henry T. Williams — Jackson 
Issiac Warren Williams Sr. — Jackson 
Jacklynn Williams — Brandon 
Jacqueline Williams — Ridgeland 
Jacqueline Renee Williams — Jackson 
Jacqueline Rouson Williams — 

James Earl Williams — Jackson 
James Edward Williams — Jackson 
Janice D. Williams — Jackson 
Jeffrey Wayne Williams — Jackson 
Jerome Bernard Williams — Newton 
Jerry Edward Williams — Pearl 
Jimmy M. Williams — Jackson 
Joeann Williams — Tougaloo 
Joel Noland Williams — Brandon 
Jonathan David Williams — Clinton 
Joseph Michael Williams — Jackson 
Joyce M. Williams — Vlcksburg 
Kathie R. Williams — Jackson 

Ken E. Williams — Jackson 
Klmberly Anne Williams — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly Diane Williams — Jackson 
Lashane Ramona Williams — Jackson 
Lavon Williams — Jackson 
Lawrence Eugene Williams — 

Lee Arthur Williams — Raymond 
Leslie Ann Williams — Jackson 
Levora Dlanne Williams — Jackson 
Llllle Imelda Williams — Glen Allan 
Linda Bully Williams — Jackson 
Linda Darcel Williams — Florence 
Linda K. Williams Perry — Canton 
Linda R. Williams — Morton 
Lisa Williams — Jackson 
Lois C. Williams — Jackson 
Lonnie Maurice Williams — Brandon 
Lorl Hosklns Williams — Clinton 
Lorl Lynn Williams — Terry 
Luclnda Harris Williams — Vlcksburg 
Margultta Charett Williams — Magee 
Mark Wayne Williams — Jackson 
Martin A. Williams — Jackson 
Marvin Atwyne Williams — Raymond 
Mary Louise Williams — Tallulah 
Melissa Dawn Williams — Smlthdale 
Merwyn R. Williams — Jackson 
Michael Bryant Williams — Jackson 
Michael Edward Williams — Terry 
Michael Ray Williams — Jackson 
Michael Wayne Williams — Jackson 
Michelle Aletha Williams — Jackson 
Miriam Elizabeth Williams — Braxton 
Monte Ray Williams — Clayton 
Myra A. Williams — Brandon 
Nadlne N. Williams — Jackson 
Odls Williams — Bolton 
Ora Jean Williams — Jackson 
Pamela Dlanne Williams — Jackson 
Pamela Renee Williams — Bolton 
Patricia C. Williams — Jackson 
Patricia Dlanne Williams — Jackson 
Peggy M. Williams — Terry 
Reglna Dale Williams — Raymond 
Reelna Dlanne Williams — Crystal 

Reginald Eugene Williams — Jackson 
Rena Williams — Flora 
Ricky Andre Williams — Jackson 
Robert Lee Williams — Jackson 
Robert E. Williams — Mendenhall 
Robert Frances Williams — Tougaloo 
Rochelle Williams — Clinton 
Rosalind Maria Williams — Ridgeland 
Ruben Williams — Vlcksburg 
Sadie Irene Williams — Jackson 
Sammy Joe Williams — Pearl 
Sammy Lee Williams — Jackson 
Shanta Matrice Williams — Jackson 
Sharon Ann Williams — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Denise Williams — Canton 
Sharon Jean Williams — Jackson 
Sharon Marie Williams R. — Jackson 
Sheila Dian Williams — Jackson 
Shelly Lynn Williams — Brandon 
Sherrie E. Williams — Vlcksburg 
Shirley Brewer Williams — Learned 
Shuna Watklns Williams — Jackson 
Sonja M. Williams — Jackson 
Standley Ray Williams — Vicksburg 
Stephanie Lyn Williams — Magee 
Stephanie Renee Williams — Kosciusko 
Stephen Alexander Williams — Mobile 
Steve Anthony Williams — Vlcksburg 
Tammy Lynn Williams — Clinton 
Tammy T. Williams — Forest 
Tamriel Lagale Williams — Vicksburg 
Terence C. Williams — Jackson 
Teresa Joyce Williams Kldd — Jackson 
Teretha Williams — Vicksburg 
Terry Leon Williams — Vlcksburg 
Tiffany Chanta Williams — Jackson 
Tim E. Williams — Terry 
Timothy B. Williams — Jackson 
Todd Mitchell Williams — Ridgeland 
Tommle Williams — Jackson 
Tracy Deyarntress Williams — Jackson 
Valerie Williams — Jackson 
Van Gregory Williams — Vlcksburg 
Vanessa Veal Williams — Jackson 
VanJason Williams — Brandon 
Velma P. Williams Berry — Jackson 
Verdonna A. Williams — Tupelo 
Veronique Renee Williams — Poplar 

Vincent Durand Williams — Jackson 
Wanda G. Williams — Madison 
Wayne Rodney Williams — Canton 
Wllena Madgalene Williams — Jackson 
Yolanda Yvette Williams — Laurel 
Yvette Douchant Williams — Clinton 
Zachery Scott Williams — Jackson 
Annie Mae Williamson — Tallulah 
Brian Lavon Williamson — Brandon 
Cecilia Williamson — Pearl 
Daniel Tedford Williamson — Jackson 
Darrell G. Williamson — Bentonla 
Elizabeth Ann Williamson — Jackson 
Erik Andrew Williamson — Jackson 
James Barry Williamson — Clinton 
Jeff Wayne Williamson — Jackson 
Jeffery Curtis Williamson — Jackson 
Jenifer Dawn Williamson — Jackson 
Joseph Ray Williamson — Jackson 
Karen Williamson — Tallulah 
Karrie Lynn Williamson — Jackson 
Lois C. Williamson — Vlcksburg 
Lynn B. Williamson — Crystal Springs 
Mark R. Williamson — Vlcksburg 

Parish Lane Williamson — Philadelphia 
Robin Renae Williamson — Vlcksburg 
Ronald Edward Williamson — Monroe 
Samuel L. Williamson — Philadelphia 
Shannon Leigh Williamson — 

Walter Carroll Williamson — Brandon 
William Shane Williamson — 

Homer Gene Wllllngham — Vlcksburg 
Andrew James Willis Jr. — Pearl 
Catherine Taylor Willis — Raymond 
Estell Gibbon Willis — Jackson 
Janice J. Willis — Clinton 
Jessie Willis — Vlcksburg 
Judith Ann Willis — Florence 
Patricia Willis — Raymond 
Shea Lynn Willis — Philadelphia 
Betty Wilson Wllmoth — Jackson 
Charlotte Elaine Wllmoth — Pearl 
Linda Joyce Wllmoth — Richland 
Alice Price Wilson — Jackson 
Andrea Revonne Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Annie Walker Wilson — Yazoo City 
Anthony Maurice Wilson — Jackson 
Artls Vevelyn Wilson — Jackson 
Barney Austin Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Bertrand Felon Wilson — Jackson 
Beverly A. Wilson — Jackson 
Boris Alexander Wilson — Jackson 
Cantrell A. Wilson — Yazoo City 
Carol M. Wilson — Oxford 
Carolyn D. Wilson — Jackson 
Cassandra Lynn Wilson — Brandon 
Charles Thomas Wilson — Newellton 
Cindy McAlpln Wilson — Raymond 
Clifford Eugene Wilson — Jackson 
Cynthia Saale Wilson — Jackson 
David Ray Wilson — Rolling Fork 
Donna Johns Wilson — Jackson 
Douglas L. Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Edward Anthony Wilson — Brandon 
Emma Vlckers Wilson — Vicksburg 
Gall McKay Wilson — Ridgeland 
James Davis Wilson — Pearl 
James E. Wilson — Jackson 
Jennifer Faye Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Jonathon Jay Wilson — Brandon 
Joseph Franklin Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Klmberly Brewer Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Klrby Michael Wilson Jr. — Richland 
Lawanda Wilson — Jackson 
Leslie Wayne Wilson — Jackson 
Lisa Ann Wilson — Brandon 
Lisa Michelle Wilson — Edwards 
Lorie Anne Wilson — Brandon 
Mark Lome Wilson — Clinton 
Martha H. Wilson — Jackson 
Mary E. Wilson Selvy — Vlcksburg 
Mary Pat Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Maxlne Camllle Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Melissa I. Wilson — Morton 
Melvln Gerone Wilson — Jackson 
Michael Wilson — Bolton 
Mlchele G. Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Michelle Lucy Wilson Franc — 

Mickey Wilson — Bolton 
Mona Lisa Wilson — Brandon 
Myrtle R. Wilson — Florence 
Nancy Ann Wilson — D. Iberville 
Richard Fitzgerald Wilson — Port 

Rose Ella Wilson Danle — Jackson 
Rose Marie Wilson Nelso — Jackson 
Sandra Gall Wilson — Vicksburg 
Sandra Michelle Wilson — Jackson 
Sherri A. Wilson Gordo — Vicksburg 
Stafford Lowell Wilson — Downsville 
Steven Ray Wilson — Florence 
Susan Laura Wilson — Brandon 
Victoria Wilson — Vlcksburg 
Buffie Melissa Wlltcher — Canton 
Lisa Carol Wlltcher — Brandon 
Carolyn Llddell Wiltshire — Jackson 
Dana M. Wlman — Brandon 
Dlanne M. Wlmberly — Jackson 
Sammy W. Wlmberly — Florence 
Helen Robinson Wlmbley — Jackson 
Anlssa Dawn Wlnborne — Jackson 
Donell Wince — Vlcksburg 
Vivian J. Wince — Vlcksburg 
Leland William Winchester — Brandon 
Craig Bernell Windham — Clinton 
Janet McWhorter Windham — Pattison 
Linda Emflnger Windham — Vlcksburg 
Marianne Strub Windham — Vlcksburg 
Roy Pat Windham — Vlcksburg 
Sybil Denise Windham Rice — Florence 
Walter Ryan Windham — Terry 
Denise Fostlna Wlndom — Crystal 

Rose D. Wlnfleld — Jackson 
Mary E. Wlnford — Jackson 
Kate Wlnfree — Vlcksburg 
gulndolyn E. Wingfleld — Port Gibson 
Chad Everett Winnlngham — 

Raphael Wlnsley — Jackson 
James Richard Wlnstead — Jackson 
Terry James Wlnstead — Richland 
Viola Marie Winston — Canton 
Helen M. Winters — Greenville 
Sharon Michelle Winters — Raymond 
Virginia Ellen Winters — Canton 
Paul Andrew Wise Jr. — Jackson 
Reese Marshall Wise — Vlcksburg 
Steven Thomas Wltcher — Jackson 
Tammy Lynette Withers Smlt — 

Walnut Grove 

Directory/ 319 

Robin Denlse Wttherspoon — Jackson 
Mark D. Wiygul — Raymond 
Andrew Alan Wogoman — Brandon 
Brenda Wallace Wolf — Richland 
Tina Renee Wolf Neal — Jackson 
Ernest Lee Wolfe — Terry 
Felicia Joyce Wolfe — Jackson 
Lisa J. Wolfe — Rldgeland 
Marvin Terrell Wolfe — Jackson 
Alois A. Wolverton — Jackson 
Craig A. Wolverton — Jackson 
Tammle Lois Wolverton — Jackson 
Amy K. Womack — Clinton 
Joyce Ann Womack Lee — Utlca 
Lorl Ann Womack — Jackson 
Sherryl Elizabeth Womack — Magee 
Susan Marie Womack — Mendennall 
Bobble F. Wood — Jackson 
Christopher Eugene Wood — Pearl 
Georgia Ann Wood — Edwards 
Glenn David Wood — Jackson 
Lea Anne Wood — Clinton 
Mary Hartley Wood — Vlcksburg 
Sonya Kay Wood — Vlcksburg 
Tracy Howard Wood — Dunwoody 
Joycelyn Jones Woodall — Terry 
Lynette Rochelle Woodall — Jackson 
Christopher Jay Woodard — Jackson 
James E. Woodard — Crystal Springs 
Jason Kenneth Woodcock — Yazoo City 
Rosle Lee Woodcock Barne — Yazoo 

Allen S. Woodham — Jackson 
Richard Earl Woodhouse — Edwards 
Michael Bradley Woodrlck — Vlcksburg 
Tammy King Woodruff — Clinton 
Amanda Carol Woods — Jackson 
Bonnie Thomas Woods — Pearl 
David Joel Woods — Jackson 
Debra Woods — Raymond 
Earlean Carter Woods — Greenville 
Gladys F. Woods Jones — Terry 
Joe Jefferson Woods III — Yazoo City 
John Alvln Woods Jr. — Jackson 
Leigh Alison Woods — Jackson 
Lynda Majors Woods — Vlcksburg 
Markley Ann Woods — Jackson 
Matthew Myles Woods — Jackson 
Natalie Ann Woods — Jackson 
Robert R. Woods — Vlcksburg 
Sandra N. Woods — Jackson 
Tamara Denlse Woods — Vlcksburg 
Kevin James Woodson — Vlcksburg 
Sheila Marie Woodson — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Dale Woodward — Osyka 
Diane Haugh Woodward — Florence 
Roxanne Cook Woodward — Jackson 
Anthony Wayne Wooley — Vlcksburg 
Margaret Posey Wooley — Vlcksburg 
Martha Necole Wooley — Raleigh 
Stella Tate Woolfolk — Yazoo City 
Linda Deon Woolsey — Jackson 
Jody Wayne Wooten — Madison 
Reba Booth Wooten — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Cella Wooten — Madison 
Kenneth Edward Worley — Mobile 
Percy Ray Worley — Vlcksburg 
Sharon Lee Worley — Lena 
Lisa Anne Worrell — Pearl 
Melody Anne Worrell — Crystal 


Johnnie Richard Worsham — Jackson 
Kimberly Renee Worthy — Bentonla 
Sid R. Worthy — Terry 
Krlstle Dannlene Wray — Greenville 
Asa Leon Wren — Port Gibson 
Dorothy J. Wren — Jackson 
Alice Fisher Wright — Belmont 
Annie Ruth Wright — Jackson 
Archie Wayne Wright — Brandon 
Brenda K Wright — Vlcksburg 
Cynthia Diane Wright — Brandon 
Cynthia Dlanne Wright — Braxton 
Dennis Wright — Jackson 
Dwayne Wright — Tougaloo 
Earf Kenneth Wright — Brandon 
Earllna R. Wright — Vlcksburg 
Edward Gordon Wright — Vlcksburg 
Elma Maxlne Wright — Vlcksburg 
Jeannle Gulllote Wright — Madison 
Jennifer Dlanne Wright — Jackson 
Joanne Vedros Wright — Vlcksburg 
Kevin Michael Wright — Jackson 
Kimberly M. Wright — Jackson 
Lashundrla C. Wright — Jackson 
Monroe Morgan Wright Jr. — Jackson 
Nancy Ann Wright Bell — Brandon 
Patricia Wright — Jackson 
Paul T. Wright — Vlcksburg 
Phil L. Wright — Brandon 
Ramona Garner Wright — Jackson 
Roy Dean Wright Jr. — Jackson 
Sandra Wright — Yazoo City 
Shawn Gregory Wright — Raymond 
Terrl Allen Wright — Brandon 
Thomas L. Wright IV — Jackson 
Tiffany Gaynell Wright — Rldgeland 
Virginia Stark Wright — Jackson 
William Alan Wright — Pearl 
William Hlllory Wright — Jackson 
Yana F. Wright — Jackson 
Barbara Jean Wroten — Jackson 
Bruce Darrol Wroten — Jackson 
Michael Andrew Wroten — Florence 
Tabltha Michelle Wroten — Natchez 
James Theodore Wyatt III — Jackson 
Tonya Treverla Wyatt — Fayette 
Cline Houston Wyman — Canton 
Darius L. Wynn — Vlcksburg 
James A. Wynne — Brandon 
Michael Lee Wynne — Richland 

Sheryl Katherlne Yamas — Brandon 
Denlta Denlse Yancy — Flora 
Jacqueline S. Yarborough — Tylertown 
Katrlna Lynn Yarborough — Raymond 
Danny Keith Yarbro — Coldwater 
Kenneth Michael Yarbrough — 

Tracy Diane Yarbrough — Rldgeland 
Anita Hammonds Yates — Jackson 
Charles E. Yates — Pearl 
Jamie Anne Yates — Magee 
Klmberley Renee Yates — Pearl 
Krlstle Ellen Yates — Jackson 
Laurin Yates — Utlca 
Melissa Love Yates — Madison 
Michael Alan Yates — Pearl 
Thomas Tracey Yates — Jackson 
Byron Forrest Yawn — Terry 
Charles L. Yawn Jr. — Summit 
Sarah Carolyn Yeates — Clinton 
Frank H. Yekaltls — Pearl 
Patricia Reed Yelder — Vlcksburg 
Joel L. Yeleverton — Clinton 
Alleen Ruth Yelle Robin — Jackson 
Cheryl Clayton Yelverton — Clinton 
Delores R. Yelverton — Brandon 
Dwayne Clint Yelverton — Magee 
Glna Denlse Yelverton — Jackson 
Janice Lee Yelverton — Jackson 
Linda James Yelverton — Brandon 
Gay C. Yerger — Vlcksburg 
Kathy G. Yerger — Vlcksburg 
Stacey Lynn Yonce — Clinton 
Nancy Jean Youmans — Vlcksburg 
Richard M. Youmans — Vlcksburg 
Authurlne Graham Young — Jackson 
Beronlca Nevette Young — Jackson 
Beverly Ann Young — Jackson 
Brenda Denlece Young — Hollandale 
Brldgett Rena Young — Jackson 
Camlsha Odette Young — Durant 
Carolyn Frances Young — Jackson 
Christopher Bernard Young — Jackson 
Corlne Young — Jackson 
Erma Mallory Young — Vlcksburg 
Garnell Young — Jackson 
Gertrude Anderson Young — Vlcksburg 
Glenda Denlse Young — Jackson 
Helen Lillian Young — Yazoo City 
Henry L. Young — Yazoo City 
Herman L. Young — Pearl 
Jacqueline D. Young — Jackson 
Jerry Young — Jackson 
John Edward Young — Jackson 
John Kenneth Young — Jackson 
K. C. Young Jr. — New Hebron 
Kimberly Mechelle Young — Canton 
Lisa Michelle Young — Jackson 
Marvin Young Jr. — Clinton 
Mary A. Young Robin — Jackson 
Melissa Joann Young — Prentiss 
Nancy Ceclle Young — Madison 
Rachel E. Young — Vlcksburg 
Rhonda Lynn Young — Jackson 
Ronle Lee Young — Vlcksburg 
Sandra Brlnkley Young — Vlcksburg 
Sara Friday Young — Jackson 
Sheila Young — Vlcksburg 
Sherelondla Young — Forest 
Sylvia Lavonne Young — Flora 
Tammy Denlse Young — Jackson 
Thomas O. Young — Vlcksburg 
Tjuana Kay Young — Jackson 
Tonya Yvette Young — Jackson 
Valerie D. Young — Pearl 
William Sean Young — Flora 

Zachary Young — Vlcksburg 
Donnell Youngblood — Vlcksburg 
Harold Llndsey Youngblood — 

John R. Youngblood — Clinton 
Kimberly Gall Youngblood — Clinton 
Madeline Hartle Youngblood — 

Mae Walton Youngblood — Vlcksburg 
Alice Marie Younger — Bolton 
Caldlne Larnett Younger — Vlcksburg 
Christopher Younger — Jackson 
Jeannette Younger — Vlcksburg 
Katlna Lavern Younger — Bolton 

Michael Larry Zachary — Brandon 
Sherry Bowser Zadrozny — Clinton 
Lisa Ann Zengerle — Jackson 
Paul Ellison Zetterholm — Clinton 
Deborah Anne Zlegler — Florence 
Susan Darlene Zlegler — Florence 
Tres' Marie Zlegler — Mendenhall 
Janice C. Zimmerman — Brandon 
Reglnla Sullivan Zlnke — Vlcksburg 
Bradford Todd Zizzl — Natchez 
Christopher Andrew Zuga — Jackson 
Sean Patrick Zuga — Jackson 
Robin Miller Zwelfel — Vlcksburg